Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass Review From Real User-Best FB Course Ever

Product : Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass

Creator : Kevin David (also the creator of Zon Ninja Masterclass and Amazon FBA Ninja)

Price : $997

Do I Recommend : Yes,but only for those who have budget ready to run FB Ads. Besides,Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass requires an existing business first. Don’t buy this course if you lack budget or you are just looking for new business opportunity.

A business without traffic will certainly fail. I have seen a lot great marketing campaigns but they fail because they have low traffic. So,the fact is that the more traffic you have the more money you will make.

Of all traffic sources,Facebook Ads seems to be the best and also the highest quality one. Frankly,people use FB everyday so it’s easier to reach people when using FB Ads.

However,running FB Ads is a nightmare for beginners and even experience marketer. Think about this,there’s a lot factor such as Ad Copy,Ad Targeting and Ad Swipes,etc. Moreover,the majority of success will be from retargeting ads,not your first ads.

So,before running any kind of Facebook Ads,you need to truly understand it. If not,you are just burning your budget withou getting any Return on Investment.

That’s where the training course Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass comes in. After learning the course Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass,i would say it’s some of the best FB Course ever.

Let’s read my entire Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass review so that you know what inside.

What is Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass?

Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass Review
At first,it’s a Premium FB Advertising Course from Kevin David. It’s an 8 modules course showing you what you need for Facebook Ads like Pixel,Custom Audiences,Ad Copy,Create a Real Ads and more,..
You will see actual campaigns from Kevin that he thinks they work for all of us. He create Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass as a way to have business owner expand their traffic and reach.

Who is Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass For?

  • Any marketer at any experience
  • You don’t want to waste and lose money on Facebook Ads
  • You lack copywriting skill in order to write an effective ads
  • Affiliate marketer,Email List Builder,Product Creator,Amazon FBA Seller or eCommerce Seller,etc
  • And many more,..

The Main Training of Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass

Now,i will show you exactly what i see inside the member’s area.

1.Module 1 : Understanding Facebook™ Ads & What Works + Vocabulary You Need to Know + The POWER of the Ninja Pixel Strategy!

The first module of Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass is a blueprint and basic setup about Facebook Ads. During this entire module,he instructs you how to setup before running an actual Facebook Ads campaigns.

Besides,he also explains you about his Facebook Ads Vocabulary.

What i like about the first module of Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass is that he shows everything from scratch.

Think about it,without a Facebook Page with good looking style is vital for Facebook Ads success.

His blueprint about Facebook Ads is like good copy,good targeting together with sales funnel to profit.

And you don’t just understanding the ads for your business,you also do a good research when running campaigns.

If you are new to this,don’t worry because Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass covers everything.

Just have a look at this,if you run FB Ads before,are you familiar with these 🙂

If yes,you will understand that the strategy works.

The first module of Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass mentioned about Ninja Pixel. Actually,it’s just a name of his pre-done campaigns. If you know Kevin,you certainly know that he runs Facebook Ads overtime.

So,of course,according to him,the money is mostly from retargeting ads,not your first ads.

On the other hand,he teaches about Clickfunnels.

And lastly,he provides the Cheatsheet for successful Ads Campaigns.

Therefore,the course is not just about the what,it’s also about the how.

I have personally run a lot FB Ads campaigns and his strategy has a lot similarity to me.

2.Module 2 : How to Go From Complete Beginner to Facebook™ Ad Ninja + The ONLY Campaign Types YOU NEED!

The module 2 of Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass discovers about Marketing Objectives of Facebook Ads.

And like the module 1,this one also provides you a full PDF to help you understand completely.

Besides,he also mentions about pixel placement and explain all types of ads you need.

Firstly,you will need to install Pixel for Remarketing,Retargeting. Then you will know things before setup an actual ads campaigns.

Facebook Ads Objective

If you have knowledge about Facebook Ads,you can see types of ads like Awareness,Consideration and Conversion Ads.

So during this entire module of Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass,he explains everything you need to know about these ads.

As an advertising campaigns,these will include Images Ads,Text Ads,Page Like Ads and Video Ads. Of course,he mentions all inside Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass.

Basically,this module is a full explanation about Facebook Ads marketing Objectives.

Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass discovers about Video Ads methods but not about producing,it’s about displaying.

Besides,using Facebook Lead Gen Ads can bring you high quality leads according to him.

On the other hand,you will also learn about Facebook Messenger Ads.

For Facebook Conversion Ads,he also explains step by step.

Lastly,he provides his tips that he called a Ninja Tips.

As an expert about Amazon FBA and eCom business,he has lessons about Facebook Ads to Online Store Business.

The Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass is not just good for starting,it’s also great for scaling.

Module 3 : How to Create Your Ultra Targeted Audiences that Will Skyrocket Your Business

A successful Facebook Ads campaigns start with a good audience targeting. So,the module 3 of Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass discovers about targeting.

Once again,he provides us the PDF that explains everything 🙂

During the fourth module of Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass,he focus entirely on audiences targeting or custom audience.

Facebook is now very strict about ads targeting so that you must comply with their rules. You don’t need to worry about Kevin because Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass is 100% FB Approved Methods.

Besides,you will learn how to use Google Trend to target interest audiences and countries.

Just ask yourself,when someone target a person like you on Facebook Ads,what you’ll do. In fact,he uses psychology methods.

Besides,you will understand about Ad Placement. People now use mobile more than desktop so that this is important.

But basically,the correct audiences is still the where your success from.

Another thing you must know is that you won’t success in your first ads. In fact,your money is actually from retargeting ads.

For video ads,you will setup retargeting through engagement.

4.Module 4 : How to Create Ad Copy + Creative That CONVERT LIKE CRAZY

Ad copy is very important to Facebook Ads success. A lot people run good targeting ads but they fail because they lack copywriting skill.

The module 4 of Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass discovers about copywriting for Facebook Ads. In depth,he focuses on Call to Action for Facebook Ads.

The best part from Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass is that he shows you example good campaigns and explain why they are great.

Therefore,after this module,Facebook Ads is no longer a nightmare for you 🙂

Actually,he uses the power of viral marketing,Call to Action and Emoji to create good text for ads.

You will see his example swipes that are good when running Facebook Ads. I think you can copy him,but don’t duplicate 🙂

If you learn about copywriting,you understand that Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass uses psychology marketing techniques that hit customers’s mind.

On the other hand,he also instructs about Clickbait ads and what a good image ads should look like.

Don’t worry if you lack experience or copywriting skill because he shows you how to copy methods from success marketers.

They are Swiped.co,Adepresso and Digital Marketer dot com.

I have quick look at his pre exisitng ads,it has some similarity of John Crestani,creator of Super Affiliate System.

Not just Ad Copy but also the landing page of the good ad copy.

Lastly,you learn about Ads Creative and Ads Policy.

Take a look at my screenshot,you will see that a lot thing you don’t know,right 🙂

So,just like his other courses Zon Ninja Masterclass,Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass covers a lot about niche research.

As a result,you can avoid wasting money stupidly.

No matter what you are doing,your ads copy must be compliance with Facebook and not too scammy.

People now use mobile more than desktop,you will learn how to optimize too.

So,here’s the formula or his Facebook Ads success.

Just look what Clickfunnels,Campaign Monitor,Shopify and large enterprises are doing,in fact,this is the formula they are using. Therefore,you can be confident that Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass works.

5.Module 5 : How to Make a TON of Money WITHOUT Needing Your Own Product

The module 5 of Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass will focus about making money with Facebook Ads Agency. As you know,running Facebook Ads is a night mare for a lot people so that they are grateful and will pay very high for services who help them. That’s where Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass comes in,it helps you run effective ads for clients and then they pay you.

Firstly,he explains about Facebook Ads Agency and why it’s so profitable.

After that,you will see example good ads for Agency Business that helps your customers.

Let’s me clear out this,normally,local business make money but they only focus on the services or sell their own products. In fact,they don’t have time for marketing so that you absolutely know nothing Facebook Ads or Building Websites.

Therefore,you will help these people have more leads and traffic so they will success.

One of the features from Facebook Business is that it allows you to setup agency Manager for customers.

So,you can run ads for their business.

Besides,it’s a types of direct contact marketing so you will send proposal to customers.

Of course,you need to find local clients,that what Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass includes in.

There’s a lot types of customers with different business,in the example,he shows you how to sell services to Dentist,Personal Trainer and Real Estate Agent.

Once again,these people know nothing about advertising and marketing so they are grateful if you support their business. As a result,they will pay you very high monthly.

Getting Clients from FB Ads Agency

To make money with this business,you will need a real client.

Because it’s a type of local and agency business,so you need to contact people manually. Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass provides you phone and email templates.

It’s not a type of copywriting mail proposal,it’s a type of CTA and show how profession your services is.

You can contact them by finding their profiles or websites.

Once you bring some success to them,they mostly use word of mouth so you can scale.

Run Fb Ads Agency Business

In order to get paid from that client,you need to run ads for them and also charge them fee.

About getting client,you will use cold calling marketing.

Outsourcing or not is up to you,i’m not a fan of this.

As a can see,the price you charge can be very high for Facebook Ads Agency.

People are ready to pay high but they also need to know your skill,that’s where the Proposal of Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass comes in. In fact,it’s like a bait to your potential clients.

In fact,you are running ads for these people,you research and also target everything for you. The only thing they do is to focus on their business,not the marketing and getting traffic process.

With FB Ads,you know clearly that Pixel is hyper important.

After that,he introduces you some little bit about his Ninja Funnel.

What i don’t like is that he always promote Clickfunnels with every of his training courses.

Cloning Funnel is a feature from Clickfunnels and the pre-built example campaigns he provides is from Dentist Niche.

To make real ads for people,you will do a lot research according to Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass.

nd lea

He also has instruction about Google Ads and he recommends you not to run Yelp Ads.

6.Module 6 : How to Retarget, Optimize and Scale to the Moon!

Facebook Ads is 80% testing and 20% optimizing. Once you in the 20%,you can scale your ads for larger reach and also more engagements. Besides,most of the money you make is from retargeting ads.

Firstly,you will get a 43 pages PDF file from him.

Another thing you should know about FB Ads is that you shouldn’t run too frequent,that’s too distracting.

And you also need to manage budget to avoid losing money.

In fact,this is the most important modules of Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass.

Basic Setup

Before running an actual retargeting campaigns,you will need some basic setup. This technique helps you retarget audiences over and over to make them buy products and converts them to sales. So,you will need something before running retargeting ads.
Firstly,he shows you how to get real social proof,this is perfect to increase trust.

Besides,you’ll need to setup split testing. As you know,FB is mostly about testing.

And you also understand time to actually run campaigns. Running ads too frequent is a bad idea.

I love Google Trend because it helps us know where the best traffic from to target,he shows us about that.

Once you get some success,you will optimize it to make it scalable.

So,to make a profitable ads,as you can see from here,there’s a lot budget required. Of course,for a beginner,it’s a real nightmare.

According to him,you will not run one ad for one product,that’s a bad technique. Instead,you run ads for different offers and test them again,again.

Inside Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass,he introduces us a software Sniply.

Sniply is a software that takeover any URL and then we can add exit intent to retarget audiences and get leads.

If you don’t like Sniply,it’s still OK to use other such as Leadgrab,Pixly Pro or Sqzin.

He never teaches about WordPress,he teaches about Clickfunnels or using other URL. As an Amazon FBA teacher,he uses his own Amazon product page for an example.

Of course,to get all benefits from Sniply ($29/month) you will need to run ads frequently and then insert retargeting pixel.

This is the only monthly budget he recommends in the course. Facebook Ads can be fixed budget 🙂

One thing i don’t really like about Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass is that he always mention about Clickfunnels.

He has his pre-done funnel that you can 1 click cloning with Clickfunnels.

Here’s a preview of his funnel.

Actually,it’s an Amazon Coupon Funnel system. If you run Shopify or an eCommerce Store,he also instructs how to boost traffic to Store.

With this business,you will mostly run Product Catalog and Facebook Carousel Ads.

Let’s me clear this,to run FB Ads,you will test at $5/day first to see does it work or not. Once you have some success,you can run more and reach more.

I know there’s a lot people worrying about FB Ads but you shouldn’t.

All your ads are 100% compliance with Kevin’s technique but sometimes by mistakes,ads got disable,you need to contact FB Advertiser Support.

The formula he is focusing is a kind of viral marketing formula.

Analytics and Tracking

The sad truth why people fail in FB Ads is because they don’t watch analytics and see how their campaigns performs. If you don’t track your campaigns,you are losing your money.

But don’t worry,you don’t have to purchase services like Voluum,Clickmeter or Clickperfect.

So,with this feature,you will see how your campaign performs.

Whenever you click ads on FB,have you ever seen UTM sources. If yes,they are tracking URL you have generated from Analytic tool. Normally,people don’t use UTM,it’s really ugly,they will use Goo.gl url instead.

Maybe right now,you have understood why a lot of FB Ads uses Goo.Gl link.

Run Retargeting Ads

After setting up tracking,it’s now your time to run real retargeting ads.

You can retarget based on trigger or Custom Audiences.

The idea he wants to show you is to setup retargeting over and over to your funnel.

On the other hand,he also introduces free traffic such as FB Live Stream and FB Groups.

He also instructs you how to spy competitors.

For example,he’s a creator of Amazon FBA Ninja and Zon Ninja Masterclass so he compete Amazing of Matt Clark.

FB is now very strict and sometimes,your ad account got disable,but don’t panic.

Let’s me clear out this,you will create retargeting for custom audiences so as a result,your ad hit their mind and it can convert.

Even after people take action,you still retarget them again,that’s an art of Facebook Ads 🙂

And right now,you have enough information about Fb Ads after learning Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass.

They key to profitable FB Ads is consistency. Of course,when you first start,there may be some mistakes but once you found some success,it’s time to monetize.

After that,he shows you good examples FB Ads that works and also explain exactly why they work and how you can be like them.

7.Bonus Module

This is the last training session of Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass.

Firstly,you learn about Ad Funnel.

After that,you learn about Instagram Ads.

As you should know,Instagram has connection with FB Business Account. People use Instagram more than you think,so it’s a wasteless if you ignore Instagram traffic.

Besides,you learn about Facebook Ads with Messenger as a way to connect audiences. It’s still OK if you use free version of Manychat.

And that’s all you get inside Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass training course. In fact,it’s worth every single penny you are paying.

(Or Join His Free FB Ads Training Here)

My Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass Review Video (Please Watch)

In order to provide you the correct understanding about Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass,i have recorded a full walkthrough demo video about it. So before you buy Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass,turn on your volume and watch this video first.

(Or Join His Free FB Ads Training Here)

Bonus From Me

In order to help your life much easier,i will add some extra bonus if you get Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass through my link. Just simply buy through any link from this page and then hit me at contact@dailyjobkiller.com and show mư your receipt (required) with screenshot (optional) and then i will manually check

1.Two Accounts with FastEye

If you don’t intend to buy Clickfunnels,it’s OK to purchase this one. You have a drag and drop page builder with premium hosting so that you don’t need to buy Clickfunnels.

2.Social Media Marketing Checklist

3.Canva Design Checklist

4.Facebook Marketing Made Easy Video Course

5.Instagram Marketing Made Easy Video Course

6.Viral Marketing Made Easy Video Course

(Or Join His Free FB Ads Training Here)

Pros of Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass

  • Easy to understand video course
  • Include Example Ad Copy That Work
  • DFY Clonable Funnel
  • Real Strategies That Works
  • Training about Facebook Ads Agency Business
  • Full Explaination about Real Campaigns
  • Including Everything We Need to Know About Facebook Ads

Cons of Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass

  • He introduces a lot softwares

Final Verdict

In summary,Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass is one of the best Facebook Ads training courses ever. After spending time learning about this method,it’s a real strategy that works for us. We all know that every business needs traffic and there’s no better traffic to reach targeted audiences than Facebook and Social Media. For those who lack experience,Facebook Ads is a real nightmare and the course Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass can help you avoid that. Of course,if you can prepare budget for ads and you are an action taker,this course is a big yes from me.

(Or Join His Free FB Ads Training Here)





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