Boost.Link Review From Customer-Tool to Boost Your Optin With Social

Product : Boost.Link
Creator : Hoang Lo
Price : Starting from $5 or $7/month depending on how many email you collect.
Do I Recommend : Yes,But you need some information before buying.

At present,there is no better way to build an email list than social media. It doesn’t just affordable but also have high reach potential. Besides,it’s also great for both free and advertisement traffic.
We all know that Facebook Ads is the certainly the best way to collect email address. But what if they don’t work,we always need to have the plan B. In fact,we need many things such as ads images,video ads that capture attention and an attractive landing page. However,they do not always work if you lack copywriting skills.
Moreover,some people provide fake email address just to get your gift. That’s pretty suck and we certainly don’t like that,right.
Boost.Link is a cloud-based app that allows you to collect people’s information in social network. It’s like when people click on a link provided by Boost.Link,this app will collect their information such as name and email address.
Thanks to its features,you can also benefit it as a link tracking and cloakening management. Now,let’s checkout my Boost.Link review so that you know exactly what you are going to get.
Notes : i got a review access account from Hoang Lo so that i know what i’m talking about.

What Is Boost.Link?

Boost.Link Review
Firstly,Boost.Link is a software that allows you to collect email from people without optin. You can understand as if people click the link on social network,Boost.Link will automatically find their email address. If you pat $5 or $7 per month,you can collect up to 1,200 email each month. It can also be used as a link tracking and link cloakening management. You can collect subscribers from Facebook,Twitter,Google+ and Linkedin. also has direct integration with Aweber,Getresponse,Active Campaign and Zapier if you can’t find your services.

Who Is Boost.Link For?

  • Facebook Advertiser who want more optin
  • You are sick of fake email address from people
  • Social Media marketer
  • Affiliate marketer,email list builder or ecommerce seller
  • And many more,…

Main Features and Demo of Boost.Link

This is the member’s area once you login. Review
For example,i use this post the shorten URL.
Boost.Link Review Boost.Link Review
That’s it,you have a Shorten URL.
Boost.Link Review
Now,i need to edit the link. For instance,i edit to BoostLinkReview-FBPost.
Boost.Link Review Boost.Link Review
Now,we need to publish and share the link online. Boost.Link is not a link tracking service but if you know how to use,it’s still. Besides,pixel/tracking code are most likely for advanced marketers.

Test of Boost.Link

To help you understand the process,we will have a try. The link will be i will share in a Facebook Post.
Boost.Link Review
I will be a visitor in this scenario,who will click on the link.
There will be no duplicating click from one user here,Boost.Link only takes his email one time.
Boost.Link Review Boost.Link Review
Then,Boost.Link will receive data.
Boost.Link Review
You can add these link into Twitter,Linkedin or Google Plus but Facebook is still the main. If you run ads that target the correct audiences,there’s a lot email you can collect and nearly no fake emails.

Pixel and Integration

This feature is only for those who are running Facebook Ads,Google Adwords and Google Analytics campain.
Boost.Link Review
The integration allows you to direct connect email marketing services. As a result,instead of exporting CSV data,you can add these email instantly.
Boost.Link Review Boost.Link Review
And that’s all you get inside a this affordable service. Currently,Boost.Link has integration with Amazon and Paypal so that you can collect email address from these services.

Bonus From Me

In order to make your life much easier,i will add some extra bonuses if you buy Boost.Link through my link. Just simply buy and then contact me with your name and your ThriveCart receipt. I will check manually and give you access after that.

1.FB Redirect Pro

2.Facebook Timeline Optin

3.FB Timeline Survey

4.FB Webinar

5.WP Optin Countdown

6.Live Revealr

7.Everlead WP Plugin

8.Conversion Links

Learn the secrets we use to convert our website traffic into customers. This is a full in-depth training on everything to do with conversions. You also receive some awesome tools such as our countdown timer app as well as some resources for copywriting and more.

9.Optin Fire WP Plugin

10.Spark Engine WP Plugin

11.Easy Optin Pro WP Plugin

Boost.Link Bonus

12.Easy Builder WP Plugin

Boost.Link Bonus

13.Internet Marketing WP Plugin

Boost.Link Bonus

14.Scarcity Demon

Boost.Link Bonus

15.Instant Social Images

16.Social Quiz WP Plugin

Pros of Boost.Link

  • Affordable Price and Price Won’t Increase When Launch Ends
  • Can Edit Link For Your Customised Usage
  • Avoid Getting Fake Emails from People
  • Integrate Autoresponder Services
  • Collect Optin Through Social Media But Still Ping Them (so,it’s legit)

Cons of Boost.Link

  • Expensive Upsells
  • Can Not Fully Avoid Fake Emails if People use Fake Facebook Account

Final Verdict

In summary,Boost.Link is a nice tool that you can use the get more optin and build a massive list. It is created to solve an issue of fake email address and unattractive optin page. Besides,it also has link shortener feature with SSL included. If you run a Facebook Ads or Adwords campaign,then using Boost.Link will save you a lot budget. Of course,i highly recommend this cloud-based apps for those who are serious to build a list through social media.

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