Click and Bank Review-Yes-It’s a Scam

Welcome to our Click and Bank review. If you are seeking for the real Click and Bank review, yes, it’s here because there will be no affiliate link. And in our opinion, most of the reviews of that product are fake because they are promoting a bad products. And of course, there will be no bonuses in this page for the product “Click and Bank”

Product: Click and Bank

Creator: Dan Green

Price: $37

Do I Recommend: Certainly No

What is Click and Bank?

That’s a product made by Dan Green and it claims to make for you a profitable affiliate site for Clickbank promotion that ranks itselfs.

But that’s the main problem, how can it rank on Google. Do you think it will rank higher than an authority site from over years.

In our opinion, if the product creator doesn’t advertise that the site will rank itself, instead, he advertises to make people a new site, that’s better and will not make us feel it’s a scam.

Who is Click and Bank For?

As stated from the beginning of this Click and Bank review post, we don’t recommend it and that’s why it’s for no one.

Is Refund Real?

As the product is sold on Warrior Plus, so, refund or not is still depended on the product creator’s decision.

And in most of the cases, all sales are final. So, if you buy it, we think you may not get the money back if you are unhappy.

What People are Talking?

You shouldn’t trust the testimonials on most sales page as many of them are fake. This is what people are talking

And this went through “Compliance”?

Laura Casselman

well actually it says it will rank, not where it would rank or for what kind of keywords of if you will make any sells. Let’s say I have a fitness site and I rank in page one for “fitness training for middle age Arabic ginger man in pink trousers” then he is not bullshitting you

Cristián Mauricio Pérez Gajardo

If this product is sold on Jvzoo & Clickbank, it will get banned immediately. Warrior Plus is a great place as we know but it still accepts bad products/bad offers.

How Click and Bank Works?

At first, it provides an automated content website.

Click and Bank Review

And here’s a sample article.

Click and Bank Review

According to Google Search Engine, in order to be ranked on Google, one of the most important factors is about a high quality site, great & valuable content plus unique content.

As people has bought the software, do you think it can keep uniqueness for the content.

And look, the post is too short and i see no way it will rank on Google. That’s why we say Click and Bank is a bad product and make a false claim.

At least if the product creator advertises like “It Can Rank” to “It Will Rank”, we may accept.

One thing can be seen very clear, this content is actually curated from other feed sources, not about

Pros of Click and Bank

  • Free Site Hosting

Cons of Click and Bank

  • Low Quality Content
  • Uniqueness is Super Low
  • Multiple Upsells (and all are useless)
  • And many more disadvantages

Final Verdict

In summary, after reading my Click and Bank review post, i hope that you have understand what i say. And yeah, i don’t recommend this product because the claim is fake and not realistic. SEO is never as easy as you think, remember, there are many top marketers are ranking without needing to clone a website like this and their content are much better than the content made from Click and Bank.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Is “Click and Bank” a Scam?

The product is not really a scam but the false claim, fake promise on the sales page has made we feel that product is a scammer.

And if they switch the word “Will Rank” to “Can Rank”, we may delete the word “scam” when talking about this product.

Will My Site Rank with “Click and Bank”?

It may rank but for the super super low competition and long tail keywords, but about money targeted URL, we don’t think it has any chance to rank.

Click and Bank Review-Yes-It's a Scam

Product: Click and Bank

Price: 37

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: All

Application Category: Affiliate Marketing

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