Semrush Review-Great Keyword Tool For SEO

Once you start a website,definitely you have competitors. There are many websites appear before you start and they have good ranking from Google. The more traffic to your website,the more chance of getting subscribers and certainly SEO is more stable than Paid Traffic. Therefore,you need to analyze your competitors,your own websites to ruthlessly defeat them. Today,i am going to introduce you Semrush,a great SEO audit,keyword research and competition analysis tool.

Presently,Semrush is one of the most popular keyword tool for SEO. There’s a lot of advanced features that you may not know but neccessary to get rank for your site. In addition,Semrush will help you get rank for your keyword,website for a very long-term process. Let’s check out my Semrush review in order to to see its features,pros and cons.

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What Is Semrush?


At first,Semrush is a keyword research and competition analysis. It has been established and developed since 2008 by one of the most extension creator,SEOquake. Unlike many other keyword research tools,Semrush has created some unique methods so as to find profitable keywords.

This service is great for optimizing On-Page SEO and building backlink based on your keywords. This is certainly a great way to ruthlessly defeat your competitors.

Whenever analyzing about backlink,Sem Rush also detects your competitors’s backlink. Content is king and navigating to your competitors’s website will help you improve your content(but not for duplicating).

SEMrush is not only a tool for analyzing your competitors but also a full SEO tools. In addition,if you are running ads,this tool is really great.

Who Is Semrush For?


  • People who are finding a SEO audit tool in order to check website’s health,index and error
  • You want to analyze your competitors’s website to defeat them
  • If you are finding a great keyword research tools so as to choose a long-tail keyword
  • You are finding a backlink audit tool
  • You are running ads with Google Adwords such as Bing,Yahoo or Google
  • If you are running Video Advertising (with Youtube)
  • People who are finding an organic traffic insights
  • Especially if you are working with e-commerce bussiness
  • You are doing tracking position in order to see your rank with any specific keywords.
  • If you are targeting specific audiences locally (for example : skin care UK,Gambling Netherland,..)
  • You have experience with some advanced traffic source such as Facebook Ads,Bing Ads

Main Features of SEMrush



1.Competitor Analysis

As i mentioned before,Semrush is a competitor analysis tool and it’s well great at this factor. Make a list of your opponents’s website and then fill in the form. For instance,i will try with, and

semrush dashboard

Hey,remember to remove https or http because it just analyze specific website. Unless that’s what you want

After that,just wait a moment and you will see a screen with a lot of data.

semrush domain overview

semrush domain overview 1

semrush domain overview 2

Firstly,you will see an overview about that site. It helps you creating a purpose and understanding what we are searching for.

  • Organic Search : how much traffic that comes from search engine (of course,google free traffic or youtube)
  • Paid Search : Traffic that comes from paid advertising such as Bing Ads,Google Ads,…
  • Backlink : The amouth of backlink to your site. Certainly,they are Semrush’s statistic
  • Display Advertising : Paid advertising campaigns,and it also doesn’t stat like Paid Search.

They are just overviews,you need to use the left sidebar in order to see its specific.

semrush position semrush backlink

KeyWord Research

1.Organic Research

semrush organic

In the Organic Research Tab,choose Positions and then it will reveal all ranked sites

Organic Research will help you find competitor’s best keywords as well as their content strategies. Of course,Semrush will estimate the value of keyword,volume search,CPC,competition and trends

semrush organic keyword

semrush KD

On internet marketing,there’s a lot of competitors out there and you also need to discover new competitors. However,please take notes that content is king,it’s the most important. Therefore,just analyze your competitors to see how good their contents are,and do not duplicate.

2.Position Changes

Working with SEO,there is no doubt that the keyword’s rank changes instantly and you have to catch up with. semrush position change

There are 4 main factors you need to know such as New Keywords,Lost Keywords,Improved Keyworded and Decelined Keyword.

BackLink Analysis

In my opinion,this feature of Semrush doesn’t really correct. If you want to check backlink,you can use AffiloTools as an alternative.

semrush backlink analysis

semrush backlink types

However,if you are a complete newbies,i think you should skip this feature.

Domain vs Domain

semrush DM vs DM semrush domain comparison

There’s a lot of competitors in your niche,enter 5 domains name and make a comparison table between keywords.

Choose The Right Keyword

semrush choose keyword semrush choose keyword 1

After that,just simply click Phrase Match Keywords and Related Keywords to choose the right keyword for you. Remember to choose a keyword that has high volume,low competition and higher than $1 CPC. Besides,brainstorm about questions that your audiences may ask to make it become a keyword.

SEO Content Templates

This is a nice feature of Semrush when it make a list of websites and recommended resources. For example,i will add the keyword “how to lose weight fast”

semrush content templates semrush CT competitors semrush BS recommendation

Content is king,keyword is queen,please always keep in your mind.

Keyword Magic Tool

This tool is nice whenever you run PPC ads or simply choose a keyword for your article

semrush keyword magic tool

semrush keyword magic semrush PPC semrush PPC semrush PPC

There’s a bunch of keywords for you,here’s an example of a high paying affiliate niche but low competition.

Reverse Engineering

This is so far the greatest feature of Semrush. It’s very unique feature because no keyword tool but Semrush offers this. Easy to use,just simply put your competitors’s website and it will automatically analyze for you.

Pros of Semrush

  • Easily to follow your competitors
  • Check the top keyword websites in order to get more content ideas
  • Fast at detecting high volume keyword
  • Find all competitors in the same Seed URL
  • Reverse Engineering in order to see competitor’s success
  • Keyword Ranking

Cons of Semrush

  • Keyword difficulty metric is not always exact
  • Some incorrect backlink data
  • A little bit complex for beginner
  • Expensive Price (look at the pricing plan)

Alternative To Semrush

Well,this is not an only keyword tool on the market. What makes this keyword tool outstanding are the site audit tool,competition analysis,reverse engineering,advertising,e-commerce support and content ideas. Of course,Semrush is much more advanced than the rest. If you don’t need those unique features,it’s ok because you have alternatives:

Final Verdict

In conclusion,Semrush is a great SEO tool for keyword research,website checker and competion analysis. This is actually what you need to increase Search Engine thanks to content ideas and analyze your competitors. Certainly,i recommend this SEO tools if you are finding an advanced keyword research,backlink checker or competition analysis tool. What i love the most is reverse-engineering and content ideas because content is king for SEO now.

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