Captipic Review From Beta User-Boost Engagement with Personalisation

Product : Captipic
Creator : Firas Alameh and Craig Crawford
Price : Currently $27/month if you buy on Jvzoo,but at Warrior Plus.price is $27 for one-time.
Do I Recommend : Certainly Yes.

We all know that people like their name mentioned,right. Think yourself,if i messege you with your name,certainly you like this,right.
But when you send email campaign,text is somewhat boring and you may not like. So,it’s great if i send an image with your own name. But you know,when we create an email marketing campaign,we have too many subscribers. Of course,it’s a suck idea if you send one image to all subscribers like that.
Fortunately,send an email with personalized images is now real because of a software,Captipic. Let’s checkout my Captipic review so that you know exactly what inside.

What is Captipic?

Captipic Review
This is a cloud-based software that’s not just something that’ll improve people’s email marketing when it comes to personalisation, but their sales, their opens, their clicks and engagement.
Here are three main personalisation you can create together with Captipic.
Captipic Review

Who is Captipic For?

Captipic Review

  • nternet marketers who want to engage their lists, increase sales and profits by giving their leads a personalised message/messages, increase their brand, relationships and MORE
  • Affiliate marketers who want to have the edge on other affiliates giving their lists a personal message.
  • Any marketer wanting to give a more personal, bespoke marketing message in their sales funnels and marketing messages/sales pages
  • Marketers looking to enhance the sale or signups of exiting traffic on their websites
  • Anyone looking to enhance their marketing professionalism and brush up on personalisation.
  • And many more,…

Main Features and Demo of Captipic

Now,i will show you step by step on how to create a personalisation campaigns with Captipic.
Captipic Review
Here are three main features from this software.

This is an example image that has been created by Captipic.
Captipic Review

1.Create Images

There are 2 ways to add images : create from scratch and choose templates.
Captipic Review Captipic Review
Here are templates on the front end account,actually,they are images.
Captipic Review Captipic Review Captipic Review Captipic Review Captipic Review
Here’s my example images.
Captipic Review
Now,enter your email autoresponder information.
Captipic Review
And after that,customize your messege,drag and drop it so as to fit your campaign.
Captipic Review
That’s all you need to do,just click save and then get code.
Capitic Review
You can share on FB like this.
Capitic Review
Here’s the script code you need to paste into your mailing messege.
Capitic Review Capitic Review
As a result,if your subscribers receive their mailing messege,they will see like this. I haven’t embedded in  my campaign,here’s an example from Craig.
Capitic Review Capitic Review Capitic Review Capitic Review Capitic Review

2.Add Popup

Just create popup like this.
Capitic Review Capitic Review
In order to maximize full features of Captipic,you should import the script code form your CapTiPics.
Capitic Review Capitic Review
And that’s all you need to know before buying Captipic. I will show you the Demo Video from their team. But basically,i hope you understand about this product. Let’s take a look at the entire funnel.

Funnels of Captipic

Every product has upsells and so does Captipic. However,this funnel is somewhat expensive for some people. In my opinion,you don’t have to buy upgrade because i don’t think they are really needed.

There’s no kind of hidden features on FE and then you must buy OTO with this product. When launch ends,price will be recurring. Therefore,this funnel will have 3 recurring products after launch.

Bonus From Me

In order to help your life much easier,i will add some extra bonuses if you buy Captipic through my link. This product is powered on Warrior Plus so that after you buy,you will get immediate access to my bonuses. These are bonus for their premium partners,not cheap PLR.







 Pros of Captipic

  • Easy to Use and Manage
  • Work with All Autoresponder
  • Realistic Idea to Boost Engagement
  • No need to buy Upgrade
  • Can Share On FB
  • No Limitation Campaign
  • Easy to Embed Script Code
  • Can Use for Images,Email Messege and Popup
  • Drag and Drop Editor

Cons of Captipic

  • Expensive Upsell Funnels (2 recurring upgrades)


Final Verdict

In summary,Captipic is a great tool that you can buy and use. It’s created with one purpose,boost engagement to your email marketing campaign. Text email is OK but it’s hard to boost conversion,click and sales rate. With Images and Personalisation,you can hit your audiences’s mind,which is a great way to make sure them take action. The best idea you can use with this software is to combine clickbait image together with their own name.

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