Dealcount Review From User-Using Scarcity to Boost Conversion

Product : Dealcount
Creator : Mario Brown and Martin Crumlish
Price : $27
Do I Recommend : Certainly Yes

Scarcity together with exit intent technologies seems to be one of the best technique to boost conversion and sale. Agree or not,if you don’t use scarity technique,it’s hard to make people feel they need to buy.
Do not surprise if you see most professional marketers are using this technology so as to boost conversion and EPC. At present,the most popular scarcity technique is count-down timer.
Most count-down timer feature just offer a simple countdown but seems doesn’t hit people a lot. Now,i am going to introduce you a nice count-down creator that is completely different from the rest,Dealcount.

What Is Dealcount?

Dealcount Review
At first,Dealcount is like its name,a countdown creator. But that’s not all you get from this product. On the other hand,it has great position formatted and exit notification overlay.
Besides,it also has sound notification,exit popup for that countdown timer and various background,templates.

Who Is Dealcount For?

  • Any marketer who want to boost conversion
  • Affiliate marketer and especially CPA marketer who want to scale their presale landing page
  • If you sell ecommerce products or launch digital products online
  • Those who has low conversion and still waste click because not using scarity
  • You can’t afford to pay monthly fee for other exit-intent services

Main Features and Demo of Dealcount

Now,i’m going to show you step by step how to create a high converting countdown timer using Dealcount. Personally,i understand this product after a chat with Mario Brown on Skype so that you are reading a real user review.
Basically,this is the member’s area once you login.
Dealcount Review
With the front-end of Dealcount,there is no limitation about how many campaign you can create.

1.Create Campaign

To start,firstly,click on Form Templates. There are various templates from Dealcount that works in multiple niches.
Dealcount Review Dealcount Review Dealcount Review
Actually,it’s a combination between popup and timer scarcity. Once you choose a template,simply click on it.
Dealcount Review
As i mention before,Dealcount is a software that works with any page builder. In fact,you don’t need to do complex integration process. Just need to enter an URL and then creating your campaign. The best description is Dealcount can create exit-intent campaigns for something that is built-in.
At here,everything you need to do is to customize text,images so as to fit what you are doing. In fact,you can also use it to promote affiliate offers by creating exit-pop and scarcity timer. Besides,limitation is also a technique you can use.
Dealcount Review Dealcount Review
Just simply choose overlay and design.
Dealcount Review

2.Content and Coundown

The most advanced technique Dealcount offers is speech notification. There are 3 types of redirecting after notification.
Dealcount Review
Here’s how you can add.
Dealcount Review Dealcount Review
If you are selling a product,Dealcount is great because it integrates some of the best shopping cart likeĀ  Paykickstart,Thrivecart,Zaxxa,etc.
Dealcount Review
You can also setup animation in order to attract people.
Dealcount Review
In the content setting,you can setup limitation about how many copies left.
Dealcount Review
What makes me impress about Dealcount is that it can create full screen exit-pop. Clearly,this technique is much better than ugly exit pop services.
After you finish all process,simply Preview and Save changes.
And that’s all you get for the single time purchase of $27 with Dealcount. In my opinion,it’s well worth the price.

Funnels of Dealcount

All products on the internet have upsells and so does Dealcount. At present,this one has 3 upsells and they are not too expensive.
1.OTO 1 : DealCount Templates ($37)
Dealcount OTO 1
This offer is a library of 8o additional templates you can add into your Dealcount account.
OTO 2 : Dealcount Pro ($47)
Dealcount Pro
This is a pack of additional features you can apply into your own campaign. If you don’t really need it,you don’t need to buy.
OTO 3 : Dealcount Agency ($67)
It’s like you can sell your own bussiness to people. Personally,i don’t recomend you to buy this because i never sell services online like this.
And that’s the entire funnel of Dealcount,which is not too complex.

Bonus From Me

In order to make your life much easier,i will add some extra bonuses if you buy Dealcount through my link. Of course,there will be no cheap PLR added on my site. These are high quality products created by Mario Brown and Martin Crumlish,some of the biggest name. This product is currently powered by Jvshare so that after you complete your purchase,you will get immediate access to these bonuses.
1.Page Designer
Dealcount Bonus
2.Timer Bar Pro
Dealcount Bonus
Dealcount Bonus
3.Offline Graphic Editor
Dealcount Bonus
4.15 Additional Bonuses By Paykickstart’s Team
Dealcount Bonus
Dealcount Bonus
And that’s all bonuses you get from me if you access Dealcount through my link. Everything are automatically added inside your account after purchase.

Pros of Dealcount

  • Affordable price
  • Easy to use and easy interface
  • Create Unlimited Campaign
  • Various Templates
  • Add Countdown Timer to Your Exit-Intent
  • Work with Any Link and Page Builder
  • Use Exit-Intent to an Available Buit-in Page
  • Full Screen Popup.

Cons of Dealcount

  • 3 Upsells and one of them is not neccessary
  • Does not integrate Paypal or Visa/Mastercard immediately (must need a shopping cart platform first)

Final Verdict

In summary,Dealcount is a nice cloud-base app that you can have a try. It’s super affordable and simple to use but it solves your problems on internet marketing. Agree or not,without exit-intent and scarcity,it’s hard to encourage people to buy as well as boosting conversion. Of course,i highly recommend this app not just because it’s created by a big marketers team but also its benefits.


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