How To Get Youtube Free Traffic-Methods To Profit From Video Marketing

On internet marketing,no matter how good your campaign is,no traffic,certainly no revenue. Traffic is a lifeblood of any bussiness so that sooner or later,you must have. There are two kinds of traffic:free traffic or investment traffic. With free traffic,you will not only save your budget but also create a consistent campaign. Today,i will show you my techniques that especially helps you get youtube free traffic. At present,youtube free traffic is growing because people loves watching video than reading.

Why Youtube Free Traffic?

Youtube free traffic
Before we start,let’s me ask you something.

Are you using YouTube as a marketing strategy for traffic generation in your business?
Quite simply, YouTube is by far one of the most powerful but still underutilized platforms on the internet when it comes to online marketing.
Notably, YouTube is the second biggest search engine on the net. As such, it’s also the best platform for engaging in the act of video marketing. Which, if you didn’t know, is one of the most powerful tools for the persuasion of audiences for generating clicks and conversions.

Consider the impact that video has on you in your own day to day life. Think about the placement of television sets in your world and how they’re often a center piece of most living areas.
Youtube free traffic gives you the power to build a following that you can continuously market to in the future. It also allows you to leverage your connections through influential marketing and other strategies. Besides,youtube free traffic is also a great way to deliver your message.

Why Youtube Free Traffic is Friendly for All Marketers?

Affilojetpack Ebook Youtube Free Traffic
If you are driving Google SEO traffic,you may need time and skill to get rank. But that’s not 100% correct with Youtube free traffic. In fact,with Google SEO,you will need content,a strong backlinking strategy and keywords. Unlike SEO,youtube free traffic is for everyone. Once you upload a video,espcially if it’s something that people are looking for,you will go viral.
Of course,if people find your video helpful and useful enough,they will comeback and watch again,again and again. On the other hand,SEO is highly actionable with Youtube. Using keywords in titles and descriptions, it is easy to optimize a video to rank high in the search engines. And more importantly,it doesn’t require complex backlinking to get rank.
Besides,it’s a good way to build an email list. By presenting and adding value to your video and then have a direct link to your squeeze page. It also give you better list because the people who subscribes to your list from Youtube have higher buying-intent.

Types of Youtube Video

Youtube Free Traffic EasyVSL
Video marketing is a very big world and there’s multiple ways to get youtube free traffic as well. At first,you should know that you don’t need a master filmaker to create a youtube video. Moreover,you don’t have to be on the camera to create a video. So,i will show you some types of youtube video.

1.Face-to-Face Camera

The first type of Youtube free traffic video is face to face camera,which simply talks to the camera. In order to do that,make sure you have prepared content and you are ready to show yourself. There’s a lot of thing you can do such as:

  • Talking about the brand or the people behind the brand
  • Introducing a product or review a product
  • Interview customers or influencers

They are not difficult to create but it requires you to be ready for recording. Also prepare a good voice because it’s your brand.


This is so far my most favorite way to get Youtube free traffic. By doing this,you will add value to your audiences and build a lot relationship. Some people including me don’t like to be on screen,therefore creating a video presenation is a good idea. The best software that helps you create a video presentation is EasyVSL,which is the most popular tool now. Besides,it also adopts text-to-speech feature and converting a powerpoint template into a presentation video.
I also love video presentation because almost all watchers are visual viewers,hence they do not always hear your voice. A type of video presentation can be how-to videos, tutorials or product walkthrough. Personally,i am doing this technique so as to enlarge my email list. I create a video and then recommending people to my squeeze page and getting my lead magnet. On my autoresponder sequence,i also direct people to my Youtube video or a blog post that embed my Youtube video.

3.Animation Video

Another way to get Youtube free traffic is to create an animation video. However,it’s mostly great for create a video sales letter or video ads rather than Youtube. In fact,people love watching animation video because it can represent their problems or solution.
All you need is  to create unique characters and bring them to life on the screen. The best video animation software that i recommend to you is Doodly. I also have a lesson showing you how to create a doodle animated video,read it here. This software currently does not adopt text to speech feature but you can have a free service here. Write a script and then record the voiceover and an animated video will be ready to capture the attention of the YouTube world.
Remember,it mustn’t be a boring voice,it should be an advertising or attractive voice. Therefore,i recommend you to check out this free text-to-speech service.


The last and the hardest way to get Youtube free traffic is to create movie/documentary video. Personally,I don’t recommend this at all because they take a lot more time and money. Everything you need is a high quality camera and Film-editing software  together with some technical works.
I would prefer create animation video than create movie because it’s much easier and it costs you less time and budget.

6 Methods To Get Youtube Free Traffic

Youtube has an excellent potential for creating awareness about a brand, goods or services that a person offers. So,here are 6 methods that i’m currently using so as to get Youtube free traffic.

1.Conduct research for your video channel

The secret to attracting plenty of views to your video is first understanding the viewers. Doing so requires research to determine the purpose of the video, the target audience, the content value the audience seeks, and where besides YouTube is the audience found. Armed with this information, you can brand your videos in a way that it appeals to the targeted masses. A relatively easy method of researching is by analyzing Youtube videos with the most views or shares. And hey,don’t forget to choose profitable niche before you start.

2.Create quality and timeless videos

When it comes to the web content is king. People see the videos because they hope to get value in the form of knowledge, entertainment or nourishment. For this reason, the content should be valuable, of good audio and video quality, non- discriminatory, and one that cuts across religion, race and gender. It’s amazing how many YouTubers upload videos that fail to meet such standards and wonder why their videos are not attracting views. Remember the easiest way to get more views is when the video goes viral, and every one is sharing or tagging their friends. No one wants to share poor quality and boring videos so that always keep in mind.

3.Write engaging and detailed video descriptions

When you upload a video on Youtube, neither Google nor Youtube can watch or even listen to it. Instead, they rely on the text a person used to describe the video to understand and even rank the video. Since Google uses the words in the video description to list it, it is only prudent for a person to provide a detailed description. After all, if you took your time to make the video and upload it, spending a few minutes writing it’s story won’t hurt. Besides, with a better ranking, you get more views.

4.Optimize Your Video Keywords

Although it pays to have a good YouTube ranking, it is more rewarding if the classification extends to Google and search engine searches. It’s obvious that many websites’ traffic comes from search engines like Google, which create page rankings depend mainly on the keywords used. Therefore, if you want more traffic to your video, consider using appropriate video keywords that will give your video an edge in the search engine results page. An easy way of identifying the video keywords is to discover the keywords used by other YouTube videos appearing on the first pages of the search engine, and then use those words in your video description.

5.Capitalize On Social Media Platforms

Social Media platforms are useful tools for getting the message out to the masses. Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora, Whatapps, Instagram, Pinterest and many others are worth utilizing. Post links to your video on those platforms and even proactively ask the online community to view, like, comment and even share with their friends and relatives. However be careful not to spam the social media accounts of other users. Another idea is joining communities and forums dealing with issues your video addresses. To answer a member’s question just offer insight and post the link to your Youtube video that provides detailed information.

6.Determine If There Is a Video Ranking High On Google SERPs

As mentioned previously: a good indicator as to whether you can easily rank on page one of the Google search results, is if there’s already a video up there or not. Furthermore, if there’s a video ranking; how well optimized is it? Can you better optimize your video and boost it’s social signals? If so, you can easily outrank it.

How Frequently To Upload Video?

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The key to get Youtube free traffic is to upload video consistently. Therefore,you should upload video frequently. So firstly,you have to determine what types of Youtube free traffic video you are creating.
If people follow you, they want to know they can rely on new videos to come out on regular basis. They also want access to new content consistently. As a result,they will prior to watch your video instead of other’s.
Upload new video at least once a week and you should upload the same time. It’s better than uploading multiple video simultaneously. Keep in mind,your goal is to becoming viral.
Of course,you always need to provide value into your video to build trust,relationship with subscribers. Make sure it is high quality,useful and helpful enough.
And these are all my strategies to get Youtube free traffic. It’s easy to implement,there’s no magic trick to get Youtube free traffic. The key to succeed is to provide high quality video in the long-run.

Final Words

In summary,after posting an instruction showing you how to get Youtube free traffic,i hope you can find your own idea to start. Basically,it’s not hard as some people think and it does convert like crazy. Avoid jumping around and keep focusing on your bussiness in order to monetize. People absolutely love videos. And more people than ever before are watching videos on YouTube. This is an opportunity that you shouldn’t miss.

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