Adbuddy Review From User-Apps That Increase Conversion for FB Ads

Product : Adbuddy
Creator : Tom Yevsikov & Vivek Gour
Price : $37 during launch and when it ends,price will increase
Do I Recommend : Certainly Yes

Presently,people are using Facebook more and more frequent. Agree or not,Facebook is one of the best paid traffic sources because it has a high reach potential. Besides,it’s not expensive and many marketers can afford to this traffic sources.
Besides landing page,the first thing you need is to capture attention. The best way to capture attention for your Facebook Ads campaign is to create an attractive images ads.
However,it’s not an easy task for inexperience marketers and it also costs you a lot. Some people even pay a lot budget to get images from Shutterstock,Istock,etc for an ads images.
But what if you don’t have these budget,clearly,you should create your own ads image.
Now,i’m going to introduce you a useful software that helps you create a Facebook Ads image so as to capture attention,Adbuddy. This product is completely different from most Jvzoo products,it delivers better value.
Let’s check out my Adbuddy review so that you know exactly what inside.
Notes : i have information about Adbuddy from a conversation on Skype with Vivek Gour so that i know what i’m saying.

What Is Adbuddy?

Adbuddy Review
Firstly,Adbuddy is a software that allows anyone, regardless of their experience, from local businesses to freelancers to marketers to veterans to advertisers,to create a high converting, ROI increasing, captivating & EFFECTIVE Facebook ads image.
It’s broken down into 2 elements:
Element #1 is the templates, which are BUILT to convert, and with the help and suggestions of 6 figure advertisers, our own experience and obviously, FB advertising proven data from various resources,
we created those templates to have built in marketing elements in mind such as colors, what gets attention etc etc..
Element #2 is the AdBuddy Companion, this smart little fella goes ahead and helps you craft a killer ad.
It’s as if a 6 figure advertisers is sitting next to you telling you what to do, what not to do, what will convert better and what you should avoid doing.
And once you’re done, you run your ad through the checker, which will tell you if you ad is good to go, or need more work to get the best results.
Notes : Adbuddy is not a drag and drop ads builder.

Who Is Adbuddy For?

  • Any marketer who want to get better traffic on Facebook
  • Those who want to increase conversion,ROI on their Facebook Ads campaign
  • You lack budget to buy images from Shutterstock,Istock,etc
  • If you lack idea to create an ads images as well as to know whether it’s good or not

Main Features and Demo of Adbuddy

Now,i will show you step by step how to create a Facebook Ads images using Adbuddy. In the front-end products,you will access 100 templates.
The best description of Adbuddy is it’s a software that allows you to create Facebook Ads images by customizing pre-formatted templates. But it doesn’t mean you can not be creative,you can also add additional graphics and images outside. What makes this product different from most Jvzoo’s products is that you can use it for various network,not just for Jvzoo. Here’s what Tom says.
Adbuddy Review
This is the member’s area once you login.
Adbuddy Review
With the front-end product,there is no limitation about how many ads images you can create.

1.Create Ad Images

When using Adbuddy,the main thing to do is to create Facebook Ads images that capture attention. Firstly,click on Create New.
Adbuddy Review
After that,click Create New Template. At here,there are two types of images you can create,just choose one of them to fit what you are thinking of.
Adbuddy Review
Now,you will need to pick an ads templates. You can pick ads for various internet marketing area such as ecommerce,affiliate,coupon code,free offer,lead generation,etc.
Adbuddy Review Adbuddy Review
Adbuddy Review
Simply pick any template you want. For instance,i pick the Sale of The Week template.
Adbuddy Review
We will need to customize it after that. What surprises me is that this app can score your ads template,hence you know how good/bad it is.
You can customize text here.
Adbuddy Review
And image background here.
Adbuddy Review
In order to make it engage,you can add shape,emoji,etc.
Adbuddy Review Adbuddy Review Adbuddy Review Adbuddy Review
When you create ads image,Adbuddy also generates score on how good/bad your ads is.
Once you finish the whole process,simply click on Save on the top right.
Adbuddy Review
That’s it,simply download your ads image as a PNG or JPG file.
And that’s all you get inside a single time purchase of $37. When launch ends,price will increase.
Adbuddy Review

Funnels of Adbuddy

All products have upsells and Adbuddy is not an exeption. This funnel has 4 upsells and one of them is a recurring fee.

OTO 1 : Adbuddy Template Club ($37/month)

Adbuddy OTO 1 Templates Club
For $37/month you’ll get templates with new, high converting ads delivered to your account every month.
You’ll also get 100 EXTRA high converting templates pushed INSTANTLY into your account, resulting in DOUBLE the templates.
Also constant updates and new suggestions to the AdBuddy companion algorithm to make sure your ads ALWAYS convert, that it’s ALWAYS up to date with all the updates and changes FB has.

OTO 2 : Definitive Edition ($47)

Adbuddy OTO 2 Definitive Edition
This upgrade gives you the ability to launch campaigns from RIGHT INSIDE of AdBuddy straight into facebook without actually logging into facebook.
With this upgrade you also get an upgraded dashboard with the ability to split test multiple campaigns at once.
And you get FB ads training that will teach you how to become successful at advertising, covering just about anything from targeting, custom audiences, ads manager, power editor, ad copy and everything you need to learn in order to get insane traffic on demand for the lowest price possible.

OTO 3 : Targeting Academy + Insightr Pro ($67)

Adbuddy OTO 3 Targeting Academy & Insightr PRO
This upsells is Targeting Academy + OTO 1 of it. Normally,the price of this product is $47 and OTO 1 is $47. As an upsell of Adbuddy,you got it for only $67. I will not go detail of this product in this post,read my review of this product here.
To summarize,it’s a 50 video lessons about Facebook Ads targeting and how to make money with Ecom/CPA marketing with specific niches Devid Farah recommends. Insightr is a Facebook fanpage spy app.

OTO 4 : Adbuddy Agency & Resellers License ($97 for 5 accounts or $197 for 15 accounts)

Adbuddy OTO 4
Agency – Gives you the option to add more team members or alternatively create more accounts that you can control under your wing (for clients, family, team members, etc)
That’s the entire funnel of Adbuddy. In my opinion,this funnel seems to be expensive for inexperienced but if you are an overime Facebook Advertiser,i think it’s OK.


Pros of Adbuddy

  • Super simple to use and to manage
  • 100 Templates on the F/E and if you take OTO 1,you also get immediate access to additional 100 Templates
  • Easy To Customize Memes,Text
  • Analyze your Ads Score
  • OTO 3 is Targeting Academy + OTO 1 of it,one of the best training about Facebook Ads Targeting
  • Beautiful Interface
  • No limitation about Facebook Ads Images

Cons of Adbuddy

  • Expensive Upsell
  • No Drag and Drop Editor

Final Verdict

In summary,Adbuddy is a great tool for those who want to get more traffic from Facebook Ads. Presently,Facebook Ads is a goldmine and if you miss,you are wasting your traffic. To make your ads convert,a great Facebook image is compulsory for you. Adbuddy is a great tool you can use to get better traffic and especially more ROI . Thanks for stopping by and Good Luck for your bussiness.


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