Email Domination Profit Cycle Review and Member's Area-Daily Job Killer

Product : Email Domination Profit Cycle
Creator : Anthony Morrison (also the founder of Fan Page Domination)
Price : $1,497 /lifetime access (not the Jvzoo products) or $597/3 times when bill monthly (my link only)
Do I Recommend : Certainly Yes
Official Website : Click Here (webinar) or Here (Order Page)

  • 9.7/10
    Highly Recommended (One of My Top Pick) - 9.7/10

Presently,believe or not,email marketing should always be your first priority for internet marketing. It works effectively with models such as e-commerce (checkout Ecom Success Academy),FBA (checkout FBA Ninja) and affiliate marketing. However,it’s not easy as there’s a lot of thing to do like setting up optin-page,squeeze page,build relationship and writing emails. In addition,if you don’t know how to write newsletter,you will lose subscribers,get low open rates and even being spam. Besides,if you are running CPA marketing,your list of subscribers is nearly the key to make at least $2,000k/day.
There are some courses that offers Done For You Email Newsletter such as Inbox Blueprint,Affilojetpack,ec. And fortunately,Email Domination Profit Cycle also offers Done For You emails with profitable niches to make your life much easier. Especially,the owner of this course is Anthony Morrison,one of the most successful internet entrepreneur. Now,let’s check out my Email Domination Profit Cycle review so that you know what you get and why i recommend.

Table of Contents

What Is Email Domination Profit Cycle?

email domination profit cycle
At first,it’s an email marketing training course by Anthony Morrison that teaches an overview about monetizing through email marketing. Email Domination Profit Cycle is like the name,the email cycle when he instructs specifically how to generate passive income for a long-term. You can also say it’s a CPA,CPL training as he teaches properly about those new kind of affiliate. Like many notable courses such as Inbox Blueprint,Amazon FBA Ninja,SuperAffiliateSystem,Fanpage Domination and Ecom Success Academy,Email Domination Profit Cycle is good for beginners and experienced internet marketers. Of course,like other teachers,Anthony can not guarantee your success but he offers No Student Left Behind for you. And lastly,Email Domination Profit Cycle is not a get rick quick scheme and overnight but some training can help you generate income fast.

Who Is Email Domination Profit Cycle For?

email domination profit cycle

  • Complete Newbie who hasn’t started any campaign in their life
  • Intermediate who are struggling to make money as an affiliate
  • Advanced Internet Marketers who especially want to scale their bussiness up
  • If you haven’t promoted or joined CPA/CPL affiliate before
  • If you haven’t set up an email marketing campaign once in your life
  • You are too busy to create a report as well as free gift (important)
  • People who don’t know how to write email newsletters
  • You want to get approved into high paying affiliate or CPA networks easier
  • If you are not finding a get rick quick scheme as well making money with low-effort
  • You love a watch successful campaigns from experts so as to imitate (not duplicate)
  • You are finding a Pre Done For You Bussiness and System (but not done your all process)
  • If you can’t choose the profitable offers and products (yes,it’s for you)

The Training Inside Email Domination Profit Cycle

email domination profit cycle fanpage domination free book
Now,i’m not wasting your time anymore,firstly,let’s take a look at the member’s dashboard and introduction.
email domination profit cycle dashboard email domination profit cycle introduction
As you can see from those pictures,there’s a lot of training and tools for you to start your bussiness. Email Domination Profit Cycle is like the name,the email cycle when nearly all of the training is relevent to email marketing. If you are a complete newbie,i suggest you to join Beginner’s Guide first before going to higher level,you really need time.

List Building 

The first module of Email Domination Circle Profit is list building,this module covers basic about email marketing you should know. Especially,he gives you a 30K Facebook Case Studies with email marketing for you to completely understand.
email domination profit cycle list building
Let’s take a look at The Email marketing bluepint.
email domination profit cycle list building
email domination profit cycle listbuilding
Then,look at the Case Studies.
email domination profit cycle listbuilding 30k
email domination profit cycle 30k listbuilding
Facebook is always the gold mine of internet marketing and he reveals exactly how he use Facebook in order to grow list. Please listen to him, chew and digest after that,it’s important and it’s not an overnight bussiness.

AR Services

Actually,it’s like he is teaching you on how to set up an autoresponder campaign with some of the biggest name. This training is not a high-level and so that anyone can get over very fast.
email domination profit cycle AR service
In this module,he instructs you on how to set up an autoresponder with Getresponse,Aweber,Icontact and Constant Contact. What makes me surprise is that he doesn’t teach about Mailchimp like his brother does in Ecom Success Academy.

Learn The Lingo

The third module of Email Domination Profit Cycle is Learn the lingo and like these two above,it’s much too advanced.
email domination profit cycle learn the lingo
And that’s all the beginner course,as you can see from all of those pictures above,they are all basic content.

Inbox Optimization

The first module of Advanced Course will cover about email marketing techniques you must know. Some of the most important factors such as open rates,click rates,unsubscribe’s are properly taught. These training is highly important because if your open rates,click rates is low,you’ve done with email marketing. And of course,collecting email is hard you need to keep them,don’t let them unsubscribe,they are your income. Another thing you should know,with CPA/CPL offers,the more leads you have,the more money you make.
email domination profit cycle inbox optimization

Copy Optimization

The next module of Email Domination Profit Cycle mainly goes details about different types of affiliate offers. Each type of offers will have its own way to promote,you can not do the wrong way.
email domination profit cycle copy optimization
This training is a high level that many inexperience will find overwhelming,therefore,please watch video multiple times. And hey,a great training is useless if you don’t take action,you should actually understand before implementing.

Profit Optimization

After understanding of each types of offers,products,then your next step is to optimize into profits. This module of Email Domination Profit Cycle will cover about setting up funnel and email marketing strategies. And hey,he recommends you to use his tracking software,BuildRedirects,it’s affordable and super simple. No matter what kind of bussiness you are in,you have to track your campaign and if not,you will lose your money. If you don’t like BuildRedirect,it’s ok to use CPV LAB,the more affordable one and especially,unlimited clicks.
email domination profit cycle profit optimization

Case Studies 

An expensive internet marketing training course always offer case studies and so does Email Domination Profit Cycle. With the case studies here,you can even copy the exact method (but not duplicate) to build in your own. There are 5 video case studies and yes,it’s well worth every single penny you are paying.
email domination profit cycle case studies
He will especially describe about each types of methods,offers and campaigns that generates a lot of money.

Email Marketing Software

This is not the training,it’s about the recommended tool for your email marketing bussinesses. Certainly,he will instruct you how to set up as well as optimizing these tools.
email domination profit cycle tools email domination profit cycle tools
There are only two software he recommends and they are not cheap. BuildRedirects is a tracking software while Webfire will help you drive traffic by both free and paid. This is a big cons of Email Domination Profit Cycle because not all people can afford to them and they are montly expenses.

Bonus Traning

Those 7 modules above are not all you get from Email Domination Profit Cycle,there are three step-by-step training that is good.
email domination profit cycle bonus email domination profit cycle bonus

Inbox Multiplier Software

Once you get access to Email Domination Profit Cycle,you will get his software Inbox Multiplier for free.
email domination profit cycle inbox multiplier email domination profit cycle inbox multiplier email domination profit cycle inbox multiplier
email domination profit cycle inbox multiplier
Actually,it’s a software to help you avoid being spammed and you have to change/improve your email subject lines,newsletter after that.

Done For You Free Ebook 

Normally,outsourcing a high quality giveaway ebook may cost you $200-$400 but fortunately,Email Domination Profit Cycle has done for you e-book. There are 10 customizable ebook for you to giveaway and especially,Anthony uses them himseft. And you know,he already chosen 10 profitable and evergreen niches (including CPA/CPL),hence don’t waste your time on choosing a niche
email domination profit circle done for you ebook
When you look at these chosen niches,definiely they are the niches that no way you can go wrong. Thanks to these lead magnets,you can even get accepted into CPA networks such as Peerfly,MaxBounty,BizProfits,ec much easier. Some of the niches will pay you per lead (free sign-up form),for example,with Real Estate niche,you get $25+/email signup and $45+/phonecall. Clearly,right,they are nearly one of the highest paying out offers that generates commission for a long-term.
But hey,that’s not all you get,he will also create a lead-magnet (squeeze page) for you. These or the squeeze pages (optin pages) he makes from Clickfunnels so that they are all good.
email domination profit cycle done for you lead
Therefore,your only task is to import them into your website and send traffic.
email domination profit cycle done for you profit cycle email domination profit cycle done for you profit cycle email domination profit cycle done for you profit cycle

Done For You Email 

Another done for you bonus inside Email Domination Profit Cycle is the email newsletter. Of course,these are the email that works in 10 profitable niches above.
email domination profit cycle done for you emails
Perfect,right,high paying CPA nearly can not refuse your application because of your website’s quality.
email domination done for you email email domination done for you email email domination done for you email
email domination profit cycle done for you email

CPA Mastery Course

As i told you before,Email Domination Profit Cycle is great for those who are looking for CPA marketing. This is a small course taught by Rico Davis with an aim to help you promote CPA offers effectively. Like other courses inside,this course is also about email list building and advanced training.
email domination profit cycle CPA email domination profit cycle CPA

Email Domination Live

email domination profit cycle live
And that’s all you get inside the $1,497/lifetime of Email Domination Profit Cycle Blueprint. If you do a math,certainly it’s much higher than its price.
email domination profit cycle blueprint
And that’s what he is going to teach you
email domination profit cycle
Then,this is your “Done For You”
email domination profit cycle done for you

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What To Prepare Before Joining Email Domination Proft Cycle

Of course,any bussiness requires an investment and this course,too. Despite having cut some required investments,there are some additional you should know.

  • Hosting and Domain (compulsory) : yes,you need a website in order to run a bussiness and to get approved into networks. Dreamhost and Inmotion Hosting are my top pick,they are reliable and both have great support.
  • Autoresonder (compulsory ) : the training is all about email marketing,therefore,you need to have an autoresponder software. Inside the training,he recommends Getresponse,Aweber,Icontact and Constant Contact. Icontact and Getresponse offers 30 days trial without credit card,Aweber offer 30 days trial but require while Constant Contact offers up to 60 days trial (no credit card).
  • Clicktracking (nearly compulsory) : if you don’t track your campaign,you won’t know where does the clicks from and even lose your money. Inside the training,he recommends BuildRedirects,his tracking software.
  • Paid Traffic (not required but highly recommended) : in the training,the main paid traffic sources are solo ads and facebook ads. Of course,it depends on your budget,it’s not too high and many people can afford. If you don’t like paid traffic,it’s ok to use free traffic
  • Landing Page Creator Tool (if you want to target other niches besides 10 niches inside Email Domination Profit Cycle) . Well,it’s not compulsory because if your website’s topic are those 10 niches,you can generate a lot of money,it’s just like rich get richer. Instapage,Clickfunnels,WPprofitbuilder or LPM are good tools.

Bonus From Me

In order to help your life much easier,i will add some extra bonuses if you buy Email Domination Profit Cycle through my special link. Just simply buy and then contact me with your name and your receipt. I will check and give you access to these bonuses. All of the extra bonuses i add from Email Domination Profit Cycle are needed by all of the members and some of them fix the shortage of this course.

Bonus 1 : 50 Customizable Facebook Ads Templates (value at $397)

Besides Facebook Ads training inside Email Domination Profit Cycle,you should also get my customizable templates. You can use to upload on your Fanpage or to increase click rates,conversion rates on your Facebook Ads. Certainly,all Email Domination Profit Cycle members love it. Here a sample picture of one of these.
Email Domination Profit Cycle Bonus Email Domination Profit Cycle Bonus Email Domination Profit Cycle Bonus

Bonus 2 : 100 Advertisement Writing Method (Value At $97)

Email Domination Profit Cycle 100 Advertisement Writing Methods Bonus
Writing attractive advertisements is a great way to grab people’s attention and show them how they can effortlessly benefit from your product or service. If you know how to do this, then it’s great. But if not, then you need not worry my friend. Here’s an exclusive package comprising of an power-packed E-book having 100 advertisement writing methods and tons of examples you can add to your sales letters, email ads, blog post and video ads to grab people’s attention and boost your product sales and profits.  Of course,this will enhence the value of Email Domination Profit Cycle.

Bonus 3 : Content Hack (Value At $47)

Email Domination Profit Cycle COntent Hacks Bonus
Don’t forget that you have done for you email with 10 pre-chosen niches inside Email Domination Profit Cycle. Besides email newsletter,you should also post valuable content that really helps your audiences. This easy to understand and actionable instructs you on how to use content that converts.

Bonus 4 : CPA Cash Storm (Value At $97)

Email Domination Profit Cycle CPA Cash Storm Bonus
Email Domination Profit Cycle is a training about both Clickbank and CPA marketing. This special report shows you exactly on how to monetize a CPA campaign and tips to scale your campaign up.

Bonus 5 : CPA Marketing Made Easy (Value At $67)

Email Domination Profit Cycle CPA Marketing Made Easy Bonus
This is another ebook about CPA marketing i offer as a bonus that especially help you master CPA campaign. CPA marketing is never easy for inexperienced so that this ebook is a great combination with Email Domination Profit Cycle.

Bonus 6 : Email List Secrets (Value At $197)

Email Domination Profit Cycle Email List Secrets Bonus
This is a 135 pages step by step ebook training that teaches you overally about email marketing. I only add this bonus for people who buy Email Domination Profit Cycle because they are perfect combination.  Moreover,it helps saving your time and even budget with your list. There are 12 essential lessons about email marketing inside this ebook.

Bonus 7 : Facebook Ads Authority (Value At $127)

Email Domination Profit Cycle Facebook Ad Authority Bonus
Email Domination Profit Cycle teaches you about Facebook Ads and this extra bonus helps you master Facebook even better. Besides,it has lessons about CPA marketing when combined with Facebook Ads and some tips to scale your campaign up. There is no magic trick here and they are all actionable,therefore,don’t worry.

Bonus 8 : Facebook Fanpage Profits (Value At $97)

Email Domination Profit Cycle Facebook Fanpage Profits Bonus
This exclusive ebook also instruct you on how to combine Facebook and CPA marketing that really monetize. There are multiple guide about setting up,scaling,optimizing and more.

Bonus 9 : Fail Proof Headlines (Value At $67)

Email Domination Profit Cycle Fail Proof headlines Bonus
With CPA marketing,your headlines are nearly the key to win your campaign. You can especially apply this technique on Facebook Ads,Native Ads or Bing Ads,etc.

Bonus 10 : Killer Copy Secrets (Value At $97)

Email Domination Profit Cycle Killer Copy Secrets Bonus
You are running CPA campaign,so that you need to know how to write advertorial that converts. Some people fail with Paid traffic because they write garbage advertorial or they don’t know how to write ads. Of course,you can apply to multiple paid traffic source.

Bonus 11 : Native Advertising Secrets (Value At $97)

Email Domination Profit Cycle Native Advertising Secrets Bonus
Anthony doesn’t teach about Native Ads inside Email Domination Profit Cycle,which is a shortage. When you apply to CPA network,simply say you can use Native Ads with Revcontent,Outbrain,Contentad,etc,you have a big chance of getting approval. Besides,native ads doesn’t cost too much to display and it converts like crazy if you can manage the correct way.

Bonus 12 : 100k Traffic Blueprint (Value At $127)

This high quality report shows you exactly on how to use multiple traffic to your website. These strategies helps you monetize your site in a long-run.

Bonus 13 : Max Impact Email Marketing (Value At $47)

Email Domination Profit Cycle Max Impact Email marketing bonus
This ebook is ideal for those who are aiming to combine Email marketing and Lead Generation. Email marketing is always one of the best way to earn a residual income while most people don’t do this with their CPA,Lead Generation campaign.

Bonus 14 : Lead Generation Authority (Value At $97)

Email Domination Profit Cycle Lead Generation Authority Bonus
This is a must-read ebook once you buy Email Domination Profit Cycle. It instructs you how to combine email marketing with CPA to maximize your profit. Moreover,it teaches you about copywriting methods and how to turn leads into buyers.

Bonus 15 : Bing Ads (Value At $147)

Email Domination Profit Cycle Bing To WIns Bonus
Don’t forget that you have pre-done lead magnet with 10 profitable niches he has chosen. If you combine Bing and the landing page he gives,certainly the conversion is very high. The more traffic you have,the more list and leads you get and the more money you make after that. Besides,you also get resources cheat-sheet,mindmap and action checklist to avoid jumping around.
If you need more bonus,feel free to request me and remember to show me your receipt. Just simply tell me what you need and i will give you access. Basically,i just add extra bonuses that are necessary after you buy Email Domination Profit Cycle.

Pros of Email Domination Profit Cycle

  • Lifetime Access and No Upsell (hence there’s no hidden feature)
  • Done For You Giveaway Ebook (up to 10 rebrandabe ebook)
  • Including Easy and High Level Training
  • Step-by-Step Teaching and Explaning about Email Marketing
  • Include CPA/CPL training
  • Done For You Lead Magnet and Squeeze Page (optin page,thank you page) with 10 profitable niches
  • Chosen Profitable Offers for you
  • A Huge Chance of Getting Accepted into high paying networks (such as Peerfly,MaxBounty,BizProfits,..)
  • Up To 4 Autoresponder setting up course (so far the only)
  • Facebook Ads training (the gold mine)
  • Real Life Case Studies of successful campaigns (up to 4 campaigns and he also instruct about them)
  • Done For You Email (of course,with those 10 niches)
  • No Student Left Behind (therefore,don’t worry)
  • Inbox Multiplier Software (in order to help you train your skill on sending emails)
  • High Open Rates,Click Rates and Conversion Strategies

Cons of Email Domination Profit Cycle

1.The Done For You Bonus Doesn’t Include Nutra Niches

Despite having offered exclusive “done for you” bonuses,it seems like he forgets nutraceuticals niches. Really,nutra niches are some kind of diet,skincare,muscle,building,weighloss,brain supplements,blood pressure,ec,all of the best niches and he doesn’t offer.

2.Doesn’t Teach About Native Ads (Seriously)

I understand that CPA offers can convert very well with Facebook Ads,Solo Ads and Bing Ads,but it seems like he forgets this traffic. I hope he will add native ads traffic source (Revcontent,NativeAds,..) inside Email Domination Profit Cycle in the future. Of course,the paid traffic sources inside the course like Facebook,Solo Email and Bing are great but he should also add Native Ads.

3.Additional Investments He Suggested

Although he helps saving a lot of your budget by email newsletter,ebook and squeeze page,i don’t like the suggested tools. While Buildredirects is a must have investment (i do agree) but Webfire (up to $497/month) ,too expensive. I know Webfire is a good tool but $500 per month is not affordable by everyone.


Final Verdict

In summart,Email Domination Profit Cycle is a great training course especially for people who are looking for a CPA training or “Done For You” offers. Inside the training,he has chosen 10 profitable niches as well as offers for you to copy paste. In addition,the “Done for you” Landing Page,Lead magnet,Email newsletter and Ebook-Bait are really great. It’s not a get rick quick  scheme but thanks to some resources inside the training,it will help you make money very fast. Certainly,i highly recommend this training for everyone,it’s great,it’s gorgous and it helps you run a bussiness for a long-term.


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