A2 Hosting vs Siteground

A2 Hosting vs Siteground-Which Services Should You Buy?

Siteground and A2 Hosting are some of the best Shared WordPress Hosting services at present. They are all great about Uptime,Page Speed,Support and Features so buy any of them is absolutely OK to you. If you are confusing what to choose between them,this post will help you for that so you know what is best fit for you. Now,take your time read our A2 Hosting vs Siteground comparison.

A2 Hosting vs Siteground Factors

Please note that this review is based on our objective opinion so there’s no unbiased here.

Factor 01 : Cpanel

This is the member’s area once you login.

While this place is the Cpanel of A2 Hosting.

Here’s the Cpanel of Siteground.

As you can see,they both use Cpanel but A2 Hosting is clearly more beatiful. About features,they are almost the same because again,they are both using Cpanel.

Factor 02 : Price

Here’s the Upfront Price of Siteground.

While here’s the upfront price of A2 Hosting. So when looking at the price,we can see that A2 Hosting is the clear winner. But you know,Siteground hosts more websites and has more users than A2 Hosting so that price is never to be a cool factor to choose which services to buy.

3.SSL Certificate

Lucky you,all of these services can provide for you free SSL Certification to your site. Of course,there’s no need to install Really Simple SSL Certificate or using external SSL app.

In case you don’t have know to install SSL or License Expired and you need to renew,simply contact their support team. Don’t worry,they both perform great supporting services.


We never want our site to go down,right. Well,this is what they can guarantee with you.

Cre : HostingFacts

This is an uptime Speed Test for Siteground. As you can see,it’s almost 100%.

Hosting Facts Siteground Uptime Test

Cre : HostingFacts

While this is an uptime test for A2 Hosting,a little bit lower.

Cre : HostingFacts

So,when talking about Uptime,Siteground is the winner here.

Cre : HostingFacts

Page Speed

According to new Google’s algorithm,page loading speed is one of the most important factors to rank webpage on Search Engine. So,if you are an SEO Marketer,you should care about this.

As an can see from these images above,A2 Hosting has faster loading speed than Siteground hence A2 Hosting is the winner here. Moreover,A2 Hosting is also known the fastest hosting services even above Bluehost,Hostgator and Hostinger.


No matter how good the features and services is,without support,this is almost useless. When talking about support,both are great and the teams are very knowledable.

For A2 Hosting,depending on some factors that sometimes you need to wait until your queue so there can be some little minutes of waiting (maximum 15 minutes)

But for Siteground,you almost don’t need to wait as you can chat with support team immediately. Personally,when i first time run Alidropship Store,i ask Siteground support team to install Ioncube Loader for me and yeah,they install very fast.

Final Verdict

In summary,after posting this article,you have already chosen for yourself the hosting services you want. It’s really hard to say which one is better as all perform great. So,my sincere advice to you is that you should consider your demand. If you want a service at lower price or has a faster loading speed,then you should choose A2 Hosting. But in case you’ve like a better uptime or a better support,then Siteground should be your option.









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