Facebook Ads University Review

Facebook Ads University Review from Real user-Does Jr Fisher Work?

Product : Facebook Ads University

Creator : Jr Fisher (also the creator of Digital Cash Academy)

Price : $997

Do I Recommend : Yes,but only for serious business owners who want to grow traffic with Facebook Ads.


Facebook Ads is presently one of the best and hottest paid traffic in the IM Space. You should know one fact is that most successful business owners run Facebook Ads to promote their products/services.

But ask yourself,do you know how to benefit Facebook Ads the correct way. A lot people fail because they don’t know how to run ads,a rule for succesful ad and then they lose money on Facebook Ads.

That’s where Facebook Ads University comes in,a premium course from JR Fisher that helps you success as a Facebook Advertiser.

What is Facebook Ads University?

Facebook Ads University Review

Basically,it’s a training course that helps you one main thing,run a successful Facebook Ads Campaings. This will cover about Audiences,Targeting Option,Landing Page,Ad Copy and more,..

Especially when you join Facebook Ads University,you’ll have free access to 4 bonus softwares that helps you save time,energy doing research process.

Who is Facebook Ads University For?

  • Any marketer at any experience
  • You have an existing business
  • If you are not living paycheck without any sort of savings
  • Ecommerce,Product Launch,Agencies and a lot
  • You no longer want to waste money on Facebook Ads
  • And many more,..

Main Features and Demo of Facebook Ads University

Now,i will show you exactly how the course Facebook Ads University works. This is the member’s area once you login.


First off,he will introduce you the potential of Facebook Ads and why using Facebook Ads.

Budget is what people are asking but don’t worry,when you start,it shouldn’t cost too much.

Basically,this depends on the goal you want for any kind of advertising campaign.

Inside this course,he has some introduction about Facebook Ads for Dropshipping.

And before you run any ad,you will need a mindset.

Module 1

This is a basic set up before you run your ads.

Basically,this course is for those who are new to Facebook Ads and even those who want more results.

I can see one thing from the course is that JR Fisher’s lessons are easy to understand and apply.

Module 2

This will cover about Facebook Pixel and how to setup the correct way.

You will understand the purpose when placing Pixel on your site. As you know,success is from the start.

Here’s the success formula from him.

Module 3

In order to success in Facebook Ads,you must have a good targeting.

So,the module 3 of Facebook Ads University will focus on the audiences you target.

He shows you exactly how to find audiences,research audiences and then target them.

This will cover stuffs like Interest,etc.

Module 4

After doing the setup and research audiences,then it’s time to run a real campaign.

He shows you the anatomy of a Facebook Ads Campaign and how they works.

He also shows you the ads campaign that bring success to him.

Normally,Facebook Ads is about Testing the most before you scale. That’s why you will need multiple AdSet. Once you success,just run the best converting of them,then minimize your budget.

He also shows you about landing page where you drive ads.

Kartra is his recommendation but you can also use other like Clickfunnels and Builderall.

Module 5

This is about Ad Automation.

It’s where you have made money from your ads and then you automate the process.

With this ad types,you can either scale your ad or lower your ad budget.

But in this time,you will no longer worry about ad not working.

Module 6

This module once again covers about Facebook Ad Audiences.

But the idea here is for Optimization instead of testing.

Think like this,you are focusing on what works. After that,he introduces about Free + Shipping Offer. This is for Dropshipping Mostly.

This is the viral formula that makes Dropshipper success. As you know,nothing free the clients,you use the power of the word free.

Module 7

In this module,he will focus about Facebook Ads Funnel.

Sales funnel is the best way to increase AOV from the customers.

It’s a process from Traffic -> Sales Page -> Order -> Thank You + Recommedation -> Confirmation.

Here’s an example of Targeting CSV once you get results.

Then retarget them over and over once you buy the product.

Thanks to Custom Audiences,you can expect to generate more sales from your Offers.

Module 8

This module focus on Niche Product Specific Ad.

This focus on everything on the niche and the offers.

He will give you what’s required when creating Ad Copy.

For landing page,it has the combination of multiple things.

Besides,he introduces softwares like Sniply and Social Video Ad Maker (both monthly price)

But don’t worry,they are not required.

Module 9

The module 9 of Facebook Ads University is about scaling your ads.

This is for those who get results and then scale it to make more money.

So,he focuses on Retargeting from here.

Basically,you only run an existing ad.

He instructs you on how to use Creative Hub.

Module 10

In this module,JR Fisher will cover on different types of ad.

As i mentioned before,FB Ads is about Testing before you Optimize.

He will explain you all in depth about the usage of these ads.

Module 11

The last module of Facebook Ad University will focus on Ad Scaling again but also on ROI.

He introduces you on how ROI looks like. This is very important for budgeting.

He also provides you metrics you should focus.

And that’s the entire training session from Facebook Ads University. He also provides you weekly Coaching Call and Weekly Question & Answer inside membership.

Bonus Training and Software

First off,he talks some little bit about Manual Bidding.

He helps you understand exactly what these word about and why you need.

Besides,there will be some rules you must comply.

What makes Facebook Ads University special is that he provdes bonus 4 softwares for free as a member.

Thanks to the 4 bonus softwares here,you can save a lot time and energy.

Lastly,he talks about mindset for Success.

And that’s all you need to know before you buy the course Facebook Ads University. In fact,it’s worth every single penny you are paying if you are serious for Facebook Ads.

Pros of Facebook Ads University

  • Easy to understand and apply lessons
  • Very practical Strategies
  • Access to Premium 4 Bonus Softwares
  • He Shows the real Campaigns

Cons of Facebook Ads University

  • Somewhat Expensive Price

Final Verdict

In summary,Facebook Ads University is a great training course for internet marketer who wants more traffic & sales for their existing business. The lessons and strategies he teach are very easy to understand and easy to apply so that you can expect to improve your performances. With the help of 4 bonus softwares from the product creator,you can save a lot time,energy and avoid losing money on Bad Campaigns. Of course,if you have prepared budget for Ad and you are an action taker,this course is a yes from me.































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