Clickfunnels Review and Example-Everything You Need To Create Funnel

Product Name : Clickfunnels

Creator : Russell Brunson (also my idol)

Price : 14 Days Free Trial and Then $97/month

Do I Recommend : Yes (but not for people who are living paycheck)

  • Ease Of Use
  • Features
  • Price
  • Support

On internet marketing,there is no doubt when email marketing is the ultimate way to earn online income. Sooner or later,you need to build an email list to keep your audiences and to monetize from there. There are many ways to implement email marketing such as affiliate,dropshipping,e-commerce or create a product. However,collecting email is not easy if you don’t you attractive bait or a high converting optin form. Clickfunnels is a software that covers this task for you and fortunately,it covers everything you need to create a funnel. Let’s check out my Clickfunnels in order to understand what it is and what you get.

What Is Clickfunnels?

At first,it’s a landing page creator software like Instapage,Instabuilder,LandingPage Monkey and WP Profitbuilder. But the main difference is,that’s not all Clickfunnels covers. This software also replaces webhosting (clickfunnels’s server),Automated Webinar,Photoship,Wordpress,Designer,Webmaster,Split Testing,Email Autoresponder,Marketing Automation and Add to Cart,…

Clickfunnels is created and developed by Russell Brunson,one of the most successful and respected internet marketers so far. He is also the author of notable books like Expert Dotcom,Dotcom Secret and DCS 108 Split Test.  After many years experince on internet marketing,he realized creating a funnel and hosting a webinar is the key to make money online. Therefore,that’s what Clickfunnels is focusing on,creating your own funnel.

Who Is Clickfunnels For?

  • Complete newbies to internet marketing
  • You haven’t already set up any campaign with email marketing
  • If you want to create your own products
  • Intermediate who are still struggling to actually earn money
  • Experienced internet marketers who wants to save a lot of money
  • If you are launching an-ecommerce bussiness as well as an online store on Amazon,Shopify
  • You have already wasted your budget for useless things
  • If you want to create your own membership site
  • And especially you want to create a funnel (like the name of the product)

Main Features of Clickfunnels

1.Drag and Drop Editor

As i mentioned before,Clickfunnels is a landing page creator software to help you customize your own landing page. Presently,almost all tools adopt Drag and Drop editor and this tool does,too.

clickfunnels editor clickfunnels editor

As you can see clearly from these pictures,it’s easy to customize your own landing page,just simply edit as you want. In addition,you can edit your popup-form  (i love popup-form) to attract your visitors.

2.Adding Element

Besides drag and drop editor,there are some elements will make your life much easier. You can also add video,custom HTML,scary timer,progress,….

clickfunnels elements clickfunnels element

There’s a lot of elements for you to customize,just add as many as you need so as to create a high converting landing page. There are some compulsory landing pages for you (optin page,confirmation page,download page and thank you page or tripwire page).

Now,let’s take a look of these following examples

clickfunnels editor clickfunnels editor clickfunnels editor clickfunnels editor

If you have already seen this kind of optin page before,it may be from Clickfunnels.


As a landing page creator,Clickfunnels must have available templates for you to edit. There’s a lot of types such as optin page,thank-you page(tripwire page),webinar page,affiliate page,membership page.

clickfunnels templates

clickfunnels templates

clickfunnels templates


As you can see clearly from those pictures,they are all high converting templates that especially attract your visitors. Therefore,it’s unecessary to hire a freelancer to design for you anymore.

4.Create Your Own Funnel

This is the main aim of this tool,create a funnel. The most popular way to do that is to build an email list.

clickfunnels create funnel


clickfunnels order page

With these types of funnels,it’s much easier for you to create a membership page,giveaway page and order page. If you are running an e-commerce bussiness,so that Clickfunnels is perfect for you. In addition,it can track your campaign to see how effective it is.


Landing Page together with autoresponders is money. Fortunately,Clickfunnels has integrated with some of the big name in the market including Email marketing,Webinar and Shopping Cart platform.

clickfunnels integration

Pretty cool,right,this tool has directly integration with Convertkit,Mailchimp,Getresponse,..


That’s why i say complete newbies can easy to manage it because they make a training programs for you (include advanced training)

clickfunnels training

clickfunnels create funnel

Actionetics and BackPack (What It Is?)

This service has two packages,Just Clickfunnels or CF together with Actionetics and BackPack.


Actually,Actionetics is like an autoresponder software but in a diffrent type

clickfunnels actionetics

This feature allows you to send email,manage your subscribers besides their contact information. Of course,you can edit your email templates as what you want.

clickfunnels build funnels

It’s just a kind of building your email and setting up an autoresponder campaign.

clickfunnels actionetics

After that,just simply drag and drop your templates.

clickfunnels email editor

Then,manage your customers (like you are deciding who are vip members)

clickfunnels automation


Backpack is like driving traffic to your website but instead of driving traffic yourself,your affiliate will do it for you. In other words,you are an affiliate manager,not an affiliate marketer. Personally,i think it works the best once you create your own products successfully.

clickfunnels backpack clickfunnels backpack clickfunnels backpack clickfunnels backpack clickfunnels backpack

Pricing Plan

As i mentioned before,there are two packages of Clickfunnels and they are not cheap.

clickfunnels pricing clickfunnels pricing

The different about pricing between 2 packages are too far. Therefore,just choose the Elitesuite if you actually need.

clickfunnels pricing clickfunnels pricing

If you are running an FBA bussiness or you are selling or creating product,i highly recommend the EliteSuite. In contrast,i don’t recommend this package if you don’t take action or implement those tasks.

clickfunnels package

And that’s not all you get,if you start a trial account , you will also get bonuses

Bonus 1 :The 21 Day “Ignite Your Funnel” Online Training Program

clickfunnels bonus

It’s a training course from Russell about how to create your own funnel. Formerly,the price of this course was $497 and it’s well worth. Each lesson will have home assignments so as to keep track with your bussiness. But hey,it’s not a get rick quick scheme,it’s a 21 days program to build your funnel.

Bonus 2 :The 6 Pre-Built ‘Funnel-In-A-Box’ Templates

clickfunnels 6 templates

Another valuable bonus from Clickfunnels is a done-for-you templates funnel. It’s a successful campaign from Russell from the past and he gives you for free. And remember,you still need effort in order to build that funnel,one more time,not a scheme.

Bonus 3 : Facebook Community

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What’s Next?

Despite being a high quality products,the price can make some people procrastinate. Well,it’s Ok,feel free to get access to his training and book for free.

1.Funnel Hack Autowebinar

This is a great training from Russell on how to create a webinar in order to make money. Super affiliate marketer always host a webinar to monetize and to build relationship.

2.Funnel Giveaway 

In this training,there are 3 video lessons about Funnel Hacking,Cloning and Traffic Hacking. Certainly,it’s a highly advanced training to help you build your own funnel. And it’s like the name,Giveaway to make money.

3.DotCom Secrets

This free book is all about Copywriting secret and how to build your skill and hack people trust. Additionally,he teaches about his webinar secret that convert. It’s not about getting traffic or how to increase your conversion but your action will make it. In other words,it’s like a small email marketing training course about creating a funnel or launching any product.

Get This Free Copy Now

4.Expert Dotcom

Another great free copy from Russell is expert dotcom. Like DotcomSecret,it’s not all about getting traffic or conversions. It’s about copywriting strategies to make your audiences feel they need to buy.

Get This Free Limited Copies Now Before It Gone

Final Verdict

In a nutshell,Clickfunnels is a very useful tool that any internet marketers should have to create or to scale their bussiness. It has everything you need such as landing page tool,tracking,split/testing,hosting,designs,templates and even autoresponders. Of course,i highly recommend this tool to everyone who are making money online. In addition,Russell even adds training course to make it easier for you create a funnel.

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