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Clickfunnels Review and Example-Everything You Need To Create Funnel

Product Name : Clickfunnels

Creator : Russell Brunson

Price : 14 Days Free Trial and Then $97/month or $297/month.

Do I Recommend : Yes (but not for people who are living paycheck) . Most people who buy Clickfunnels are course creators,product launch or Ecommerce Seller.

  • Ease Of Use
  • Features
  • Price
  • Support

On internet marketing,there is no doubt when email marketing is the ultimate way to earn online income. Sooner or later,you need to build an email list to keep your audiences and to monetize from there. There are many ways to implement email marketing such as affiliate,dropshipping,e-commerce or create a product. However,collecting email is not easy if you don’t you attractive bait or a high converting optin form. Clickfunnels is a software that covers this task for you and fortunately,it covers everything you need to create a funnel. Let’s check out my Clickfunnels in order to understand what it is and what you get.

What Is Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels Review
At first,it’s a landing page creator software like Instapage,Instabuilder,Kyvio and WP Profitbuilder. But the main difference is,that’s not all Clickfunnels covers. This software also replaces webhosting (clickfunnels’s server),Automated Webinar,Photoship,Wordpress,Designer,Webmaster,Split Testing,Email Autoresponder,Marketing Automation and Add to Cart,…

Basically,this app is a block-based editor so everything is optimzed for pixel perfect.

Clickfunnels is created and developed by Russell Brunson,one of the most successful and respected internet marketers so far. He is also the author of notable books like Expert Dotcom,Dotcom Secret and DCS 108 Split Test.  After many years experince on internet marketing,he realized creating a funnel and hosting a webinar is the key to make money online. Therefore,that’s what Clickfunnels is focusing on,creating your own funnel.

Who Is Clickfunnels For?

Clickfunnels Review

  • Complete newbies to internet marketing
  • You haven’t already set up any campaign with email marketing
  • If you want to create your own products
  • Intermediate who are still struggling to actually earn money
  • Experienced internet marketers who wants to save a lot of money
  • If you are launching an-ecommerce bussiness as well as an online store on Amazon,Shopify
  • You have already wasted your budget for useless things
  • If you want to create your own membership site
  • And especially you want to create a funnel (like the name of the product)

Main Features of Clickfunnels

Now,i will show you exactly how Clickfunnels works. This is the member’s area once you login.

As the name itselfs,you can create Funnel in just Few Clicks 🙂

A lot people like Kevin David,Robby Blanchard are sharing there Funnel Code and we can 1 click cloning.

This is where to create and edit new Funnel.

Despite the price and some disadvantages,Clickfunnels still beat competitors because they are the first software for funnel creation.

Here’s the page editor in reality. As you can see from here,it’s a block-based editor. With Clickfunnels,you can easily edit Settings for that Funnels.

What makes Clickfunnels better than biggest competitor Builderall is that it can show you Visit.

Of course,you can setup your very own domain name instead of Clickfunnels subdomain.

However,always keep in mind that you will need Cloudflare connection (can be free) in order to get SSL Certificate.

In the page edior,you can setup SEO,Custom CSS and Tracking Code.

The usage of Clickfunnels is somewhat similar to Kyvio in the page editor.

You can easily setup your affiliate link in Clickfunnels badge.

For Popup,you need to design yourself by simply drag & drop elements.

As a block-based editor,you need to divide Row into multiple Section.

1.Create your Funnel

Firstly,choose your Goal here.

Most people use Clickfunnels to sell and market their own product. At here,just pick your templates.

For example,i design from scratch.

You can edit background as you want. I see most people when using Clickfunnels will utilize Background Images.

Now,insert your Coluum,this is very important.

This is 2 Row for example.

Here are some elements inside Clickfunnels.

Just drag any elements you like into Row and Coluum.

And you can add Multiple Elements inside one Coluum of course.

For Image,just drag the image Elements.

For Optin Form,you can insert Input.

As the name itself Clickfunnels,you can setup redirection after people take some action.

For example,i create this Thank You Page.

Or Thank + Recommendation like this. And on your Funnel,you can view Contact and People who subscribe to your lists.


Pricing Plan

As i mentioned before,there are two packages of Clickfunnels and they are not cheap.

The different about pricing between 2 packages are too far. Therefore,just choose the Elitesuite if you actually need.

And that’s all you need to know before buying Clickfunnels.

Buy ClickFunnels

Final Verdict

In a nutshell,Clickfunnels is a very useful tool that any internet marketers should have to create or to scale their bussiness. It has everything you need such as landing page tool,tracking,split/testing,hosting,designs,templates and even autoresponders. Of course,i highly recommend this tool to everyone who are making money online. In addition,Russell even adds training course to make it easier for you create a funnel.





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