Digital Product Affiliate Promotion Guide-Everything You Need To Know

On affiliate marketing,there are two main types of affiliate offers:digital product and physical product. With digital product,you have higher commission rate and especially easier to build an email list. On the other hand,it’s also easier for you to deal with free and investment traffic.
Every single day, millions of people around the world turn to the internet to find answers to problems they have. So many products have been created, aimed at helping people on a daily basis – whether it’s to help with their health, beauty tips, dating advice, hot to train their dog, make money online, use Facebook, and so on.

One of the key benefits of Clickbank is its marketplace that allows to sell both digital and physical products. While physical products are a big part of our every day lives, many still opt to read a book or use a tool online or on their desktop. If you have a digital product, Clickbank is a fantastic place to launch it on and sell long term. In this article,i will show you the key to promote digital product so that you know where to start.

1.What Is Digital Product?

digital product powerhouse affiliate
At first,a digital product is something that is delivered completely on the internet. When you purchase a product,you will have instant access to a product you buy. A digital product can be something like a report, an ebook, a software, a computer program, an app, a downloadable program, a desktop program training videos your customer can watch – all these and more are digital products, because that is the way you get them; digitally.

2.Choose A Niche

When you promote digital product on Clickbank and other networks,make sure you are choosing an evergreen or profitable niche. If you choose the wrong niche,then it’s hard to earn a consitent online income. There are 3 biggest topics: health,wealth and relationship. Besides,there are many popular market like beauty,mindset,hair loss,survival,passion,dog training,etc.
When you choose a niche,i recommend you to choose a sub-niche rather than the whole market. For example,with health topics,you should choose sub-niche like weightloss,diet,blodd pressure. Or with dating market,you should only target men or women in one website. If you have problem to find which topic to choose,you should read this post.
And don’t take too much time to choose a niche because there’s no best niche and you may move to other niches soooner or later.

3.Choose Affiliate Offer

After choosing a niche,then you need to choose an offer to promote. Basically,there are thoundsands of digital product but only a small part of them really good to your customers. Do not promote scam,promote legitimate digital product that really helps your audiences.
A very important thing when it comes to promoting any product in general is asking yourself “what does my customer want?”. If you know or have promoted a product already, you’ll know the information they want. But the question is: how do they want it delivered? Will your ideal customer be willing to read a long ebook, or perhaps they want video training to guide them through? Or what about extra downloadable resources you can add in? Think through all these points, and choose an offer that will not only engage your customer, but make the information easy to retain.

4.Creating A Lead Magnet

An advantage of digital product when comparing with physical product is that it is easier to build an email list. In order to build an email list,you will need a free ebook to giveaway. In other words,you are benefiting your lead magnet to build a list.
Besides a high converting squeeze page,having a good lead magnet is highly important. A lead magnet can be a downloadable PDFs,a video training,etc that attract your audiences. Personally,i like using ebook because it’s memorable towards my audiences and it’s easier to deliver. Best of all,you can insert your affiliate link to promote any digital product as your first recommendation. Don’t forget that people rarely delete ebook on their computer/

5.Building A List and Sending Email Swipes

Affilojetpack Digital Product
After creating your lead magnet,then you need to build a list. Before building a list,make sure you have a bait to giveway. There are multiple ways to build your list,it can be your landing page,an exit popup or a notification bar.
I recommend you to use Convertkit because it’s the best service now and it avoids duplicating subscribers. Feel free to checkout my Convertkit tutorials. And don’t forget to learn how to create a mobile optimized squeeze page that converts here.
Remember,this is an important process because you have a chance to monetize online consistently. If you are still procrastinating,read my reasons here.
After that,you need to create an autoresponder sequence. Always remember to balance between soft-sell and hard-sell swipes. Also checkout how to write an email swipes here. On the long run,you will make money with multiple products and even year-to-come.

6.Getting Traffic To Your Site

Traffic is a lifeblood of any online bussiness,without traffic,no revenue you can expect to make. Sooner or later,you need to gain traffic to your website. There are two types of traffic: free and investment traffic. A big advantage of digital product is that it’s great for both of these traffic.
With free traffic,you can get from Google SEO,Youtube SEO and Facebook Fanpage. Personally,i use SEO and Youtube to gain free traffic to my website and to build an email list. Using Google,content is king,keyword is queen and backlink get the whole process done. On this traffic,you should find long tail keywords,do competition analysis and drive guest blogging.
On the other hand,using paid traffic,you get result faster and even better customers. There’s a lot of paid traffic to promote digital product like Bing Ads,Google Adwords,Yahoo Gemini,Youtube Ads,Facebook Ads,Solo Ads and Native Ads. Of course,it depends on your niche,campaign and affiliate offer. Always prepare landing page and split-test your traffic,ads performance to get the highest conversion. Remember,you are doing this to increase ROI.

So,What’s Next

After posting article to teach you how to promote digital product,i hope you can find your own idea for your campaign. And in order to take your bussiness to the next level,consider joining some course that completely helps you promote digital product successfully.

1.Chris Farrell Membership

This training is perfect for newbies and people who want to save a lot budget. Chris Farrell Membership was the best online training from 2011-2015 and it’s affordable. What i likes about this training is that it includes hosting,done for you website,landing page. Moreover,he focuses a lot on email marketing and strategies to make money for a long-term. The traffic source he focuses are video marketing,Facebook Ads,forum marketing and guest blogging. If you want to master video ads,build a list through Facebook Ads,i think this training is perfect.

2.Lurn Insider

This is a 21 days fast track training helps you master affiliate marketing. Inside the training,you will learn about copywriting techniques,email marketing,both free and paid traffic. The paid traffic he focuses are Google Adwords,PPC Advertising,Solo Ads and Facebook Ads. Best of all,you get his pre-done niche research for profitable niches.

3.Inbox Blueprint

Besides Affilojetpack,this is also one of the greatest training about email marketing. He teaches very step-by-step on how to create profitable email marketing campaign. Moreover,he seems focusing a lot about building relationship and list segmentation. The traffic training he focuses are Twitter,Google SEO,Google PPC,Solo Ads and Facebook Ads. Best of all,you have access to Traffic Academy (his previous product),his landing page cretor software,done for you swipes. And more importantly,he provides ebook to giveaway,niche research and tracking,optimization course.


It’s not really a training course,it’s an 80% percent done for you bussiness that helps you build 5 websites as fast as possible. Inside this training,you have done for you niche research,ebook to giveaway,articles to post,1 year email newsletter,keyword packs. In addition,you will get 1 year hosting for 5 domains, Affiloblueprint and Affilotheme as a bonus. The additional traffic training are Solo Ads,Amazon Kindle and Youtube.

5.Powerhouse Affiliate (First Recommendation)

This is my first online marketing recommendation training and it only costs you $7 to join. Powerhouse Affiliate has multiple lessons about paid traffic such as Facebook Ads,Bing Ads,Google Ads,Mobile Ads,Native Ads,Solo Ads,In-Text Ads,etc and how to optimize them for higher ROI. In addition,you have access to premium landing page,best marketing forum ever,done for you bussiness in box and whitelist to their CPA network,Vault Media. Checkout my Powerhouse Affiliate review and bonuses.
And these are all the training that i recommends to you. Certainly,if you focuses on your bussiness and follow their training,you can’t waste your time and money.


In summary,after reading my instruction,i hope it’s useful and helpful enough for you. Promoting digital product is easy to do but it’s not easy to monetize in the long-run. So,spend time to create your campaign,build an email list,creating landing page and getting traffic. This is not an overnight work,it requires time,energy and effort to make money online.

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