Flowtraffic Review From User-Great Tool For Social Media Traffic

Product : Flowtraffic
Creator : Neil Napier
Price : $24 or $27
Do I Recommend : Yes (this product is OK)

At present,social media is one of the best way to get traffic. Besides advertising traffic,you should also use free traffic to balance your budget.
When getting free traffic from social media,the first thing you need is your post. In fact,if you post content,images properly,you get a lot engagement.
The best way to boost engagement for free social media traffic is to spy and to post frequently. Now,i’m going to introduce use a powerful app that helps you get a lot free traffic from social media,Flowtraffic. Let’s checkout my Flowtraffic review and demo so that you know exactly what inside.
Notes : i got a review access account from Neil Napier so that i know exactly what i’m talking about.
Flowtraffic Review
Flowtraffic Review

What Is Flowtraffic?

Flowtraffic Review
FlowTraffic is a Traffic generation cloud-based platform that enables you to curate as many trending & engaging content online.
Then you can use theses contents to create captivating and attractive medias and promote your stores or websites by attracting huge Traffic on big social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr & Pinterest.
Besides,Flowtraffic is also a spying tool for Facebook fanpage.

How Does Flowtraffic Works?

Here are 4 steps to get traffic with FlowTraffic App:

  • STEP 1 – Explore current trends – enter any keyword in any niche & find out trending content (media) that you can easily use for your traffic campaign.
  • STEP 2 – Bookmark what you like – this is time-saving feature – you can bookmark unlimited content. As a result, you do not need to repeat the research over & over again.
  • STEP 3 – Design the traffic bait – turn the media files you found out during the research to attractive media (cute image with clickbait title – quotes, etc…) for your traffic campaign
  • STEP 4 – Publish on social media websites – grab the media file you created with the Designer, assign the post or page you want to promote & push it to bunch of social media websites to get traffic.

The Usage of Flowtraffic

Now,i will show you all-in-depth on what you are getting with Flowtraffic apps. Here’s the member area once you login.
Flowtraffic Review
Flowtraffic is a software that helps you find trending content and shedule post on Social Media. So the first thing to do is to add social media account and connect your site. On the front-end of this app,you can add Facebook and Instagram account.

1.Adding Accounts and Sites

Firstly,click on New Account.
Flowtraffic Review
Here are 4 types of account you can add : Facebook Page,Facebook Timeline,Facebook Group and Instagram.
Flowtraffic Review Flowtraffic Review Flowtraffic Review Flowtraffic Review
It’s easy to integrate these accounts with Flowtraffic. Once again,you will automatically post content on these area.
After that,the next thing to do is to add your website.
Simply add a new site to this app.
Flowtraffic Review
There are 3 plattforms you can add : WordPress,Shopify and Blogger.
Flowtraffic Review
Flowtraffic Review
You can also integrate your Youzign or Pixabay account for images if you want. At present,Pixabay is free while Youzign is a cost product.
Flowtraffic Review
Now,let’s create a campaign.


As i told you before,Flowtraffic helps you search other Facebook fanpage. In fact,it’s an important process to spy the competition. In order to use this feature,simply enter any keyword you want.
Flowtraffic Review
Then a list of Page will appear.
Flowtraffic Review Flowtraffic Review Flowtraffic Review
You can view page or explore that page if you want. For instance,i will explore one page.
Flowtraffic Review
This software will save you tons of time researching multiple pages. You can view post or save in media. Clicking Save Media will save the images in Media Tab.
Flowtraffic Review Flowtraffic Review
And that’s all you get in the Explore Tab.


The next thing to do with Flowtraffic is to design an image. You will use pre-done images you add to media tab and then customizing text on it.
What makes this app different is that you can add quote an image based on trending hashtags.
Flowtraffic Review
You can also use images from Library.
Flowtraffic Review
For example,i will use a keyword Bussiness. Then,a lots of memes will appear.
Flowtraffic Review
You only need to choose a meme and then copy it.
Flowtraffic Review
You need to customize font,text after that.
Flowtraffic Review Flowtraffic Review
This is how i do,you just need to drag and drop these memes for the best visual.
Flowtraffic Review
Just preview and then click download.
Flowtraffic Review
Here’s the exact image i have already created by using Flowtraffic.
Flowtraffic Review
Remember to save in Media in order to schedule campaign.


The last thing to do with Flowtraffic is to create your own campaign.
Flowtraffic Review
You can click Select Media to choose your image with memes.
Flowtraffic Review
Here’s what to do next,just choose your site.
Flowtraffic Review
Now,you need to choose the post in that website.
Flowtraffic Review
In fact,Flowtraffic can generate all articles,pages on your site.
At here,you need to edit content.
Flowtraffic Review
Campaign has already been saved. Everything you need to do next is to use one-click sharing post.
Flowtraffic Review
The last thing to do is to view report on your campaign. At present,there is no report here because i have just used and tested it 🙂
Flowtraffic Review
And that’s all you get inside a single time purchase of FLowtraffic. Let’s take a look at the entire funnel.

Funnels of Flowtraffic

Currently,this funnel has 3 upsells and of course,when launch ends,price will increase.

OTO 1 : Flowtraffic Pro ($67)

FlowTraffic Pro gives you everything you need to save more time, get more FREE traffic, and make more money. If you want to get the most out of FlowTraffic, the ‘Pro’ upgrade is for you.
Besides,there is no limitation about campaigns you can create. If you cancel this upgrade,then he will offer Flowtraffic Pro Lite,which will have all the features of FlowTraffic PRO MINUS the team feature.
I think you should buy the Lite version instead of the Pro version.

OTO 2 : Flowtraffic Agency ($97/year)

With this license, you will be able to create access for your local or online clients within FlowTraffic. Essentially, you will be reselling 20 seats of “FlowTraffic Elite (with WP plugin)”

OTO 3 : Flowtraffic Training-Course Curator ($47)

In this training, he will show you how to build courses using curation. This is a cool technique he’ve used in past to create courses, from free and commercially usable content available on YouTube!
And that’s the entire funnel of this product. When launch ends,the price will increase for all of them.
Flowtraffic Review

Bonus From Me

In order to help your life much easier,i will add some extra bonuses if you buy Flowtraffic through my link. I just offer relevent bonuses you need after buying this app and no cheap PLR bonuses guarantee. This product is powered by Jvzoo so that after you buy it,you will get immediate access to my bonuses.

1.Viral Marketing Made Easy

Flowtraffic Bonus

2.Instagram Marketing 2.0 Made Easy

Flowtraffic Bonus

3.Instagram Marketing 3.0 Made Easy

4.Photo and Graphics for Bussiness 101

FLowtraffic Bonus

5.Facebook Remarketing Made Easy

Shoplez Bonus

6.The Science Behind Going Viral

Flowtraffic Bonus

7.Viral Secrets Exposed

Flowtraffic Bonus

8.Instant Social Images

9.Social Quiz WordPress Plugin

Flowtraffic Bonus
When launch ends,price will grow to $47. The bonuses are still valid,i’m not trying to encourage you to buy if you don’t need this app 🙂

Pros of Flowtraffic

  • Super simple to use and to manage
  • Can Generate Facebook,Instagram Images Memes based on keywords
  • 1 Click Sharing Post to Social Media (hence your backlink)
  • Integrate Pixbay,Youzign together with 2500 free images
  •  Connect Shopify,Wordpress and Blogger

Cons of Flowtraffic

1.Limitation on F/E
When buying the F/E of Flowtraffic,you can only add 100 campaigns. So,it means you can only add 100 blog posts to share. If you buy OTO 1,there will be no limitation about post. It’s not really a cons because you can delete the campaign after sharing. 100 is not a small number but somewhat annoying,right 🙂
If you buy OTO1,i strongly recommend you to buy the Lite version of it,mean the downsell instead of the OTO 1.

Final Verdict

In summary,Flowtraffic is a nice app that you should consider to buy. It’s practical and it saves you a lot times and money. Unlike most Jvzoo softwares,this one truly delivers and it helps you a lot. I have seen the profile of Neil and i can see that he has very low refund rate. I strongly recommend you to buy during launch because after launch ends,price of F/E and OTO will both go up.


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