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Digital Course Secrets Review from Real User-Does it Work?

Product : Digital Course Secrets

Creator : Kevin David (also the creator of Zon Ninja Masterclass,Amazon FBA Ninja,Shopify Ninja Masterclass and Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass)

Price : $1997

Do I Recommend : Yes,but only for those who are serious about building course online.


Product launch is presently one of the hottest and most profitable online business. That’s why sales funnel is a really hot topic on the internet. Instead of buying courses,why not establishing yourselfs as a course creator 🙂

But creating course is not easy for beginners. In order to success,you need content and marketing strategy. I know it can be complex at starting point but once you have some knowledge,it would be easy.

People are banking as a course creator and launch product online so that no way you can’t. So,before creating your course,consider learning from Kevin David,who actually make millions as a course creator.

After buying Digital Course Secrets and learn Kevin David strategy,i would say it’s a nice to have product for marketers. Now,let’s read my entire Digital Course Secrets review so that you know how it works.

What is Digital Course Secrets?

It’s a 6 chapters video training that helps you make money as a course creator. This focuses things like creating content,doing research,doing product launch and get traffic. Basically,this course is a process that Kevin has done when he creates 3 other courses and then make money. So,you are learning exactly what he is doing.

Who is Digital Course Secrets For?

  • Any marketer at any experience
  • Those who want to make real money selling course online
  • You are an action taker and you are not coward
  • If you want to try Sales Funnel and Product Launch
  • You are sick of fake and dummy email list
  • And a lot more,..

Main Features and Training of Digital Course Secrets

Now,i will show you exactly what inside this training course. This is the member’s area once you login.

I’m a real user of Digital Course Secrets and here’s the proof 🙂

Digital Course Secrets Review

I will not screenshot all as a way to protect content of Kevin David,as you know,reveal too much is not good for product creator 🙂

As always,he will help you understand about the business you are running and why it actually sells.

Chapter 1 : Choosing your Course Niche

When you run a membership site,you need to choose your niche first. A lot people when joining to Digital Course Secrets choose to create course in IM/MMO niche.

Chapter 2 : Building your Tribe

Before selling course online,you will need to be a known guy first. So,he recommends you to do manual work like creating lead Magnets,Setup Free Traffic from Facebook Group and Youtube. That’s really correct because even a site like Daily Job Killer now is super simple to run course online.

Chapter 3 : Validating your Course Idea with Real World Data

When we teach something online,we need to understand about it. It’s not neccessary to become an expert but you should know something to talk. And the module 3 of Digital Course Secrets focuses about that.

Chapter 4 : Organizing,Pricing and Building your Course for Explosive Growth

Price your course properly is a super important process. Many people overrate their course and as a results,no one buy their course. So,the content of the course,the value you bring to customers is super important here.

Chapter 5 : Technological Evolution

This module focuses mostly on technical process like Sales Funnel,Membership and Order Page. The main software he recommends is once again Clickfunnels. But buying or not,choice is still yours,if you don’t like Clickfunnels,you can buy other solution like Builderall and Kyvio.

Chapter 6 : Marketing Mastery

This is the most important part when joining Digital Course Secrets. It’s hard to sell course if you have bad advertising. The traffic source he recommends is Facebook Ad and in fact,Kevin run ads everyday to sell Digital Course Secrets and his other top selling courses.


In order to help you fasten your course creation process,he provides bonus session. The first one is to build an affiliate army. As you know,when you launch product online,affiliate is the best free traffic sources because they are ready to promote your product.

Webinar Funnel works so well especially if you are selling High Ticket Course. A lot people in Digital Course Secrets sell their course at the price at $497 or above,some creates monthly course.

And that’s all you need to know before you buy Digital Course Secrets. In fact,it’s worth the price $1997 itselfs.

Bonus From Me

In order to help your life much easier,i will add some extra bonuses if you buy Digital Course Secrets through my link. Just simply buy and then show me your name and your receipt,i will manually verify and then grant you access.

Digital Course Secrets Bonus

Pros of Digital Course Secrets

  • Easy to apply video lesson
  • Proven training that works
  • Realistic Content and Ideas
  • Dedicated Support Team
  • Help you run a Legitimate Course Business

Cons of Digital Course Secrets

  • Somewhat expensive price (but worth)

Final Verdict

In summary,Digital Course Secrets is a great training course that helps you make real money as a course creator. The training is a today’s winning strategy and he actually makes real money as a course creator before. Kevin David is a real guy and he has helped a lot people retire and quit their job. So you can be the next to join him. I know this is not really passive but if you are dedicated to this business,you certainly success. Of course,Digital Course Secrets is a yes from me but only for action takers 🙂























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