Builderall vs Clickfunnels From a Guy Who Use Both-Which One is Better?

Builderall and Clickfunnels are presently one of the most popular all in 1 business plattform people know. And many people ask me Builderall vs Clickfunnels and which one is better.

Well,to be clear,Builderall has more features than Clickfunnels and it also has a lower price. In fact,Builderall is better than Clickfunels but surprisingly,Clickfunnels has more active users.

So,today,i want to post my personal comparison between Builderall vs Clickfunnels as a sales funnel builder. This is the real no hype comparison before you decide which one to choose. Personally,i use both because all of them are great.

Builderall vs Clickfunnels : How They Work?


1.SSL Certificate and Page Loading

When using Builderall,every page and subdomain you create are automatically SSL Certificate.However,if you use Clickfunnels,you need to setup Cloudflare manually to secure your page.

Besides,about things like page loading,i think Builderall will load faster than Clickfunnels. The reason is easy to understand,that’s because Builderall has their own images compressing features. So as a result,a heavy image will become a lightweight image (around 20-30 KB) for Builderall.

Clickfunnels doesn’t have image compressing features as competitors so in fact,page from Builderall will load faster. Besides,about visitor or bandwidth,i’m not really sure because Builderall say bandwidth can be unlimited (but no proof) and Clickfunnels has limitation about visitors also.

But don’t worry,if you reach bandwidth and visitors limitation,i think you can purchase both Builderall and Clickfunnels 🙂

2.Types of Page Editor

Builderall is a free form page builder while Clickfunnels is a block based editor.

Block-based is great but you know,sometime it’s annoying. While with free form,it’s easier to design what you are thinking.

About which page will be more beautiful,it’s totally depend on your copywriting skill.

3.Sales Funnel Templates

When asking about Builderall vs Clickfunnels,most people ask about the templates.

After having a first look,i see both of them have 20 pre-done funnels.If you are just looking for templates for web design,i think Builderall wins about this.

Actually,Builderall is created purposely to compete with Clickfunnels so of course,it has some imitation 🙂
And you know,it doesn’t just make it better by using Clickfunnels’s strategies,Builderall also increase their features as competitors such as Instapage,Convertri and Kartra.

You should understand the meaning of sales funnel,it’s actually a bundle of web page for a website or marketing campaigns. Then,people can be redirected to other pages or they have options. So,this mean any landing page builder can create a funnel. About something we say upsells,you can setup your very own Paypal redirected after purchase button or use shopping cart like Paykickstart,Samcart,Thrivecart,Carthook,etc.

a.Templates of Clickfunnels

Here are some of them. Clickfunnels can create sales funnel because of these templates and each templates have their specific pages.

This is an example Product Launch Funnel.

And see what,Clickfunnels is built in split testing while it’s not in Builderall.

But a big cons of Clickfunnels is that the link is not memorable. At first glance,i think Clickfunnels is easier for funnel building.

b.Templates of Builderall

A big advantage that make Builderall wins is that it also have sales funnel for local business. Clickfunnels doesn’t have pre-done templates about that,you must create your own.

Now,let’s have a deep look 🙂

About lead magnet,Builderall can host your PDF or lead magnet file lower than 10MB. When using Clickfunnels,you need to use other links outside.

About survey funnel,i think Clickfunnels is easier to configure than Builderall.

3.Checkout and Add Product

This is for those who sell products online. The funnel templates of Builderall and Clickfunnels both allow you to collect payment or design your order checkout page.
After that,you can setup email delivery or redirect page after payment success.
However,they are not primarily created for checkout and collect payment. In fact,people will use other shopping cart like Carthook,Paykickstart,Samcart,ThriveCart or Clickbank,etc.
But if you don’t intend to buy these services,it’s still OK to use Builderall and Clickfunnels.

a.For Clickfunnels

You can create and sell products using Clickfunnels normal plan. Affiliate plattform is only available for those who buy Backpack and Actionetics.

Clickfunnels accepts payments from Paypal,Stripe and Visa,Mastercard.

You can both generate your own Paypal buy button or not when using Clickfunnels. I have do some research and it seems like most people don’t use Clickfunnels to collect payments,they use other services in sstead.

About this feature,again,Clickfunnels is easier to configure than Builderall.

Both of them allows order bump and 2 steps checkout on checkout page.

b.For Builderall

i.Option 1

Besides,you can setup email delivery or recover cart abandonment.

What makes Builderall better is that it accepts more currency and more payment types,just harder to setup if you are newbie.

About things we say pre-done checkout and order pages,i think Builderall’s designs is not as good as Clickfunnels.

You can both add checkout page or just add action buy for Paypal.

2 Steps Checkout and Free + Shipping are accesible for Builderall users.

You can also add order bump.

ii.Option 2

Builderall has marketplace features and it has the same usage with Jvzoo. The best stuff from this option is that it allows you to add popup checkout,mean no need to proceed to order page. Checkout is the number 1 conversion killer,that’s what we know very clear,so,popup checkout can lower cart abandonment.
This is the technique that Kartra is using and you can now do this with Builderall.

If people click on the Buy Button,instead of going to the checkout form,they will see this immediately.

This mean they can buy product directly on the salespage.

If you have external membership plattform,i think usingClickfunnels is easier than Builderall.
For this option,you can create an affiliate program and manage affiliate commissions. While using Clickfunnels,it’s only for Actionetics and Backpack.

4.Membership/Course Delivery

The majority of users who purchase Builderall,Clickfunnels and other funnel services want to create and sell their course. However,Clickfunnels is really suck about membership and frankly,i don’t like Clickfunnels membership.
Builderall has membership features also but i think it’s not the primary purpose when using Builderall. Think yourself,why expensive services such as Teachable,Infusionsoft and MyKajabi success.

a.For Clickfunnels

This is an example membership area you can create. Membership access page is a link after people purchase product or cancel upsell or through email delivery,they can create account.

b.For Builderall

You have 2 ways once again to provide access for people.

I will not introduce e-Learning features in this post because that features is mostly for free lead magnet course and no payment gateway.

This is the sign up page when using builderall,in fact,it uses the email form.

Once again,Clickfunnels is easier to configure than Builderall.

Here are templates for Builderall course area.

This is the member’s area where you add video for your course.

About secure,i think Builderall is better in terms of membership site. And another thing that makes Builderall better is that it has its own video hosting features,Clickfunnels doesn’t have that.
And that’s all i want to show you in this Builderall vs Clickfunnels comparison. Other features from Builderall will not be mentioned in this post,you can watch my video and read my post about Builderall and Builderall Business to know all in depth about it.

Pricing of Them

When people ask Builderall vs Clickfunnels,most of them will care about the price. In fact,Builderall is much more affordable than Clickfunnels.
With Builderall,there are three pricing plans

While using Clickfunnels,there are two plans. But as you can see,to get full features and remove limitation,you need to buy $297/month plan,that’s not a good price for non-experience.

If you want an affiliate program with Builderall,you must buy the Business Plan,not with the Web Presence Plan. And if you join Clickfunnels affiliate program,you can promote with both plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are questions that many people are asking me a lot.

1.How do you Compare Convertri vs Builderall and Convertri vs Clickfunnels?

Convertri is a very famous landing page and funnel builder for digital marketers. When we talk about page loading speed,Convertri is better than both Builderall and Clickfunels. Besides,it has integration with Shopping Cart and allows you to add redirect and upsells. Moreover,it’s seem to be the analytics features of Convertri is more exact and it can split test better Builderall or Clickfunnels.

So,about fast page creation and smooth,i think Convertri is also better than Builderall and Clickfunnels about it. But that’s all stuffs that make Convertri better,it has limitation about funnels and pages you can create.

2.How do you Compare Builderall vs Kartra and Clickfunnels vs Kartra?

Kartra is a product from Genesis Digital,owner of WebinarJam,Everwebinar and a lot famous products,it’s also an all in one business plattform.

When we talk about payment or shopping cart and membership site,Kartra is definitely better than Builderall and Clickfunnels. On the other hand,the video hosting player feature of Kartra is also better.

Kartra’s affiliate management plattform is a lot better than Builderall and their support helpdesk are better also.

Moreover,it’s the only services in the internet marketing space that has link tracking features,that’s totally not in Builderall and Clickfunnels. And lastly,the lead scoring and behavior tagging also makes Kartra better.

However,a big cons of Kartra is that it’s so expensive for many people.

3.Can Builderall and Clickfunnels Replace Shopify?

In my opinion,they should be friend,not competitors. I do agree that Builderall and Clickfunnels can help you sell Physical Products and collect payments as well as better checkout page than Shopify. But think yourself,Shopify has a lot app connection like Product Upsell,Oberlo and Better Shipping,etc. As a result,Shopify is better built-in dropshipping.

So,in fact,it’s better if you think about combinaton between Clickfunnels and Shopify or Builderall and Shopify. Always keep in mind that there’s a lot shopping cart alive like Carthook.

What Should you Choose?

Finally,the decision is ultimately yours. But if you ask me which one to choose,i still recommend Builderall more than Clickfunnels for 2 reasons : it has more features and it’s much more affordable. Clickfunnels is mostly used for funnel hacking or sell products (or launch product) online.

If you can buy Clickfunnels,i think using both at the same time is not a bad idea. I have seen some campaigns from Erik Salgado are created by Clickfunnels so even the creator is using both.

When we talk about ease of use,you can see that Clickfunnels is clearly easier to configure when you sell products and it can help you split test better.

So,if you are non experience and you lack budget,Builderall is for you. But if you want to focus more on funnel hacking,you should buy Clickfunnels or even both.






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