Email Spike Review,Demo and Bonuses-Great Tool For Email Marketing

Product : Email Spike
Creator : Mark Thompson and Matt Callen (also the creator of EasyVSL,Pressplay,Leadgrab,Provely)
Price : $97/one time purchase (previously $47,boo)
Do I Recommmend : Certainly Yes

  • Highly Recommended

On email marketing,besides collecting and building a list,you really need to boost conversion by sending email. However,it have never been easy to have high conversion rates,click rates and impression rates. You have to write email that is not only attractive but also strong headline,strong emotions and not a spam. Moreover,not all subscribers are good so you need to have a stronger and scarier call-to-action. After many years of doing email marketing,Mark Thompson soon realizes that having a video and expiration timer will make your subscribers feel they need to buy. Therefore,he created Email Spike with an aim to boost conversion rates and make more money. Of course,Email Spike adopts Video and Timer features to scary your audiences. Now,let’s check out my Email Spike review,demo so that you understand how it works.

What Is Email Spike?

Email Spike
Firstly,it’s a software to help you boost conversion rates,impression rates and click rates by adding video and timer. You can also say it’s a video marketing software but mainly focuses on email newsletters. Secondly,Email Spike is a combination of 2 power-packed marketing apps to skyrocket your conversion. In other words,it’s like Instapage and Clickfunnels but not as a landing page. Email Spike has the 2 most effective marketing tactics by the power of email. Lastly,it’s a tool to create html code that you can embed into your newsletter campaigns.

Who Is Email Spike For?

Email Spike

  • Complete Beginner to email marketing
  • Intermediate and Professional Email Marketers who wants to scale up their conversions
  • Your email campaigns has low conversion rates,click rates and impress rates
  • Amazon FBA Sellers who want to get more sale (check out Amazon FBA Ninja,Amazon Bootcamp)
  • Shopify or Dropshipping Sellers who also want to get higher sale rates (checkout Ecom Success Academy,Digital Cash Academy)
  • Especially if you are running CPA,CPL,Pay-Per-Call and Pay-Per-Trial Campaigns (will benefit the most)
  • You don’t have experience about coding or html

Main Features and Demo of Email Spike

Email Spike
Now,let’s take a look at how Email Spike works for you. Actually,this tool is a combination of Video Spike and Timer Spike that you can easily create and then embed into your newsletter. It’s cloud-based software so that you can’t share to anyone,you can only share the html code. At first,this is what you see after log in to your account.
Email Spike Dashboard

1.Video Spike

Now,i will instruct you step-by-step how to create a video and then get its code. Firstly,just click on create video and choose a name of that video.
Email Spike create new video
This is what you see after that. Now,the next thing to do is to embed video source. Email Spike is not a video creator like Doodly,Pressplay and EasyVSL,it’s a creator for email newsletter video.
Email Spike Video Types
Therefore,you must have a video source to embed into Video Spike. It can be a youtube video,Mp4 or Slideshow video. If you embed youtube video,make sure that you this video doesn’t have copyright law as well as submitted to US’s content protector. After choosing a video source,then choose pixel,target URL and choose Images Sources.
Email Spike Adding Video
Now,preview the video.
Email Spike Preview Video Spike
And lastly,download the html code.
Email Spike Getting Code
In order to customize with your own interest,just simply slide down and customize it.
Email Spike Customize Video Email Spike Customize Video
Besides,you can also embed both youtube video and youtube gif. You don’t have to play the entire video,just start from the seconds you choose.
Email Spike Optimize Video Spike Email Spike Optimize Video Spike

2.Timer Spike

After creating a video at Video Spike,let’s move to the timer spike. If you can notice,most experienced internet marketers add experation time so as to scary you. This is a very popular copywriting that best internet marketing teachers are using to add a strong call-to-action. Fortunately,Email Spike allows you to perform this techniques so that your click and conversion rates will be higher. But hey,sometimes,it depends on your subscribers,not all subscribers are good.
Email Spike Timer Spike
Now,let’s see how i create a timer in order to scary subscribers.
Email Spike Timer Spike Design
Firstly,just choose a design and template you want. I suggest you choose both Timer Design and Expired Timer Design so as to scary them.
Email Spike Timer Spike Customize
Remember to add End Date,End Time and Timezone so that it’s more realistic. If you are targetting specific buyers,for example : Skincare UK,Gambling Netherland,Muscle Germany,make sure you chose the right language and timezone.
Email Spike Timer Spike Expiration Time Email Spike Timer Spike Timezone Language
Choose any timer design you want and then getting code.
Email Spike Timer Design Email Spike Timer Spike Getting Code
Lastly,just go to your autoresponder accounts and embeding those html code. Email Spike has integration with all autoresponders such as Convertkit,Getresponse,Mailchimp,ec.
Email Spike Autoresponder Source Code

Other Features From Email Spike

Email Spike
Email Spike Accurate Analytics
Everything related to email marketing must offer analytics feature and so does Email Spike. Thanks to the analytics that you know exactly your campaign’s performances.
2.Mobile Friendly
Email Spike Mobile Design
According to some statistics,more and more people are using mobile phone in order to check email. Therefore,having mobile responsive design is a big advantage.
3.Language Translation
Email Spike Language Support
That’s why i say Email Spike is great for CPA marketers,because it translates multiple languages. There are up to 50 languages it supports and in my opinion,that’s enough for CPA campaigns.
4.Powerpoint Style Video
Email Spike Powerpoint Style
With this amazing tool,you can add multiple presentation slides to impress your subscribers as well as adding value to them. On email marketing,certainly building relationship is a must and thanks to presentation videos,you perform that pretty easy.

What Next After Buying Email Spike?

Email Spike 2 for 1
This software is useful for email marketing so that you really need to optimize it for highest conversion. However,there’s one thing to know,if your subcribers don’t open your email,this tool means useless. Therefore,you should create a good headline to impress your subscribers. In addition,you really need to add value and build relationship frequently to get more open rates and lower unscribe rates. Besides,not all subscribers are good,someone just want your giveaway report,someone doesn’t have money,someone are finding success in something overnight. In general,Email Spike helps you increase click rates,conversion rates but can’t guarantee all are good. If you target the wrong audiences,it could be bad. So,before buying Email Spike,i have some recommendation training course that will help you optimize your email marketing campaigns.

Some of the training above offers done for you niche research,landing page or email swipes,ec.

Pricing and Upsells of Email Spike

Email Spike pricing front-end
Originally,when Email Spike first appeared,its price was only $47 but right now,it increased to $97. In my opinion,$97 lifetime access is a good price and it well worths your budget. Additionally,it’s unique and and don’t see any tool offers this.
Here’s the entire funnel of Email Spike,actually,some upsells are just his other products,not a kind of limitation.
Email Spike Pricing Funnel
OTO 1 : Agency Service ($97)
With Email Spike Agency, automatic “email-ready video” and timer creation is done for you. Besides,you can share code to anyone.
OTO 2 : LeadGrab ($97 for personal or $147 for agency)
This is another products from Mark Thompson which is very popular. Actually,it’s a lead capture creator to help you build a massive lists faster.
Checkout My Leadgrab review
OTO 3 : EasyVSL ($197/one time)
This is so far the most popular video sales letter or presentation creator. Moreover,Anik Singal (creator of Inbox Blueprint and Lurn Insider) and Sam Bakker (teacher of Jvzoo Academy ) is using this powerful software. If you buy EasyVSL as an upsell of Email Spike,it’s a one-time purchase,no recurring fee. Instead of getting other’s video,create your own will be more active.
Checkout My EasyVSL review

Bonuses From Me

In order to make your life much easier,i will add some bonuses if you buy Email Spike through my affiliate link. You don’t have to buy the upsell,just the front-end product. Email Spike is powered by Paykickstart so that after you complete your purchase,you will have immediately access to my bonuses. Basically,these are all you need once you buy Email Spike.
1.Top 10 List Building Mistake To Avoid
Email Spike Top 10 List building mistake bonus
2.Lead Gen Pro WordPress Plugin
Email Spike Lead Gen Pro
3.Facebook Lead Capture
Email SPike Bonus Facebook Lead Capture

4.Email Nut And Bolts (value At $47)

Email Spike Bonus

5.Branding Secrets (value At $47)

Email Spike Bonus

6.List Building Expert (value $97)

Email Spike Bonus

7.Science Behind Going Viral (value At $47)

Email Spike Bonus

8.Maximizing Your Email List Potential (value At $47)

Email Spike Bonus

9.Email Marketing Cheat Sheet (value At $47)

Email Spike Bonus

10.Email Marketing Profits (value At $47)

Email Spike Bonus
And these are all extra bonuses from me once you buy Email Spike through my referral link. You will have direct and instant access to all of them through paykickstart.


Pros of Email Spike

  • Affordable Price and it’s a lifetime access
  • Pretty Easy to use as well as to customize
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Supports Multiple Languages
  • Can Embed Various Video Types
  • Offer Analytics
  • Various Integration
  • Can Embed Multiple Video or Presentation Simultaneously
  • High Click rates ,conversion rates and more sale
  • Can Add Timezone,Expiration Time to scary your audiences
  • Work effectively with CPA,CPL,Pay per trial and pay per call offers
  • Support HTML5 Browser and Select Video Dimension
  • No Need To Install (because they host)
  • Can Share HTML code to people

Cons of Email Spike

  • Still depends on your open rates (this tool will be useless if people don’t open your email). Therefore,keep building relationship,adding value,don’t just redirect people to a sale page. And more importantly,do not send spam in any way
  • Can’t Avoid Bad Subscribers (for instance : they don’t have money or they just want your reports)

Final Verdict

In conclusion,Email Spike is a great software that any email marketers should consider to own. It’s pretty easy to use and affordable,but more importantly,it helps you increase conversions and ROI. This software is useful if you are launching an Amazon FBA or Shopify store and especially for CPA campaigns. However,please take notes that it only works if people open your email. So,always remember to add value and build relationship frequently to increase open rates and then conversion rates. Certainly,i highly recommend this powerful software to any internet marketers to scale up their profits.


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