Cryptosuite Review From A Trader-No Bonus-How Does It Work?

Product : CryptoSuite

Creator : Luke Maguire (also the creator of Octosuite,Inboxr,Engagermate and Storymate)

Price : Can be $47/month or you can try as $1,then $47/month.

Do I Recommend : Yes,But as a trader,not as a marketer. I strongly recommend you to understand before taking action.

At present,cryptocurrency seems to be one of the most lucrative investment. As we know,the price of bitcoin and other crypto currency is growing and seems not to stop. We all agree that it’s a profitable investment but also high risk.
Personally,as my knowledge when trading,the best way to trade crypto coin is to use Technical Analysis. Unlike stock,fundamental analysis hardly work in this market and it should only be used if you have news.

The question is,are an a technical analysis expert. In fact,in order to success with this investment,you need to have all in depth knowledge such as signal,indicator and filter. Normally,to master it,this may cost you a lot time and energy.
If you don’t have time,it’s OK to invest in a Crypto Signal.

Forget about bitcoin mining or ICO,Multilevel,they don’t work. I recommend you to trade yourself instead of falling for scam. Today,i will introduce you a useful crypto signal,Cryptosuite. So,let’s checkout my Cryptosuite review so that you know how it works.

Notes : i personally have a test account from the creator so that i know what i’m talking. Besides,i review Cryptosuite as a trader,not as a marketer,please note.

What Is CryptoSuite?

At first,it’s a crypto signal that find and detects which currency to buy and which currency not to buy. Of course,it works based on technical analysis requirements. The idea of Cryptosuite is to swing with affordable cryptocurrency (normally lower than $1) that listed on Coinmarketcap.
Cryptosuite is similar to some forex signal in the market but focus on crypto only. It will email you whenever it find good currency to buy. You should also know that Cryptosuite will focus on Arbitrage rather than long-term investment.
Besides,it has a portfolio to help you keep track of your trade and profit.

Who Is Cryptosuite For?

  • Of course,cryptocurrency trader
  • People who don’t want to fall for ICO,Multilevel or Coin Mining
  • Swing Trader
  • Those who lack experienced about technical analysis
  • Advanced Traders who are looking for some reliable support

The Usage of Cryptosuite

Now,i will show you exactly how Cryptosuite works. This is the exact member’s area once you login.
Cryptosuite Review Cryptosuite Review
As you can see from the picture above,Cryptosuite mostly focuses on affordable currency. Don’t worry because Cryptosuite has history about a cryptocoin. You are recommended to read this before trading. Again and again,it’s mostly about technical analysis.
Another thing you can see,there’s no kind of ICO coin here.
After using and testing CryptoSuite several day,i have never seen big name such as Bitcoin,ETH,Neos,Litecoin,etc. Clearly,recently they don’t have positive trend.
I personally used Crytosuite as a way to increase reliablity,not trade all these coins as it recommend.

1.Crypto Market

The first thing to look at when using Cryptosuite is to do the market research. In fact,there’s a lot crypto currency coins on the internet but not all of them will be added into your portfolio.
Instead of spending hours watching on Tradingview,Coinmarketcap,you can come here.
Cryptosuite Review
Normally,you should choose a coin that has high market cap together with high volume. It’s easy to understand,higher liquidity.
Cryptosuite Review
For instance,we look at a coin We Power.
Cryptosuite Review
Now,let’s take a look at its information and data. So,it’s like you receive the alert from Cryptosuite and then come here to have a research.
Cryptosuite Review Cryptosuite Review Cryptosuite Review Cryptosuite Review


This is the most important feature of Cryptosuite and it’s also the reason why you pay monthly/yearly fee. Everyday,this one will alerts you Top Gainers and Top Losers.
Cryptosuite Review
You can also trigger alerts like this.
Cryptosuite Review
As a result,you will see the price you want for a crypto coin without needing to follow the chart manually.
On the other hand,you can filter the alerts for Top Gainers.
Cryptosuite Review
New Coin Alerts has not been released yet. Once it release,i will show you details about it.
Filter is a highly important process of Technical Analysis and advanced traders are using their own code at Amibroker.
So that you should understand that Cryptosuite is actually Luke’s own code. Of course,i don’t know the code and algorithm he is using 🙂


Your portfolio is highly important when trading any currency or asset. In fact,most successful traders get rick because they know how to manage and keep track of their portfolio.
Personally,i use Excel to manage my Portfolio when trading stock and cryptocoin. Thanks to Cryptosuite,you can manage your portfolio directly on the app.
As a result,you know the current value of your portfolio.
Cryptosuite Review
It’s super simple,you only need to add transaction like this.
Cryptosuite Review Cryptosuite Review Cryptosuite Review Cryptosuite Review
For example,i do this.
Cryptosuite Review
You will see your porfolio like this after that.

4.Cryptocurrency News

90% traders on the market,including stock,forex,gold and cryptocurrency has herd mentality. They are really sensitive with news. Whenever an asset has good news,its price will boom and if bad news,the price will drop miserably.

So,of course,you must update information if you don’t want to be a loser. In fact,Luke Maguire’s signal only works with technical analysis and it can not save you from good news,bad news.

Instead of reading newspaper or the Economy website,you can update news directly on Cryptosuite.

Just simply click on the news and then reading the entire post.


The last feature of Cryptosuite is arbitrage. So what does arbitrage means,it means you are buying a cryptocoin at a low price and then sell it in other’s places at a higher price.

The best part is Cryptosuite can find the markets you can sell a cryptocoin.

As you can see,you can sell at a specific market and at a specific price. So you don’t need to waste your time seeking a place to sell.

And that’s all you need to know about Cryptosuite. As a trader,i recommend Cryptosuite because it looks legit and saves you time. If you like Cryptosuite,you can buy it but make sure you have some investments and budgets besides.
There’s no upsells so that no kind of hidden features.

If you feel this review informative enough,please share so that people know exactly what they are going to get.

What I Like About Cryptosuite

  • Easy interface and easy to manage
  • Reliable Signal
  • Can Manage Your Portfolio (see profits,loss,etc)
  • Save You Time and Energy
  • Updating News and Information Manually
  • Find Arbitrage Market to Sell Your Coin
  • Affordable price and No Upsell

Final Verdict

In summart,Cryptosuite is  a great crypto trading signal that you can buy and manage. I have personally tested myself and it seems to be reliable. Best of all,it saves a lot time and energy for me when updating news,seeing a coin’s history and manage my portfolio. It’s 100% legit and how much you can make is still up to you,your mentality or knowledge. Please share this post if you find it helpful and interesting.