Introduction to CPA Marketing and Guide To Profit With It-All You Need To Know Before Starting Any Campaign

Affiliate marketing is becoming bigger and bigger and this industry has generated billion dollars per year. Thanks to its awersomeness and effectiveness,it is going to a new era as a result. Normally,you must have a sale to make money as an affiliate but right now,this new type of affiliate doesn’t require. And it’s CPA marketing. CPA marketing is the art of making money online because this marketing angle pays you out the most. However,it’s not easy as some people think. CPA marketing requires you more budget and of course,more experience. So,in this article,i will show you all in depth about its meaning as well as example offers.

What Is CPA Marketing?

Firstly,CPA marketing is Cost per Action or Cost Per Acquisition. In other words,it pays out based on your customers’s actions. For example,it can be a free download,a sign up form,an affordable trial,free sign up,etc.
When comparing with CPC (cost per click),CPA has better conversion for advertisers. Thanks to CPA marketing,advertisers just need to pay money whenever a conversion take place. As a result,CPA is now becoming very popular thanks to its effectiveness.
With CPA marketing,you make money by promoting and marketing others services or products. Each of these service are offers and they have various type:

  • Conversion Point: Require some specific actions from your audiences. For instance,it can be a phone call,a sign up form,a free download,giftcard,etc.
  • Commission: the money you make once a conversion take place
  • Traffic Sources: including allowed and unallowed traffic source and Country targeting

There’s a lot of way to bring traffic to promote CPA offers such as Facebook Ads,Native Ads,Google Adwords,Bing Ads,Mobile Ads or even free traffic with Google and Youtube. Of course,there’s no best traffic source,you always need to track,split-test to figure out which one works the best.

How Does CPA Marketing Works?

Depending on the company and also the type of contract, CPA works in many ways. The general method is the same: the traffic sees your ad for your company on a website, then clicks on it, and is redirected to your site.
To buy this traffic you can use three ways. One is to pay per click, one is to pay per page visit, and another is to pay only when the traffic is able to make a sale. There is also the provision of paying a flat rate which will include a certain number of ads you display. You can also pay to book certain places for the ads, for example Google’s recommended ad spots.

Benefits of CPA Marketing

One benefit is that it includes website traffic, and there is high possibility that the traffic would purchase your service. What you have to do is to pay per click, and you even have control where you place your advertisement. In most cases you can actually choose the style of your ad and the way it will function. This definitely helps to make sure that your ad gets proper definition and justice.
You have to remember that you have to pay per click. Often people click these ads out of curiosity, resulting in quite an expense for the advertiser. So you should make sure that the ads that you will put are the perfect ones for your particular website so that the people who will click are mostly interested in buying your service or product.
These can be done in two ways- you can spend some time thinking about which websites to choose to host your ads. Or you can implement it the other way round, by determining the types of ads first which will then attract the particular kind of traffic what you wanted.

CPA Marketing Niches

Before you can actually start a cpa marketing campaign,you need to choose the right niche. CPA niches or different from affiliate marketing niche. Of course,there’s no best niche,it always depends on your traffic and how to display ads.
If you don’t know how to choose a CPA marketing niche,it’s Ok because i have a list of niche for you. Basically,these are the niches and markets that no way you go wrong.

1.Biz Op Market

The first cpa marketing market is biz op,which is also a make money market. On this CPA market,you will normally make money for a phone call,lead generation form and then a sale. Here’s are some niches you can target:

  • Binary/Gambling (SEO is fool,only use Native Ads or Facebook Ads). Offers are normally a free download on Android,IOS or Mac,PC.
  • Casino (this niche pay out you per lead,the best traffic is Native Ads)
  • At home Survey (it’s free,not a scammers inside Clickbank)
  • Retirement Account (great for both SEO and paid traffic)

2.Money Management and Loan Market

Another related market with Biz op is money management niche. In order to make money with this market,you need to have copywriting skill and video ads to convert more traffic. The best software to create video ads are Doodly and EasyVSL,which are highly affordable. There’s a lot of audiences to target on this market. For example,you can target student debt buyers or older buyers. Here’s a list of CPA marketing niche for this highest paying market:

  • Auto Insurance
  • Personal Loan or Payday Loan
  • Financial Management
  • Student Debt
  • National Debt
  • Real Estate investment
  • Mortgage
  • Credit Repairs,and much more,..

However,before you can join this market,you need to have a great copywriting skill.

3.Health Market

The next CPA marketing market you can target is about topics. Certainly,this market has interest overtime because people always care about their health. Unlike normal Clickbank or CPS networks,with CPA,you need more copywriting skill. Normally,you make money with a trial offers and then it charges monthly to customers. With this type of market,you can especially target various traffic sources like Facebook Ads,Native Ads,Bing Ads,Google Adwords,In-Text Ads,email marketing,youtube and even SEO. Here’s are cpa marketing niches on this huge market:

  • Diet (pay like crazy,can promote Clickbank and CPA marketing simultaneously)
  • Weight Loss (the same as diet but more specific buyers)
  • Muscle Building
  • Brain
  • Joint Pain
  • Blood Pressure,Blood Sugar or Cure Diabetes
  • Supplement (in includes on Diet,Weight Loss,Muscle Building,etc)
  • Male Enhancement as well as Adults (paying like crazy)

In order to monetize this market,once again,prepare a copywriting skill and presale page. Consider providing a Video Ads or Sales Letter that includes voice to get best conversion. This is the free text-to-speech maker apps you should use. On the other hand,email marketing is great traffic source for this market. Powerhouse Affiliate and Super Affiliate System are the best CPA marketing courses for this market. Besides,they have predone landing page and ad swipes to avoid you going wrong.


Another nutraceuticals markets like health is beauty market. Like health market,beauty market has interest overtime. The best traffic sources for this market are Facebook Ads and Google Adwords. Also preparing copywriting skills,video that includes voice and landing page to promote. Here’s a list of niche in beauty market:

  • Skincare (the biggest niche)
  • Anti-Aging (more specific buyers than skincare)
  • Hair Loss
  • Teeth Whitenting
  • And more,..


People always want to prepare something before a disaster happens. This market works great with multiple traffic sources like Health. Here’s a list of niche in survival market:

  • Solar Panel or Lander
  • Bed Bugs
  • Flashlight (especially for US and Canadian buyers)
  • Green Energy
  • And much more,..


This niche normally pays you for a simple download or signup. Your commission for each leads will go around from $0,5-$10. Here’s a list of CPA marketing niche on Gaming verticals:

  • Casino,Binary,Gambling
  • Free Download for IOS,Android Apps
  • Mac and PC application
  • Any downloadable game,..

And here are list of popular CPA marketing market you can target. Of course,there are more markets and niches to target. Here are some biggest markets that i personally joined and profited from them.

Create a CPA Marketing Sites Look

Every online bussiness requires a website and so does CPA marketing. Sometimes,you don’t need to have a website if your landing page services can host your page. Instapage and Landing Page Monkey are landing page services that can host your page. However,having a website is still better than not. If you don’t know how to create a website,feel free to read my Bluehost tutorials and Dreamhost tutorials.
If you ask me a question,is this necessary to build an email list with CPA marketing. The only answer i can provide you is that it depends on the niches you choose. Normally,you don’t need to build a list because Facebook Ads,Native Ads and Google Adwords do all the work for you. But you should because it’s great to monetize for a long-term.
Landing Page is a must for CPA marketing and you normally know it as presale page. A good squeeze page will look like this for example. If you join Powerhouse Affiliate or Super Affiliate System,you will have landing page that works on specific offers with CPA marketing. They are all high converting and editable index.html page.
There are two types of landing page you will create for CPA marketing: it can be a squeeze page to collect email or a landing page to promote CPA offers.
In order to make it work,make sure you have prepared heading,bullet with value driven point,high converting images,a story and copywriting skills. Also consider adding video sales letter that includes voice to get higher conversion. Don’t write garbage advertorials,it should come with an attractive headline first,bad moments second,then you will introduce a product and explain why people should buy last. Always brainstorm to make up a story.

CPA Marketing Networks

Now,we will talk about CPA marketing networks as well as how to get acceptance. Joining a high paying out network is never easy and so does CPA networks. Unlike Clickbank,Amazon,they will review every single application you apply to them.
Make sure you provide answer specifically and clearly because that’s what they want. Lying is never good but if you lack experience,sometimes you should lie. CPA marketing networks rarely accept beginners. The only CPA network that accept newbie is VaultMedia,which is only for Powerhouse Affiliate‘s members.
Here are some CPA marketing networks you can join:

  • Acnutryst (mostly for promoting Nutra offers)
  • Clickbooth,Biz Profits
  • Peerfly,Max Bounty
  • Shareasale and Commission Junction
  • And much more (i will talk when i post article about niche research)

Normally,you don’t have to provide your website because they don’t require. On the list above,only Biz Profits and Max Bounty requires a website while others no. If they require you to provide a website,you should join Clickbank and others network first,then applying to them later. A good website will have attractive look,various content,not abusing banner and have email marketing campaign.

Answer When Applying to CPA Marketing Network

For instance,i will instruct you how to sign up with Acnutryst. Once you answer all basic information,it’s time to answer these below.

One of the most popular question from all CPA marketing network is that how did you know from them. With Acnutryst,you can answer that you see it from Mthink as best 20 CPA networks or you search offers from Offervault. Personally,i say i know it from John Crestani,the owner of Super Affiliate System. They also ask you what offers you are promoting,you can say you are promoting Clickbank products and Nutraceuticals offers. Nutra offers are something like weight loss,muscle building,skincare,anti-aging,diet,blood pressure,supplements,male enhancement,etc. The traffic sources you should answer them are Facebook Ads,Native Ads,Google Adwords,Bing,etc.
If they ask about experience,you can say most of your online revenue are from Lead Generation,Pay Per Call,Pay per Trial offers. About your promotional plan,you should say you will use predone landing page,ad swipes from your CPA teacher. Also tell them you have prepared a Video Sales Letter,presale page and copywriting story.
You can do the same with Peerfly and Maxbounty.
CPA marketing applying CPA marketing applying
Make sure you answer specific question and avoid lying as much as possible. In my opinion,you should join 3-5 networks simultaneously. It’s easy to understand,because you have various options to promote.

CPA Marketing Offers

There are thoudsands of CPA marketing offers you can promote. Now,i will show you some example offers like CPS,CPL,Pay per Trial,Pay per Call,etc.

1.Cost Per Sale (CPS)

The first CPA marketing type of offers is Cost Per Sale,which pays you once your audiences complete a purchase. With CPS offers,you can even use SEO,email marketing or free traffic to promote. For example,you promote offer,they pay you commission if anyone books a room.
CPA marketing cps offers
Another CPS offer example are Brain supplement or Diet offers. With this brain supplement offers,on the sales page,the seller claims to offer a bottle.
CPA marketing CPS offers CPA marketing CPS offers CPA marketing CPS offers
On the exit-pop,the seller claims to offer free shipping and free trial to your audiences to attract audiences. But in the order form,actually,the free bottle is the bonus when they buy multiple bottles.
CPA marketing CPS offers
Another CPS offers is Phen375,which is in diet niche.
CPA marketing CPS offers CPA marketing CPS offers
You can only get commission when people complete a purchase through your affiliate link.

2.Cost Per Lead (CPL)

The next type of CPA marketing offer is Cost per Lead,which pays you per optin,lead,etc. For example,the CPL offer you promote is a Starbuck gift card.
CPA marketing CPL offers
If people sign up to get a free gift card,you get commission. So,you get $0,4 per lead whenever people complete their information to get that free card.
The more difficult CPL offer is Uber Driver,which pays you $30 per lead.
CPA marketing CPL offers
People also fill in that form but you only get commission if they become an actual Uber driver. The next example of CPL offers are Casino offers,which pay you when your audiences play the free spin.
CPA marketing CPL offers CPA marketing CPL offers
Besides,there are some CPL offers provide survey and if your audiences subscribes,you get commission.
CPA marketing CPL offers

3.Cost Per Trial (i like the most)

The next type of CPA marketing offer is trial offer. Actually,it’s a free trial sample towards your audience but they have to pay $4,95 for shipping. The trial normally expires within 14 days and then they will pay monthly for a product. This CPA marketing offers is normally in health/beauty market,which are highly evergreen.
For example,with Apex Booty,people sign up for a free sample and they pay $4,99 for shipping. After that,you will make $40 for a trial they buy. When the free trial expires,they will pay monthly expense at $74,99.
CPA marketing Cost per Trial offers CPA marketing Cost per Trial offers CPA marketing Cost per Trial offers
As a result,you get commission monthly.
Another Cost per Trial offer is Metabo Slimax,which has relation to garcinia cambogia. People get the free bottle and pay the shipping at $4,95. Then after 14 days,they pay monthly at $69,95.
CPA marketing Cost per trial offer CPA marketing Cost per trial offer CPA marketing Cost per trial offer

4.Pay Per Call

The last type of CPA marketing offer is Pay per Call. With this offer,they get commission when people receive a phone call from advertisers. This offer is something like financial,retirement account,real estate,loan,debt,credit repair,etc. Normally,you will get around $20-$200 for just a phone call.
For instance,i am promoting Gold investment offer. If someone signs up for a free gold investment kit and a valid phone call,i get $100.
CPA marketing pay per call offer

What To Know About CPA Marketing Offers?

Before you promote any cpa marketing offers,make sure you have some knowledge. And hey,some offers will require you to answer their question for approval. Normally,they ask you for a traffic source and how will you plan to promote. Besides,you need to know some following:

  • EPC (earning per click): the average revenue you make for a single click
  • Allowed Method : traffic source you can use to promote that offers
  • Restricted Traffic : you mustn’t use it for any specific offer
  • Target Countries : they are specific buyers
  • SOI offers : Single Optin offers
  • Landing Page: this is the sales page your audiences see. It must be good looking,attractive and mind hacks towards audiences and if not,don’t promote.
  • Cost To Consumer

Traffic Sources For CPA Marketing

Traffic is the lifeblood of your bussiness so that you need to get traffic to promote CPA offers. You can use both free and investment traffic but mostly investment. In fact,80% of successful traffic sources for CPA marketing are investment traffic. Here are some traffic you can use:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Native Ads
  • Mobile Ads
  • Survey
  • In-Text Ads and Banner Ads
  • PPC Ads such as Google Adwords,Bings,Yahoo Gemini,Youtube and Facebook
  • Email marketing
  • Presale Page as well as Landing Page
  • Free traffic from SEO and Youtube

There is no best traffic sources,it depends on your budget,offers as well as planning to promote. Always split-test your campaign,traffic in order to avoid losing money. Not all ads you display are equal so that be careful.

So,What’s Next

After showing you all in depth guide about CPA marketing,i hope it’s useful and helpful enough before you can take action. Of course,CPA marketing is much harder than affiliate marketing so only start if you have some experience. Before starting any campaign,consider joining some following courses to get more knowledge.

1.Super Affiliate System

This is the best training about paid trafic sources that anyone should consider to join. Actually,this is a 6 weeks training that helps you become a real super affiliate. You will learn all in depth about bussiness setting up,copywriting skill,how to write advertorials,do the niche research,how to track,split test your campaign and automate your bussiness. In addition,you will also learn how to display ad on Youtube,Yahoo,Adwords,Facebook and Native. Best of all,you have predone landing page,ad swipes and blacklist/whitelist to native ads network,Google Ads and also FB.

Final Verdict

In summary,after posting article about cpa marketing,i hope you can find your own idea before starting any actual campaign. Clearly,it’s not an easy game as well as an overnight bussiness. You need to spend time to launch your bussiness,creating the correct campaign,applying to cpa networks,getting traffic and scaling up your income. Also prepare your budget because almost all successful CPA marketing campaign are from paid traffic sources. Always split-test as well as track your campaign for the highest conversion. Learn the copywriting skill and how to build a presale page to promote CPA offers. Thanks for reading and good luck!

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