Adsmartly Review From Real User-Tool To Boost Your Facebook Ads

Product : Adsmartly
Creator : Victory Akpos and Joshua Johnson
Price : It’s now $67 because launch has ended but i think it’s still worth the price.
Do I Recommend : Yes,But you should understand the usage first.

At present,Facebook Ads seems to be one of the best advertising traffic sources. Why Google,why Bings while people are using social media more. Besides,Facebook Ads is more affordable and it has a huge potential reach.
In fact,more and more enterprises,bussiness are running Facebook Ads campaign. The key to successful Facebook Ads are headline,image,video capturing and a landing page.
But guys,how much does it cost for these. We all know that Clickfunnels,Builderall and Instapage are the best services but it’s not for everyone. Moreover,after running ads campaign,you haven’t finished your process yet,you still need to publish content consistently.
So,today i’m going to introduce you a new tool,Adsmartly. Adsmarly is a cloud-based app created to help Facebook Advertiser increase ROI when running ads campaign. So,let’s checkout my Adsmartly review so that you know exactly what inside.
Notes : I got a private review access account from Joshua Johnson so that i provide a real review. Most reviews you are fake and garbage,dont’t be fool with their liar like discount,bonus.
Adsmartly Review

What Is Adsmartly?

Adsmartly Review
At first,Adsmartly is a platform that turn FB into a lead generation machine and to Ignite a EXPLOSION of new income from every Facebook ad you create.
AdsMartly Makes You A Winner With Every Facebook Ads You Run, Get You Leads With Just 1-Click With No Fear Of Bounce Landing Page, Instantly Create Sales Pages, Squeeze Pages And Sell Affiliate Products + Custom Products Inside Your Facebook Fan Page super easy.

Quick Overview of Adsmartly Features

Here are some features they mention,that’s what you will get for the F/E price of $29.
Adsmartly Review
These are some quick look,we will discover in depth later.

Why You Need Adsmartly?

Recently most people started complaining over high cost of Facebook Ads, not able to access their Facebook paid audiences from sponsored posts, high record of bounce rate with website landing page ads that prevent them from getting leads or making sales. So with Adsmartly you can intelligently and ethically get all these from Facebook and make them easily accessible because you have already paid to be granted access.
With Adsmartly you don’t need to bother anymore if users will ever get to your landing page and optin, with the first ever custom Link technology you can ethically grab all your required leads fantastically before any users’ lands on your promoted page.
Besides, you don’t need to worry about Facebook just keeping your acquired leads from your sponsored posts, you can now engaged with your leads and create and export your leads as warm audience that you can keep remarketing to without paying facebook high anymore.
With Adsmartly custom tab technology you can sell your affiliate products from Amazon, Ebay and Bestbuy or any product at all directly on your Fanpage without fear of been seen or having to pay high subscription cost with shopify, leaveraging on Facebook SEO for high visibility by prospects.

Who Is Adsmartly For?

Adsmartly Review

The Usage of Adsmartly

Now,i will show you exactly what you are getting with Adsmartly. Once again,i’m a real user review,not a garbage review as some scammers are doing. This is the exact member’s area once you login. As you can see,this is my name.
Adsmartly Review
Actually,it’s like when you first sign up with this app,it will request to post on your Facebook Pages,Fanpage and social. So that the name of the user is your Facebook’s account. Of course,you can create multiple Facebook Account. This shouldn’t be limitation.

1.Facebook Apps and Integration

The first thing you must do when using Adsmartly is to integrate your facebook apps account. Firstly,click on Facebook App Setup.
Adsmartly Review
Now,you will need to go to Developers.Facebook.Com to do the integration.
Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review
Enter everything Adsmartly require you to add. Here’s how i do,right click my screen shot in order to see.
Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review
You can also click Page Tab and do the same like me to setup,it’s easy to do. Then just enter your information to Adsmartly.

2.Lead List

This feature will help you build a list through your Facebook Ads. At present,Adsmartly only integrates with 4 emaul services : Mailchimp,Aweber,Mad Mimi and Active Campaign.
Adsmartly is a software created by help you collect email from Facebook Ads so that integrating email service is necessary.
However,what i don’t like is that still lack integration,where are Getresponse,Convertkit and Drip.
Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review
This process will save you a lot of time and energy.
For example,i create a custom link from an URL,
Adsmartly Review
Then,i share that custom generated link on Facebook.
Adsmartly Review
To make you understand,i will use another Facebook account. Now,i click on that link,from another account of course.
Adsmartly Review
As a result,Adsmartly will get the email address from this guy if he clicks Continue as his Name.
Adsmartly Review
But if he clicks cancel,he won’t be redirected to that link. It means he can not see the post you want to show you.
Adsmartly Review
Tada,i got a new subscriber 🙂

3.Engage List

Before using Lead List,you need to engage and capture lead first. It’s like you are sending a direct inbox into your autoresponder.
To be clear,you are working at a chatbot messenger towards audiences. People who have already chatted with your fanpage will automatically be added inside.
Adsmartly Review
Click on Send Message.
Adsmartly Review
Last Name,First Name are name of people who have already chatted with your fanpage.
For example,you want to send message to a facebook account : Daily Job Killer,first name is Killer. This will be :
“First Name”,hello,this is the demo.
Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review
You can either post now or schedule message.
Adsmartly Review
What i don’t like is limitation about characters. So,you will not only get paid traffic with Adsmartly,you can get free as well.

4.Publish Content

The key to successful Facebook marketing campaign is to go viral. Of course,the best way to go viral is to post Facebook content consistently. But this process will take you a lot of time,thanks to Adsmartly,you can now schedule and post content on Facebook. In the long run,you will certainly get a lot traffic from Facebook.
This is practical and it’s how Adsmartly is created.
Adsmartly Review
You can publish post on Twitter and Facebook. Always keep in mind that sharing content on social media will boost a lot SEO for your site.
Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review
You can use Pixabay free image by entering your API code.
But hey,Adsmartly won’t generate memes for you,you need to DIY.

5.Page Builder

This is so far the best feature of Adsmartly. If you don’t have budget to buy Instapage,Leadpages,Builderall and Clickfunnels,you can use this one as an alternative.
The usage of it is 80% similar with Ascendpages. And the best part is,Adsmartly will host your landing page,but no subdomain registration.
Adsmartly Review
However,what i don’t like is Adsmartly is not 100% drag and drop. Therefore,it’s not really smooth.
But in my opinion,having this addon is still OK.
Adsmartly Review
Here are some elements when using this feature.
Adsmartly Review
Here are some screenshot on each of these.
Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review
Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review
Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review
Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review
Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review
In my opinion,that’s enough.
Actually,Adsmartly page builder is a inline customization text editor. There are three building module : Elements,Content and Details. Content will help you edit image because it’s an inline text builder.
Details will help you customize font,text,image ,link and video.
Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review
As you can see,we can not drag and drop image as well as customizing its size easily. You need to customize image size by changing height and width. To edit text,simly click on that text and then edit.
Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review
Here’s how it looks like.
Adsmartly Review
Adsmartly Review
Here’s my CTA Button and Link
Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review
Once you finish,click save.
Adsmartly Review
Here’s what you see after that.
Adsmarly Review
Click the link below in order to see my example landing page created by Adsmartly.

6.Affiliate Store Builder

Affiliate Store is only for those who are running Amazon,Ebay or BestBuy campaign. Actually,the idea is to combine this one together with the page builder above.
However,to activate this feature,you need to have your own affiliate link with these network. So that make sure you can promote them.
You can choose directly on Adsmartly or create your own custom product with your affiliate link.
Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review
Again and again,make sure you have an affiliate link first. If your affiliate link are not activated,this feature will definitely useless.

7.Create Ads Campaign

The reason why you buy Adsmartly is because you want to setup a Facebook Ads campaign. Thanks to this app,you can create a campaign immediately.
Adsmartly Review
There are only 3 steps process when you create an ads campaign such as targeting setup and a landing page.
Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review
Setting up an ads campaign with Adsmartly is easy but i recommend you to learn something first. Don’t create a spammy or scammy Ads because Facebook will review your ads.

8.Ads Templates

When you setup Facebook Ads campaign,template is highly important. There are two types of Facebook Ads : video ads and images ads.
These are available customizable templates for Facebook Ads campaign.
Adsmartly Review
At present,the service is still in progress so there’s not too many templates. On the other hand,this is a review access account 🙂
Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review
Just simply click on an available template.
Adsmartly Review
You only need to drag,drop and customize text.
Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review
In my experience,doodle is the best addon for Facebook Ads image.
Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review
Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review

9.Pixel Code

The last thing you get inside Adsmartly is the custom Facebook Pixel code.
Notes : you must have a Facebook Ads account first and your custom pixel for website.
If you don’t track your campaign,you are losing money from Facebook Ads.
Adsmartly Review
Adsmartly will automatically generate Facebook Ads code for you,no need to have more than one pixel per account.
And that’s all you have inside a single time purchase of $29. When launch ends,price will grow to $67.

My Adsmartly Review Video (Please Watch)

In order to bring you a fully understand about Adsmartly,i have recorded a full walkthrough demo and explanation about this software. Before you buy this app,make sure you understand the usage first.

Funnels of Adsmartly

All products have upsells and so does Adsmartly. However.unlike most unethical Jvzoo product,no kind of full potential just on upsells.

1.Adsmartly Deluxe ($43)

The frontend has some limitation and this upgrade will remove all upgrades.
Adsmartly Deluxe
AdSmartly Deluxe will allow you to create 5 sub user accounts on our SaaS platform.

2.Adsmartly FB Builder ($47)

This upgrade include Landing Page Builder and Ecom Store Setup i mentioned above. If you think about an idea of selling ecom products without a Shopify or Woocomerce store,then you can purchase this app.

3.Whitelabel License to Adsmartly ($97 for 50 licenses or $127 for 100 licenses)

This allows you to create Adsmartly account for clients and sell this software as a service.
Adsmartly Review Adsmartly Review

Bonus From Me

In order to make your life much easier,i will add some extra bonuses if you buy Adsmartly through my link. Currently,this product is powered by Jvzoo so that after buying,you will get immediate access to my bonuses. Of course,i won’t offer cheap PLR bonuses as some scammers are doing,these are high quality bonuses from Victor Akpos and some 7 figures marketers.

1.CartActivate – WooCommerce Abandoned Cart & Remarketing in Facebook Messenger

It’s time to Get your customers back & increase sales with Messenger automation.
This is the most effective way to recover abandoned carts, Generate and boost sales leads with
automated Facebook Messenger chat box, Get high open and click rates, Customize your message and call-to-action button, Collect users’ data to follow up. CartActivate is the first
WooCommerce extension that allows you to message your abandoned shoppers on Facebook. This extension let the store owners to re-target their audiences through Facebook Messenger if there customers leave their cart behind without checking out.


Do you Have a wordpress content website or blog but still love to profit with Amazon? Then This is a great WordPress plugin which lets you easily and flexibly embed Amazon products in your posts, pages or widgets. It use the official Amazon Product Advertising API and you make money with every sale that comes about your site.
The usage is very simply. First configure the connection settings and then paste your Azan plug shortcode – that’s it. You can display single products or bestseller lists with Azonplug. You can search (and show) products with specific category, browse node id or a simple keyword.
One really great feature is the dynamic templates. You can create/customize your own template to display products direct from WordPress admin. That means we allow you to use custom templates using basic HTML and CSS only… pretty amazing.

3.Hyper VidCasterLive – Facebook Live Streaming With Pre-recorded Video

Hyper VidCasterLive is Facebook Live Video streaming tool which allows you to go live in Facebook with Pre-recorded video and share across all your pages. You can go live immediately or schedule live video for future. Also this application has option to create Live Event for more Engagement before actual live broadcasting.

4.Advanced WordPress Frontend Animator

Animate Your Existing Stuff or Create Elaborate New Animations
We are bringing how you add animations to your site to a new level.
Meet Animatic, a frontend animation editor for WordPress.
Animate your existing stuff in your website and create complex animation
composed of your images.
With Animatic, you can:
– Add infinitely looping animations to your elements,
– Add entrance transitions to your elements,
– Insert hover animations and transitions to your elements,
– Create multi-image infographics and animations, all live from your frontend.

5.WP Flat Visual Chat – Live Chat & Remote View for WordPress

With WP Flat Visual Chat you can provide Live Support with 2 way Desktop Remote Viewer for WordPress! Blow your customers away.
– View the page where your customer is.
– Operators can view online users and initiate chats
– Operators can visually show any website element to the customer
– Files transfer options
– Operators can use pre-programmed sentences using shortcuts
– New “Chat Operator” user role
– You can assign the operator capability to any another role
– Operator can transfer discussion to another online operator
– If there is no operator online, a contact form appears

6.FB Miner – it let’s you collect data from Facebook pages, groups, event and locations. You can scrape, collect emails, telephone, urls, address, ecc in just one click.

Here are some cool features of FB Miner:
Export results to Excel or Csv format
Export results table in PDF format
Build a database for business contact or Facebook Marketing
Filter results for each table column
Filter results for each table column.

7.Facebook Ads 2.0 Made Easy


8.Facebook Ads 3.0 Made Easy

9.Viral Marketing Made Easy

10.FB Remarketing Made Easy

Shoplez Bonus

11.List Building Made Easy

12.Liking Facebook Ads Again

Doodly Bonus
And that’s all my high quality bonus for Adsmartly,if you need more,feel free to contact me of course.

Bonus For OTO

If you purchase the OTO 1,Adsmartly Deluxe,you will access these following 5 bonuses.
Adsmartly Bonus Adsmartly Bonus Adsmartly Bonus Adsmartly Bonus Adsmartly Bonus Adsmartly Bonus Adsmartly Bonus
For those who purchase FB Builder,the OTO 2,you will access these 4 bonuses.
Adsmartly Bonus Adsmartly Bonus Adsmartly Bonus Adsmartly Bonus
And lastly,for those who purchase the whitelabel version,you will get access to these 7 bonuses.
Adsmartly Bonus Adsmartly Bonus Adsmartly Bonus Adsmartly Bonus Adsmartly Bonus Adsmartly Bonus Adsmartly Bonus


Pros of Adsmartly


  • Affordable price without any recurring fee on both F/E + OTO
  • Easy Interface and To Manage
  • Advanced Landing Page Builder
  • Hosting With SSL Certificate Included
  • Schedule Post on Facebook and Twitter (in order to go viral and save time)
  • Link Cloaken and Facebook Pixel Code For Tracking
  • Available Templates for Advertising and Integrate Pixabay
  • Can Send Notification Message Towards Audiences on Messenger

Cons of Adsmartly

1.Page Builder is Not 100% Drag and Drop

Keep in mind,this one is most likely an inline text customizable page builder,not 100% drag and drop as Builderall,Instapage and Clickfunnels. So therefore you may find somewhat annoying.
So,i recommend you to practice so as to master this one. Remember,this one is 80% similar with Ascendpages.

2.Lack Integration with Autoresponder

At present,Adsmartly only integrates 4 email service providers such as Mailchimp,Aweber,Active Campaign and Madmimi. Even not have integration with Getresponse and Convertkit,really ???

Final Verdict

In summary,Adsmartly is a great app for those who want to get both free and paid traffic from Facebook. Thanks to this app,you will save a lot time,energy and budget but get high ROI as an advertiser. It has almost all features you need for a Facebook ads campaign and go viral on social media. And best of all,you can build an email list with real subscribers because no kind of fake email anymore.


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