Affiliate Marketing Ideas That Make Money-Everything You Need To Know

Presently,affiliate marketing is the most popular online bussiness. More and more people are joining affiliate because it has less risk and requires less budget than others. With affiliate marketing,you can especially no need to sell any product but still make money. However,it’s not an easy game as many people think. Therefore,in this blog post,i will show you exactly my affiliate marketing ideas that make money.
But at first,you need to understand that it’s not a get rick quick scheme. Certainly you can not make money overnight or make money with low effort. The affiliate marketing ideas in this article won’t help you get rick quick but it helps you earn a residual income. These affiliate marketing ideas focuses on building up an online readership that make people trust you.
Building relationship is always important but not many people focus about that. Once they trust you,they will trust your recommendations. You can benefit by recommending affiliate products,offers after that. I learn about this from Inbox Blueprint,Affilojetpack,Powerhouse Affiliate and Chris Farrell Membership.

Affiliate Marketing Ideas That Make Money

1.Idea 1 : Building A Blog That Makes You Money

The first Affiliate marketing ideas you need to know is to create a blog. No matter what types of bussiness you are in,your blog is your income. In addition,it’s the key to a stable online income. Of course,nearly all training course requires you to create a blog first.
Before creating a blog,you will need to choose a profitable niche that helps you earn money for a long-term. Feel free to check out my Bluehost tutorials and Dreamhost tutorials together with fast action bonus.
Affiliate Marketing Ideas Powerhouse Affiliate
Once you create a blog,the next thing to do is to post article and content on it. I highly recommend you to write article regularly that teaching specific readers together with useful and actionable information that really helps you. Always remember that the more value you add,the more money you make. By providing useful and valuable information,people will trust you so that they will prior to buy products through your affiliate link. When they trust you,they will also trust your recommendation. After that,you only need to choose an offer that really converts and has high quality.

2.Idea 2 : Focus on Email Marketing,Not Banner

 Affiliate Marketing Ideas Affilojetpack Book
The next affiliate marketing ideas you can think of is to focus on email marketing. Almost all experts say : the money is in the list. Therefore,sooner or later,you should consider building a list. Of course,creating an email marketing campaign or not,it highly depends on your niche. But if your niche seems great for email marketing,why not focus.
Some people still abuse banner because they can make money by Adsense. Of course,you can make money with that but it’s only true if your website is highly popular. In order to build a list,you will need an autoresponder software to send email and to track. Convertkit and Drip are the best services because they don’t duplicate subscribers. If you need a more affordable one,it’s OK to use Getresponse and Mailchimp.

What To Prepare?

Before building a list,you need to have a bait or something to giveaway to your audiences. It can be an ebook,email course or video training. Personally,i prefer using free ebook to giveaway. Affilojetpack,Inbox Blueprint,Email Domination and Powerhouse Affiliate are the training that provides ebook for you to giveaway to your audiences.
Besides,you can build a list by using landing page or popup,notification or chatbot. You can use the affordable services like Landing Page Monkey and Profit Builder or Instapage if you have large budget. If you don’t have landing page creator,it’s ok to join training above because they have provide landing page for you. I highly recommend you to create a tripwire page (thank-you page that has your affiliate link) to promote.
On the other hand,you can create notification bar with Conversion Gorilla,chatbot with Optin Chat or Popup with Leadgrab. Don’t pay too much for Sumome,Optin Monster,Unbounce,etc.
After that,you need to send email to your subscribers. When building a list,remember to build relationship frequently. Don’t be stupid to send too much email or just redirect people to the sales page with your affiliate link.

3.Idea 3 : Bring Original Traffic With Google

Affiliate Marketing Ideas Inbox Blueprint Ebook
Another affiliate marketing ideas you can think of is to bring free traffic from Google. Original traffic from Google is high quality and it converts very well. It’s easy to understand,because people search on Google,they have buying-intent.
With Google SEO,you need to use White-hat and avoid using black-hat. In addition,you need to post articles frequently,which Google very loves. Besides,it should be clean,fresh and you mustn’t duplicate content from people. On the other hand,you should post article based on keywords. The more keywords you have,the more ideas you have and the better traffic you get. Keyword Supremacy is my pick because it doesn’t charge montly fee. You can also use some services such as Jaaxy,Keysearch,LTP and Kwfinder.
Content is king,keyword is queen,always remember that. Backlink is good but you do not always need that to get rank on Google. Still have to focus on content and keyword.
With Google SEO,it costs you a lot of time,energy. Besides,it’s not free as some people think and you still need some budget to optimize. Certainly,you can not expect to make money fast or build a bussiness with low effort on Google.

4.Idea 4 : Using Paid Traffic

Affiliate Marketing Ideas Powerhouse Affiliate Banner
The last affiliate marketing ideas is to use paid traffic. With paid traffic,despite costing you money,you get results much faster and even have better audiences. Some people think you must have a lot money to deal with paid traffic,that’s wrong. You don’t have to prepare a lot money for paid traffic,it stills depends on how much you target,the keywords you target and how many days do your advertising display.
At present,the best training about paid traffic are Super Affiliate System and Powerhouse Affiliate and their prices are affordable. The paid traffic source almost all training courses recommends are Facebook Ads,Google Adwords,Youtube Ads,Yahoos Gemini,Solo Ads and Native Ads.
There is no best traffic,it converts or not,still depends on how you deal with it. However,you always need to track your campaign because not all ads are equal and you also need to split-test.
You can use paid traffic to build a list,promote a product or to get more views. If you build a list with paid traffic,i highly recommend you to prepare landing page or blog post to get better conversion. And don’t forget to prepare headlines,images,graphics or video.
And these are all affiliate marketing ideas i show you on this post. Basically,they are actionable affiliate marketing ideas that helps you earn a residual income.

What’s Next?

After reading my list of affiliate marketing ideas,i hope that you have come up with something on your mind. However,affiliate is a big world and it’s not easy. Therefore,you should conside joining some training courses that are legitimate as well as helping you really make money. Here are some training i recommends you because they are not get rick quick scheme and they provide great value.

1.Internet Jetset

This is an affordable affiliate training which only costs you $47 to start. Inside the training,you have access to the course like Setting Up a Website,how to get free traffic from Google,Facebook,Youtube and Facebook Ads training. In addition,you have lessons about authority site,SEO and how to get high quality content.

2.Chris Farrell Membership

This training is perfect for newbies and people who want to save a lot budget. Chris Farrell Membership was the best online training from 2011-2015 and it’s affordable. What i likes about this training is that it includes hosting,done for you website,landing page. Moreover,he focuses a lot on email marketing and strategies to make money for a long-term. The traffic source he focuses are video marketing,Facebook Ads,forum marketing and guest blogging. If you want to master video ads,build a list through Facebook Ads,i think this training is perfect.

3.AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp

This is a training that focuses only about SEO. The main affiliate program he teaches you is Amazon and his aim is to help you build an authority site. However,i don’t recommend this course if you lack budget and patience. In general,it’s still a great training for those who want to have a stable income.

4.Lurn Insider

This is a 21 days fast track training helps you master affiliate marketing. Inside the training,you will learn about copywriting techniques,email marketing,both free and paid traffic. The paid traffic he focuses are Google Adwords,PPC Advertising,Solo Ads and Facebook Ads. Best of all,you get his pre-done niche research for profitable niches.


It’s not really a training course,it’s an 80% percent done for you bussiness that helps you build 5 websites as fast as possible. Inside this training,you have done for you niche research,ebook to giveaway,articles to post,1 year email newsletter,keyword packs. In addition,you will get 1 year hosting for 5 domains, Affiloblueprint and Affilotheme as a bonus. The additional traffic training are Solo Ads,Amazon Kindle and Youtube.

6.Inbox Blueprint

Besides Affilojetpack,this is also one of the greatest training about email marketing. He teaches very step-by-step on how to create profitable email marketing campaign. Moreover,he seems focusing a lot about building relationship and list segmentation. The traffic training he focuses are Twitter,Google SEO,Google PPC,Solo Ads and Facebook Ads. Best of all,you have access to Traffic Academy (his previous product),his landing page cretor software,done for you swipes. And more importantly,he provides ebook to giveaway,niche research and tracking,optimization course.

7.Email Domination Profit Cycle 

This is one of the best training about email marketing and CPA marketing. Like Affilojetpack and Inbox Blueprint,Anthony Morrison provides ebook to giveaway,done for you lead magnet and done for you email swipes for 10 profitable niches. The main traffic source he focuses are PPC Ads and Facebook Ads. Comparing with these 2 above,this course is better for CPA marketing and Lead Generation.

8.Super Affiliate System (Highly Recommend)

This is so far the best training about paid traffic source you should consider. Super Affiliate System is a 12-week training that helps you become a real super affiliate and it’s great for those who wants to earn big. This training is all about CPA marketing and Lead Generation rather than Clickbank. The paid traffic sources he focuses are Youtube ADs,Yahoo Gemini,Native Ads,Facebook Ads and Google Adwords. He also teaches you properly about niche research,tracking,how to write ads,copywriting and the correct setup. Best of all,you have access to whitelist/blacklist to native ads network,landing pages for best CPA niches,frequently asked questions and his own Ad Swipes.  And hey,if you buy through my link,you have my valuable bonuses and you don;t have to buy as an upsell of Internet Jetset. Checkout my Super Affiliate System review.

9.Powerhouse Affiliate (First Recommendation)

This is my first online marketing recommendation training and it only costs you $7 to join. Powerhouse Affiliate has multiple lessons about paid traffic such as Facebook Ads,Bing Ads,Google Ads,Mobile Ads,Native Ads,Solo Ads,In-Text Ads,etc and how to optimize them for higher ROI. In addition,you have access to premium landing page,best marketing forum ever,done for you bussiness in box and whitelist to their CPA network,Vault Media. Checkout my Powerhouse Affiliate review and bonuses.
And these are all the training that i recommends to you. Certainly,if you focuses on your bussiness and follow their training,you can’t waste your time and money.


In summary,after reading my affiliate marketing ideas,i hope you can choose your own path to make money as an affiliate. Remember,affiliate marketing is not an easy game so that you always have to focus and to keep track of your bussiness without jumping around. Don’t fall for shiny object syndrome or keep purchasing course with out an action plan. And feel free to check out some legitimate training i mention above that comes along with my extra bonuses,


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