Drip Leadpages Review and Demo-Best Free Email Service Provider

Product : Drip Leadpages
Price : Free to join until you get more than 100 subscribers (send unlimited email)
Verdict : It’s my first recommendation besides Convertkit

  • Price
  • Ease Of Use
  • Feature
  • Integration
  • Support
  • How They Charge Subscriber

Presently,email marketing is a formula to successful online bussiness. Money in the list especially if you know how to use your lists effectively. Even you are in affiliate marketing,ecommerce,Amazon FBA,selling digital products,etc,sooner or later,you need to build an email list. Furthermore,it helps you monetize for a long-term process. Besides,it helps you increase chance of getting approval into high paying CPA network.
Drip Leadpages
Therefore,investing in an autoresponder software is nearly compulsory if you are serious about online bussiness. If you are my audiences,certainly you know Convertkit is my first recommendation. However,you can not try for free and this service lacks split-testing,tracking system. Mailchimp and Getresponse are free but they have limitation and they duplicate subscribers. Drip Leadpages is an email service provider that is free to join,no duplicate subscribers and especially no limitation.

What Is Drip Leadpages?

Drip Leadpages
Firstly,it’s an autoresponder software just like Convertkit,Mailchimp and Getresponse. In addition,Drip Leadpages was created and developed from the founder of Leadpages. It’s free for life like Mailchimp but it can send unlimited email and it’s much easier to use than Mailchimp. On the other hand,it’s also a software for marketing automation like Infusionsoft but with a cheaper price. Secondly,Drip Leadpages is the only service that adopts Facebook Lead Ads generation. Best of all,it adopts conversion tracking and split-testing so as to manage and improve your campaign.

Who Is Drip Leadpages For?

Drip Leadpages

  • Any internet marketer (from novice to professional) who want to scale up their lists and traffic
  • You hate duplicating subscribers from Mailchimp,Getresponse
  • If you are finding a tool like Convertkit but free
  • If you are finding a free for life autoresponder like Mailchimp but no limitation
  • Of course,you are a Leadpages’s user
  • Big enterprise who don’t use Infusionsoft
  • Anik Singal ‘s students who don’t use Sendlane (such as FB Academy,Inbox Blueprint,Lurn Insider)
  • If you are running CPA,CPL,Pay Per Call and Pay Per Trial campaigns,offers
  • Amazon Seller who want to monetize for a long-term (checkout Amazon Bootcamp,Amazon FBA Ninja)
  • You are selling products on Shopify (checkout Ecom Success Academy,Zero Up)

Main Features and Demo of Drip Leadpages

Drip Leadpages Affilojetpack
Now,i won’t waste your time anymore,let’s see how i use Drip Leadpages in order to build a list. If you haven’t created an account with Drip Leadpages before,feel free to join,it’s free for life. Once you log in,this is what you see.
Drip Leadpages Member Dashboard

1.Create Campaign

The first thing to do when using an autoresponder is to create an email campaign. At first,click on New Drip Campaign.
Drip Leadpages Create Campaign
This is what you see after that. You can create an optin form directly on Drip Leadpages or using other services for better conversion.
Drip Leadpages Create Form
For example,i will create an optin form on Drip Leadpages. At first glance,the templates look more professional than Convertkit,Mailchimp and Getresponse.
Drip Leadpages Create Form
However,Drip Leadpages doesn’t offer drag and drop editor as Mailchimp and Getresponse. Normally,you don’t need that on an autoresponder.
Drip Leadpages Create Form
But the big advantage is that Drip Leadpages allows you to edit/alter the Button,Form Text and description. In addition,you can upload your own template and customize orientation.
Drip Leadpages Create Form
After that,you need to create a tripwire page or just simply thank you page. For best result,i recommend you to prepare a tripwire (or thankyou page) together with an affiliate (or CPA) offer. Currently,Drip Leadpages has integration with Instapage,Clickfunnels,LandingPage Monkey. But if you only need a tripwire page,no need for integration.
Drip Leadpages ThankYou Page
Then,you need to create a confirmation link with Drip Leadpages,that’s a rule of email marketing.
Drip Leadpages Confirmation Drip Leadpages Confirmation Drip Leadpages Confirmation
What makes Drip Leadpages different is that it can host your form.

2.Manage Email

Drip Leadpages Inbox Blueprint Ebook
Once you create a sign up form,the next thing to do is to manage your email list. I create a new campaign so that the number of subscribers is zero.
Drip Leadpages Manage Email
Then,let’s set up an email campaign.
Drip Leadpages Email Campaign
Of course,the next thing to do is to prepare your email newsletter. But remember,do not send spam in anyway and Drip Leadpages send spam or not is up to what you write. Always subscribe to your own newsletter before you set up to people.
Drip Leadpages Email Campaign
After you create newsletter,you can see your campaign newsletter here. If you join Affilojetpack,you will get 1 year email newsletter together with done for you research,keyword and lead magnet.
Drip Leadpages Email Campaign

3.Keeping Your List Healthy

Besides creating a campaign,you should keep your list healthy to ensure they have good quality. With Drip Leadpages,you can keep your list healthy by prunning and re-engagement workflow. At first,prunning your list helps you increase your sender reputation and helps deliverality. On internet marketing,certainly you can not avoid bad and fake subscribers. However,you still have to pay for them. With Drip Leadpages,you can remove them from your lists because it has statistic on what they do.
Drip Leadpages Prunning Email
After seeing on how many email they don’t open and click,then you may have an answer on remove them or not. Some people may be busy so that they can’t receive but if you see they don’t open or click in some day in a row,do not hesitate to remove them.
Drip Leadpages Prunning Email List
On the other hand,Drip Leadpages features Re-engagement workflow,which is great.
Drip Leadpages Re-engagement Workflow
In order to implement re-engagement,simply does these 3 steps.
Drip Leadpages Re-engagement Workflow
Drip Leadpages Re-engagement Workflow
Drip Leadpages Re-engagement Workflow
Drip Leadpages automatically perform this for you so that you can forget about this,simply view the stats. For example,you should do like this.
Drip Leadpages Re-engagement Workflow
Drip Leadpages Re-engagement Workflow

4.Building Your Workflow

Another must-have feature of Drip Leadpages is to build your workflow. It can be marketing automation or just simple email marketing based on your niche,topics and type of bussiness. There are 3 most popular ways such as Lead Magnets Delivery,Post Conversion Upsell and Customer Life Cycle. Firstly,click on Automation.
Drip Leadpages Build Workflow
Secondly,choose a type of trigger,there are 6 types.
Drip Leadpages Trigger
This is what you see after that.
Drip Leadpages Build Workflow
Thirdly,choose an action you want. Despite being easy to use and manage,inexperienced should not go detail about this feature.
Drip Leadpages Action Workflow
If you are a complete newbie,don’t worry because Drip Leadpages offers some draft to make your life much easier. So,it’s not only free to join but also have some draft to help you.
Drip Leadpages Lead Magnet Delivery Drip Leadpages Lead Magnet Delivery
In addition,Drip Leadpages even have some customizable email.
Drip Leadpages Draft Email

5.Email Editor

Drip Leadpages Email Spike Banner
In addition to some feature above,Drip leadpages does offer crafting email with email editor. There are 5 core things it can do such as adding first name,image,resend to unopened,scheduling and applying a template.
Drip Leadpages Email Editor
You can add image,embed code,add available template and preview.
Drip Leadpages Email Editor Drip Leadpages Email Editor Drip Leadpages Email Editor
And more importantly,Drip Leadpages can automatically resend to unopened email. Not all subscribers who don’t open your email are bad because they are busy or they have too many email.
Drip Leadpages Resend to Unopened

6.List Segmentations

Amazon FBA Ninja Drip Leadpages
The next important feature Drip Leadpages adopts is to segment your list. Remember,not all lists are equal so that you always need to segment your list. To use this feature,simply add a tag,conditions and then it will automatically display. Best of all,you can filter multiple conditions simultaneously. If you are running CPA campaign,certainly this technique helps you a lot.
Drip Leadpages List Segmentation
As i mention before,if you see subscribers that has low or zero Lead Score,don not hesitate to remove them. For instance,if you add multiple conditions,the number of subscribers is very low.
Drip Leadpages List Segmentation
Besides,these are two types of filter that Drip Leadpages adopts. But hey,remember to add tag.
Drip Leadpages List Segmentation Drip Leadpages Lists Segmentation
After that,just save your segmentation.
And these are all features that you will need while using Drip Leadpages. In addition,it has some great features when comparing with the opponents.

No More Duplicating Subscribers

PostGopher - List Building Made Easy for WordPress Drip Leadpages
Most email service providers charge subscriber by lists subscriber such as Mailchimp,Getresponse,Aweber. At present,just Drip Leadpages,Infusionsoft and Convertkit charge subscriber by unique email. Always remember that you need to target specific audiences for higher conversion and ROI. In addition,multiple sign up form will help you split-test campaign with various traffic sources.

Tracking System

Drip Leadpages Tracking Analytics
All email autoresponder offer tracking feature and so does Drip Leadpages. Thanks to the tracking system,you can track where the click,link from as well as the conversion rates. Best of all,it offers Lead Score to know how good/bad your subscribers are.

Visual Workflow and Tagging

Drip Leadpages is like Infusionsoft but with a more affordable price. Everything is automated and you can do that by using Visual Workflow. On the other hands,it can also be your funnel.
Drip Leadpages Visual Workflow
Besides,tagging is highly important because it helps you segment your list,see your subscribers’s quality.
Drip leadpages tagging
And remember,Drip Leadpages offers RSS-To-Email,Campaign Reports and Split-Testing

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Now,let’s see the integration of Drip Leadpages. Unlike Mailchimp and Getresponse,Drip’s integration is not various. As an autoresponder software,certainly it must have integration with landing page creator and lead capture popup.
Drip Leadpages Integration Drip Leadpages Integration Drip Leadpages Integration
Basically,Drip Leadpages has direct integration some big names such as Clickfunnels,Instapage,Leadpages,etc. If you can’t afford for a monthly recurring with them,it’s ok to use Landing Page Monkey because it offers HTML web form.

Tips for Getting Subscriber with Drip Leadpages

Fortunately,these are not the only services that has direct integration with Drip. There are 2 more softwares that has direct integration with Drip but not many people know.
1.Optin Chat
The first one is Optin Chat,which is a software that allows you to get subscribers by creating a chatbot. Especially it works by using Exit-Intent technology and it only costs you $39 for lifetime access. Checkout my Optin Chat review.
2.Post Gopher
The second one i know that has direct integration with Drip Leadpages is Post Gopher,which allows you to convert blog-post into a PDFs report and build a list after that. It works whenever your audiences hit the button you create and a popup lead capture form appear. Once again,i remind,this autoresponder charge subscriber by email so you have multiple form without worrying about duplicating subscribers. Checkout my Post Gopher review.

Pricing of Drip Leadpages

The next thing you should care about this service is pricing. Unlike the opponents,Drip Leadpages doesn’t have complexity pricing plan. In addition,the features of all plan are equal,even the free version.
[table id=3 /]
Look at the table above,you can see the price of Drip Leadpages is more expensive than its opponenents but it’s well worth your penny. Therefore,only use this software if you are serious about email marketing. Remember,you buy this service to increase your ROI,so that use it at a correct way to make it work.
Drip Leadpages Pricing Plan Drip Leadpages Pricing Plan
If you want a better price,feel free to buy the annual,but hey,anticipate your list first.
Drip Leadpages Pricing Drip Leadpages Pricing

What’s Next

Don’t forget the reason why you buy Drip Leadpages,you join it because you want to improve your email marketing campaign. Therefore,you should have a plan or use it at the right way to improve ROI and boost revenue. These are the training that helps you maximize Drip Leadpages for solid online income.


This is not really a training course,it’s an 80% done for you bussiness that helps you build 5 websites as fast as possible. Joining Affilojetpack,you will get 1 year email newsletter for 5 in 18 his chosen profitable niches. In addition,you will get access to done for you lead-magnet,ebook to giveaway,articles with done-for-you research and keywords to target. Read my Affilojetpack review in order to understand what you get.

2.Anik Singal’s training

This teacher is a legendary of internet marketing and he is also one of the biggest name so far. There are 3 courses of Anik Singal you can join,Inbox Blueprint and Lurn Insider focuses mostly on email marketing while FB Academy focuses on using Facebook Ads. Best of all,they all have done for you niche research,lead magnets or ad swipes. Certainly,joining these courses will help you maximize Drip Leadpages’s feature.

3.Anthony Morisson’s Training

Another big name besides Anik Singal and Mark Ling is Anthony Morisson. There are 2 training of Anthony you can join such as Fanpage Domination and Email Domination Profit Cycle. All of them has Facebook Ads and Email Marketing training that go detail very probably. Fanpage Domination has done for you fanpage and niche research while Email Domination has done for you email swipes,profit cycle,lead magnets. Despite not teaching about Drip Leadpages,you should really join him.

4.E-Commerce Training

Normally,it’s not compulsory to use email marketing when selling on Shopify. However,you should really consider to build a list to monetize for a long-term. Zero Up is an Ecommerce-Automation software and it does offer Shopify training. Especially Zero Up has direct integration with Drip Leadpages,which is awersome. Another great training is Ecom Success Academy,which teaches you overally about Shopify,Facebook Ads and email marketing automation.

5.Amazon FBA Courses

Agree or not,the earning potential of Amazon FBA is equal to selling on Shopify and higher than affiliate marketing. Like Ecommerce,you don’t have to invest in an autoresponder software but you should really consider. Amazon FBA Ninja is the ultimate Amazon FBA course that you ever need. This training offers Facebook Ads,PPC Ads and email marketing training so you can benefit a lot from Drip Leadpages

6.Super Affiliate System

The last training course that helps you benefit Drip Leadpages is Super Affiliate System. Of all training i recommend,this is the most affordable one. Inside this training,you will learn about Google Adwords,Facebook Ads and Native Ads. Best of all,he gives you his landing page,ad swipes,why not using Drip Leadpages to benefit.

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Pros of Drip Leadpages

  • Super Simple to Use and To Manage
  • Can Resend to Unopened Email
  • No More Duplicating Subscribers (because it charges by unique email)
  • Calculate Subscriber’s Quality,Lead Score
  • Super Simple to Create A Workflow
  • Free For Life To Join And You Can Send Unlimited Emails
  • Great Conversion Tracking and Statistics
  • A/B Testing and Report
  • API Access (in order to integrate some services that do not have integration with Drip Leadpages)
  • Easily to Add A Trigger and Tag
  • Prunning Your List (the only one to adopt)
  • Facebook Lead Ads Integration (also the unique feature)
  • Great List Segmentation System

Cons of Drip Leadpages

  • Lack Integration (because it’s not as popular as its opponents)
  • ┬áCan Be Expensive to Some People
  • $49/month for just 101 subscribers is a big deals (it’s pricey)

Final Verdict

In conclusion,Drip Leadpages is so far one of the best email service provider that i have ever seen. It’s super simple to use and it’s very effective. In addition,i love how it charges subscribers. Moreover,Drip Leadpages seems great for keeping your list healthy and removing suck subscribers. Drip is not cheap so that make sure you have the correct marketing plan when using it. Of course,i recommend Drip Leadpages to any marketer who are serious about email marketing.

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