Gramkosh v2.0 Review,Demo and Bonuses-Best Instagram Mastery and Domination Course

Product: Gramkosh v2.0
Creator : Saurabh Bhatnagar & Gaurav Madaan (also the creator of Optin Chat)
Price : $97 or $197 (use the coupon code earlybird50 or nobrainer50 so as to get 50% discount valid for 4 hours)
Do I Recommend : Certainly Yes (it’s my first recommendation about Instagram)

  • Feature
  • Ease Of Use
  • Price
  • Training

Presently,Instagram is one of the best social marketing media that you can benefit. It doesn’t only support selling product but also good for affiliate promotion and building a list. On the other hand,people are using Instagram more and more frequently thanks to its benefits. Moreover,it has a more interactive rate than Facebook. So,it’s a wasteless if you don’t drive your traffic on Instagram. Recently,a new software and training called Gramkosh v2.0 is created to help you dominate Instagram.
But first,you need to understand something. Instagram is not easy as some people think and it does require lots of work to succeed. I have seen that many people are abusing hashtag in order to get more reach,followers. In addition,some people even buy followers from scammers because they think it’s good. To be honest,that’s most stupid action i have ever seen so far. If you fall for this,you will bleed your time,energy and budget so as to get nothing. And in the long run,no way to can monetize consistently.
Fortunately,a new system Gramkosh v2.0 appears and it can especially solve your problem. Thanks to Gramkosh v2.0,you can save a lot of time,energy from useless actions. Additionally,it’s super awersome when you schedule and post any image,video stories on your account. And best of all,you have access to the training that helps you master Instagram.

What Is Gramkosh v2.0?

Gramkosh v2.0 Review,Demo and Bonuses
At first,Gramkosh v2.0 is a software that allows you to schedule and post image,video stories directly from Desktop. In addition,it also schedule and post images,videos and Images Carousel from your Desktop. You can insert link you want to redirect on the stories and see all the history. On the other hand,you can Bulk Uploading of month’s content in seconds and Bulk scheduling of content via URLs list. Besides,Gramkosh v2.0 helps you Auto Follow Instagram accounts – by Hashtag, Location, New Followers, Location + Hashtag, User Followers and engaged audience. Of course,you can also unfollow these account
Moreover,it can auto like and comment in targeted posts. You can also send Direct message to Followers, Following, New Followers, people using Hashtag. In order to keep your audiences,it can auto reply and manage inbox like a chatbot on Facebook. Additionally,you can save your time because Gramkosh v2.0 can automatically search popular hashtags on the top niches. It has direct Integration with Youzign,Designo Pro,Emoji and Dedicated Proxy. Any links of your post displayed by Gramkosh v2.0 will have direct link into Website Traffic + Blog Readers + Shopify Customers + Etsy Customers + Affiliate Offers + CPA Offers + Lead Generation + Direct Product Add To Cart + Product Pages. 
In order to manage your post,you can live preview,see the site analytics to split-test campaign. It also helps you generate content for maximum effect. And more importantly,Gramkosh v2.0 has the Instagram mastery training to help you keep track of your bussiness.

 Who Is Gramkosh v2.0 For?

Gramkosh v2.0 review Instagram Automation

  • Any marketer (from novice to professional) who want to scale up their traffic
  • Especially for Ecommerce sellers who are selling on Amazon,Shopify,etc
  • You don’t have too much budget to display ad on Adwords,Bing,Yahoo,Youtube,etc so that you want Instagram as a replacement.
  • Affiliate marketers,CPA marketers or even Lead Generation marketers
  • Anyone who want to become a real influencer on Instagram
  • People who are still wasting your time,budget because they are abusing hashtags,buying followers
  • If you want to save your time from useless action

Features and Demo of Gramkosh v2.0

Gramkosh 2.0 Instagram Automation
Before we start discovering the feature of Gramkosh v2.0,you need to know that you can integration 10 accounts. Therefore,make sure you have chosen the right niche. Gramkosh v2.0 is a cloud-based software so that you don’t need to install. This is the member’s area once you download and login.
Gramkosh v2.0 review Member Dashboard
Firstly,you need to integrate your Instagram account,it’s super easy. Just enter your username and then update toke.

1.Schedule Post and Stories

The first thing to do with Gramkosh v2.0 is that you can schedule your post in 10 accounts you want. So,you only need to login to this software without needing to login to your Instagram account. Every week,just come here 2 times and post image,video and write something engaging. As a result,you will have at least 1 post per account per day and it’s hard to be unfollowed if you keep posting.
Gramkosh v2.0 review Schedule Post
Simply choose an account,upload your image and write your caption after that. For example,i add a minion image on my post. Oh,you can preview it so as to optimize your post.
Gramkosh 2.0 review schedule post
As i mentioned before,Gramkosh v2.0 can also schedule and post Instagram stories,here’s an example.
Gramkosh v2.0 Schedule Stories
After finishing the whole process,just click on Send Now. Now,let’s come to the Scheduled Posts.
Gramkosh v2.0 review schedule post
On this page,schedule any time you want. Remember,you should choose the time when the audiences you target online the most. Therefore,always do the niche research and target specific audiences to get the best result. On the other hand,you can even schedule like.
Gramkosh v2.0 review schedule likes
And schedule comments. In order to get more followers on Instagram from scratch,you should like,comment others’s first. Of course,this process will cost you tons of time and you also need to do the correct time. With Gramkosh v2.0,you can forget that enegy consumption process. Moreover,it can automatically do by Timeline feed,popular feed and hashtag.
Gramkosh v2.0 Schedule Comments

2.Schedule Follow and Unfollow

Gramkosh v2.0 review banner
You may surprise but almost all successful Instagram influencer will follow people first and then unfollow. Personally,when i first started using Instagram,i try the post images,video frequently. I see many people follow me but after a little time,they unfollow me. So,you are applying this technique inside Gramkosh v2.0. Everything is automated so that you need to do nothing.
Gramkosh v2.0 Schedule Follow
There are 6 ways for you to automatically follow other influencer. For example,i will follow by hashtag.
Gramkosh v2.0 review schedule follow
If you follow too much,you may somewhat redure your brand. Therefore,you also need to unfollow. Personally,i was in that situation too much time. Actually,some big influencers didn’t know they followed me and of course,they also didn’t know that they have unfollowed.
If you unfollow all of these,this takes a lot of time to determine who you have followed to unfollow as well.
Gramkosh v2.0 Schedule Unfollowed

3.Content Discover

Gramkosh v2.0 review
The next feature Gramkosh v2.0 can do is the discover content from people. Remember,content is king,even with social media,not just SEO. On this page,just enter any keyword and then this software will find content,idea for you.
Gramkosh v2.0 review discover content
Then,a list of relevant post will appear.
Gramkosh v2.0 review discover content
For example,click Repost on the image,you will see something awersome next. Oh,don’t forget that it can post in numerous language. If you have used Instagram for a long time,you will see the Russian language frequently.
Gramkosh v2.0 Schedule Post Discover Content
Why wasting your time to find and abuse hashtag while you can find fast in just one place. In addition,you can search hashtag based on a keyword. In other words,Gramkosh v2.0 is like a keyword research tool but for Instagram.
Gramkosh v2.0 Search Hashtag
Best of all,Gramkosh v2.0 even display top performing hashtags for multiple profitable niche on Instagram.
Gramkosh v2.0 review Instagram Hashtags
For instance,this is the popular hashtags in Social/People angle.
Gramkosh v2.0 review popular hashtags

4.Inbox Management

Gramkosh v2.0 review
Another great feature from Gramkosh v2.0 is that it can helps you manage all of your inbox. As an influencer,you need to answer all questions people ask to keep followers in the long run. If you have too many account,this will take you a lot of time. But thanks to Gramkosh v2.0,you don’t need to worry about that anymore. Show your audiences that you are a dedicated influencer.
Gramkosh v2.0 review Inbox Management
So,you won’t miss any message from your audiences. I suggest you login once a day to check question,then reply all of them. There’s no magic or secret tips to increase followers,just magic process and action.
Gramkosh v2.0 review Inbox Management
You can personalize message or reply the same message to all people. If answer the same messsage to all audiences,go to the schedule message.
Gramkosh v2.0 review schedule message
And these are all the features you get on this lifetime access to Gramkosh v2.0. Certainly,it’s worth every single penny you are paying.

Gramkosh v2.0 In General

Now,let’s review all the features of Gramkosh v2.0 in 6 main categories.

Ist Module – Discover

This module is dedicated to generate content, you can generate an Year of Viral content in less than 30 Minutes

  • Use the Discover Feature relevant photos in your Niche
  • Use the Trending feature to find the Viral Photos in your Niche
  • Download all content in bulk with GramKosh Content Generator

2nd Module – Post

All Instagram Marketers suffer from one problem which is Scheduling, So far Instagram does not allow scheduling from Mobile or Desktop natively. GramKosh v2.0 solves your Problem so that you can work handsfree

  • Schedule Instagram Stories (Photos and Videos) right from the Desktop without the need of keeping your Laptop open or any sort of browser extension
  • Shedule Instagram Posts (Photos, Videos and Carousels) right with one click

3rd Module – Engage

One of the very important aspects of marketing is to keep your Audience Engaged and responsive enough. GramKosh v2.0 helps you automate this at ease with it’s auto like,comment and message.
Features.. Engaged Audience buys more any day.

4th Module – Automate the Growth

GramKosh v2.0 is a mass automation Instagram Software and it’s powers are beyond comaprison.. You can automate your Growth in the most special ways like

  • Auto Follow users accounts in your Niche using Hashtags and via Location
  • Auto Follow users who comment and like on others photos
  • And Auto UnFollow people

Whenever you follow someone, they receive a notification and check back your account. If your account is good and appeals to them – they follow you back.
And with GramKosh all this happens on AutoPilot (24/7)
5th Module – Go Viral
Gramkosh helps you find the right hashtags which increases your chances for hitting to the explore page

  • It lets you catgorise the hashtags based on the volume of times they are being used
  • It also gives you a predefined category where you can use the hashtags sets chosen by their team

6th Module – Monetise

Instagram is a hard nut for many marketers because you can only put the link in one place. But GramKosh v2.0 is here to change that in 2 different ways:

  • Insta Sites: GramKosh helps build a custom feed from your Instagram feed where you can link up each image and hence use that feed as your Bio Link. This instantly converts your one Bio Link into a feed of links which look quite similar to Instagram feed.
  • Add Links to your Stories: With GramKosh v2.0 you can add links to your Stories as well with a Swipe up option (This works for accounts having more than 10,000 followers)

This is not all of it, they have an inbuilt Photo Editor, Integration with Youzign and Designo Pro, Inbox for managing all your Messages right from the dashboard and quite a few more power performance features..
GramKosh v2.0 gives you the ability to power your Business with Instagram Marketing like none other..

How to make Money with GramKosh v2.0

  • Start an Instagram Marketing Agency and Handle client accounts. Charge them 200-500 $ per account
  • Use this on your Ecom Store and watch your Sales Sore
  • Use GramKosh v2.0 to promote Affiliate Products by leveraging the powerful Instasites
  • You can also se it to grow your Account and then earn from Shoutouts, usually $50 to $200 per shoutout)
  • Flip your Instagram Accounts after growth (An account with 25k-100k followers sell easily in 4 to 5 figures)

Does Gramkosh v2.0 Has Upsells?

Almost all products from Jvzoo has upsells and so does Gramkosh v2.0. However,you don’t have to buy the upsells if you don’t need. Remember,the front-end offer is still great and affordable.
Gramkosh v2.0 has 3 upsells.

OTO 1 : Gramkosh v2.0 Explore ($27/month or $297/year)

This upsell comes with the new angle that you may never hear before.
Infact hardly 1% Instagram marketers would be knowing about it and .1% is implementing.

It is hitting the EXPLORE page of Instagram. Once that is achieved you can expect a minimum of 1,000 – 5,000 followers & 1000 – 1500 clicks to your Bio Link increase in a day.

  • Like Rounds
  • Comment Rounds
  • Engagement Groups
  • Revolution K Bots

In addition,you will join his own Instagram marketing masteclass.
Gramkosh v2.0 review OTO1 Gramkosh v2.0 review OTO1

OTO 2 : Gramkosh v2.0 Influencer Networks ($47 or $67)

In this upsell,he offers Training + Influencers Module
Gramkosh v2.0 review OTO 2 Gramkosh v2.0 review OTO 2
Training on Shoutouts & the software part does the following

  • Search Influencers
  • Categorise Them
  • Send them Bulk Messages
  • Sign Contracts

In summary,this is the training on the OTO 2. Actually,i’m using this technique to drive traffic from Instagram. I will post article showing you how to hire influencer on Instagram. Personally,i prepare a landing page,lead magnet and autoresponder sequence to promote Diet/WeightLoss Clickbank offer.
Gramkosh v2.0 Review Price OTO 2
In order to make this strategy work,you need to prepare from $15-$50 to find shoutout and hire influencer. Of course,the more the better. I also suggest you to create an email marketing campaign first before buying this upsell.

OTO 3 : Gramkosh v2.0 Outsourcer License ($297)

Gramkosh v2.0 Agency License OTO 3
This is the agency license where users can add Team Members and Client. Unless you want to make money as a freelancer or an agency,don’t buy this upsell. It’s really expensive to some people.
On the other hand,you will also have LockerKosh.
Gramkosh v2.0 review OTO 3 LockerKosh

Bonuses From Me

In order to make your life much easier,i will add some extra bonuses if you buy Gramkosh v2.0 from my referral link. This product is powered by Jvzoo so that once you complete your purchase,you will access to the bonuses immediately. Basially,these are all you need after buying Gramkosh v2.0. You only need to buy the front-end to get my bonuses,you don’t have to buy the upsell.

1.Instagram Outsourcing Package (value At $97)

Gramkosh v2.0 Bonus
A Complete kit including Landing Page, Outreach Emails, Proposals to help you get started in managing Others Instagram Accounts for consistent recurring monthly paydays.

2.GramVirality (value At $67)

Gramkosh v2.0 Bonus
This ebook will show you how to deal with influencer marketing inside Instagram. You will also learn about Instagram Algorithm and technique.

3.Gramkosh Content Generator (value At $67)

Gramkosh v2.0 bonus

4.Instagram Crash Course (value At $67)

Gramkosh v2.0 Bonus

5.Instagram Marketing Excellence (value At $97)

Gramkosh v2.0 Bonus
You are all set to rock with Gramkosh v2.0, and I am giving you an additional booster to further enhance its value.  This package comprises of E-book that has power packed information on how to generate unlimited targeted traffic to boost sales and profits.  You will also get a cheat sheet, mind map resources report that will be very useful for getting long term beneficial results for your business.

6.Social Media Income-Instagram (value At $97)

Gramkosh v2.0 Bonus
Instagram helps you market your products and services to globally scattered clients in creative ways, and facilitates profit enhancement in the long run.
Keeping this important factor in mind, this package that includes easy to understand video will help you to boost traffic generation efforts with this amazing social media networking site.
Now to make success your counterpart, just get tons of targeted traffic from Instagram with Gramkosh v2.0 and get higher ROI from your marketing activities without spending a fortune.

7.Build Your Brand With Instagram Images and Monetization Checklist (value At $47)

Gramkosh v2.0 Bonus Gramkosh v2.0 Bonus
95 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram per day and this number is going to increase in the near future.
So, to pack a punch with the best use of Instagram for your business, this package has a guide that contains an easy to follow checklist that will help you monetize your Instagram account and turn it into a sales machine.
Combine the strategies mentioned here along with helpful feature inside Gramkosh v2.0and let your profits galore.

8.Instagram Bible (value At $47)

Gramkosh v2.0 Bonus
This is a fast-track ebook showing you how to get traffic from Instagram.

9.Social Media Domination (value At $97)

Gramkosh v2.0 Bonus
Social media marketing is an incredibly powerful tool to get hordes of targeted visitors needed to boost sales and profits. It also enables business owners to increase brand visibility and get authentic customer feedback without spending a fortune. To enable you to get these benefits for your business, here’s a great package that will help you discover the essential steps, methods and techniques to set yourself up for success on the Top Social Media Platforms. Use these strategies and reap long term benefits for your business.

10.Social Media Authority (value At $147)

Gramkosh v2.0 Bonus
You are all set to rock with Gramkosh v2.0, and I am giving you an additional booster to further enhance its value. Social media has become an integral part of the advertising strategy of marketers. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced marketer, you need social media for reaching out to your customers. So, I am providing this package that has power packed information on how to build social media authority to boost profit margins. Use this information to get long term beneficial results for your business.

11.FoolProof Traffic System (value At $87)

Gramkosh v2.0 Bonus
This package includes an eBook that help you learn about various methods of getting free and paid traffic to your website. This step by step traffic system will help you get more traffic, leads and sales for your business.
Use this information to get best results for your business.
And these are all of the bonuses that you get instantly after buying Gramkosh v2.0 through my affiliate link. Of course,they will help you a lot.

 Pros of Gramkosh v2.0

  • Affordable price together with lifetime access
  • Manage up to 10 Instagram Accounts
  • Saves you time by Automating every single task needed for Instagram Marketing
  • Make you more sales because of optimised Content and Clickable Insta Sites
  • Gives you more reach with the right Hashtags
  • Automatically follow and then unfollowe
  • Gives you more leads with the Lead Boxes inside Insta Sites
  • Builds your Account on AutoPilot
  • Reply to all message you have
  • Automatically schedule post,stories
  • Cloud-based software so that you don’t need to download
  • Super simple to use and to manage

Cons of Gramkosh v2.0

1.Upsells Are Expensive
Although you don’t have to buy the upsell,it seems like they are expensive to some people. $297/year and $297 on the agency license are not affordable for everyone after buying the front-end.

2.Have Limitation About Instagram Accounts

The maximum account license is only 10.

Final Verdict

In conclusion,Gramkosh v2.0 is a great tool and training that helps you maximize your profit with Instagram marketing. Instagram is a brand new traffic source and it helps better interactive than Facebook. Moreover,you can get both free and paid traffic through instagram easier comparing with Adwords,Bing,Native. Thanks to the feature and ease of uses of Gramkosh v2.0,you can expect to get more followers in the long run. The more traffic you have,the more list and leads you get and the more money you make. And don’t forget to benefit all of my bonuses after buying Gramkosh v2.0 because they all deliver great value.


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