How to Get Traffic on Your Website-This is What I Am Doing

Every online business needs traffic,this is what we must admit. Withou traffic,you certainly fail. After taking a lot time and energy from my business,i personally get traffic with free and advertisement methods. Today,i will show you how to get traffic on your website.

How to Get Traffic on Your Website Using Free Methods

There’s always  a fact that business owners seems focusing on free rather than paid traffic. We all know that advertisement traffic performs better results and also higher ROI but we shoudn’t ignore free traffic.
This article from WordStream shows you useful ways to get free traffic. Frankly,when i first run an online blog,i generate traffic from free methods. This is really correct if you are an affiliate marketer. There’s a lot ways to get free traffic but here are what i use the most

1.Google SEO

In order to get traffic from Google SEO,we mostly use a strategy called on-page and off-page SEO. Normally,most successful people choose authority methods to get free traffic from SEO.
With Authority Methods,we will use SEO Audit frequently and optimize content so that people feel your content is so useful. Besides,we need a useful keyword research idea. I personally use Long Tail Pro and Kwfinder as a way to run keyword research.
Whenever i do a keyword research,i will focus on keywords that have high search volume but pretty low competition. After that,i write content just focusing about that specific keywords.
On the other hand,i also focus on related keywords because it helps us become an authority easier. And mate,please also make sure that you are choosing a profitable niche.
Instead of using hard to rank keywords.

We should be smarter and use easy to rank keywords.

Of course,they should have relevance. On the other hand,off-page SEO is the most important. Agree or not,backlink is some of the most important SEO Ranking Factors.
However,the stupid way to get backlink that some people are doing is to spam. They do things like create a blog post,then use spinnning app. After that,they ping these content accross multiple PBN. Buy guys,Google is not stupid and doing like this can bring you a black eyes from Google.
Relevance is the most important factors for Off-Page SEO,this happens the most when you are an authority. Most people use guest blogging strategy. With this types of methods,you will need to take time doing research and then creating high quality content. High Quality Content here normally includes more than 2,000 words.
Private Blog Network is a useful way to get your own backlink from yourself but it takes us a lot of time. Normally,i see most successful people will use WordPress for all sites. An affordable tool you can use in order to create a PBNs is DFY Chief software.
Domain Authority is super important and the best way to increase DA and PA is from useful content. If people love your content,they will share it and make you real quality backlinks.

2.Youtube SEO

If you visit Daily Job Killer frequently,you will see that a lot traffic i am getting are from Youtube SEO. Frankly,Youtube does an amazing jobs for me and i have a lot free traffic from a lot business i run.
A useful softwares i use to do keyword research is Video Marketing Blaster,which helps me find untapped keywords for Youtube SEO. I also use softwares like Video Spin Blaster,Live Event Blaster and Lingo Blaster as a way to scale up my traffic.
In order to get free traffic from Youtube SEO,we will need an amazing video. Of course,it’s not necessary to be an video editing expert. Honestly,i just use ScreenFlow to screen recording video. And besides,don’t forget to add audio on your Youtube Video because people will hear.
Please do not care about Dislike because it doesn’t hurt your video,in fact,it’s a type of social signal. We also need a clickbait thumbnail with text because it makes people want to click on a video. In order to make Youtube Thumbnail,i just use Canva and it works well for me.
The most important video SEO factor is the engagement and view from people. In fact,if people watch the entire video from you,you will get good social signal.

3.Facebook Free Traffic

If you ignore Facebook traffic,you are making a lot mistakes. Always keep in mind that authority is an important factors to rank on Google. Google and Facebook has a lot relevance and having a great fan page can provide great results on Google SEO.
So,the key is consistency and you should post viral post. A software i use to automate my process is Real Specific,which auto post on Facebook for me based on RSS Feed. Facebook presently bans and disable fake accounts so using IFTTT for FB can be harder for you.
We shouldn’t post on FB manually because it takes us a lot of time. Instead,use softwares to automate the entire process. Builderall FB Autoposting Tool can save your time for this. Also Care who are your customers and when they are online the most.
Live Streaming also works really well,i use LiveCaster to stream pre-recorded video and as a characteristic of video streaming is that it should be long. When people watch video on social media,they normally don’t hear voice so make sure you add subtitle if you add video to social media.


If you run an eCommerce Business,you mustn’t ignore Instagram as a free traffic. When i sell Women related products on Shopify,i see that Instagram converts really well. I don’ use paid traffic to frequent on Instagram because free Instagram Traffic works really well for me.
A tool you can use to find hashtags is Keyword Tool dot Io. It’s still OK if you use free version.

Hashtag is great but please don’t abuse,people are not stupid. Just like Facebook,the key to successful Instagram traffic is consitency. I focus a lot on motivation post especially in health,wellness and beauty products.


People use Twitter more than you think,if you ignore Twitter,you are wasting a potential free traffic. When comparing with Facebook,Twitter and Instagram are more real free traffic.
And just like other social networks,the key to successful or hashtags and consistency. In order to get free traffic from Twitter,use viral content and combine it with hashtags. I have performed this for my ecom store and i got some successful results.


When comparing with other social networks,Reddit is a lot more viral. Normally,the idea people are using is to post useful content on a subreddit,then you increase trust. Time by time,you can introduce people your website.
With Reddit,the more value you add,the more traffic you get. And of course,we need consistency. But be careful,people who read and surf on Reddit are not stupid and you are at risk of suspension overtime if you post spammy stuffs.

7.And A Lot More

Besides 6 most popular methods,there’s a lot more ways to get free traffic to your blog. But anyway,always keep in mind that it requires you time and patience. Also make sure you aware that free traffic is not free. Frankly,a lot people invest big money for SEO traffic.
But you should be careful before hiring any SEO Agencies because 90% will do nothing for you. Just trust big brands who have High Domain Authority and they also have high quality blog post that ranks.
I see some people use an idea of Facebook Group. To my personal opinion,it’s still Ok to post on FB Group but i am never a fan of this. It’s like you are an gurus and then chat privately with people. Of course,this types of ideas can only affect newbie,no way they can affect a professional marketers like me 🙂

How to Get Traffic on Your Website Using Paid Methods

When comparing with free traffic,paid traffic provides you faster reach and also better leads. Besides,if you have created a new business,Advertising makes you quick start.

1.Facebook Ads

The first type of paid traffic we are caring is Facebook Ads. Read this stats about Facebook Ads and you will understand that why it’s always an amazing traffic plattform.
Normally,Facebook Ads is mostly about testing and you will A/B Test frequent. Once you get some results,you will duplicate that ads and run again,again and again.
On the other hand,the majority of money you make from Facebook Ads are from retargeting. When people first time seeing an ads,they mostly ignore and don’t care a lot. But you run it again so as a result,it hits people. If you run an eCommerce Store,you will see that people will abandon cart and Retargeting Ads can recover your lost sales.
There are three main types of ad you will focus : Image Ads,Video Ads and Carousel Ads. Carousel Ads is mostly for Shopify Product Page and it happens when you sell multiple products simultaneously. If you run Images Ads,i strongly recommend you to focus on Clickbait. And man,remember not to upload images like Before After because you may get banned from Facebook. With Video Ads,it should be a short video ads that delivers content for people. If they view the first 10 seconds of your video ads,they are true potential customers. In fact,a lot success marketers are creating a FB Custom Audiences based on actions.
A Useful softwares you can use to run FB Video Ads for eCommerce is Clipman and you can use Reevio so as to create a social media video. If your video is about things like a face to face video ads,make sure you add subtitle for that video. The best training course about FB Ads you can join is Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass from Kevin David.

2.Google Adwords

If you sell eCommerce products,do not ignore Google Adwords. In fact,the CPC for keywords is so affordable and most of clicks are high quality. This highly depends on your business. For example,if you sell Shopify Products,you will need things like Google Product Listing Ads.
But if you sell other products,you can use Extension Ads or Banner Advertising. Except niches like Gold Investment,Credit or Real Estate,most other niches are affordable. The best training course about Google Adwords is Super Affiliate System,join John and learn what he is doing.
Sources : 40 Google Ads Statistic
It’s hard to say Google Ads is better or Facebook Ads is better because there’s a lot other factors and also depend a lot on your marketing skill.

3.Bing Ads

Just like Google Adwords,Bing Ads is another types of PPC Ads. People don’t use Bing Ads because they don’t know it but you should ignore Bing. When i first time running ads,i use Bing the first because it’s a lot easier than other traffic.
Read More : 25 Bing Ads Fact Stats
Normally,i use Bing Ads as a way to promote my optin page and it works so well for me. If you use WordPress,don’t forget that you have PPC credit. Honestly,i don’t pay for Bing when i first time run ads,i just use PPC Credit from WordPress Hosting.
So,the key is also about Keyword,make sure you run niche research for this type of traffic. I have done some research myself and the majority of people who use Bing are Agency Services or Local Business.

4.Native Ads

Unlike other paid traffic sources,this one is mostly for promoting CPA offers. And most of those who run Native Ads are Super Affiliate who makes over 10K a Month.
The types of offer you use for Native Ads are Business Opportunity,Male Enhancement,Weight Loss,Diet,Blood Pressure,Brain Booster,Binary Options,etc.
Native Ads is mostly about Advertorial and some people use it to get more traffic or simply make extra money from Adsense. The Images you use are types of Clickbait images.
Landing Pages is the most important factors to success with Native Ads. I see most successful campaigns are things like a bad past,then they found something make their life better,after that,they introduce offers. The offers i see the most are offers whose prices are free or below $50.
But you know,as a characteristic of CPA marketing,some offers are billed monthly for customers and health realed products sold very awersome.

5.And A Lot More

There’s a lot paid traffic sources such as SnapChat Ad,Twitter Ads,Linkedin Ads,Youtube Ads but i don’t have experience about these. But anyway,they key to successful advertising campaigns are the combination of good ad copy,engagement,interaction,landing page and tracking.

Other Things you Should Care

Before running any types of both free and paid traffic,there’s other factors that affects you success or not.

  • Landing Page (Should Be High Converting and It Hits People)
  • Avoid Navigation (For Shopify)
  • Tracking (Know How your Traffic Performs)
  • Exit-Intent (reduce Cart Abandonment)
  • Push Notification (for retargeting)
  • Spying (mostly for CPA marketing)
  • Winning Products or Offers

Final Verdict

In summary,after this post,i hope you have found an answer on how to get traffic on your website. I know,it’s never an easy task to get high traffic. But once you got some success,it’s so simple to scale. Personally,i use both free and paid traffic for a lot business i’m having. Traffic is an important factors for online marketing success. The more traffic you have,the more money you make. Good Luck!!

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