Heat Map Tracker 2.0 Review and Demo-Is It An Alternative for Hotjar?

Product : Heat Map Tracker 2.0
Creator : Mark Thompson (also the creator of Provely,EasyVSL,Publish Vault,SEO Snapshot,Pressplay,LeadGrab,Email Spike,Social Kickstart,Graphic Kickstart)
Price : $27/month (for personal) or $37/month (for agency) . However,the lifetime access has gone for a long-time.
Do I Recommend : Yes (especially for those who wants to save a lot money)

  • Recommended

On internet marketing,split-testing and tracking are always important processes. If you don’t grab metrics as well as track your campaigns,you are losing time and money. Therefore,you should consider to invest in a tracking or heatmap software. Moreover,you need to analyze,record visitors and analyze conversion to improve your bussiness. Hotjar,Crazy Eggs and Clicktale are great Heatmap tracking services but they are too expensive and have some limitation.
Fortunately,we have Heat Map Tracker 2.0,which is also a heatmap tracking services that you can use to analyze your website. Like these best services above,Heat Map Tracker 2.0 does offer Visitor Analytics,Recording,Pageviews features. Best of all,there is no limitation when using this service. Now,checkout my Heat Map Tracker 2.0 review so that you understand how it works.

What Is Heat Map Tracker 2.0?

Heat Map Tracker 2.0
Firstly,it’s a Heatmap software that tracks and analyze your website’s visitors. Heat Map Tracker 2.0 is not a tracking software like ClickPerfect,BuildRedirects,CPV Lab,Voluum,ec despite offering clicktracking feature. Actually,it’s a membership software but you have to upload to your website through Cpanel. There are 3 types of tracking this software can do such as By Click,By Mouse/Eye Movement and By Scroll. Heat Map Tracker 2.0 is like CrazyEgss,Clicktale,Hotjar but it’s much more affordable and no limitation about visitors,websites or views. In addition,it integrates directly with Google Analytics and can split test,create report.

Who Is Heat Map Tracker 2.0 For?

Heat map Tracker 2.0

  • Intermediate and Professional who wants to improve their campaign (yes,not for newbie)
  • You don’t have enough money to buy CrazyEggs,Clicktale,Hotjar
  • You are losing a lot money because you don’t track your campaign
  • People who want to split-test more and more frequently
  • Especially if you want to analyze who are your visitors
  • Your Email List is not big enough so that you want to increase
  • You want to record and create a report on your website
  • If you are running CPA,Lead Generation or Pay Per Trial offers
  • You are targeting specific audiences (for example: Skincare US,Gambling UK,Diet CAD,etc)
  • If you are driving too many free and paid traffic source into your website

Main Features and How Does Heat Map Tracker 2.0 Work?

Heat Map Tracker 2.0 Affilojetpack Book
Now,let’s see how i use Heat Map Tracker 2.0 so as to split-test and analyze visitors. As i mention before,this software is not a click tracking like Voluum,Prosper 202,Clickperfect or Build Redirect. At first,you need to install Heat Map Tracker 2.0 on your webhost,Mark will instruct how to do that. After that,you can actually access and see exact campaign in the member’s area.
Heat Map Tracker 2.0 Member's Dasboard

1.User Session

The first feature of this heatmap software is to check users from specific country. In other words,Heat map Tracker 2.0 checks where the visitors from. Remember,you should research who is your audiences in order to avoid bad leads.
Heat Map Tracker 2.0 User Sessions
In addition,it can detect which device they use.
Heat Map Tracker 2.0 User Session
For example,i will click on an Australia user and this tool allows to see a video on what he did. You should watch the entire video in order to research what he did. If the video is too short,certainly your page is not attractive and you should improve it.
Heat Map Tracker 2.0 User Session
Heat Map Tracker 2.0 User Session
When you have numerous landing pages (normally index.html file),you will benefit a lot.


Heat Map Tracker 2.0 Heatmap
The second feature of Heat Map Tracker 2.0 is heat map,which you need the most. There are 3 main types of Heatmap : Click,Eye and schrollschroll. Just simply click on the URL together with choosing day data source. And then,this is what you see next.
Heat Map Tracker 2.0 Heatmap
Heat Map Tracker 2.0 Heatmap
If you have multiple landing page,you can use this software to split-test. The diffrence between pages you heat map is the points analized at the top left.
Heat Map Tracker 2.0 Heatmap

3.Popular Pages

Heat Map Tracker 2.0 Popular Pages
The next feature of Heat Map Tracker 2.0 is popular pages,a place where you can compare your website’s pages. I always recommend you to create multiple landing pages from various traffic source to split test. If you have multiple squeeze pages as well as signup form,you should consider Convertkit rather than Getresponse,Mailchimp,Aweber.
And that’s all the feature i use get inside the $27/month (don’t buy $37/month) of Heat Map Tracker 2.0. In my opinion,it worths more than its price. Moreover,using this software will save you a lot money from using CrazyEggs,Hotjar,Clicktale.

Pricing and Upsells of Heat Map Tracker 2.0

Originally,when it first launched,its price was $349/lifetime access for personal and agency license. However,the lifetime access has gone. In addition,there were up to 3 upsells of Heat Map Tracker 2.0. But fortunately,it has only one upsell now. This is the front-end price :
Heat map Tracker 2.0 Front-end Heat Map Tracker 2.0 Front-end

OTO 1 : Traffic Spy ($47)

This is another product from Mark that is no longer for sale at the front-end directly. Traffic Spy is great for discovering your traffic. More traffic,more visitors,more lists or leads,certainly more money. In other words,Traffic Spy is a competitor analysis tool but in various traffic like Facebook,Youtube,Linkedin,Pinterest and Twitter. You can also say this is an unfair advantage tool to help you legally copy (not duplicate) other’s ideas.
In my opinion,you should consider Traffic Spy because it’s affordable and social media are always good traffic. In order to use Traffic Spy,simply enter a keyword and then it will detect for you. Remember to add filter to choose the best one to imitate,not duplicate,OK. Take note that those social media are Off-Page SEO,not just backlink as many people think.
Heat Map Tracker 2.0 Youtube Insights Heat Map Tracker 2.0 Facebook Insights Heat Map Tracker 2.0 Linkedin Insights Heat Map Tracker 2.0 Traffic Spy Pinterest Insights Heat Map Tracker 2.0 Traffic Spy Twitter Insights

What’s Next After Buying Heat Map Tracker 2.0?

Besides Heat Map Tracker 2.0 at $27/month,you also need to invest in other resources. Therefore,don’t invest in something that you don’t benefit. In order to increase your ROI (return on investment) to at least 300 %,you should consider joining a training that helps you make money. Basically,they are real product,not a get rick quick scheme and certainly legitimate.
This is an 80% done for you that helps you build 5 websites fast. Mark Ling has prepared reports to giveaway,fully-research articles,a list of keywords and 1 year email newsletter to monetize year to come. If you buy this course,you have to post 100 articles that are researched for you,therefore,using Heat Map Tracker 2.0 will help you a lot. Read my Affilojetpack review so that you understand.

2.Anik Singal’s courses

I have joined 3 courses of Anik Singal and i see all of them has the done for you niche research. With all the research done,why not using Heat Map Tracker 2.0 to split-test and view conversion tracking. Read the exact Inbox Blueprint review,Lurn Insider review and FB Academy Review.

3.Anthony Morrisson ‘s courses

Together with Mark Ling and Anik Singal is Anthony Morrission,who is also one of the biggest name in the industry. FanPage Domination has the done for you research while Email Domination has the done for you profit cycle (email swipes,reports to giveaway and landing page).

4.Shopify Training

Heat Map Tracker 2.0 does not only work with WordPress but also Shopify,Joomla,BigCommerce,etc. The best ecommerce training i recommend is Ecom Success Academy from Adrian Morisson,brother of Anthony. This training teaches you a lot about Facebook Ads,Shopify Selling Strategies and Email Marketing. You can also join Zero Up and Influencer Marketing Academy to build Shopify bussiness.

Pros of Heat Map Tracker 2.0

  • Easy to use to as well as to manage
  • No limitation in terms of views,recording,visitors,websites,pages
  • Affordable Price when comparing with Hotjar,Clicktale,CrazyEggs
  • Just one upsell and it is highly affordable
  • Work with various platform (wordpress,Shopify,Bigcommerce,etc)
  • Accurate Analytics
  • Can Track Specific Visitors About What They Do
  • Easy To Split – Test and Compare pages

Cons of Heat Map Tracker 2.0

  • Doesn’t offer report or survey as some bigger names above does
  • A little bit complex when uploading to web host

Final Verdict

In conclusion,Heat Map Tracker 2.0 is nearly a must-have software for all internet marketer. It’s super easy simple to use and it’s highly affordable. Using Heat Map Tracker 2.0,you can split-test and track unlimited websites and pages. Besides,it’s a very useful software that saves you from losing and bleeding money. In addition,you always need to test and record your campaign to improve it. Buying it or not,it’s up to you and depends on whether you need or not. But if you decide to buy,please don’t waste time and focus on your bussiness.

Get HeatMap Tracker For Only $27/Month Without Any Limitation Now


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