ClickPerfect Review and Demo-Is It An Alternative For Voluum?

Product : ClickPerfect
Creator : Jimmy Kim (also the creator of Doodly)
Price : Starting From $19/month or $14/month when bill yearly
Do I Recommend : Yes (but not for all)

  • Recommended

On internet marketing,you will not just promote one offer so as to monetize. Certainly,you have to promote multiple offer to make money. In addition,you can not always rely on SEO,you need to drive multiple traffic sources. When driving traffic to your site,landing page or to promote something,you should know what you are doing. Some people are using various paid traffic sources such as Facebook Ads,Solo Ads,PPC Ads,Native Ads,etc. If you don’t track the traffic sources,you are loosing your money.
Therefore,investing in a tracking software is nearly compulsory towards internet marketers. If you track your campaign,you will know how your campaign works,where the clicks,impressions,sale from and to know your conversion rate. Moreover,split-testing is always important for tracking to improve your own campaigns. If you join some training,almost all teachers recommends you to buy a tracking software.
Voluum and iMobiTrax are the best services but they are too expensive towards some people. Additionally,their cheapest services are $99/month for Voluum and $179/month for iMobiTrax,which is nearly impossible for inexperienced. Fortunately,we have ClickPerfect,which is much more affordable and it can track unlimited clicks. Besides,ClickPerfect is created by Anik Singal’s team,one of the biggesst name in the industry. Now,checkout my ClickPerfect review and demo so that you understand the service.

What Is ClickPerfect?

ClickPerfect review
At first,ClickPerfect is a click tracking software just like Voluum,iMobiTrax,CPV Lab and BuildRedirects. Unlike Voluum and iMobiTrax,its price is much more affordable and it trackes unlimited clicks when you choose the most expensive plan. Just like some bigger tracking platform,ClickPerfect also adopts split-testing,conversion tracking and retargeting. In addition,it has real-time reporting and traffic cost reporting. Besides,it also saves your money by offering Link Cloakening and custom domain features. Clickperfect is great for those who are driving multiple paid traffic source or have multiple landing pages. Best of all,it has Geo Targeting (for native ads) , Mobile Redirect and even offers popup features.

Who Is ClickPerfect For?

  • Any marketer (from novice to professional) who wants to manage your campaign
  • If you understand that Click Tracking is a must-have investment no matter what is your online bussiness
  • People who are driving multiple paid traffic source (such as Solo Ads,PPC Ads,Facebook Ads,ec)
  • You can’t afford to buy Voluum and iMobitrax
  • People who are losing and bleeding their budget because they don’t track
  • If you are looking for a temporary alternative for Optimonk,Sumome (hey,temporary)
  • You join multiple affiliate/CPA networks as well as multiple offers

Main Features of ClickPerfect

Now,let’s see how to use ClickPerfect so as to track your campaign. Firstly,it’s a web-base software so you don’t need to install anything. Once you log in,this is what you see first.
Clickperfect member dashboard

1.Create New Link

The first thing to do when using ClickPerfect is to create a tracking link.
ClickPerfect Create Tracking Link
Firstly,you will need a primary URL,it can be your website’s URL or an affiliate link. For example,i will choose Google as a primary link. On the Tracking link,it can be the custom domain with ClickPerfect’s server. The tracking link will appear like this
ClickPerfect Create Tracking Link
As a tracking software,you will use the link as the name of your traffic source or offers you promote.
Clickperfect Create Tracking Link ClickPerfect Create Tracking Link
Next,you can decide whether create a Cloak URL or not,don’t pay for Pretty Link while this one offers.
Clickperfect Link Cloaken
If you buy Solo Ads,then you should add Max Click to control your budget.
Clickperfect Max Click
After that,remember to add Backup URL (must be valid) to benefit this feature.
Clickperfect Backup URL

2.Traffic Cost and Geo Targeting

If you are using PPC ads,certainly you must use this feature. Remember,you will lose your money if you don’t manage your cost.
ClickPerfect Traffic Cost
When you promote some CPA offers,normally you have to target specific buyers. Therefore,you need to create the GEO targeting tracking. The 5 biggest markets you will target for CPA offers are US,UK,Canadian,Australia and New Zealand.
Clickperfect Geo Targeting
Clickperfect Geo Targeting

3.Other Types of Tracking URL

ClickPerfect can charge Mobile URL,add pixel/code and manage Bad Clicks. Mobile Marketing is a growing trend and CPA Mobile offers are paying like crazy.
ClickPerfect Mobile URL
Despite ClickPerfect is super simple to use,these types of features can be overwhelming towards inexperienced.
Clickperfect Pixel Code ClickPerfect Bad Click

4.Split-Testing and Report

Whenever you track your campaign,you always need to split test and see your campaign’s report.
ClickPerfect Split Testing Report
If you have multiple landing page (can be your squeeze page,optin page or native ads page),you will benefit a lot. In addition,if you are running Facebook Ads,split-testing is a must. For example,i will split test and,let’s see.
Clickperfect Split Testing
This is what you see in the Clickperfect’s Tracking link Page.
Clickperfect Tracking Links


This is another different features of ClickPerfect. There are three main modes of Rotators:Fulfillment,Spillover,Random.
Clickperfect Rotators
Rotator is the same idea of split-testing but you will mainly you when you want to track your traffic with multiple pages. If you are selling traffic,sometimes you use rotators because you need to follow the exact traffic. In addition,this also works if you have multiple landing pages. Once you create Link Rotators,this is what you see next.
Clickperfect Link Rotator
In order to test,you have to add at least 2 URL.
CLickperfect Link Rotator


Besides Link Rotator and Tracking Link,Clickperfect also allows you to create popup.
Clickperfect Add Popup
If you don’t have money to buy the best popup exit intent such as Optimonk,Sumome,ec,it’s ok to use this one. Especially it works very crazy to gain more visitors to landing page.
Clickperfect Popup Clickperfect Popup
After that,simply get the link that Clickperfect creates and insert it into your traffic source. Once any people click on that link,this will automatically convert into your primary URL. If you are a complete newbie or you do not drive multiple traffic sources, please don’t track,that’s overwhelming. But if you do or you are running multiple affiliate/CPA network,always track. If you add popup,whenever people click on the link you get from Clickperfect,they will automatically see the popup.

My ClickPerfect Review Video (Please Watch)

In order to bring you the corect understanding about Clickperfect,i have recorded a full walkthrough demo video about it. So before you buy Clickperct,turn on your volume and watch these video first.

Pricing of Clickperfect

Like Jimmy’s other products,Doodly,this one does not have upsell. There are 2 types of recurring price and 4 plans. You can choose the monthly or annually,with the yearly service,you will save up to 30%. This is the monthly subscription with Clickperfect.
Clickperfect Monthly Price
But if are sure about how much click you get,then choose the yearly package.
Clickperfect Yearly Subscription
Avoid using raw click because your affiliate managers hate that and you will also waste your money. When comparing with Voluum and ImobiTrax,Clickperfect is much more affordable and it charges unlimited clicks.

Bonus From Me

In order to help your life much easier,i will add some extra bonuses if you get Clickperfect through any link from this page. This product is sold on Paykickstart so that after you buy,you will get immediate access to my custom bonus. You will access all these bonuses for any plan you purchase.

Benefits of Using Clickperfect

  • Accurate and Reliable Stats
  • Split-Testing and Comparison
  • Pretty Easy to use and to manage
  • Can Add Popup to any page you create
  • Custom Domain and Link Cloakening (so that do not worry about ugly link anymore)
  • Offer Geo-Targeting
  • Can Choose Max Click or Max Daily Click (in order to avoid losing money with Solo Ads)
  • Pixel Tracking and Advanced Retargeting
  • Much More Affordable when comparing with Voluum and Imobitrax
  • Unlimited Clicks (if choosing the enterprise package)
  • Nice For Mobile Targeting
  • Simple Conversion Tracking

Final Verdict

In conclusion,Clickperfect is nearly one of the must have tool for people who want to earn big. It’s super simple to use,it’s affordable and best of all,it helps you save money. If you don’t track,you are wasting and bleeding your budget wastelessly and uselessly. This software helps you improve conversion,manage clicks and especially increase Return On Investment. Certainly,i highly recommend Clickperfect as a replacement for Voluum and iMobiTrax.


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