How To Set Up A Facebook Fanpage and To Grow Your Audiences-Steps by Steps Guide

Presently,Facebook is the goldmine no matter which online bussines model you are in. It doesn’t only support affiliate marketing,CPA marketing but also Amazon FBA and Ecommerce. Therefore,sooner or later,you must create a campaign with Facebook. At first,you need a Facebook fanpage and setup Facebook ads later. People are using Facebook more frequently and of course,they prior Facebook than Adwords,Bing. On the other hand,almost all internet marketing,mmo training courses recommend you to deal with Facebook. So,in this article,i will show you step by step on how to create a facebook fanpage so that you know what to do. It’s easy to implement so keep reading.

Benefits of Facebook Fanpage

Facebook Fanpage Social Kickstart

Before we start,let’s see some benefits of a Facebook fanpage can give you:

  • Generate A Lot of Free Traffic
  • It allows you to build trust and engagement with your audience
  • It can increase the awareness of your brand/website
  • You can be an authority in that niche
  • It is a way of capturing leads

If you do not wish use paid methods to get leads or reach potential customers, a Facebook fan page is one of the best ways to start.

For this example I am going to build a fan page from scratch using an affiliate website in muscle building niche. On the other hand,i recommend you to create other account,don’t use your personal.

Steps By Steps Guide To Create A Facebook Fanpage

Firstly,on the dropdown of your account,click on Create Page.

Create Facebook Fanpage

Secondly,determine what type of fanpage you are going to create. Normally,a facebook fanpage for internet marketing campaign is Brand and Products.

Create Facebook Fanpage

Then you need to select the categories. I want to create a facebook fanpage so as to send traffic to my website,so i click on Website categories.

Create Facebook Fanpage

Now,you need to enter a name of your website,in this scenario,i enter Muscle Building For Skinny.

Create Facebook Fanpage

After that,you need to create a Profile picture. There’s a lot of free images available on the internet. Download them and them upload to your Facebook profile.

Create Facebook Fanpage

Remember,it should be relevant to your niche,fanpage name. Here are services that provides you free images.

If you want better graphics,you can pay for Shutterstock. After that,you will need to add a cover photo.

Create Facebook Fanpage

If you already have a lead magnet,you can add image that recommend people to download your ebook. You can go to and then create a Facebook fanpage cover.

And so,we have already created a Facebook Fanpage. The next part is to get more reach and audiences.

Create Facebook Fanpage

Remember to prepare a landing page before you do this. Also create a ready to go autoresponder sequence.

Write Your Post

Facebook Fanpage Inbox Blueprint Ebook

After creating your Facebook fanpage,then your next part is to add content into it. Clearly,the best way to get likes fast from scratch is to create a Facebook Ads campaign. But if you are not ready to start,you will need to enlarge your fanpage. Don’t forget to mention a direct link into your Facebook fanpage on your website,Youtube channel,Instagram,etc.

In order to run your fan page effectively,here’s what to do.

  • Like and share other peoples stuff on other pages. This is a great way to interact with your audience from similar pages as you.
  • Give them an informative article :Be sure to offer them information that they can actually learn from. Take care of your followers because they are the people who will potentially become your customers in the future.
  • Hunt for content. If you’re struggling to create your own, look for other related content which you can link your followers to.
  • Schedule posts. You’re not always going to be available to post on your page, so be sure to schedule your posts so Facebook can automatically put them up for you at your designated time.
  • Post frequently : Research has found that the more you frequent you post the more engagement you will receive from followers and the more likely your fan page will grow. Keep on top of your content game and make sure to post every 2 or 3 hours to keep your followers happy.
  • Boost posts. This is a great way to reach larger audiences quicker. If you don’t mind spending money, pay to boost a post to increase engagement and followers to your fan page.

Example and Advice

For example,this is what i do.

Facebook Fanpage Post

Looks professional,right.

Facebook fanpage post

Recently,Facebook has created a new feature boost post to help you reach more audiences. However,you may need to use your own website and setup tracking.

Facebook Fanpage Boost Post

It depends on your target,reach,duration and budget. Make sure you have prepared a direct link or some targeted action from people. I will not go details about boost post feature in this article.

Always researching and studying about your targeting audiences in order to get the massive ROI.

In general,you will need to post frequently to make your facebook fanpage looks professional first. And you will display facebook ads and set up pixel later. Remember to choose your niche before creating any Facebook fanpage.

To lower your time and energy,i recommend you to check out Social Kickstart,you can read my full review and demo here. This software can schedule Facebook fanpage post,research competitores’s fanpage,offering Facebook Drag and Drop Ad Maker,customize retargeting ads and especially track your campaign.

So,What’s Next?

After teaching you about how to setup a Facebook fanpage,i hope it’s useful and helpful enough for you to take action. But guys,that’s not all you need,this is a big world so that i strongly recommend you to check out some training course below. Basically,they are all legit and they will help you a lot.

1.Fanpage Domination

This is the biggest training that focuses mostly on how to enlarge your fanpage from Anthony Morisson. Inside this course,he will teach you step by step on how to build an email list through Facebook,how to become a viral,etc. Best of all,he gives you his pre-done niche research on profitable niche using Facebook fanpage.

2.Super Affiliate System

This is the best training about advanced paid traffic sources that i have ever seen. In addition,it teaches you 12 weeks system to help you become a real super affiliate. You will learn about Facebook Ads,Native Ads,Google Adwords and Youtube Ads as the traffic source. He also teaches you how to do niche research,how to hack people trust,copywriting techniques and how to write ads. Best of all,you have direct access to his predone landing page,ad swipes,whitelist/blacklist to ads network.

3.FB Academy

This is a great training about Facebook marketing that anyone should consider to join. Inside the training,there are 9 professional training modules that teaches you about Facebook fanpage,facebook ads,targeting,retargeting,pixel,custom audiences,etc. Best of all,you have access to his action checklist,done for you niche research and Facebook Ads Swipes.

4.Lurn Insider

This is another training from Anik Singal that you can consider to join. Actually,it’s a 21 days training system that helps you master affiliate marketing campaign. You will learn specifically about email marketing and copywriting techniques. The traffic sources inside the training are Facebook Ads,Solo Ads,Google Adwords,PPC Ads and even free traffic.

5.Inbox Blueprint

This is the best training about email marketing that i have ever seen. There are 8 modules inside Inbox Blueprint that helps you grow and monetize your list. You will also learn about building relationships,tracking,which is forgotten by almost cheap training course. Best of all,you have done for you email swipes,done for you lead magnet and his drag and drop landing page creator.

6.Powerhouse Affiliate (First Recommendation)

This is the best affiliate training course in general and i highly recommend this for those who have low-budget. Inside Powerhouse Affiliate,you will learn all in depth about affiliate marketing,email marketing and CPA marketing. The traffic source he teaches you are Facebook Ads,Solo Ads,Bing Ads,Google Adwords,Native Ads and free traffic source. You will have access to landing page,ad swipes,done for you bussiness in box and sample campaign setup. Join the best training for only $7 together with my bonuses here.

Final Verdict

In conclusion,after posting lesson about how to create a Facebook fanpage,i think you can implement this technique immediately. There’s no obstace when building a Facebook fanpage and it delivers a lot benefit from you. Facebook is a goldmine so that it’s a wasteless and unwise if you skip. Spend your time to shedule post,do the niche research,create article and displaying Facebook Ads or Boost Post. Thanks for reading my instruction and Good Luck!





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