Amazon FBA Ninja Review From Member's Walkthrough-Advanced FBA Training

Product Name : Amazon FBA Ninja
Creator : Kevin David (also the creator of Zon Ninja Masterclass and Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass)
Price : $997 for life time
Do I Recommend : Yes But Not For All

  • 9.5/10
    Recommended But Not For Everyone - 9.5/10

Presently,there is no doubt that FBA is one of the most lucrative online bussiness. Fullfillmented by Amazon is newbie friendly but if you don’t know the startup,knowledge and rule,it can be bad. Amazon Bootcamp is a great training for beginner but if you want more advanced training,Amazon FBA Ninja should be in consideration. In addition,this course covers nearly all types of best traffic source for internet marketing. Now,let’s check out my  review of Amazon FBA Ninja so that you know exactly what inside and members’s walkthrough.
Notes : i’m a real customer of Amazon FBA Ninja so that i know exactly what inside.

Table of Contents

Who Is Kevin David,The Owner of Amazon FBA Ninja?

amazon fba ninja kevin david
At first,he’s famous for one of the most successful Amazon Seller since it became popular. He is also the founder of ThatLifestyleNinja with a purpose of helping people become a ninja with FBA marketing. FBA is not only his online income because he’s really an expert of Amazon Authority Affiliate. He is really a world-class speaker of digital marketing.

What Is Amazon FBA Ninja?

Amazon FBA Ninja Lifestyle
Firstly,it’s a training course that teaches you an overview about FBA . It’s a comprehensive program that help you start your Amazon’s online empire from scratch. Amazon FBA Ninja is divided into 8 modules about Amazon Sellers’s basic knowledge,taking care of customers and getting traffic. In this training,he mainly covers about Paid Traffic such as Amazon PPC,Facebook Ads and how to hack them. Additionally,you can also say it’s an email marketing training but with FBA instead of Affiliate. As an FBA bussiness,budget,strategies are not all you need,you also need a skill on manage shipping and unexpected problems.
I have personally chat with Kevin David and according to him,he recommend his students to spend at least $1,000-$2,000 for Amazon FBA Ninja. And inside that budget,there will be budget for monthly softwares. I have done a research and most people who fail with Amazon FBA are those who hesitates to spend budget.

Who Is Amazon FBA Ninja For?

Amazon FBA Ninja People

  • Any marketer (from newbie to expert) who want to scale up their income
  • You are not living paycheck to paycheck (because there’s a lot of investments required)
  • People who know nothing about FBA so that they want to start from scratch
  • If you have bleed your budget wastelessly and uselessly
  • People who are tired of scammers,fake promisions or stupid statements
  • People who are still scaring about competition in Amazon
  • If you are not finding a get rick quick scheme as well as make money with low-effort

The Training Inside Amazon FBA Ninja Course

amazon fba ninja included

1.Module 1 : Product Researchamazon fba ninja product research

amazon fba ninja product research
This is the first part of Amazon FBA Ninja when it mainly covers about product research. Actually,it’s like you are choosing the niche that is not only profitable but also suit your budget. For example,if your niche is about sport equipment such as shaker,Weightlifting Bells,it’s much lower cost than Whey Protein. After that,you have to research about your niche to monetize from its. There are three parts in this module and they are not really a high levels training . Remember,there are no guesswork here,everything is based on real-life examples so that don’t feel overwhelmed.

Part 1 : What To Know Before Your Product Research

amazon fba ninja module 1 part 1


  • How To Set Up Your Seller Central Account The Right Way
  • Examples of Perfect FBA Product Has A Trademark of patient
  • Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Your Seller Account Name and Setting Up Your Account
  • Should You Borrow Money To Quickly Expand or Fund Your Product Launch
  • Examples of Perfect FBA Products With Explanations (As well as case studies)
  • How To See If A Product Has A Trademark or Patent
  • Itrackt 999 Cart Method And Why You Absolutely Need To Be Using It
  • And Then Product Research Resources.

If you have ever made money or done research with FBA before,you are familiar with this methods. Just search on Google about the methods he is teaching,they work.

What i absolutely love about Amazon FBA Ninja is that the training is really realistic,so this mean you can expect a good result.

Part 2 : Advanced Product Research Technique Tutorial

amazon fba ninja module 1 part 2

After Knowing and Understanding Some Basic Part About Product Research,then you will know about do the market research.

  • Amazon FBA-Three Simple Fool Proof Method In Order To Find A Homerun Product To Launch On Amazon
  • How These Weird Product Research Methods Found Me 3 Homerun Products In 2017
  • How One Simple Trick On JungleScout Found Me Three Products Doing 15k/month Each
  • Entire Process Showing How My First FBA Product Earned 11k/month 3 Hacks To Guarantee Your First Product is A Homerun (especially he shows how he did it)
  • How Going Again The Grain-How Doing The Opposite of The Norm Made Me Thousands
  • How To Find 5 Products In 5 Minutes By Searching Others’s Successful Sellers’s Products Portfolio
  •  Using Amazon’s FBA Product Profitability Experts Against Them
  • How To Use CamelCamelCamel,Google Trend and especially Google Keyword Planner To Find Homerun Product
  • How To Use Best Sellers Sub Category Lists To Identify Homerun Products
  • Finding The Best Products So As To Bundle With Your First Private Label Product
  • Determine The Best Number of Products To Sell If You Plan On Selling More Than 1 of The Product As A Pack
  • How I Research Products To Sell On International Markets In 2017 (but the main is still US)
  • How I Use Amazon Launch Pad To Find Innovative Trending Start Up Product To Sell

In order to run product research process,he recommends JungleScout,the most popular tool for Amazon FBA.

The strategy of this one in my opinion is a winning strategy.

Because as you know,without a correct setup,you’ll fail.

Part 3 : What To Know After Product Research Completion

The Part 3 of Module 1 Inside Amazon FBA Ninja contains less lessons than those 2 above.
amazon fba ninja module 1 part 3

  • Mistakes To Avoid When Originally Setting Your Product Price
  • How To Survey Real Amazon Customers To Answer Question About Your Product (in order to monetize for a very long-term)
  • Amazon FBA fullfillment fee,Storage Fee,Long-Term Storage Fee-What You Need To Know

Frankly,Amazon FBA is not as easy as many people think. And as you can see from the screenshot from me,there’s a lot lessons to know.

2.Module 2 : Suppliers and Shipping

amazon fba ninja suppliers and shipping amazon fba ninja suppliers and shipping

The next module of Amazon FBA Ninja will cover about suppliers and shipping as well as some basic knowledge. This module will help you manage the complexity Supplier negotiations and how to protect. As an FBA bussiness,your brand and reputation is king,therefore,you need a high quality product to sell. Especially he will instruct you how to import products directly from China to Amazon warehouse without middlement.

a.Part 1 : What To Know Before Contacting A Supplier and Shipping

Amazon FBA Ninja Module 2 Part 1

  • UPC + FNSKU Explained
  • How Many Units Should I Buy On My First Order
  • Manufacturer Template,How To Get Manufacturer To Respond Quickly And Especially With Their Best Prices
  • How To Pay Your Supplier As Well As Protect Yourself and Your Money
  • And Then Shipping and Supplier Resources (his recommendation)

Onething i’m really sure is that most people are worrying about this. But you know,if you always worry,you can’t make any dime.

b.Part 2 : How To Find A World Class Supplier and Shipping Company

amazon fba ninja module 2 part 2

  • How To Ensure You Are Getting The Best Price On Alibaba (so far my most favorite suppliers 🙂 )
  • Shipping Directly From China To Amazon FBA Warehouse (in order to save a lot of budget)
  • Getting Minimum Order Quantities Under 500
  • How To Save Money Through Finding American Manufacturers


c.Part 3 : What To Know After You’ve Found Your Partners

amazon fba ninja modules 3 part 3
The budget for this is $500 but that’s the lowest cost.

In order to save you time,he provides some resources,i will not show all to protect content of the course.

But right now,answer this question,without these process,how much you can make. The answer is certainly no and you even got banned from Amazon 🙂

3.Module 3 : Listing Optimization and Ranking

amazon fba ninja module 3 amazon fba ninja module 3
The third module of Amazon FBA Ninja will mainly focus on Amazon’s A9 algorithm and learn how to manipulate it all while staying within ToS. He will show you how to get rank with your product in page one  for any keyword. In addition,you will know how to create world class backend keywords and listings, and how to increase sales of existing products. But hey,it’s SEO so it does require a lot of time,one more time,it’s not a get rick quick scheme.


a.Part 1 : What To Know Before Creating A Listing

amazon fba ninja module 3 part 1

  • Are Brand Registry and Registering A Trademark Right For Your Bussiness?
  • Mistakes To Avoid When Originally Setting Your Product Price
  • How To Control Your Canonical URL
  • How I Hack My Amazon Images To Significantly Increase My Ctr and Ranking
  • Stopping Your Competitors From Spying On Your Sales Number
  • How To Find Any Competitors Exact Backend Keywords
  • And Lastly,A List of Optimization Resources


b.Part 2 : How To Create A World Class Amazon Listing and Rank It

amazon fba ninja module 3 part 2
This part of Amazon FBA Ninja seems focusing mainly on SEO but with Amazon. Additionally,it’s about enhancing your brand,conversion and creating a funnel.

In Shopify,you’ll use app like Product Upsell ($47/month) or Sma7App (also $47/month) just to add upsells offers. This is a benefit from Amazon,which doesn’t really require. Funnel is important if you want to increase AOV of your business.

c.Part 3 : How To Continually Iterate,Protect and Optimize Your Listings and Keywords

amazon fba ninja module 3 part 3

And as you can see,the course wants to save you budget from hijackers and scammers.

4.Module 4 : Product Launch Strategy

amazon fba ninja product launch amazon fba ninja product launch
The fourth module of Amazon FBA Ninja will cover about launching your product to sell. You will learn exactly how to launch your Amazon product the right way, learn how to gain immediate momentum, rank your initial keywords and organic positions. Besides,you will know how to maintain the momentum you initially gain.

a.Part 1: What To Know Before You Launch A Product

Amazon FBA Ninja Module 4 Part 1

  • Do Not Make This Mistake When Giving Away (pre-email marketing)
  • How To Find The Most Commonly Asked Question About Your Product
  • How To Create A Profitable Video Ad For Your Amazon Product in 2017
  • Product Launch Resources


b.Part 2 : How To Launch An Amazon Product The Right Way

amazon FBA Ninja Module 4 Part 2
Once again,he mentions about your Product Price. As i mention before,you can call Amazon FBA Ninja as an email marketing training course and this part focus about Email marketing. In order to generate passive income for a long-term,sooner or later,you have to build an email list. Actually,it’s like you are getting traffic by collecting email and giving away free ebook.

5.Module 5 : Email Follow Up and Review

Amazon FBA Ninja Module 5
The fifth module of Amazon FBA Ninja will cover about how to get positive review and set up an email campaign. In Amazon,no positive review,nearly no money and sale,therefore,you really need positive reviews. Besides,what to write is also important because it increases open rates,click rates and conversions.

a.Part 1 : What To Know Before You Create Your Email Campaign

amazon fba ninja module 5 part 1
At first,he reveals his tip to get more reviews for $9/month. In addition,you will learn about Promotional,Discount and Reviews Method. Then,you can set up a Facebook Reviews Groups The Right Ways. In general,it’s all about getting positive reviews,the key of Amazon Sellers.


b.Part 2 : How To Create World Class Email Campaigns That Get You Reviews

amazon fba ninja module 5 part 2
And now,that’s what i really love,email marketing when he teaches specifically about email marketing.

  • How One Hack Got Me Over 100 Reviews In A Week
  • How To Get More Positive Reviews and Less Negative (depends on your product’s quality and service)
  • Create Subtle Illusion of Each Follow Up Email Being Personal To Greatly Increase Your Review
  • How To Use Short Concise Emails So As To Elicit A Higher Response Rate (highly important)
  • How To Use Emojis To Double Your Open rates (also very important,too)
  • Giving the Illusion of Each Follow Up Email Being Personal To Greatly Increase Your Reviews
  • How To Ellipses In Your Email To Hook Readers Until The End

You have 2 options with Amazon FBA Ninja strategy,drive FB Ads to your Amazon Product Page or Your Amazon FBA Funnel.

He recommends Clickfunnels and he also provides his shared funnel,means you can 1 click clone his funnel if you have a Clickfunnels account. But don’t worry,you can also use other page builder to run your Funnel,not just Clickfunnels can do that 🙂

When having a look at my screenshot,as you can see,Amazon FBA Ninja will not help you make money fast but it’s hyper consistent. No review,it’s hard to make money on Amazon,this is what you should know.

6.Module 6 : Amazon PPC and Ams

Amazon FBA Ninja Module 6 Amazon FBA Ninja Module 6
In addition to getting reviews and SEO,Using Paid Traffic is really important. There is no doubt when the more traffic you get,the higher chance of getting subscribers and reviews. In this module of Amazon FBA Ninja,you will learn how to create 10% ACoS campaigns that deliver exact customer searches by the troves.

a.Part 1 : What To Know Before Setting Up Amazon PPC Campaign

amazon fba ninja module 6 part 1

  • If You’Re A Serious Seller And You’Re Not Using Ams-You Need To Be
  • How I Flew To Brazil For Free By Spending $$$ On Amazon PPC
  • PPC + Ams Resources

Exporting Keywords as Excel File is a process that many niche site builder,authority site builder are using. Now,you’ll do that with Amazon FBA Ninja too,the only difference is that no SEO Audit Process.

b.Part 2 : How To Create Wildly Profitable Amazon PPC Campaign

amazon fba ninja module 6 part 2 amazon fba ninja module 6 part 2
In this part,you will learn how to drive traffic with PPC Ads. It’s a high-level training but it’s friendly and everyone can optimize it. However,it highly depends on your own budget and the bid of a keyword. Normally,with PPC Ads,you will target the right audiences so that you get paid very fast.

c.Part 3 : How To Optimize Amazon PPC Campaigns

amazon fba ninja module 6 part 3

  • How To See Which Keywords You Are Ranking For And Then Hack Your PPC Campaigns
  • How To Optimize A Large Number of PPC Campaigns In 5 Minutes

7.Module 7 : Facebook Marketing

amazon fba ninja module 7 amazon fba ninja module 7
If you have some experience about internet marketing or you have joined many training,nearly all of the teachers recommend Facebook Ads. Some training that covers about Facebook Ads are Super Affiliate System,Chris Farrell Membership,Inbox Blueprint,Lurn Insider and Amazon FBA Ninja. In this module,you will learn exactly how to use Facebooks advanced customs audience features, learn to use narrowing targeters, and audience insights to kill your campaigns.

a.Part 1 : What To Know About Building A Product  Following

amazon fba ninja module 7 part 1
This part mainly focusing on building your brand through Facebook Ads and Instagram,two of the most interactive social network so far. In addition,he mentions about how to target to right audiences with your products and groups to get higher ROI. After that,he recommends you some Facebook Marketing Resources.

b.Part 2 : How To Use Facebook Ads To Drive Traffic Directly To Your Amazon Listing

amazon fba ninja module 7 part 2

  • How To Target Facebook Users Who Are Most Likely To Buy Your Amazon Products
  • How To Use Facebook Advertising To Drive Traffic Directly To An Amazon Product Page The Right Way
  • Using Clickfunnels To Explore Amazon Sales and Collect Customer Emails (or Ecom Funnel)
  • How To Sell Any Amazon Product On Facebook Through Expert Targetting

c.Part 3 : Lessons In Scaling and Automation

amazon fba ninja module 7 part 3
This part is all about scaling and optimizing to get maximum in sales. After that,you will know how to add an autoresponder that links to your website automatically. Convertkit should be the best option for marketing automation.

Here’s an example way to use Clickfunnels from Kevin.

8.Module 8 : Millionaire Seller Hack

amazon fba ninja module 8 amazon fba ninja module 8
This is the last module of Amazon FBA Ninja and it’s about some tips for getting more sales,conversion and impressions. And of course,deal with negative reviews (including fake reviews) and remove these annoying objects. Additionally,he reveals some tactics and How To Beat Amazon Suspension (amazon’s rules are complex and annoying).

a.Part 1 : Seller Central Hacks

amazon fba ninja module 8

  • Better Support Staff + Free Headline Ads + Pro Amazon Inserts + Twitter Boost
  • Find Any Reviewers Profile (Even When They Use A  Fake Name)
  • How To Ensure Your Account Doesn’t Get Taken Over By Hackers
  • How To Remove Negative Seller Feedback
  • Millionaire Seller Hacks Resources


b.Part 2 : Amazon Ninja Tactics

amazon fba ninja tactics amazon fba ninja tactics
It’s all about optimizing and scaling up your sales. In addition,he teaches you some tactics that works like crazy today.


c.Part 3 : How To Beat An Amazon Suspension

amazon fba ninja module 8 part 3
As i told you before,Amazon’s rule is complex and sometimes you may meet some unexpected problems. Don’t be panic about that because Kevin instructs you how to deal with them.

Bonus Modules

In order to make your life much easier,Kevin David added some bonus modules.
amazon fba ninja bonus
Notes : Merch by Amazon is a T-Shirt bussiness,actually,it’s like Shopify Print on Demand but it’s not Shopify.

Actually,the bonus training is like the name,it’s just a bonus and not very detailed. It’s just a way to scale your earnings and people in this stuff are those who make huge money online.

How Much To Prepare Before Joining Amazon FBA Ninja?

Like i mentioned before,every bussiness does require some investments and so does FBA. That’s why i don’t recommend everyone to join because if you can not afford some compulsory investment,it’s hard to succeed with your campaign. Here’s a list of additional investment (including both compulsory and optional).

  • Clickfunnels: inside Amazon FBA Ninja,he wants you to set up a funnel that you will direct your FB Add to.
  • Inventory: In an FBA bussiness,you are selling a product so that you need inventory and the main supplier is Alibaba. Of course,it depends on your niches and your products.
  • Suppliers and Material : In this bussiness,you have to check sale,products’s quality,labeling or accounting,therefore,you have to prepare for it. And unlike dropshipping,you’ll need to pay for multiple prouducts sources.
  • Emai Marketing (not really compulsory)
  • Accounting and Tracking Software
  • JungleScout for researching (he recommends)
  • Paid Traffic : To make money as an Amazon Seller,you can not always focus on SEO because it takes time to get actual results. While with paid traffic like Amazon PPC and Facebook Ads,you get sales much faster and even get better customers.

David normally recommends people (his students for Amazon FBA Ninja and Shopify Ninja Masterclass) to prepare $2,000 or more budget when running this type of business. To my personal opinion,this is low because running a real online business normally costs $10k and above.

Fast Action Bonus From Me

In order to make your life much easier,i will add some extra bonuses if you buy Amazon FBA Ninja through my affiliate link. To access all of these bonuses,simply buy and then contact me with your name and your receipt. After that,i will check and give you the link to Drive’s file. Unlike some people,i just add bonuses that has relation with Amazon FBA Ninja that people who buy it need. No cheap PLR guarantee.

Semi-Exclusive Bonus

Here are premium softwares that i will grant you access as a bonus of Amazon FBA Ninja. Of course,you won’t find any of these bonus elsewhere. You must contact me at and then show me your receipt to access them.

1.Two Accounts with Fast Eye Page Builder + Private Page Builder App

When driving FB Ads to sell products,you should drive people to a sales funnel instead of Amazon Product Page. The reason is because it’s too distracted and people may leave cart or leave your products. Driving to Funnels which redirects to checkout page is a better way in my opinion. That’s why i provide you this software as a bonus.

2.Account with Graphic Design App

When you run FB Ads or Amazon PPC Ads,you will absolutely need a high converting graphic. This can makes your Ads converts better and as a result,more CTR.

3.I Will Create Video Ads for You

Video ads converts really well with Amazon FBA. If you don’t intend to create your own,buy softwares or outsource,you can contact me for help.

Main Bonus

1.Amazon Marketing Made Easy


2.Ecommerce Made Easy

3.Facebook Ads Made Easy

4.Facebook Remarketing Made Easy

Zaarkly Rountable Mastermind Bonus

5.Youtube Ads Made Easy

6.Youtube Marketing 3.0 Upgrade Video Training

7.Video Ads Made Easy

8.Video Ads 2.0 Made Easy

Video Ads 2.0 Made Easy

9.Email Marketing Made Easy

10.List Building 3.0 Made Easy

11.List Building 3.0 Upgrade Video Trainng

12.The Complete Facebook Ads and Marketing Course

13.Facebook Laser Targeting Course

14.The Price is Wrong

15.When Your Customers Always Win

16.Youtube Ads Made Easy

17.Youtube Ads Upgrade Video Training

18.Checkout Lane Cha Ching

Pros of Amazon FBA Ninja

  • Step-by-Step and Easy To Understand Training Module
  • High Level  and Professional Training
  • It’s an Email Marketing Training
  • Properly Teach About Both Free and Paid Traffic
  • Teaching About Facebook Ads (the gold mine)
  • Properly Teach About How To Ruthlessly Remove Competitor
  • Instruct You How To Manage Unexpected Problems
  • Target The US,Uk and other markets

Cons of Amazon FBA Ninja

1.A lot of expenses

Despite instructing you on how to save your money,it seems like Amazon FBA Ninja requires a lot of costs and investments. Clickfunnels is big investment because it costs up to $97/month or $297/month. In addition,you need to invest in his recommended software and some of them are monthly payments. Moreover, Amazon FBA Ninja’s front end price is not cheap. Therefore,don’t buy Amazon FBA Ninja if you don’t have money.

2.The Facebook Group

That is really suck about Amazon FBA Ninja. On the Facebook group,Kevin rarely answers people’s questions. The only people who answer you are affiliate of Amazon FBA Ninja. They just comment message me for more answer and then give their affiliate link. Kevin is too lazy to check out all spam comments and posts on that Facebook Group. Therefore,be aware of them,these are complete garbage. Seriously,they send me their affiliate link even which a product that i have personally bought. Once again,aware of these garbage and scammers.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell,Amazon FBA Ninja is a great training course that teaches you specifically about FBA marketing. What i like about this course is that he teaches properly about how to start an Amazon empire from scratch as well as how to manage unexpected and annoying problems. I also love the email marketing and paid traffic training he goes very detail. However,one more time,this course is not a get rick quick scheme,make money with low-effort and not for people who don’t have money. Please,be considered before joining,make sure you have at least $1,000 as an additional investment. If money is not your problem,i highly recommend you to join this course now beccause it’s gorgous and contains high-level training.

But Hey,Joining His Free Webinar First To Get Some Knowledge



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