Forex Master Levels Review-Is It A Legit Forex Signals For Traders?

Product : Forex Master Levels
Creator : Nicola Delic (also the creator of Elliot Wave DNA,one of the best signal so far)
Price : $997/onetime purchase
Do I Recommend : Yes,but not for all traders

Presently,forex trading is popular than ever thanks to its return rate. Everyday,there are thoudsands of billions dollars traded on the forex market. And of course,the amount of close trades will just increase. However,forex is never an easy game as some people think. In fact,just 10% of people who join Forex market can actually become a full-time trader. There’s a lot of thing to do such as do the fundamental analysis and technical analysis.
Forex is not gambling and it’s certainly not a get rick overnight. But there is another thing to know,every trade,orders in forex market are by pshology. Therefore,no way you can win 100% in all order. So that the only thing you can expect is to lower risk as much as you can. In order to master both fundamental and technical analysis,it will take a lot of time. Moreover,unless you are a full-time trader,you will rarely can sit on the computer to see the price and order. You can create an EA robot but it’s absolutely never easy for inexperience. Fortunately,you have a good replacement and it’s forex signal. So,check out my Forex Master Levels review and demo,a high quality forex signal that you can use and benefit.

What Is Forex Master Levels?

Forex Master Levels Review
At first,it’s a forex signal indicator just like Forex Scorpio Code but it works in different algorithm. Forex Master Levels is a system and indicator that supports M1 to M5 to make your trading easier. Actually,it’s a software that helps busy people trade,order without spending a lot of hours to determine trends. In addition,what makes Forex Master Levels become different is that it can alert your signals with notifications. You can say it’s a buy a sell signals so as to do the take profits or stop loss strategically. In order to make your life much easier,Forex Master Levels includes 4 instructional DVDs. They are not a basic or blueprint to forex trading,they help you to manage the system to sell and buy correctly as well as take profits,stop loss.
The main indicator you will use when using is Stochastic RSI. You don’t have to draw trendline,fibonnacci,all you need is to look at the chart and then determine support,ressitance. In general,Forex Master Levels can be overwhelming for newbies into forex trading.

Who Is Nicola Delic,Creator of Forex Master Levels?

Forex Master Levels banner
Nicola Delic spends most of his day watching the charts, monitoring economic news, trading and fine tuning his craft. In addition,he is a real trader and has put together this one-of-a-kind system after years of testing with his own live accounts.  Besides,is the real deal. Not some actor playing a part. To say that he is a Forex genius would not be an overstatement. If you know something about Elliot Wave,you may know Nicola Delic,who is really an expert in that vertical. On thẻ other hand,he is also a creator of Elliot Wave DNA,one of the best selling forex signal.

Demo and Features of Forex Master Levels

Forex Master Levels
In order to help you understand how Forex Master Levels works,i am not going to post a presentation about its feature today. I will screenshot some trading example with 2 currency pairs and explaination so that you know what you are buying. At first,it is compatible with Windows so that if you want it runs on Mac,you may need Parallel to work with. Forex Master Levels work with any broker but i recommend you to join some big names like Etoro,ThinkForex or Avatrade. Once you open your broker application that has installed Forex Master Levels,this is what you see.
Forex Master Levels
This signal system will work mostly with Stochastic RSI,an indicator for short-term trading. The main time frame you will use are going from 1 hours or less.
There are four main charts Forex Master Levels works with such as Colored Candle,Supres,Pivot and Direction.

Colored Candles

Forex Master Levels Colored Candles
Colored Candles is a simple custom indicator that will give you an idea about the current trend. We are basing the current trend on the 50 EMA and the current price. While price is above the 50 EMA, the candles appear green in color. If price is below the 50 EMA the candles are red in color.
The Colored Candles indicator is useful for traders looking to trade in the direction of the trend, or to better identify trending moves or pullbacks.


Forex Master Levels SupRes
The SupRes indicator is our support and resistance finder. After every few candles, the indicator will search for potential support and resistance zones based on the previous market movements. Support zones are identified by “Pink Dots” and resistance zones with “Green Dots.”
The SupRes indicator is useful to spot potential plays. The goal of this strategy is to look for breakouts, and that’s why we are going to look for areas where price pushes above the green resistance zones or below the red support zones.


Forex Master Levels Pivots
The Pivot Points indicator is a simple pivot indicator that will give you basic information such as the Daily Pivot Points, Support 1, Support 2, Support 3, and Resistance 1, Resistance 2, and Resistance 3.
The indicator is designed to only show you Daily values and you are going to get the latest data updated at the end of the New York session.
The Pivots are useful for traders to get a quick idea of how much room they have for a trade in the market at any given time. Whenever you want to enter a trade, consider what Pivot level you are currently testing. If you are around Resistance 3 or Support 3, you should probably skip the trade altogether or enter the trade with lower risk.


The Direction indicator is like the Colored Candles indicator, but this indicator is designed to give you a quick view of the trend based on the higher time frames.
We are picking up the trend data from the 4-hour time frame, and if there is a Bullish trend you will see a Green “Trade Bullish Setups” button as shown below. On the other hand, if there is a Bearish trend you will see a Red “Trade Bearish Setups” button on the upper left corner of the chart.
After the “Bullish” or “Bearish” button appears on your chart you just need to wait for next system rule to be met before you proceed. Additionally, you can use this indicator with any trend-following system you might be trading.
Forex Master Levels
Next,we will talk about Buy Rules and Trade Rules when using Forex Master Levels.

1.Buy Rule

If you see the Forex Master Levels meets some of the following,you can buy:

  1. The Direction indicator must show “Trade Bullish Setups”.
  2. Wait to spot a breakout of Green Resistance on the SupRes indicator.
  3. Confirm the move – the Histogram indicator must be Green and StoRSI must be above
  4. If all the above conditions have been met, proceed to enter the market with a Buy trade immediately. You do not need to wait for the candle to
  5. Place your Stop Loss at the most recent Support
  6. Place your Take Profit at double the number of pips away from your entry as your Stop Loss (1:2 Risk/Reward Ratio).

2.Sell Rule

  1. The Direction indicator must show “Trade Bearish Setups”.
  2. Wait to spot a breakout of Red Support on the SupRes
  3. Confirm the move – the Histogram indicator must be Red and StoRSI must be below
  4. If all the above conditions have been met, proceed to enter the market with a Sell trade immediately. You do not need to wait for the candle to
  5. Place your Stop Loss at the most recent Resistance
  6. Place your Take Profit at double the number of pips away from your entry as your Stop Loss (1:2 Risk/Reward Ratio).

And these are all my instruction about Forex Master Levels you can use to trade. The signals indicator is highly accurate and trustable. However,trading always includes risk so that you will not win 100% using Forex Master Levels. But don’t worry,you can remove risk as much as you can.

Pros of Forex Master Levels

  • Highly accurate as well as trustable signal indicators
  • Full Time 24/7 support together with Email,Phone and Message Notification
  • It’s A Lifetime Access Without Upsell Or Recurring Fee
  • Remove the fear of loss
  • Include 4 DVDs training to make your life much easier
  • Doesn’t Require Much Time To Sit On The Computer

Cons of Forex Master Levels

  • A little bit pricey for some people (but it’s worth the price)
  • Require some technical analysis knowledge such as Stochastic RSI,Support and Ressistant

Final Verdict

In summary,Forex Master Levels is a great forex signal that anyone should consider to buy. Despite the price,it’s highly accurate and you can apply to your trade easily. Forex market is a game of psychology and Forex Master Levels will help you become more confident for each trade. Also remember that it can’t guarantee your success and it’s not a get rick overnight. Spend your time to understand how Forex Master Levels work and then apply to your trade.

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