How To Find Profitable Niche To Steal-Everything You Have To Do

When being an affiliate marketer,the first thing to do is to find profitable niche. Inexperienced always spend a lot of time just to decide which is the best niche. However,there is no best niche,how much money you make highly depends on what you do. So,you can not decide what is really the best niche but you can find profitable niche to steal.
Many business owners view the idea of niche marketing as a strategy that will cut their profit margin or limit their sales, but the truth is, having a well defined niche can give your business more power, especially if the niche has enough demand and money in it.
A profitable niche simply means that it is one where you can expect people to spend money. Therefore, you have an easier time in generating conversions and commissions for yourself.
In this article,i will intruct you fast start steps to find a profitable niche so as to steal.

The Goal: Find Profitable Niche that Will Consistently Make Money

Affilojetpack Find Profitable Niche
Now,our goal is to find profitable niche that monetizes for a long-term process. Before we find profitable niche,there are three things to consider. Is it a digital products’s niche,physical product’s niche or both. Of course,with digital product,your commission rate is higher. But with physical product,the price of a product is normally higher.

Tips 1 : Choose the Evergreen Niche or Where People Spend Money

Some niches are lucrative but it doesn’t mean you can reach financial goal for a long-term. For example,if your niche is something like treadmill,massage chair,despite the high price,they are not always lucrative. But if your niche is about health/beauty topics,you can expect to monetize for a long-term. That’s the first tips when you find profitable niche,you should find an evergreen
Evergreen niches are great because it means they will be around forever. Hence you will not put effort just to forget and see your niche away. You can see this based on the trend of people on Google Trends.
The weight loss niche is an example of a evergreen niche, and  includes sub niches such as diets and weight loss, vegetarian diets and recipes, exercises and more.
Major markets that deal with relationships, health, technology, hobbies and interests, or physical appearance have near endless sub-niches to be explored and are definitely VERY profitable because people are desperate for solutions to their problems and people are also willing to pay big money for hobbies and interests.

1.Exercise : Find Profitable Niche on Clickbank Using Categories

Clickbank is the perfect affiliate program for both beginner and expert. Inside the marketplace,you will see categories that allows you to find profitable niche. If you run out of idea,check out Affilojetpack,a training that has chosen 18 profitable niche for you. Besides,some training like Inbox Blueprint,Lurn Insider,Email Domination has pre-chosen niche on Clickbank.
Find Profitable Niche On Clickbank
I suggest you choose some profitable topics such as Health,Green Products,Seft-Help,Cooking,etc. Then let’s see the sub-categories,where your niche is in.
Clickbank Find Profitable Niche
Now we want to narrow down our category some more so that we can find a highly interest subcategory of products.  Having a highly buyer-intent market makes it much easier to sell to them.

2.Filter The Result By Gravity

You can now filter your subniche results by different types of criteria. The best criteria to use when figuring out the best products in your subniche is gravity. This is unique to ClickBank. High gravity scores indicate that lots of different affiliates are successfully promoting the product.
This is good, right? If a product has a gravity score of 50 and has 100 affiliates successfully selling it, then it must be a high-converting product and easy to sell, right?
Well y’know what? This isn’t necessarily true. It means that you are competing with 100 other affiliates to sell the product. It might convert well, but you have to fight against others to get the sale!
That is why for new affiliates, products with gravity scores between 6-25 is the sweet spot between high-converting and low-competition. So filter the results to show only products with gravity between 6-25 in your subniche:
Clickbank Find Profitable Niche
Make sure there are at least 5 products that meet this criteria. If there are less than 5 products, repeat step 2 and pick a different subniche.
After that,you should check a sales page of that product. And hey,don’t forget to see the affiliate tool page.
Clickbank Find Profitable Niche

Tips 2 : Check Buyer-Intent and Trending of That Niche

One of the compulsory process when you find profitable niche is to do the market research. Inexperienced never do that so they always go wrong with their topics.
At first,you should find keyword of that niche on Google Adwords or some keyword research tool. Finding keyword does not only help you find the potential of a niche but also great for search traffic. About the competition,you should forget about it because if you know how to market the right way,you still make money. Besides,if you use paid traffic,the competition will be very low.
For example,i check the keyword skincare as a market and anti aging as a subniche.
Find Profitable Niche Google Keyword Planner Find Profitable Niche Google Keyword Planner Find Profitable Niche Google Keyword Planner Find Profitable Niche Google Keyword Planner
After that,go to Google Trends to research about this. Hey,some people forget Google Trends but you should really benefit it. Personally,i use this tool to do the niche research and to use Facebook Ads.
Find Profitable Niche Google Trends Find Profitable Niche Google Trends Find Profitable Niche Google Trends Find Profitable Niche Google Trends
This is undeniable proof when people seem looking for this topic overtime. That’s what an evergreen niche should look like. Once again,forget about the competition.

Tips 3: Market Online in a Variety of Ways

If you’re running a PPC campaign, don’t just focus on that type of marketing. You may want to do banner ads on major websites, native ads, videos, social media ads and email marketing as well. The more marketing channels you have, the more attention you receive from different sources. This can help you determine which marketing tactics work the best, so you can re-adjust your marketing over time.

Profitable Niche In My Opinion

After reading this post,if you can not still find profitable niche for yourself,let’s see some suggestion from me. One more time,i remind,there is no best niche. The most important things to do after you find profitable niche is to market the right way.

1.Health Market

This is so far the biggest online market for affiliate marketing. Certainly,people cares about their health and they aim to buy. A great advantage of this market is that you can divide into multiple sub-niche :

  • Weight Loss
  • Diabetes
  • Blood Pressure (great choice for CPA marketing)
  • Brain Supplement
  • Diet (pay out like crazy)
  • Nutrition
  • Supplement (in general)
  • Blood Sugar (mostly for CPA)
  • Muscle Building
  • Male Enhancement (paying like crazy presently)
  • and more

2.Financial Market

Clearly,people want to make money so that they always find financial solution. A big advantage of this market is that it pay out you very high. For instance,these are some sub-niche:

  • Credit Repair (so far the highest paying out)
  • Student Debt (it’s paying like crazy now)
  • Retirement Account (mostly for old people who owning big money)
  • Mortgage
  • Real Estate
  • Survey (not the Clickbank’s scam products)
  • Auto Insurance
  • Payday Loan together with Personal Loan
  • Biz Opp (paying like crazy)
  • and more

A big advantage of this market is that most offers pay you per call and lead,hence you make money without a sale. Of course,the main target audiences are old people. Native Ads,Search Ads should be in priority rather than Facebook Ads.

3.Beauty Market

This market works the most when you use Facebook Ads and Native Ads. In addition,it’s the best market for CPA marketing. Besides,some CPA offers in this market can pay you per trial and it pays recurringly. Here are some example:

  • Hair Loss
  • Anti-Aging
  • Skincare
  • Teeth whitening (i don’t know why but it’s always to featured offers on CPA networks)
  • and more

4.Personal Development

Closely related to the self-help niche, with a big crossover in demographics. Subscribers in this niche love discovering more about themselves and their place in the universe. They particularly love getting free reports about themselves (which easily convert to paid products).

People in this niche tend to be ADDICTED to self-help products. They don’t see a problem in spending money on multiple products because they’re investing in themselves. Great opportunities for ongoing commissions here.

  • Stress Relief
  • Spirit
  • Work Effective With Less Time
  • Etc,..


Every one has their hobby,passions so that they want to buy some products in this market. For instance,these are some profitable niche

  • Dog Training
  • Goft
  • Gaming (it pays you per sign up)
  • Woodworking
  • Etc,…


Besides health and wealth,Relationships is always a high buying-intent niche. People want to save their relationship and improve it so that they care about this. However,you should only target one gender in your site,don’t try to target both

  • Dating Advice for Men
  • Dating Advice for Women
  • How To Save Relationship
  • Etc,..

But hey,forget about promoting skincare,weight loss product in this niche. Despite having some relation,you should not promote these offers in this market.


A lot of people are worried about potential future economic disaster or natural disaster, and they like to read about ways to protect themselves, their families and their interests. Most of the offers in this niche are physical products. Besides,inside some CPA networks,this is one of the highest paying offers.

  • Survival Gear
  • Survival Guide
  • Tactical Flashlight
  • Solar Panel (crazy)
  • Bed Bugs
  • Etc,..


People are buying products on Amazon more and more frequently. Agree or not,you should also promote physical products besides digital products

  • Beard Oil
  • Tactical Flashlight
  • Cosmetic
  • Sport Supplement
  • Health Supplement
  • Etc,..

But hey,CPA networks love this type of offers so if you promote these,your earning potential is pretty high.
And these are all the niches,markets you should target. Once again,don’t spend too much time just to find profitable niche. Remember,you can still join other niche after building one website because you are using shared hosting.

So,What’s Next

After you find profitable niche,the next thing to do is to market it. Certainly,if you find profitable niche but you can not market it the right way,there is no money you make. Therefore,you should consider joining some courses that teaches from scratch or with some specific niches. Basically,they are all legitimate that helps you succeed if you are an action taker.

1.Internet Jetset

This is a training from John Crestani that helps you create an online bussiness from scratch. Inside the training,he has lessons on free traffic sources (Google SEO,Facebook and Youtube) and paid traffic (facebook ads). The price of Internet Jetset is only $47 for lifetime but its value is much higher than that.

2.Chris Farrell Membership

This is a training that aims mostly at beginners and intermediate. Chris Farrell Membership had 4 years in a row being the best affiliate marketing training course. Inside this course,you will get access to their hosting service together with done for you website. The main traffic sources he teaches are video marketing,webinar,email marketing,SEO and Facebook Ads.

3.Affilorama Premium Membership

Besides Chris Farrell,Affilorama is also the training that includes hosting server. Inside this course,you will access to lessons about SEO,PPC Ads,Email marketing and make money blogging. Best of all,you have access to Affilotools,a keyword research,SEO checker tool.


This is another product from Affilorama. It’s not really a training,it’s an 80% done for you bussiness that helps you build 5 websites as fast as possible. Inside Affilojetpack,you have ebook to giveaway,1 year email newsletter,articles with done for you niche research,graphics,lead magnet and Affiloblueprint as a bonus training. And hey,get my exclusive bonuses if you buy Affilojetpack,check it out.

5.Lurn Insider

This is a 21 days fast track that helps you create a website and then driving traffic to monetize from it. Best of all,you get the pre-done niche research together with both free and paid traffic training. Checkout Lurn Insider,which only costs you $5 to start.

6.Inbox Blueprint

This is a training from Anik Singal that teaches you overally about email marketing. Inbox Blueprint covers both free and paid traffic. Best of all,you have acces to his done-for-you niche research for 20 profitable niches,his landingpage creator software and done for you swipes.

7.Super Affiliate System

This is a 12 week training that teaches you on how to become a real super affiliate. If you are looking for the best affiliate marketing course about paid traffic,my answer is definitely Super Affiliate System. Inside this training,he mainly covers about Facebook Ads,Google Ads,Youtube Ads and Native Ads. Besides,he teaches you over the shoulder on how to track your campaign,how to do the niche research and how to write advertorials.
Best of alls,you get access to his ads swipes,landing page to specific niche,blacklist/whitelist to native ads networks and a big chance of joining high paying CPA network. Don’t worry,they all know John Crestani 🙂

8.Powerhouse Affiliate (my first recommendation)

This is the best affiliate marketing training that i recommend to all people who are serious about this bussiness. Inside the training,you get access to the step-by-step training,done for you landing page,bussiness in box and the best forum marketing so far. Moreover,you have a great chance to join Vault Media,a private CPA network of Powerhouse Affiliate. Besides,there are multiple training lessons that no one teaches like Mobile Ads,In-Text Ads,RTB Ads,etc.
Basically,these are best training after you find profitable niche that helps you monetize.


In summary,after reading this post,i hope you can find profitable niche to target. Remember,this is a very important steps when you are making money as an affiliate. Therefore,choose to right niche and make sure it’s evergreen. And i remind one more time,do not spend too much time on this. After that,consider joining some courses i recommend above to learn how to market specific niche.


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