AffiliStores Review From Real User-Make Money with eCom Affiliate

Product : Affilistores
Creator : Glynn Kosky (also the creator of Instant Ecom Funnel and Smart Funnelz) and Rod Beckwick
Price : $27 during launch and price will grow when launch ends.
Do I Recommend : Yes,but mostly for eCom affiliate and/or affiliate on Jvzoo/Clickbank. The product is very nice to use but i just don’t like the funnel 🙂

Affiliate Store is presently one of the most popular way to make money promoting affiliate offers. Thanks to the help of affiliate stores,we can generate affiliate commissions for physical products. We can also benefit this so as to promote digital products as well.
Today,i will introduce you a useful Affiliate Stores Builder,AffiliStores,a tool for affiliate marketing stores. After having AffiliStores review access from Glynn,i really like the product. I want you to show my experience about this one.

What is AffiliStores?

Who is AffiliStores For?

  • Of course,affiliate marketers
  • Those who are creating a PBN or Web 2.0
  • Marketers who are running niche sites
  • Amazon FBA marketer who want to increase traffic for their products

Main Features and Demo of AffiliStores

Now,i will show you exactly how this software works. This is the member’s area once you login.

This is my example test store. However,i just create from scratch so you see nothing. After doing a few setup,you will see how beautiful it is.

1.Affiliate and Social Media Setup

The first thing to do is to insert your affiliate key. It has integration with Amazon,Ebay,Aliexpress,CJ,Walmart,,Jvzoo,CLickbank,PDC and Warrior Plus.
Except the last 4 program,which you can integration instantly,the first 5 requires manual setup. If you don’t have affiliate key,you certainly can not use AffiliStores.

After that,you can integrate social media. As a result,you can auto post your blog and your affiliate product page accross social networks. However,you will need to setup developer app.

On the other hand,it is built-in viral social sharing so people can share your page.

2.Store Design


Then,you can setup Privacy Policy Page and Term Conditions Page,this make you GDPR compliance.

Next,you will need to add category of a product.

This is how it looks in reality.

3.Add Products

This is the most important part,without adding products,you can’t make any dime. However,i recommend you not to add too much in a single stores. If you have a lot products to add,create multiple stores instead. Adding a lot products will lead to distraction.
You can either add product manually or add product automatically.

This is to add Amazon affiliate product.

You can setup your page for SEO friendly.

You can also add products from other plattforms right here.

This is an example with Clickbank,i add Super Affiliate System of John.

This is the result after that.

That is by default,you can manage your product page whenever you want. Another example with IM VIP Training.

If you are lazy,let AffiliStores add your you. But once again,you shoudn’t add to much.

4.Get Traffic

This is a nice features from AffiliStores that helps you get free traffic for your affiliate store.


This makes your store Google’s Friendly and you can easily integrate syndication app like IFTTT and more.

Besides,it can auto generate XML sitemap for you. So,you can submit that sitemap into Google Search Console,this makes your site Google’s Friendly.

It can auto generate RSS Feed for you also,this mean you can easily syndicate AffiliStores with other web app.

And lastly,you can insert your Google Analytics Tracking Script in order to know how your traffic performs and insert Facebook Remarketing Pixel.

Or if you have heatmap software and other clicktracking,conversion software,you can insert too.

b.Social Media

With this feature,AffiliStores can auto syndicate your store accross social networks. You can auto post to your Profile and Fanpage.

Remember that when you integrate FB Developers App,don’t make your app live.

This is an example with Pinterest.

c.Blog Post

Blogging is vital for SEO and it also helps you sell affiliate products easier. It also has content spinning features,so,you can make your content unique.

Just think as if you are using WordPress. After that,you can ping your blog post and product,this make your link indexed faster,an important SEO factor.

5.Increase Conversion

This is what makes AffiliStores stands out because most others affiliate stores don’t have.

The first thing you have is a live social proof,it can auto detect new customers for you. But it case you don’t have,you can insert your own social proof. Of course,customers can’t stop seeing this. Exit Pops is a great features from AffiliStores.

This is the process how i create exit pop.

And here it is.

If you have an account with Manychat and other Chatbot services,you can integrate with this one.

It also allows people to comment.

About Newsletter,you can post to people.

About Autoresponder,it only integrate Getresponse,the easiest one.

And that’s all you need to know about AffiliStores before you buy the software. In fact,it’s a great product worth buying.

Good Example Stores

In order to actually benefit and make money with AffiliStores,you need to use it the correct way. So,here’s some good examples affiliate stores you can think of.
This is the example one,Iphone Affiliate Store.

In fact,i can curate products from Amazon,this is an example product page.

As you know,a beautiful product page affects a lot on conversion. Besides,it also has related products or even Amazon Review.

This is the example 2,a store in Gym Niche.

An example in Sleeping Niche is also nice to try.

And as you can see,i have some blog post,it’s just like you are doing with WordPress. If you have a look at successful niche site,you’ll see that blog post plays an important role for their traffic and income.

This is an example in coffee niche.

By default,it will curate video reviews whose rank on Youtube and Google. But you can edit with your own video as well.

And here’s the last example.

As you can see above,all my affiliate stores looks really attractive and can make people want to buy. Of all affiliate stores builder i have review access,AffiliStores is the easiest one.

My AffiliStores Review Video (Please Watch)

In order to bring you a correct understanding about this product,i have recorded a full walkthrough demo video about it. So before you buy the software,turn on your volume and watch this video first.

Funnels of AffiliStores

All products have upsells and so does this one. Of course,buying or not,the choice is still yours. However,this funnel is complex and expensive.

Of course,to unlock all benefits,you need to buy upgrade,that’s what they want. This is features of OTO 1.

For those who buy OTO 2,this is what you get.

And if you buy OTO 3,this is exactly what you get.

OTO 4 of AffiliStores will have this features.

And the last upsell of AffiliStores will have this.


Bonus From Me

In order to help your life much easier,i will add some extra bonuses if you get AffiliStores through my link. This product is sold on Jvzoo so that after you buy,you will get direct access to my custom bonuses. Please note that they are not cheap PLR bonuses,they are premium bonus product for VIP Partners like me.


Here are premium softwares only for premium partners of Glynn. While the main bonus are ready to download inside the member’s area. If you want to get these 2 bonuses,please contact us at and then show us your name,your Jvzoo Transaction Receipt,we’ll manually verify.

1.One Account with Instant Product Lab

2.Traffic Takeover WordPress Plugin

Pros of AffiliStores

  • Affordable FE Price
  • Premium Hosting on the Cloud with SSL Certificate
  • Multiple Affiliate Marketplace Connection
  • Built-in Social Media Settings
  • Beautiful Store Settings
  • Can Automate Social Sharing and Adding product
  • Auto Generate Sitemap and RSS Feed for Product Page and Blog Post

Cons of AffiliStores

  • Expensive Upsells Funnel
  • Full Benefits is Only For OTO (Traffic and Conversion Built-in)

Final Verdict

In summary,AffiliStores is a great product for affiliate marketer. Unlike most affiliate store builder,this one has more integration and a better hosting. Besides,it helps you increase conversions and also increase traffic,SEO .Of course,AffiliStores is a yes from me.


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