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Traffic is a lifeblood of any online bussiness. Without traffic,certainly you can not make money online. Therefore,you have to drive traffic to your campaign to monetize your online bussiness. At present,there are two types of traffic source: free traffic and advertising traffic. With free traffic,you can use Youtube and Google SEO as the main traffic source. Content is king,keyword is queen and backlink will get your whole process done for SEO campaign. Building backlinks is never an easy task and it also costs you time,energy.

Now, let’s take a look at the thing that pretty much makes or breaks sites in hyper-competitive niches. This is where the big money you make money by building backlinks that has high quality. Google has always been a stickler for backlinks. Pretty much all their algorithms are based on getting people to link to your site, using those links as votes of a sort. If someone likes your content, they link to it simple enough. But, actually getting people to create those links can be tough.

Therefore,in this blog post,i will give you my tutorials on building backlinks for free but high quality. This tutorials will focus on building backlinks that has high quality instead of low-quality. The reason why is because 1 backlink from a PR1 website is worth more to Google than if you had 20 PR0 sites linking to you. Don’t buy backlink while you can get it free. Hence you can save hundreds of dollars and do SEO yourself instead of paying someone else to do it for you. So,keep reading my instruction on building backlinks in order to implement the correct way.

Tips For Building Backlinks

 1.Using Link Finder Tools

Building Backlinks Affilotools

Before building backlinks,you will need a link finder tool first. Although SEO claims to be free,i don’t think that’s correct. My recommend SEO toosl are SEOsnapshot and AffiloTools. You can also use Semrush but i don’t really recommend because it’s pricey .In this post,i will instruct you on how to use Affilotools as a link finder. The reason I use Link Finder is because it will save you days to weeks of having to look for these links manually. In addition,you do have to pay a small fee to use AffiloTools, but all of the links you build are FREE and you will make your investment back—fast. Blog comments and guest blogging are the easiest ways to build quality, free, high-PR links. I’ll teach you how to use the Link Finder tool to build these.

2.How To Build High PR-Blog Comments Link

Building Backlinks Affilojetpack Book
Firstly,go to the Link Finder search box,untick all link types except for “commenting.”
Building Backlinks Affilotools
Enter a keyword and then click on Find Links. After that,a list of website that contains that keyword appears. For example,i search on skincare.
Building Backlinks AffilotoolsWhen links have finished loading, press “PA” twice to sort links from high to low PA (descending). Any page with a PA of 20+ should have a PR of 1+. PA means page authority,which is a reliable metric created by the Moz team to determine if a page is authoritative in Google’s eyes or not. PA updates regularly, whereas PR is only updated once every 3–12 months. Now,Open each link it displays. If the page has less than 30 blog comments, read the blog post, then leave a relevant blog comment.

3.How to Find High-PR Blog Guest Posting Opportunities

Building Backlinks Affilorama Premium
Another great way for building backlinks is to use Guest Posting. Firstly,on the Link Finder Box,untick all types except for “guest posts.” On the search box,simply enter a keyword that is relevant to your niche. For instance,a skincare website should enter a relevant keyword like anti aging.
Building Backlinks Affilotools Building Backlink AffilotoolsWhen links have finished loading, press “PA” twice to sort links from high to low DA (descending). Any page with a DA of 20+ should have a PR of 1+. DA means “domain authority”,which is a reliable metric created by Moz to determine the authority of domains in Google’s eyes. Click on each link because these websites accept guest posts. Email them, and make a proposal for writing an article on those websites.
Before doing that,you will still need a high quality content on your blog.
And these are my tips on building backlinks that affects your SEO. Basically,it costs you time,energy but will have you increase ROI.

So,What’s Next

After reading my instruction on building backlinks,i hope it’s helpful enough for you. But guys,these are not all you need to do for building backlinks. There’s a lot of thing to do so that you should consider joining a training that helps you improve your SEO.

1.Affilorama Premium

This is a great training that focuses on Search Engine traffic such as SEO and PPC ads. When becoming a member,you will access to their professional training,Affilotools as a bonus,Clickbank tracking and hosting for up to 10 domains.


This is not really a training,it’s an 80% pre-done for you bussiness that helps you build 5 profitable affiliate website as fast as possible. You get access to ebook to giveaway,Affiloblueprint,1 year email newsletter,keywords to target,articles with done for you niche research and video training on how to get traffic to build a list.

3.Lurn Insider

This is a 21 days training that helps you build your own online bussiness from scratch. Inside this course,you have lessons about email marketing together with multiple traffic source like SEO,Solo Ads,PPC Ads and Facebook Ads. Best of all,you get pre-done niche research.

4.AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp

This is a great training that focuses mostly on SEO. Inside the training,he teaches you overally on how to create an authority site. He also teaches you properly to do niche research,keyword research and building backlinks.

5.Inbox Blueprint

This is another training from Anik Singal that focuses mostly on email marketing. Inside this course,you have access to his landing page creator,ebook to giveaway,Traffic Academy,done ỳor you niche research and email swipes. Besides,you have traffic training like SEO,guest blogging,Solo Ads,Goole Adwords and Facebook Ads.

6.Powerhouse Affiliate

If you want to increase ROI,then this course is good for you. Unlike training above,this course seems focusing on CPA marketing rather than normal affiliate marketing. Inside this training,you have lessons about Google Adwords,Bing Ads,Solo Ads,Native Ads,Facebook Ads and In-text Ads. Best of all,you have predone bussiness in box,the best affiliate forum ever,landing page and whitelist to their CPA network.

Final Verdict

In summary,after reading this blog post,i hope you can find idea to build your own high quality backlinks for free. Building backlinks is a time consuming but effective process that helps you improve your SEO a lot. Once doing this process,please keeping track of your campaign without jumping around. If you can,feel free to checkout some courses above in order to get ideas on how to build your own bussiness correectly that makes money.


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