How Much Money Does Affiliate Marketing Cost-Everything You Need To Know

Any online bussiness requires extra costs and so does affiliate marketing. In order to make money as an affiliate,you can not expect to start at zero cost. You can start with zero experience but starting with zero cost is impossible. People always ask a question : How much money does affiliate marketing cost? However,the only answer i can give you is that it depends. Besides some must-have investment like training course,website,you also need to invest  in something else. Always remember that your main target when starting affiliate should be to increase ROI,not to start at zero-cost. Therefore,in this post,i will show you exactly affiliate marketing costs so you know what to invest.
To help you determine your budget size,i will divide affiliate marketing cost into 2 types : compulsory and optional. Of course,you always need to reduce cost as much as you can. Stop coming up with an idea that you must have too much budget so as to start affiliate.

Affiliate Marketing Cost

1.Compulsory Investment

The first type of affiliate marketing cost is compulsory budget. In order to start creating an affiliate campaign,you should consider invest in these following budget.

a.Training Course

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Some people think it’s no need to invest in a training but that’s completely wrong. If you think you can save your budget with that though,i’m confident to say that’s incorrect. If you don’t have a teacher or a training,you will start your campaign in the incorrect way. As a result,you are wasting your time and money stupidly.
At present,the most affordable affiliate marketing training is Powerhouse Affiliate,which only costs you $7 to start and you get all in depth and professional training. Besides,you can join some affordable training like Internet Jetset and Chris Farrell Membership.
If you want to make money at Clickbank as fast as possible,then you can join Affilojetpack and Inbox Bluerprint. For those who want to monetize with CPA,Lead Generation,Cost Per Trial or Pay Per Call offers,then you should join Powerhouse Affiliate and Super Affiliate System.

b.Hosting and Domain

Affiliate marketing cost bluehost
If you are serious about affiliate marketing,then building a website is a must. Certainly,without a website,you can not have a place to drive traffic and a place to target audiences. Presently,almost all training course recommends you to register new domain at Namecheap and purchase hosting with Bluehost.
Clearly,you need to purchase shared hosting instead of single hosting because you need to build multiple website. On the other hand,you can also use Dreamhost. If you don’t know how to use it,feel free to check out my Dreamhost tutorials.
And hey,if you want to invest in a training and hosting simultaneously,you can check out Affilorama Premium and Chris Farrell Membership,which are highly affordable.

2.Between Compulsory and Optional

Besides some must-have affiliate marketing costs above,their are some investment that are between compulsory and optional. Actually,it depends on your niche and your budget.

a.Autoresponder Software

Email marketing is the ultimate way to make money as an affiliate and it helps you profit for a long run. However,not all online niche requires you to build an email list. For example,if your niche is about Flashlight,it’s no need to build your list.
On the other hand,with CPA marketing,you do not always need to invest in an email service provider. Super Affiliate System is a training about CPA marketing and it doesn’t require you to invest in any autoresponder software.
But if you decide to build an email list,you can choose Drip or Convertkit,which do not duplicate subscribers. Feel free to check out my Convertkit tutorials. If you don’t use these,it’s OK to use Getresponse or Mailchimp instead.
Normally,building a list is great if you are working with Clickbank or online niche that supports email marketing. Affilojetpack,Email Domination,Inbox Blueprint and Powerhouse Affiliate are training that provides done for you email swipes in profitable niche.

b.Investment Traffic

It’s hard to determine how much does affiliate marketing costs in terms of traffic. It always depends on your budget,how much visitors you reach,target and how many day does your ad display. The most popular paid traffic source that almost all training are teaching is Facebook Ads. This traffic is a goldmine and it converts like crazy,best of all,you target the right audiences.
The affordable courses that teach about Facebook Ads are Powerhouse Affiliate,Chris Farell Membership,Super Affiliate System and Internet Jetset. With Facebook Ads,i recommend you to prepare at least $50/month to display ads. Once again,it depends. And hey,also prepare your landing page to split-test and
Another great traffic source is PPC ads. There are three big PPC networks such as Google Adwords,Bing and Yahoo Gemini. Don’t forget that your hosting service gives you Adwords Credit to display. Like facebook Ads,you also need to prepare various landing page to split-test. Personally,i like Bing than Google Adwords because it’s more friendly and it doesn’t have complex rule. How much does PPC ads cost highly depends on your niche as well as keywords on that niche. For those who are serious about Bing,join Powerhouse Affiliate or Affilojetpack. But if you want to target Google,Yahoo Ads,you can join Super Affiliate System ,Inbox Blueprint or Lurn Insider.
Solo Ads is a high converting paid traffic source but i don’t really like it. It costs you a lot money and you may at risk of losing money if you don’t track your campaign frequently.
The last paid traffic source is Native Ads. Presently,just Powerhouse Affiliate and Super Affiliate System covers about this traffic. With Native Ads,you normally target the right audiences and it’s not annoying to people. But to win this technique,you will need copywriting skill to write ads or landing page.


CPV Lab Affiliate marketing cost
If you just use SEO or free traffic,it’s no need to setup tracking. But if you drive paid traffic source,tracking is a must-have process. Actually,you are doing this to check which traffic is the most effective one and which is not good. As you know,when dealing with paid traffic,not all of them are good so that you always need to check to avoid losing money.
At present,the most affordable tracking software is CPV Lab and it doesn’t charge monthly fee. Powerhouse Affiliate is the only training that teaches about CPV Lab so that it’s always my first recommendation. On the other hand,if you don’t like yearly expense,it’s ok to pay monthly expense with Clickperfect or BuildRedirects. Super Affiliate System also teaches you about tracking but what i don’t like is that it recommends Voluum,which costs you $99-$399/month.

d.Landing Page Creator

Instapage Affiliate marketing cost
This is not a must-have affiliate marketing cost but it helps you vary your campaign and higher ROI. The best landing page creator for affiliate marketer is Instapage and it’s for those who want to target multiple paid traffic sources like Google Adwords,Bing,Facebook Ads and especially Native Ads.
On the other hand,you can also use the more affordable services like Profit Builder and LPM. If you are a member of Powerhouse Affiliate or Super Affiliate System,you don’t have to invest in landing page creator because they have pre-done landing page templates and ad swipes for you. If you join Inbox Blueprint or Affilojetpack,you even have their landing page software creator as a bonus.
In summary,this affiliate marketing cost is absolutely not compulsory. But if you want to combine landing page and paid traffic,then i highly recommend you to buy Instapage,which is popular towards super affiliate. Don’t buy Unbounce or Clickfunnels because they are so expensive and they works for selling rather than affiliate.

e.Video Marketing Software

Affiliate marketing cost doodly
Another affiliate marketing cost is a video creator. However,i don’t really advise you to invest in this if you don’t intend to deal with paid traffic. In other words,it’s on a necessary affiliate marketing costs if you want to use Video Ads. The best video ads creator i recommend you is Doodly and it is also the most popular software now. I recommend this software because it’s a doodle and animated video creator,which converts like crazy on Facebook Ads.
But if you think it’s no need,you can skip this type of investment. FB Academy is a Facebook Ads training that contains pre-done ad swipes (including video ads). Super Affiliate System also offers ad swipes that works for Native Ads,Facebook Ads to deal with CPA marketing.

3.Optional Affiliate Marketing Cost

The last types of affiliate marketing cost is optional cost,which you can decide whether investing or not. Basically,they are not essential and even necessary when making money as an affiliate.

a.Keyword Research Tool

The first optinal affiliate marketing cost is a keyword research tool. Basically,you never need this investment if you don’t intend to build an authority site. Keyword Research tool is mostly used to build an authority site or PPC ads. You don’t even need for PPC Ads because some training has taught you how to use Google Keyword Planner for PPC Ads.
But if you want to invest in a keyword research tool,then i recommend you to buy Keysearch or Keyword Supremacy. Don’t pay a lot for Semrush.

b.Backlink Checker or Website Health

I don’t think you need this type of investment. This affiliate marketing cost is only for those who want to build an authority site. SEO is a good traffic but it’s not free. In contrast,it costs you a lot and it requires your patience. Don’t pay too much for Alexa,Ahrefs,you should buy Affilorama Premium or Seo Snapshot because they are affordable.

c.Flying Popup or Notification Bar

Actually,this affiliate marketing is an exit-intent technology. Most user when coming to your blog,some of them normally exit and the popup will surprise them. Actually,you don’t need this investment because if you know how to drive traffic to correct way,your visitors will not exit.
If you still want to invest in this,you can checkout Leadgrab or Conversion Gorilla because they are lifetime access and affordable.


This affiliate marketing cost is a way to automate your campaign and to make money with less work. Personally,i never outsource because if you don’t know how to hire freelancer the correct way,you will just waste your money. If you want a hire an expery,then you may need at least $25 for an hour. For example,to create 1 ebook to giveaway,it costs you $30/hour for an expert and he has 5 hours to write an ebook,then you pay $150.
No matter how good they are,some of them will rip you off. If you hire inexperienced freelance,so continue to waste your money for a bad product. Once again,invest in this or not,make sure you know how to outsource.
And these are all types of affiliate marketing cost that you may or may not need for your online bussiness. Remember,the main target is to increase ROI,not to reduce too much cost. And hey,don’t waste too much money for some unnecessary cost.


In summary,after reading my list of affiliate marketing cost,i hope you can determine your budget size. Once again,all of your investment must be useful and smart. Don’t pay for something you don’t need. After you invest in something,make sure you can manage it and benefit its features to become a successful affiliate marketing. And if you want a great place to start,you can join Powerhouse Affiliate. You can unlock full access here or try for only $7 here.


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