Clipman 2.0 Review From Real User-Great Tool To Create Video Ads To Display on Facebook

Product : Clipman 2.0
Creator : Raul Kaevant (creator of Version 2 of Clipman)
Price : $47 or $67
Do I Recommend : Yes,but mostly for ECcom Seller

Presently,video marketing is one of the best way to promote or sell any product online. Thanks to the power of internet,video ads is becoming more and more popular now. In order to sell ecommerce product,people are creating video sales letter to boost conversion. However,creating a video is never an easy task. It’s always take a lot of time to create a high quality sales video and sometimes they are expensive. Fortunately,we have video marketing software to solve the problem.
Recently,a new software appears,Clipman. Unlike most video ads creator online,Clipman is especially a one time payment product and it has a more unique technique. This software allows you to turn any Amazon,Ebay and Shopify product page URL into a video ads. Certainly,if you display some video ads like this on Facebook,you will get tons of traffic. Now,checkout Clipman review some real user and demo so as to understand what you have.

What Is Clipman?

Firstly,Clipman is the video ad creation software and training system for online marketing and eCommerce with $100000’s of dollars in the true proof. With this Clipman, you can create videos from any URL, create videos from templates, create Facebook ads and post to Facebook. It uses eBay, Shopify, and Amazon. Besides,Clipman will work with all of the eCommerce sites and sales platforms.

Who Is Clipman For?

Clipman Review Demo

  • If you are selling ecommerce products on Amazon,Ebay or Shopify
  • Facebook advertisers who want to increase conversion for their ads
  • Especially for FB Carousel Advertiser or Ecom Funnel Marketer

Features and Demo of Clipman

Clipman Review Demo
Now,i won’t waster your time anymore. Let’s see the demo inside Clipman as well as how to create a video ads using it. Basically,it’s a membership software so that you don’t need to download. Once you log into the members area,this is what you see first.
Clipman Review Member Dashboard

1.Create Video Ads

At first,click on Product Page To Video.
Clipman Create Video Ads
Then,you need to enter an URL. For example,i copy this adress and paste to Clipman.
Clipman URL
I paste this website address on Clipman and then click continue.
Clipman Review URL
On this page,pick any available template you like. In order to display a high converting video ads,you need to add template.
Clipman Review Template
For instance,i choose this template.
Clipman Review Template
This is your first text,choose any of them. The text you choose is in the video introduction.
Clipman Review Choose First Text
Then,choose your second text,Clipman collects all information on thr URL you give.
Clipman Review Second Text
The third text is your call to action.
Clipman Review Call to Action Text
After that,choose product image to display on your video ads.
Clipman Review Product Images
Now,choose your background music. At present,Clipman doesn’t offer text-to-speech.
Clipman Review Background Music
On the next page,simply add brand image,logo,etc.
Clipman Review Brand Image Clipman Review Brand Image
And lastly,wait until it creates your video. On Clipman,there is no limitation about how many video you choose so that don’t worry.
Clipman Demo Create Video
Here’s some screenshot of what Clipman does for you,pretty amazing right.
Clipman Review Demo
Clipman Review Demo
Clipman Review Demo

2.Share Video and Tracking

After creating your video,then you need to share and display ad with it.
Clipman Review Share Video
If you click Share To Facebook,it will do like this. Clipman can integrate with your fanpage so that it’s all automatic.
Clipman Review Share Video To FB
On the other hand,if you click create FB Ad,this is what you see.
Clipman Review Create FB Ad
This software allows to customize pixel,targeting and custom audience,which is highly unique.
Clipman Review Create FB Ad
Moreover,you can even set up your budget directly on this video marketing creator.
Clipman Review Facebook Ad Budget
If you have experience about Facebook Ads,this is exactly what you are always doing. Best of all,it offers tracking to prevent you from losing money. Basically,some people are losing their money just because they don’t track their campaign. With this feature,you can even don’t need to invest in a tracking software but still know where the click,impression from.
Clipman Review Facebook Ad Tracking Pixel

My Example Video Created by Clipman

Many people want me to show my example video created by Clipman. It’s OK because i already had example video. And i use the features,Product Page to URL as a way to save time and energy.
One thing to know about Clipman is that video you render just have 3 images,not too many so that if you want multiple images,you will need to create multiple videos. The best idea is to create a Facebook Carousel Ads,which displays multiple features of a product you sell.



Is There Any Upsell?

On the internet,upsell is normal and so does this product. Basically,Clipman has 2 upsells and they also deliver great value like the first one.

Adbrain is a new software that will analyze your FB Ads campaigns and then providing you suggestion on how to optimize and scale your FB Ads. To my personal opinio,Clipman 2.0 OTO 1 is mostly for advanced ecommerce seller or at least,you are a video agency seller.

Notes : it can view and manage all your ads campaigns,not just ads from Clipman 2.0.

You will see how your FB Ads converts right here.

Then you will see their suggestion.

And their recommended Shopify App,most are monthly products.

In fact,the majority of users from Clipman 2.0 are ecommerce seller from Shopify and other ecommerce plattfrom. It’s still great for Amazon FBA,Ebay and Aliexpress,etc. If you run successful ecommerce campaigns,you will understand why you need them,they are highly famous app.

My Clipman Review Video (Please Watch)

In order to provide you the correct understanding about Clipman and Clipman 2.0,i have recorded a full walkthrough demo video about it. So before you buy the software,make sure turning on your volume and watch this video first.

Bonus From Me

In order to make your life much easier,i will add some extra bonuses if you buy Clipman through my link. This product is powered by Paykickstart so that after you buy,you will have instantly access to my Drive’s bonus link. These are all you need after you buy this software. And remember,you get instantly access to my bonus once you buy the front-end. You don’t need to buy upsells to get all bonuses.

11.Deliciously Flat Icon Pack

Everyone needs icons. Sales pages, explainer videos & to just liven up your web pages. Give away this incredible pack of icons for bonuses to affiliate offers or as a lead magnet to build your list! We got this icon pack specifically designed by a seasoned graphic designer.

12.Conversion Links

Learn the secrets we use to convert our website traffic into customers. This is a full in-depth training on everything to do with conversions. You also receive some awesome tools such as our countdown timer app as well as some resources for copywriting and more.

13.Your Ecommerce Store

14.Facebook Ads Authority

15.Shopify Secrets

And these are all my bonuses from Clipman. Basically,they are what you need once you complete your purchase and you have instant access. If you buy upsells,i can provide you premium software as a bonus,just reach out to me at and then show me your receipt and name for Purchasing.

 Pros of Clipman

  • Super simple to use without any complex work
  • Easily create a video ads within a few minutes
  • Turn any URL and then collect its information to create video ads
  • Easily to share on Facebook,Youtube
  • Various Music Track
  • Afforable price without recurring fee
  • Don’t need to download
  • Various and High Quality Templates
  • Offer Facebook Ads tracking and pixel
  • Custom Audience and Budget setup directly

Cons of Clipman

  • Adbrain is Only for Upsells

Final Verdict

In summary,Clipman is one of the best video ad creator i have ever seen. It’s affordable and it’s super simple to create a video ads. I love its feature,ease of use,templates,music track and how fast it is. Best of all,it allows you to display video ads easily by offering Ads setup and tracking. Of course,if you sell products online or you run an online business,ecom business,Clipman is a yes from me.


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