Affiliate Funnel Clones Review From User-Can You Monetize From It?

Product : Affiliate Funnel Clones
Creator : Alan,Ryan and Simon
Price : $43
Do I Recommend : Yes,but make sure you understand what you are getting before buying. However,there are some points i don’t like about Affiliate Funnel Clones.

When promote affiliate offers,the first thing you need to look at is the marketing funnel. It’s like someone subscribe to your list and then you will redirect them to tripwire offer. If people buy,it’s good and if they don’t,at least you have grown your list.
Normally,if someone likes a product (after reading salespage,VSL or viewing FB Ads),they will buy it in any way. So,you will need an affiliate funnel to grow your list and promote affiliate offer simultaneously.
Jvzoo is a marketplace that you will see this technique the most. Today,i am going to show you a product that helps you promote Jvzoo’s offer,Affiliate Funnel Clones. Actually,it’s a packpage of DFY affiliate funnel for Jvzoo’s product.
Let’s checkout my Affiliate Funnel Clones review so that you know exactly what inside. But before you buy,you may need some info about it first.
I have seen its stats on jvzoo,the refund rate is really high.

As you can see from the images above,Affiliate Funnel Clones has very high refund rate. Normally,it should be lower than 8% especially with over 4,000 sold copies. It means many people don’t satisfy with this product. Therefore,please understand before buying.
Notes : i got a Jv access account from Alan

What Is Affiliate Funnel Clones?

At first,Affiliate Funnel Clones is a package including 7 DFY affiliate funnels. Actually,each funnel is one Jvzoo offer that they recommend you to promote. The upgrade of Affiliate Funnel Clones are additional Jvzoo funnel of course.
It’s like they provide DFY landing page,lead magnet with their own hosting plattform. The process will be someone subcribe to your lead magnet,then you will redirect them to a tripwire page,actually the Jvzoo’s product. As a result,you will get audiences’s email. However,please note that there is no guarantee Jvzoo’s approval here,it’s up to you and the vendors’s decisions.
Besides,it has direct integration with email service providers.

Who is Affiliate Funnel Clones For?

  • Of course,Jvzoo affiliate marketer
  • People who are working on the internet marketing niche
  • Email List Builder who want more subcribers.

Features and Demo of Affiliate Funnel Clones

Now,i will show you exactly what you are getting inside Affiliate Funnel Clones. On this review access account, i got full features on the F/E and upsells offer.
This is the exact member’s area once you login.

1.Product Funnel

As i mentioned above,each funnel is actually one Jvzoo and Warriorplus product. However,it doesn’t have Paykickstart’s products,which are pure better.
To use Affiliate Funnel Clones,the first thing you need is to connect autoresponder. At present,this product integrates 4 autoresponder softwares.

After that,the next thing you need is your Jvzoo affiliate link. Affiliate Funnel Clones has already chosen 5 DFY affiliate funnel to promote. However,what i really don’t like is that they recommend you to promote 7K in 7 Days,which is a complete scammer.

Of all these offer,i recommend you to prior promoting IM Funnels,Affiliate Titan 3 and Affiliate Funnel Clones.
Now,i will give you an example funnel created by Affiliate Funnel Clones. Before seeing,also see other funnels (but you will need to buy upsells to get them)
That’s a big cons of Affiliate Funnel Clones,full benefit and potential is only in the upsells. Clearly,the product funnel of OTO 1 is much better than the F/E about quality,brand and customer satisfaction.

However,you will not get guarantee approval. If you are new to Jvzoo,you may need a software,Affiliate Rex for guarantee Jvzoo’s approval. If you don’t buy this app,you may need to contact the vendors’s on Skype for Affiliate Approval. However,some vendors inside still approve your requests even you have zero sales like Cyril Gupta,Daniel Adetunji,Viddyoze,etc.
For example,i will promote Viddyoze funnel.

Just click save,then you will automatically get the funnel. My Jvzoo’s id is 834679 as you can see from the picture.
My funnel link is,which is the id of my Affiliate Funnel Clones account.

This is the funnel.

To make sure people take action,it has an exit pop.

After people subscribe to the list,they will automatically be redirected to my affiliate link page.
At present,this product is not available for purchase.
And that’s the features of Affiliate Funnel CLones

2.Example Funnel

There’s a lot funnel inside,now let’s have a look at them. The example 1 is IM Funnel,product by Kevin Fahey.

And here’s the landing page and my affiliate id.


The example 2 i want you to see is Viral Reach,product by Cyril Gupta,who will approve your request even if you have zero sale on Jvzoo.

Viral Reach Funnel
Another example is Recastly.

The last example is Octosuite,a Luke Maguire’s product.

And that’s all my knowledge about Affiliate Funnel Clones. Now,let’s take a look at some OTO products.

3.Email Vault

Affiliate Email Vault is the OTO 2 of Affiliate Funnel Clones,which costs you $27. When buying this product,you will access the email swipes they use to promote Jvzoo affiliate offer.

There are over 100+ email as you can see and of course,for the internet marketing niche.

I have already read some of the email inside,they are mostly email that redirects link to a salespage instead of a blog post. Even with the softsell email,you will tell stories and then redirect link to a salespage.
By doing that,you can scale up affiliate sales but hard to increase relationship through email. Again and again,they are mostly used to promote affiliate offer in the internet marketing niche.

4.Funnel Studio

It is the OTO 3 of Affiliate Funnel Clones,which costs you $47 a month or $297 a year. Each month,you will both access new DFY funnel and you can create your own funnel. Therefore,you can promote Paykickstart and other niches product inside Affiliate Funnel Clones.

You can think it as a landing page creator but focus on creating affiliate marketing funnel. In order to use this one,i strongly recommend you to have a lead magnet first.
For example,i want to promote a software,Reevio.

Here’s the Reevio funnel.

5.Traffic and Training

These are free training from Affiliate Funnel Clones team.

And that’s all you need to know about Affiliate Funnel Clones.

Funnel of This Product

This is the exact funnel,which i have described above.

In my opinion,this funnel is expensive for some people and some of it are not necessary. If you don’t have a lead magnet or free gift,i advise you not to buy OTO 3.

Pros of Affiliate Funnel Clones

  • Easy interface and to manage
  • DFY Lead Magnet
  • Full Page Hosting
  • Grow Your List
  • Good for both Free and Paid Traffic
  • API Access with Autoresponder Softwares
  • Attractive Look Landing Page
  • Automatic Lead Export to CSV file

Cons of Affiliate Funnel Clones

1.Some Bad Funnels

The reason i say this product has bad funnels because they advises you to promote some bad products. They are Mailprimo,7K in 7 Days and as well as some beautiful salespage’s products. Actually,they advise you to promote these offer because they have beautiful and impressive salespage that easily cheat beginnes audiences. But you know,that’s not ethical and people will not buy products from your affiliate link again if you promote these suck offers.

2.Full Potential is Only on Upsells

With the front-end product,you just access 7 funnels and one of them is certainly suck. After seeing the OTO 1,you can see that full pontential is on that upgrade because they recommend better products.

3.Lack Integration

At present,Affiliate Funnel Clones only has 4 integration : Getresponse,Aweber,Sendlane and Mailchimp. Mailchimp doesn’t allow affiliate link so that you can only use 3 of them. Where are Convertkit,Drip,Active Campaign,etc.

4.Expensive Upsells

The best offer is certainly OTO 3,but somewhat expensvie for some people.

5.Just Jvzoo Offer,Nothing Else

Unless you buy OTO 3,F/E and OTO 1 just have Jvzoo’s products. I don’t understand the reason why they don’t advise you to promote Paykickstart products from Mark Thompson or Josh Ratta,who are some of the biggest name.
About DFY marketing funnel,i don’t see Promotelabs or some real high quality Jvzoo’s products.

Final Verdict

In summary,Affiliate Funnel Clones is an OK product that you can buy and benefit. Creating an affiliate funnel is now a trend of some experienced affiliate and it converts like crazy. When having an affiliate funnel,you can publish and use it to both free and paid traffic. Besides,it also helps you grow your email list easier while promoting affiliate offer. However,Affiliate Funnel Clones has some disadvantages,if you get over it,you can buy and benefit for your own marketing campaign. The final decision is ultimately yours,i just review everything i know and my personal experience. Thanks for stopping by and good luck.

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