Doodly Review,Demo and Bonus-Great Software For Video Marketing

Product : Doodly
Founder : Jimmy Kim (co-founder of Sendlane together with Anik Singal) . Also one of the most successful internet marketer
Price : Starting from $39 when bill monthly or $240 when bill yearly . Especially no upsell
Do I Recommend : Certainly Yes

  • Ease Of Use
  • Price
  • Support
  • Features

In the internet marketing industry,there is no doubt when video marketing is one of the best traffics and promotions. People trust youtube and it seems like they love watching video explaination rather than reading. Besides youtube description,tagging,SEO youtube,ec,you really need to create a high quality video.Certainly,it’s not easy and it does require skill,time,energy and even budget. Doodly is a friendly video sketch creator to help you create a professional video. If you have seen some video marketing explaination before,maybe it’s from Doodly. Now,let’s check my Doodly review and Demo so that you know exactly what inside.

What Is Doodly?

doodly banner
At first,it’s a software that helps you create a professional Doodbe and Sketch video. Actually,it’s like you are making an explaning video towards your audiences so that they feel they need something (your gift,first recommendation,ec.). Besides,it’s like an animation video creator that creates a professional but no need on camera or skill. It’s friendly for all users and it’s also easy and fast to customize your own one. In addition,it’s a drag and drop dooble video tools just like landing pages creator (Clickfunnels,LPM,Instapage,Wpprofitbuilder or Instabuidler).

Who Is Doodly For?

doodly banner

  • People who are using Youtube Marketing (of course,include free and paid traffic)
  • If you are running an Amazon FBA bussiness
  • You are reviewing some products in order to promote it
  • You are redirecting people to your first recommendation (in other words,you are running authority sites)
  • If you are launching an ecommerce store
  • You don’t know how to use camera as well as lack of skill on recording
  • You want to create a funny dooble video but professional
  • If you want to improve your Facebook Fanpage
  • You want to create a high converting video landing page in order to collect email
  • If you are running a CPA affiliate marketing
  • You create your own product (or your sales funnel) so that you want to explain people about this
  • Especially you hate upsells

Main Featurs and Demo of Doodly

Now,i won’t waste your time anymore,let’s check out how to create a high converting video with Doodly.
Firstly,it’s a member’s dashboard after you sign in.
doodly member dashboard
doodly dashboard

1.Edit or Create New Video

doodly create video
Nothing too special,just like other video tools but with Doodly,you have available animation templates. Look at the charecters’s option.
doodly character
Then,look at the props option.
doodly props doodly props

2.Adding Elements

Now,i will add some elements inside Doodly and let’s see how it works. Firstly,i will add Steve character,table and keyboard props.
doodly demo doodly demo doodly demo
This is the preview of this elements,Doodly will use hand and pen so as to draw these animations.
doodly demo
doodly preview
In my opinion,you may have seen this type of video a lot of time when a hand will draw animation,familiar right. Don’t underestimate this type of video because many people are still monetizing through this way.
After that,just simply customize time,item to create your expectation video.
doodly time optimization
doodly time optimization
Now,let’s change into another slide.
doodly text
You can also add items from your own computer,you don’t have to use only items from Doodly.
doodly add new props

Adding Sounds

In order to make your video look interesting,you shouldn’t skip sounding. You can add sound from mouth,available sounds or even music. However,don’t add sounds that has copyright (youtube will penalize you).
doodly adding sounds

Blackboard and Glassboard Video

Besides whiteboard video,Doodly can also create blackboard and glassboard video. It’s up to you and how your video should look like.
doodly blackboard
doodly blackboard video

Export Video

After creating your video,at last,export your own video. You can create a video that quality go from 360 to 1080 (SD and HD). Remember,you can create unlimited video and what you see is what you get.
doodly export video doodly export video


Let’s take a look at the pricing plan,there are 3 packages Gold,Platinum or Enterprise. Each packages will offer monthly plans or yearly plans,with yearly plans,you save nearly 50 percent. In addition,there is no upsell and no hidden features in Doodly.
doodly pricing doodly pricing

Bonus From Me

To make your life much easier,i add some bonus if you buy this product through my affiliate link. This product is powered by Paykickstart so that after you buy,you will get immediate access to my bonuses. I won’t offer cheap PLR bonuses for this product as some scammers are doing.

1.Produce Video For Profits

Doodly Bonus

2.Video Cheats

3.Youtube Ads Made Easy

Doodly Bonus

4.Youtube Ads Made Easy Video Training

5.Video Ads Made Easy

6.Video Marketing Made Easy

Viddyoze Bonus

7.Facebook Ads Made Easy

Doodly Bonus

8.How To Get 10K Views On Youtube

9.Liking Facebook Ads Again

Doodly Bonus

10.Creating Powerful Video Sales Letter

Doodly Bonus
Your video sales letter should not just be a transcript of your written sales page. That’s boring, and even worse, it can hurt your conversions! Inside this package you will learn how video marketing experts create sales videos that grab their viewers attention and practically hypnotize them into buying! This training package includes a downloadable MP4 video and full written transcript.

 Pros of Doodly

  • Easy to use as well as to customize
  • Various pros,characters and images
  • It’s a drag and drop video editor
  • Dedicated Support
  • No upsell (hence there’s no hidden features)
  • Can Use In Multiple Computers
  • Monthly Update with new animations
  • Include Free Music
  • Offering HD video
  • Up To 49% discount when bill yearly
  • What You See Is What You Get

Cons of Doodly

  • The front-end price (monthy bill) has a little bit expensive towards some people
  • No Text To Speech Features

Final Verdict

In conclusion,Doodly is a great video doodle creator that anyone should have. It’s friendly to all users and also easy to customize with your owns. Additionally,the graphics,images and video quality of Doodly is really great and they update monthly. Of course,i highly recommend this tool if you are using Youtube Free Traffic,Video Landing Page,Your First Recommendation Page or even to enlarge your fanpage.


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