Graphic Kickstart Review and Bonuses-Forget About Outsourcing Graphic

Product : Graphic Kickstart
Creator : Mark Thompson (also the creator of Pressplay,EasyVSL,Provely,Email Spike,Social Kickstart,Leadgrab)
Price : $197 or $297 (don’t buy the $297) , upsells are Pressplay and EasyVSL (but with cheaper prices)
Do I Recommend : Certainly Yes

  • A Little Bit Pricey But Recommended

On internet marketing,the more stunning the graphic,templates is,the more chance of making money. If you are running Facebook Ads,Native Ads or email marketing,certainly you need that. Moreover,some bussiness models like Amazon Kindle,Amazon FBA,Ecommerce Store always need a stunning graphic. Free images,stocks never meet your standards because they are not stunning and not high converting. Outsourcing graphic,ecover,landing page will cost you a lot and of course,they will continue to rip you off if you don’t know how to outsource the right way.
Fortunately,Mark Thompson creates Graphic Kickstart as a library to help you find stunning images that is high converting. In addition,with a single time purchase of Graphic Kickstart,you will get access to thousands of available graphic and monthly updates. Now,let’s see the member’s area of Graphic Kickstart so that you know exactly what inside.

What Is Graphic Kickstart?

Graphic Kickstart Card
At first,it’s a library graphic,images that you have the right to download and upload to your Facebook,website. Graphics from Graphic Kickstarts are designed by some of the big names such as Anthony Morrison,Martin Crumlish,ec. Secondly,you can edit graphics,requests in JPG,PNG,PSD file but can not resell. You can use graphics from Graphic Kickstart to create eCover,Facebook Timeline,Optin Form,Pricing Table,Guarantee badges,Button,Discount,ec.

Who Is Graphic Kickstart For?

  • Complete Newbie to internet marketing (yes,it’s friendly)
  • Intermediate and Professional Marketers who want to make their bussiness easier
  • If you are running Native Ads campaigns or haven’t run before (checkout Super Affiliate System)
  • Especially If you are running an Amazon Kindle bussiness
  • People who are bleeding their budget for outsourcing
  • You want to increase conversion to your landing page
  • People who are selling on Amazon (checkout Amazon FBA Ninja,Amazon Bootcamp)
  • Or if you are running an ecommerce bussiness (checkout Ecom Success Academy,Zero Up)
  • You haven’t used Facebook Ads once in your life
  • Of course,if you want to scale up your fanpage
  • You are tired of free images,stocks

Features of Graphic Kickstart

Graphic Kickstart Amazon FBA Ninja Banner
Now,let’s see the member’s area of Graphic Kickstart. Actually,it just a library of graphics,eCover,image,ec that you can use,edit but not resell. Once you sign up and log in,this is what you see first.
Graphic Kickstart Member's Dashboard
There’s a lot of graphics with multiple functions you can edit and use.

1.Video Skin

Graphic Kickstart Video Skin
Instead of just embeding a simple video,why not make it more stunning by adding a skin. I’m pretty sure that embeding on valuable posts (adding value) by video marketing will build a lot relationship towards your subscribers. Of course,they may come to your website again.

Landing Page (Squeeze Page)

Graphic Kickstart Squeeze Page Graphic Kickstart Squeeze Page
Graphic Kickstart Landing Pages Graphic Kickstart Landing Pages
Don’t bleed your budget to outsource landing page or investing in creators such as Clickfunnels,Leadpages,ec. Normally,when you create a website,you just need from one to three optin pages,why pay a lot of money. With Graphic Kickstart,you can create a done for you and certainly customizable optin page from experts.

Header and Tittle

Graphic Kickstart Headlines Graphic Kickstart Headlines
As i mentioned before,Graphic Kickstart is great for native ads. With Native Ads,you will need a strong tittle and skills on writing ads,copywriting. Of course,a stunning graphic headlines will help you increase click rate and conversion rate. In addition,if you are running an FBA bussiness or Ecommerce,definitely it’s the key.


Graphic Kickstart Testimonial
Clearly,adding testimonials is always the great way to increase trust towards your audiences. You can use Testimonials so as to sell a product or increase conversion in your native ads landing page. Besides,you can simply add this into your widgets and any ideas you can think of.


Graphic Kickstart Banner Graphic Kickstart Banner Graphic Kickstart banner
Another great thing Graphic Kickstart can do is to help you create a banner. Forget about complex coding as well as outsourcing a banner,do it yourself. With banner,there are some thing you can do such as driving audiences to your squeeze page,sales page,ec.

Facebook Timeline

Graphic Kickstart Facebook Timeline Graphic Kickstart Facebook Timeline Graphic Kickstart Facebook Timeline Graphic Kickstart Facebook Timeline Graphic Kickstart Facebook Timeline
Facebook is a goldmine so sooner or later,you need to create a fanpage and then setting up an advertising. With Canva or other free stocks,no way you have a high quality and stunning graphic for Facebook. But with Graphic Kickstart,it’s different because there’s a lot of stunning images in various niches. In my opinion,Facebook Ads together with stunning images is the key to build massive list.

List Pricing Table

Graphic Kickstart List Pricing Table Graphic Kickstart List Pricing Table Graphic Kickstart List Pricing Table
If you launch a product or selling something on Amazon,Shopify,Bigcommerce,ec,you need to create a pricing table. Don’t buy a lot of money just to buy a pricing table because Graphic Kickstart offers this feature.

Guarantee and Badges

Graphic Kickstart Guarantee
Graphic Kickstart Guarantee
Graphic Kickstart Guarantee Badges
Graphic Kickstart Guarantee Badges
Graphic Kickstart Guarantee Badges
In order to build trust towards your audiences,you may need to offer a satisfaction guarantee. Normally,they won’t claim a money back guarantee (yes,just a tiny part of them). I do believe that you have seen this types of satisfaction guarantee before. Many sellers or internet marketing teachers are still doing this although risk-free is clearly unavailable.


Graphic Kickstart Button Graphic Kickstart Button Graphic Kickstart Button Graphic Kickstart Button
If you are running an authority site,creating a button is nearly a must. In addition,if you promote Cost-Per-Trial or CPA offers,button helps a lot. Forget about buying an expensive plugin or software just to create a button while Graphic Kickstart has this feature. Besides,benefit these buttons to increase your product’s conversion.


Graphic Kickstart Discount Graphic Kickstart Discount Graphic Kickstart Discount
No matter what type of bussiness and marketing you are applying,discount is always a good way to boost sale. Don’t be fool to add an affordable price,add an expensive price and then offering a discount is smarter. This method works effectively with Amazon FBA,Ecommerce and writing ads with Native Ads. I think you might buy some products because of this method. Implement this method to your own bussiness with Graphic Kickstart. You can also drive them to your landing page.

Kindle Cover

Graphic Kickstart Kindle Cover Graphic Kickstart Kindle Cover Graphic Kickstart Kindle Cover Graphic Kickstart Kindle Cover Graphic Kickstart Kindle Cover Graphic Kickstart Kindle Cover
The last and nearly the best feature of Graphic Kickstart is to create a kindle cover. Don’t pay +$20 just to buy a Kindle cover while you can get it here. Trust me,you will need a lot of Kindle cover to build a massive list or just simply to publish on Amazon. Don’t underestimate KDP because it can be a good way to drive traffic into your website. Affilorama Premium and Affilojetpack mention about how to drive traffic using Amazon Kindle.
And they are a small part of what you get a single time purchase Graphic Kickstart. If you do a math,this will certainly cost you 4 figures to outsource. Of course,you can edit the image as your own interest,just don’t resell. Each month you will get access to new graphics,hence,benefits them.

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Pricing and Upsell of Graphic Kickstart

Unlike other products from Mark Thompson,the funnel of Graphic Kickstart is not too complex and the upsells are not compulsory. There are two packages,in my opinion,i suggest you buy the personal license rather than developer license.
Graphic Kickstart Front-End Pricing
OTO 1 : Easy VSL 3.0 ($47/one time and then $9,99/month )
This is a product from Mark which is one of the best video marketing so far. It’s a software for creating a video sale letter and presentation that some big name such as Russell Brunson (clickfunnels) , Mark Ling (Affilojetpack,Traffic Travis and Affilorama) and Ben Adkins are still using. Check out my EasyVSL 3.0 review so that you know exactly what inside.
OTO 2 : Pressplay  ($197/one time,while buying Pressplay directly is recurring)
Another video marketing software from Mark which is popular towards professional marketers. This software allows you to collect email right in your video. EasyVSL together with Pressplay is a perfect combination to build a massive list. In addition,it does have share gate,landing page,ec. Check out my Pressplay review in order to understand.
Besides,Graphic Kickstart offers Powerpoint Presentation that you can add directly into EasyVSL.

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Bonuses From Me

To make your life much easier,i will add some bonuses if you buy Graphic Kickstart through my affiliate link. Just simply buy and then contact me with your name and your receipt.
Info graphics Builder PSD Kits
Graphic Kickstart Bonus
It’s a customizable graphic so as to create a stunning content builder. With email marketing,certainly you have to add value frequently and a good content builder will help you.
Graphics Elements Salespage Box
It’s an Easy To Use as well as customize Drag And Drop Sales Page Builder without needing expensive software.
Premium FB Graphics Kit
Make Your Facebook Pages Look Awesome With this stunning Facebook graphics kit.
30 Days To Grow Bigger Email List (PDF)

Get GraphicKickstart + My Exclusive Bonuses


Pros of Graphic Kickstart

  • Easy to use as well as to customize
  • Over 10,000 graphics that are ready for you
  • Various Functions together with multiple niches
  • Has A reasonable price and the upsells are not required
  • Having All Elements You Need (include squeeze page)
  • Offer 3D Graphics
  • Great For CPA marketing
  • Monthly Access to New Graphics

Cons of Graphic Kickstart

  • Not ideal for creating a squeeze page (it’s not an alternative for landing page service)

Final Verdict

In conclusion,Graphic Kickstart is a great image library that internet marketers need to improve and scale up their bussiness. All of the graphic here is stunning and will especially help you save a lot of money from outsourcing. In addition,it’s great for CPA marketing or Native,Facebook Advertising. It’s also great to create a stunning eCover for building a list or just Amazon Kindle. Of course,i recommends this tool to any marketers,it’s gorgous.

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