How Find Easy Keywords: Work Out How Competitive a Keyword is

In order to get rank on Google,you need to find easy keywords to target. There is no doubt when the competition is growing bigger and bigger. Therefore,find easy keywords is a good way to avoid unncessary competition. Besides content and backlink,your keywords decide whether you get traffic or not. Of course,everyone wants to target high volume keywords. However,it’s not really easy to get rank with them due to competition. If you find easy keywords,you will not only decrease the competition but also get higher conversion.

Therefore,in this blog post,I am going to show you how I personally find easy keywords, and show you how I personally work out how competitive a keyword is in Google. If you have easy keywords,certainly you will rank faster in Google and you will get Google traffic faster. To use my method,I recommend you download Traffic Travis,which is free.

When you find easy keywords,you can expect to build high quality backlinks,do the competiton analysis and use guest blogging the correct way. This is a legal and legitimate method so that don’t worry.

Tips To Find Easy Keywords

1.How to Use Traffic Travis to Find Easy Keywords

Firstly,open Traffic Travis and click on SEO tab. After that, click on the ‘Competition’ link in the submenu underneath the SEO tab.

Find Easy Keywords Traffic Travis

Now,simply enter keywords you want to target in the Box and choose Google as the main search engine. Then click on Fetch the analyze.

For instance,i enter a keyword “make money online today”.

Find Easy Keywords Traffic TravisTraffic Travis will automatically analyze whether a keyword’s difficult is easy, medium or difficult. It automatically figures out how competitive a keyword is. You can add multiple keywords simultaneously if you want.

Find Easy Keywords Traffic Travis

Then repeat this process frequently once you find easy keywords to target. In order to find keywords,you can use Keyword Planner for free or Keyword Supremacy at an affordable price.

2.Should You Go After Difficult Keywords

Sometimes you may attempt to go after a difficult keyword because it has a lot of searches, or it may be very valuable. However,the competition of difficult keywords are extremely high. I only recommend you to go after difficult keywords once you have experience about SEO and link buildings. If you lack exprience,i suggest you find easy keywords to target.

On the other hand,medium-difficult keywords require a lot of work. You will probably investing more money into ranking for it than you will in how much money you make back. Certainly,you will rank faster for easier keywords, and you will make money faster. If you choose to target medium and difficult keywords,then i suggest you to run PPC campaign.

Remember,the more traffic you have,the more chance of getting lists and the more money you make. With SEO,you should post articles frequently because Google loves that. If you find easy keywords and post valuable articles with these keywords frequently,certainly you get a lot free traffic from Google.

Of course,you can still use medium and difficult keywords but you need backlinks and skills.

3.How Can I Make Money From Easy Keywords?

There are two ways to make money after you find easy keywords. The first way is to create Google Adsense websites. However,you should only focus on easy keywords for these websites. Personally,i don’t recommend this way because you need to have 700 views to get just $2.

The second way is to create an affiliate website that focuses on bringing in traffic from easy keywords, and then promotes affiliate offers to website visitors. You can use this to find easy keywords that local businesses can target, and then use Traffic Travis to build backlinks to their website and improve their ranking. Of course,using free or paid service,it’s up to you.

And these are my tips to find easy keywords to target. This process costs you a lot of time and energy so that always keep focusing on your bussiness.

So,What’s Next?

After reading my instruction on how to find easy keywords,i hope it’s helpful enough for you. But guys,these are not all you need to make money online. There’s a lot of thing to do so that you should consider joining a training that helps you improve your SEO and campaign.

1.Affilorama Premium

This is a great training that focuses on Search Engine traffic such as SEO and PPC ads. When becoming a member,you will access to their professional training,Affilotools as a bonus,Clickbank tracking and hosting for up to 10 domains.


This is not really a training,it’s an 80% pre-done for you bussiness that helps you build 5 profitable affiliate website as fast as possible. You get access to ebook to giveaway,Affiloblueprint,1 year email newsletter,keywords to target,articles with done for you niche research and video training on how to get traffic to build a list.

3.Lurn Insider

This is a 21 days training that helps you build your own online bussiness from scratch. Inside this course,you have lessons about email marketing together with multiple traffic source like SEO,Solo Ads,PPC Ads and Facebook Ads. Best of all,you get pre-done niche research.

4.AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp

This is a great training that focuses mostly on SEO. Inside the training,he teaches you overally on how to create an authority site. He also teaches you properly to do niche research,keyword research and building backlinks.

5.Inbox Blueprint

This is another training from Anik Singal that focuses mostly on email marketing. Inside this course,you have access to his landing page creator,ebook to giveaway,Traffic Academy,done ỳor you niche research and email swipes. Besides,you have traffic training like SEO,guest blogging,Solo Ads,Goole Adwords and Facebook Ads.

6.Powerhouse Affiliate

If you want to increase ROI,then this course is good for you. Unlike training above,this course seems focusing on CPA marketing rather than normal affiliate marketing. Inside this training,you have lessons about Google Adwords,Bing Ads,Solo Ads,Native Ads,Facebook Ads and In-text Ads. Best of all,you have predone bussiness in box,the best affiliate forum ever,landing page and whitelist to their CPA network.


In summary,after reading my post,i hope you can find idea to find easy keywords. By doing this process,you have a great chance of getting huge traffic from Google SEO. But don’t forget that content is still king and keyword is just a queen . Driving targeted keywords is the best way to get free traffic from Google so that you need to manage these keywords correctly. Consider signing up with Traffic Travis because it’s free and it helps your campaign a lot.



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