Forex Trend Detector Review and Demo-Great Forex Trend Scanner

Product : Forex Trend Detector

Creator : Fxautomater  (also the creator of Wallstreet Forex Robot,Forex Combo System,Volatility Factor,Forex Gold Investor and Forex Diamond)

Price : $297 (but you will get with only $217 through this link)

Do I Recommend : Certainly Yes (i’m always a fan of Fxautomater)

  • Absolutely Recommended

Believe or not,forex is always one of the best way to earn from home so far. It does not only require less cost but also becoming a huge passive income. Certainly,it doesn’t require much budgets like Crypto,Debt,Credit Repair,Real Estate,Ecommerce and Stocks. If you have experience about forex trading or at least are finding a reliable forex service,you may know Fxautomater. This company has successfully created high quality products such as Wallstreet Forex Robot,Forex Diamond,Volatily Factor ,Forex Combo System,Forex Gold Investor and Forex Trend Detector. Unlike these products,Forex Trend Detector mainly focus on EUR/USD pair and it also contains complex algorithm. Now,let’s check out my Forex Trend Detector review and demo so that you understand the services.

What Is Forex Trend Detector?

Forex Trend Detector

Firstly,it’s a pre-programmed that can automatically adapt the current market systems. It’s also a robot like Wallstreet Forex Robot but mainly focus on EUR/USD pair. Being a robot,there’s no doubt when it contains complexpolynomial algorithm that adjust system parameters in real-time. As a product from Fxautomater,this one also features high spread and high slippage protection system. Besides,it’s a system to helo you avoid unnecessary loss and help you profit for a long-term. Forex Trend Detector is a one time purchase and it especially has lifetime support and lifetime updates. Once you buy this robot,you will get access to 2 demo accounts and 1 real account.

Who Is Forex Trend Detector For?

Forex Trend Detector

  • Inexperience Traders who are finding a high quality and reliable system to help them success
  • Intermediate and Professional who want to scale up their profits
  • You have a full-time job so that you can’t trade all time
  • You are a fan of Fxautomater (personally,i’m a big fan)
  • If you want to focus specifically as well as details on EUR/USD pairs
  • People who are finding a reliable,consistent and high quality support forex system
  • You lost your money because you lack experience on trading
  • People who want to take profits at least 200 pips per day (yes,it’s possible)
  • You are finding a high spread and high slippage protection system
  • If you already had a signal (forex scorpio code) and a trend scanner (Fx Trendy) but still want to scale up
  • You can’t invest in Gold,Real Estate,Stocks,Credit Repairs,Cryptocurrency and National Debt

Main Features and How To Use Forex Trend Detector

Forex Trend Detector

Now,i won’t waste your time anymore,i am going to see you exactly inside a broker that appy Forex Trend Detector. Normally,i can choose Etoro,Simplefx,Fxprimus,Avatrade,Easy Market,Nordfx,ec.

At first,just simply open your broker account.

Forex Trend Detector Login Broker

Actually,Forex Trend Detector is a pre-done html code for you to paste into your broker,of course,it can not be shared. Now,i will open this robot,then this is what you see.

Forex Trend Detector Open

The price of a forex pair changes overtime and so does this robot. It works in any EUR/USD time frames and it moves constantly. Unlike other robots,Forex Trend Detector can trade multiple order (eg:order 3 trade simultaneously). Everything is automatic,including take profits/stop loss and spread.

Now,let’s see how it trade automatically in this account,pretty cool. Look at two pictures,it buy automatically and then close automatically,we need to do nothing.

Forex Trend Detector Auto trade Forex Trend Detector Auto Trade

You don’t have to draw fibonacci because it do the analysis for you.

Forex Trend Detector Analysis

See what it’s doing,really amazing.

Forex Trend Detector Analysis Forex Trend Detector Analysis


Understanding How Forex Trend Detector Work

At the top left,you can see a table with figures.

  • Account Type : Demo or Real Account (remember,2 demo and 1 real account)
  • Account Leverage : Depends on your brokers
  • Balance : that’s what you have (of course,it changes overtime if you use Forex Trend Detector)
  • Free Magin : Your Equity
  • Stop Loss : Auto (depends on how many pips)
  • Take Profit : Auto (also depends on how many pips)
  • AutoMM: Automatic risk management (certainly,greater than zero)
  • Recovery Mode : when you activate this feature,the algorithm will compensates current drawdown through smooth increases of trading volume. You can only activate when AutoMM is greater than zero.
  • Spread : difference between buy and sell,the lower the better

What To Know Before Buying Forex Trend Detector

Every trading includes risk so that you can not profits overtime. This is the tool to help you trade better but it can not guarantee your profit. That’s the truth,if you join training (forex mentor pro),buying trend scanner (forex trendy),buying forex signal (Forex Scorpio Code) and buying robots (Wallstreet Forex Robot,Forex Diamond,Volatilibity Factor),all of them includes stop loss. Therefore,sometimes you will have stop loss. Don’t worry about this because it trades overtime and take profit/stop loss overtime.

Forex Trend Detector Stop Loss

If you are patient enough,certainly this is what you see,don’t be panic whenever you see loss.

Forex Trend Detector Take Profits

Additional Information about Forex Trend Detector

Forex Trend Detector Top Features

In addition,you will get the user details guide and Emotion-Free Trading,don’t worry because you can manage it easilly. Like Wallstreet Forex Robot,this one also offer 24/7 lifetime support and 60 days money-back-guarantee.

Pros of Forex Trend Detector

  • Easy to use and to manage
  • Can Automatic Trade as well as take profits/stop loss for you
  • Lifetime Access with 24/7 Fast Supports and Updates
  • Work With Any MT4 Brokers (for instance: Etoro,Fxprimus,EasyMarket,Avatrade,Simplefx,..)
  • High Spread and High Slippage Protection System (in order to save you from being cheated by brokers)
  • Help You Make Money For A Long-Term
  • No Need To Draw Fibonnacci Retracement and Trendline
  • Tight Stop Loss Level
  • Very Low Risk (so far lowest in the industry)
  • The Latest Generation of Forex Robot Algorithm
  • High Profit In Average

Cons of Forex Trend Detector

Final Verdict

In conclusion,Forex Trend Detector is one of the best forex robot available in the market now. Products from Fxautomaters are always high quality and this one is a good example. It’s super simple to use and everything is automatic without needing to draw or determine the trend. Moreover,it’s really nice for people who are busy and can’t trade full-time. The risk/loss rate from this tool is very low while the profit average is really high. Besides,you don’t have to trade and take profits/stop loss,it will cover for you. I hope Forex Trend Detector will add more pair in the future so that we can benefit more from it. Of course,i’m a big fan of Fxautomater and really love the service from them and you may the same. If you don’t satisfy with them,feel free to claim your money-back.