Conversionizer Review From Beta User-Conversion Tracking for WP

Product : Conversionizer
Creator : OJ James (also the creator of Swift Member)
Price : $21
Do I Recommend : Yes,this product is OK to buy. Before you buy,i think you need to understand Conversionizer first.

When you run an online bussiness,conversion tracking is one of the most important part. If you don’t follow your traffic and conversion,you are wasting time and money. Therefore,you always need to watch details of your website traffic. However,paying more than $100 per month for Voluum and Clickmeter is not ideal for many people. In fact,if you just follow your website traffic,no need to buy them.
Today,i will introduce you another software that is highly affordable,Conversionizer. Conversionizer is a wordpress plugin that helps you track your website’s conversion. Besides,Conversionizer also helps you split test your campaigns. Let’s checkout my Conversionizer review so as to understand the usage.
Notes : i got a review access account from OJ James so that i understand how it works.

What is Conversionizer?

Conversionizer Review
It Is a solution that tracks site visitors, sales and subscribers and auto optimizes website content to get even more sales from existing traffic.
Conversionizer has been designed from the ground-up to achieve conversion based outcomes for your online marketing.  Our focus is always: Advanced Conversion Tracking Made Simple.
Core Features inside Conversionizer :

  • Attract & Convert Free Traffic with Conversionizer Inbound Organic Tracking
  • Extract Optimum Sales and Subscribers with Conversionizer Split Testing – made simple
  • Get Profitable and Scale-Up Advertising with Conversionizer Inbound Link Tracking
  • E-commerce and Affiliate Marketing Conversionizer Integrations
  • Action Links (call-to-action optimization)
  • Instant Conversion Notifications Via Email

Who is Conversionizer For?

Conversionizer Review

  • Of course,people who want to know their website traffic
  • WordPress User (because it’s a wordpress plugin)
  • You create many landing page on your wordpress blog
  • Especially for affiliate marketer or Ecom Seller
  • Email list builder
  • And many more,….

Main Features and Demo of Conversionizer

Now,i will show you step by step on how to track website’s visitors together with Conversionizer. On the front end account,you can upload it to 100 wordpress sites. Here’s the dashboard of this wordpress plugin.
Conversionizer Review Conversionizer Review
Before you use the features of this plugin,you need to have a page or post first. About page,it should be a landing page hosted on your blog,not other plattform. In order to help you understand,i have reset all of them.
Conversionizer Review
This is where you see your conversion tracking’s detailed.
Conversionizer Review
Just click on some of these page and posts and you will see this after that.
Conversionizer Review
You will see all details on your blog post and page including link and click.
Conversionizer Review Conversionizer Review Conversionizer Review

1.Add Conversion Page

Before track conversion of a post and page,you must setup first.
Conversionizer Review Conversionizer Review
Here are what i do and result after that.
Conversionizer Review Conversionizer Review Conversionizer Review
For example,i visit a post powered by this plugin and i hit the link.
Conversionizer Review Conversionizer Review Conversionizer Review
Here’s what i see after that.
Conversionizer Review
So,actually,these pages are thankyou page and the idea of this plugin is to count how many thank you page it is redirected to. It’s like after people buy some products,they will view that page. And it normally means someone subscribes to your list or you have a sale.
Besides,you can add split test campaign between two pages or posts.
Conversionizer Review Conversionizer Review

2.Action Link

This is a very important features of this plugin and it especially helps you know what is going.
Conversionizer Review Conversionizer Review Conversionizer Review
Now,i copy paste that shortcode to any page or post i want.
Conversionizer Review
As a result,it displays like this.
Conversionizer Review
So,if people click on that link,they will be redirected to the salespage together with affiliate link.
Conversionizer Review Conversionizer Review Conversionizer Review Conversionizer Review
You don’t have to do any additional stuff,it will automatically store data as well as set n forget.

3.Additional Setup

Just additional addon for notification and more detailed about your link.
Conversionizer Review Conversionizer Review Conversionizer Review
Whenever a conversion appears,it will auto email you if you provide your address. About Clickbank and Jvzoo,it tracks sales and refunds of your product as an affiliate.
And that’s all you need to know before buying this wordpress plugin. In summary,it’s a nice tool but you need time to understand. Personally,when i get a review account,i spent hours to understand it. Watch video below in order to understand.

Funnel of Conversionizer

This product has 3 upgrades and i think this funnel is somewhat expensive for some people.

OTO 1 : Conversionizer Pro Version ($47)

Here are the features of the Pro Version.
Conversionizer Review Conversionizer Review

2.OTO 2 : Convertify App ($37)

Watch this video to know what it’s all about.

3.OTO 3 : Swift Member 2.0 + Reseller License ($47)

This is his another product,a membership site wordpress plugin and it’s able to be sold anymore. You can only buy this app as an upgrade of Conversionizer.
Full Swift Member 2.0 review here.
And that’s the entire funnel of this product.

Pros of Conversionizer

  • Real time stats
  • Can Track Sales and Optin
  • Add Action Link and Manage It
  • Know Where the Traffic is
  • Track multiple Traffic
  • Realistic Conversion Tracker Idea
  • Can Add and Promote Split Test Campaigns

Cons of Conversionizer

  • Need time to actually understand (yes,because it’s very advanced)
  • Just Clickbank and Jvzoo (nothing else at present)

Final Verdict

In conclusion,Conversionizer is a nice wordpress plugin that helps you track your website converions and visitors. Like i say above,it’s really advanced and mostly used for people who have knowledge on internet marketing spaces. The idea of this software is realistic and it also has a real stats. Of course,this product is a yes from me if you want to know your website’s converions and visitors. And don’t forget to watch video on my review post to fully understand.


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