Formget Review from User and Demo-Great Tool To Boost Your Optin Conversion

Product : Formget
Creator : Neeraj Agarwal (also the creator of Mailget,the most affordable email service provider at present)
Price : $97/one time
Do I Recommend : Certainly Yes

Presently,email marketing is one of the best way to make money online consistently. Thanks to email marketing,you will not only keep your audiences but also enhance your ROI. On the other hand,it helps you build relationship and monetize your audiences.
In order to create a successful and huge email list,there’s a lot of thing to do. It can be traffic,lead magnet,landing page,email newsletter and more importantly,an optin-form. Without optin form,you can not build an email list and of course,you can’t profit from it. Therefore,you need to create a beautiful optin form to build your list. Formget is an affordable email optin form creator that i personally use and love. Thanks to Formget,i can create a big email by creating a beautiful optin form. Now,let’s check out my Formget review and demo so that you know what inside.

What Is Formget?


FormGet is a cloud-based form building software that allows you to capture BUYERS, collect payments and boost CONVERSIONS…. In Just A Snap

This product is created and developed by Mailget team,the most affordable email service provider and email SMTP at present. With this product,you are free to create unlimited optin form.
Currently,Formget is mainly designed to work with Mailget. But if you buy the extension bundle,it can integrate Mailchimp,Getresponse or Aweber.

Who Is FormGet For?

  • Any marketer who want to build a massive list
  • Your optin form has low conversion
  • Of course,mostly for Mailget user (those who want to save big budget)

Main Features and Demo of Formget

Now,i will show you real demo of this product. Notes: this is a real user review,i personally have a review access account from product’s creator,Neeraj.
Formget account
He create an account for me to test this product.
Now,let’s see exactly inside the member’s area.
Now,i will show you step by step how to create an optin form using Formget.

1.Create Form

There are 2 waysways to create form. You can create from scratch or clone pre done templates by the providers. There are multiple templates so that you will never lack idea.
In this scenario,i will choose to create an optin form from sractch. At first,click the button create new form.
This is a blank form so that you need to customize it.
Then just simply drag and drop any elements you want to add inside this form.
After that,simply customize text to fit your purpose.
You can enter a Redirect URL if you want. This feature is like after people subscribed to your list,they will see a redirect page you want to target. It can be a tripwire page to promote affiliate product or just simply a thankyou,confirmation page.
For instance,i click on Name,Email on the left coluum.
Formget Formget
On the other hand,you can also create a survey to know what your audiences need. For example,i will do like this.
Just insert field label like this,pretty simple,right.
Don’t forget to add captcha.
Now,click Next Step to customize your form. This is what you see after that.
You can change background,image,Header image,Colors and Footer.

You can choose background image to customize your form. For example,i choose this image.

And this is the optin form after i upload it.

Besides,you can also edit fonts,color if you want.

Click on Save Changes after you finish.

Here’s the exact form i have already created.

2.Publish and Embed Form

There are two ways to share your form. You can whether share a link to a hosted page by Formget and simply embed the code.

Here’s the hosted optin form page created by Formget.

3.Email Marketing

After creating a form,the next thing to do is to add your Autoresponder code.
Formget API
If you have a Mailget account,you can insert your API key immediately. Currently,the price of Mailget is only $5/month for up to 5,000 subscribers. You can also create a free account with Mailget without restriction.
If you want to integrate Aweber and Getresponse,you may need to buy the extension,mean the only upsell of this product. Actually,it’s an another service,not an upsell.

4.Creating Form By Cloning Available Templates

If you don’t want to create a form yourself,it’s OK to use available templates from Formget. Luckily,this service provides various templates for you to clone and customize.
Firstly,click Use in Built Templates.

Then,choose a template you like.

For example,i pick this template on bussiness form.

After that,click on Clone this Form.

Simply edit as you like. Just like the instructuon above 🙂

And that’s all you get inside a $97 one time purchase with Formget. In my opinion,it’s well worth every single penny you are paying.

The Funnels of Formget In Details

Currently,this product only has 1 upsell,which is not too pricey. The front-end product has 2 plans. The $47 plan only allows you to create 5 forms while the $97 allows you to access unlimited forms.
The upsell offer is an extension bundle,which allows you to access some popular email service provider. Normally,if you only integrate one service,for example,Active Campaign,you only pay $49. But if you want to integrate all service,you will need to pay $97/year,that’s much better right.

If you pay $47,you can only integrate 5 forms while with $97,you can integrate all of them. Of course,they want you to purchase $97 license.
However,if you use Mailget and not intend to use all of these,i strongly recommend you to cancel this upsell offer.

Bonus From Me

To help your life much easier,i will add some extra bonus if you buy Formget through my link. Just simply buy on Warrior+ and you will have instant access on your account after purchasing. This is not a W+ product as all,actually it’s a self selling service but Neeraj launches on Warrior Plus to find more affiliate partner like me 🙂
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Pros of Formget


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