Conversion Gorilla Review and Demo-Useful Tool To Skyrocket Conversion

Product : Conversion Gorilla
Creator : Promote Lab (also the creator of Split Test Monkey,Chit Chat Chimp,Landing Page Monkey)
Price : $47 ($27 with code,of course,they will offer)
Do I Recommend : Certainly Yes

  • Highly Recommended

Money in the list,right,so that sooner or later,you should consider to build an email list. Besides creating a landing page,adding a popup lead capture form,widget,optin chatbot,content locking,a notification bar is also a good choice. Moreover,if you abuse flying popup capture,your audiences may feel annoying. In addition,not all landing page are not always good and sometimes,you drive people by paid traffic. Widget and Content Locking are not always effective because they don’t really surprise your audiences. Optin chatbot is great and if you know how to combine it with notification bar correctly,certainly you will boost a lot conversion.
Additionally,notification bar always work no matter you are building optin or recommending products,ec. It doesn’t annoy your audiences so that you won’t lose integrity with them. Besides,it increases conversion rates,click rates like crazy and not many people know. Conversion Gorilla is a brand new software and especially affordable even the upsells. Best of all,Conversion Gorilla allows you to create unlimited notification bar in order to surprise your audiences without annoying them. Now,checkout my Conversion Gorilla review so that you understand the services.

What Is Conversion Gorilla?


Conversion Gorilla
At first,it’s a software that helps you create a notification bar. Using Conversion Gorilla,you will create notification bar so as to offer a bait (direct to optin-page) or notify your audiences about a product or a free trial. Unlike many types of traditional ads and notification bars,this will not annoy your audiences. In other words,it’s like Provely but in the other way (it’s not a popup). In addition,Conversion Gorilla works on any type of website including landing pagers, blogs, shopping carts etc.

Who Is Conversion Gorilla For?

  • Any marketer (from Novice to Professional) who want to scale up their revenue
  • You haven’t built a list before
  • Especially you are running CPA,CPL,Pay Per Call or Pay Per Trial offers
  • Your landing page is not really high converting so that you need a Plan B
  • Amazon FBA sellers who want even to get more sales (checkout FBA Ninja,Amazon Bootcamp)
  • Ecommerce sellers who are offering discount,ec to boost conversion as well as revenue
  • You are running an authority site (yes,it works like crazy with this)

Main Features and How To Use Conversion Gorilla


Conversion Gorilla
Now,let’s see how to create a high converting notification bar when using Conversion Gorilla. Firstly,it’s not an application,it’s a cloud-base software so you need to log in.

1.Create and Preview Notification Bars

Like their previous products,creating an element is also easy. The first thing to do is to create a text for your notification,which is appearance.
Conversion Gorilla Appearance
You can switch elements such as Text,Color and Style. After that,change the settings to display it as your own interest. It’s like you are using exit-intent technique,which can also be seen on Optin Chat,Optimonk,ec.
Conversion Gorilla Settings
You can put at the top or the bottom,it’s up to you,they both work. With a notification bar,you can add an optin or just simply direct them the any URL (such as your landing page,a free trial offer,coupon,ec). Then,you should add a expiration timer to scary them. Personally,i bought some products because of this.
Conversion Gorilla CountDown Settings
Here are some examples of notification bars created by Conversion Gorilla.
Conversion Gorilla Message Bars
Sometimes,it can replace some old-fashion landing page,widget or popup lead capture form. Some people are abusing popup lead capture form by displaying it overtime. However,popup should only display one time when people first come to any place of your site,you make popup display on all posts. But with notification bars,you can display ovetime without annoying them.
And lastly,embed that code to your website,landing pages,ec. It’s like you are doing with Landing Page Monkey,Chit Chat Chimp,Split Test Monkey,Optin Chat,ec. And here are places that you can embed code from Conversion Gorilla.
Conversion Gorilla Embed Integration

2.Real Life of Conversion Gorilla

To make you more understand about this software,i will let you see a real life example. At first,i’m in a blog and it looks like this.
Conversion Gorilla Example
just three seconds later,a notification bar appears.
Conversion Gorilla Example
Now,i will click on the button Click Here To Subscribe,and then,this is what next.
Conversion Gorilla Example
Just like some popup capture form but it doesn’t annoy them,means you won’t lose integrity with your audiences. Here are some bars that you can create easily when using Conversion Gorilla.
Conversion Gorilla Notification Bars Example Conversion Gorilla Notification Bars Example Conversion Gorilla Notification Bars Example Conversion Gorilla Notification Bars Example
Here is another example from Conversion Gorilla,it’s amazing,right.
Conversion Gorilla Examples Conversion Gorilla Example Conversion Gorilla Example
Of course,you can split test these notification bars right in the member’s area.

(Bonus Instantly Added On Your Jvzoo Account After Purchase)

The Usage of Conversion Gorilla

Now,i will show you step by step on how to create a campaign with Conversion Gorilla. It’s super fast and simple as mention in the salespage. Here’s the member area once you login.
Conversion Gorilla Review
Firstly,you need to choose your purpose. For example,i choose Drive Traffic,the option 2.
Conversion Gorilla Review
After that,i choose the Standard Bar.
Conversion Gorilla Bonus
You only need to edit text,customize button,font and color.
Conversion Gorilla Bonus Conversion Gorilla Bonus
Countdown is an effective way to boost conversion,you can do that with Conversion Gorilla,too.
Conversion Gorilla Review Conversion Gorilla Review Conversion Gorilla Review
You also need to add button link. Lastly,click Save & Exit,then copy paste the script code.
Conversion Gorilla Review
So,in fact,Conversion Gorilla works with all page builder. Here are additional bars you can create.
Conversion Gorilla Review Conversion Gorilla Review
And that’s all you get inside the front-end of Conversion Gorilla. In my opinion,it’s well worth its price.

Pricing and Upsells of Conversion Gorilla

Now,let’see the funnel of Conversion Gorilla. Firstly,the front-end price is $37/yeaar. Besides,there are 3 upsells and 1 downsell,which are also lifetime access and affordable prices. In my opinion,you should consider to buy all of them because they are highly affordable and adopt great feature.

OTO 1 : Lead Machine ($27)

The first upsell of Conversion Gorilla is Lead Machine,which is a list-building powerhouse. Lead Machine has direct integration with autoresponder softwares such as Convertkit,Mailchimp,Getresponse,Icontact,Constant Contact,ec. In addition,it allows you to access new Trigger,2-Steps Form (optin) and even add images,videos.
Conversion Gorilla Add Image and Video
Conversion Gorilla Smart Triggering
Besides,they will give you the fast action training to help you start immediately. Conversion Gorilla can charge unlimited sign up.
Conversion Gorilla List Miner Conversion Gorilla Inbox Samurai

OTO 2 : Conversion Gorilla Pro ($37)

The next upsell is the pro service,which display your notification bar in other’s website. Don’t worry,it’s not a cheating or hacking because they have white-label branding. It’s like you are running Native Ads but in other way. This is a technique that many super affiliate are still using and it works like crazy.
Conversion Gorilla Pro
Conversion Gorilla Pro

Downsell : Remove Branding ($10)

The Downsell of Conversion Gorilla is called remove branding,which means you can remove Powered By ConversionGorilla.

OTO 3 : Social Booster ($17)

The last upsell of Conversion Gorilla is social booster,which helps you to enlarge your fanpage,social media,ec. If you want to get free traffic,certainly this is a good way. Your audiences can share your posts or know your social fanpage. There are up to 10 social networks Social Booster can work with.
Conversion Gorilla Social Booster
And that’s the entire funnel of Conversion Gorilla,none of them are higher than $37,which are highly affordable. Moreover,there is no limitation or recurring fee.

Benefits of Conversion Gorilla

  • Super easy to use and to manage
  • Lifetime Access Together with affordable price
  • Upsells and Downsell are also affordable
  • Can Split Test inside the member’s are
  • Especially Can Display in other’s website
  • No Limitation About Clicks,Views,Sign-Up
  • Various Places to Embed and Autoresponders Integration
  • Build A Massive List Without Annoying Your Audiences
  • Great For Selling on Amazon or Ecommerce


Final Verdict

In conclusion,Conversion Gorilla is a great tool that helps you skyrocket your list and increase a lot conversion. Additionally,it’s super simple to manage and high affordable to any marketer. Moreover,it works by exit-intent techniques,which will help you enlarge your email list and even revenue. Best of all,there is no limitation and you can embed in various places. Using Conversion Gorilla will save you a lot of budget instead of using SumoMe,Optin Monster. Certainly,it’s one of my top recommendation tool for building an email list.


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