How to Make Extra Money Online-This is Legit Way You Can Do

How to make extra money online is a very frequent question i receive from people. I understand that all you guys want to make money online. So before answering you how to make extra money online,i want to show you legit way you can do. But guys,once again on this blog,make money online is never easy task. In fact,this will require you time,energy and especially budget.

How to Make Extra Money Online

Now,i will show you ways i am doing so as to make extra money online. Some of them are easy to perform while some are hard.

1.Make Money As an Affiliate Marketer

This is the fastest answer i can provide you for the question how to make extra money online. Personally,when i first time made money online,it’s affiliate marketing.
In fact,affiliate marketing is the lowest risk make money online model. Think about this,you don’t have to manage inventory or sell your own products,etc. If you just do one of these,this can cost you a lot time and you can easily get stuck.
Here are 3 stats about affiliate marketing that will blow your mind :

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There’s a lot affiliate program such as Clickbank,Jvzoo,Amazon and a lot CPA Marketing Networks. This blog is presently making money from affiliate marketing and the main marketplace are Clickbank,Jvzoo and Paykickstart.
Builderall Business is a great program if you are finding way to make money as a leveraged affiliate. Before you start make money as an affiliate,make sure you have chosen a winning niche that people care. After that,you will need to create a website,a blog where you make money from. Lastly,you need to get traffic.

2.Make Money as a CPA Marketer

If you ask me a question,is CPA Marketing a good way to make extra money. The answer maybe no. Unlike affiliate marketing,CPA Marketing is in a higher level and certainly require more budget.
Frankly,if you are newbie,i strongly recommend you not to join CPA Marketing. In fact,support of CPA manager is not good if you make less than $10,000 per month for them. On the other hand,joining CPA Network is never easy and if you lack experience,you can’t join.
What makes CPA Marketing so different is that you can even make money without a sale. In fact,you can make money if people do thing like sign up for free trial or bottle,make a phone call and a lot more. So,targeting the correct audiences will make you success.
There are four things you must care : landing page,traffic,ad copy and spying. For a landing page,we normally call it a presell page. It means you sell the product before it sells. As a result,this can provide you better conversion. Split Testing is the most important factor to CPA Marketing Success. In order to write advertorial,you can visit Swipe.Co and view high converting presell page there.
Consider joining the training course Super Affiliate System because it’s the best CPA Marketing Course ever. He provides you DFY Ad Swipes,Example Ad Campaign and especially Custom Audiences for Targeting.
The types of niches and offers are mostly nutra,business opportunity,binary option,Pay Per Call and a lot more. Landing Pages and Advertising are so important for this and this requires you copywriting skill.

3.Make Money with Google Adsense

If you ask me a question how to make extra money online,you shouldn’t ignore Google Adsense as an answer. Google Adsense is still a great MMO resources and it absolutely not dead.
Besides,i see some successful CPA Marketer are making extra money from Adsense while promoting CPA Offers. With Adsense,the key to successful is high traffic and also viral marketing. Advertorial is high effective if you want to make money through this way. The key to successful for this is high quality content that people love. After that,they will visit your website again,again and again.
For starting up,you may need to invest in stuffs like Facebook Ads and Native Ads. Email list is not necessary for this. If you are looking for an easy way to make money with Adsense,join Madsense Reborn to learn the strategy.

4.Make Money as an Amazon FBA Seller

If you are looking for the best question about how to make extra money online,you should consider Amazon FBA. What makes Amazon FBA so different is because it’s a real online business.
The model of Amazon FBA is like you purchase units from China,then you ship it to Amazon FBA Warehouse. As a result,when you make sales,Amazon will handle fulfilment for you.
With this type of business,you don’t have to handle inventory and fulfilment. Of course,the key to successful campaigns is to find winning products. Besides,review will play an important role on your Amazon Business. Traffic i see from most people use are Amazon Ranking,Google SEO,Amazon PPC and Facebook Ads. Google Product Listing Ads is also a great option for Amazon Seller like you. As you know,Amazon is famous for professional so that people really trust Amazon,unlike Ebay.
The best training about Amazon FBA is Zon Ninja Masterclass from Kevin David,make sure you join him.

5.Make Money as a Shopify Dropshipper

This is what i presently do and i absolutely recommend you to start a Dropshipping Business. Just like Amazon FBA,you don’t have to handle inventory but there are some different about fulfilment process.
The model of Dropshipping is like a Customer purchase a product from you,then you create an order to Vendors (or Suppliers) after that he will ship his products to customers. The process when you purchase products from Aliexpress is a fulfilment process. If you are looking for a legit way to make money with Shopify,join Adrian Morisson of eCom Success Academy.

1.Cost for Shopify Dropshipping and Shopify App

The main reason why people are so worried before running a Dropshipping business is because they are worrying about Dropshipping Cost. But trust me,it’s the lowest budget real online business you want to run. Firstly,you will need a Shopify Store. Secondly,you will need to install Shopify App. I know,almost all apps from Shopify are monthly cost but you just only need to purchase some of them.
You will need to install Oberlo and Dropified for order fulfilment. They can also help you import product directly from Aliexpress and filter ePacketĀ for you. Recently,there’s a new software called DropShip Selling Academy can help you that and it’s lifetime app.
Besides,you need to install Free App from Beeketing such as Sales Pop Notification,Currency Converter,Countdown Cart,Facebook Chat,Better Coupon Box and Recover Cart Pusher. You also need Mailchimp as a way to send email marketing promotion or simply recover cart abandonment. Once you have some success,you can install premium paid app such as Product Upsell ($47/month) and/or Carthook ($300/month)

2.Monetize your Store

Traffic is the most important factor to success with Shopify Dropshipping. Most people just use Facebook Ads but that’s not a good idea. In fact,to make money with Shopify,you should also run Google Shopping Ads and Instagram Ads or Free Traffic.
Oh,don’t forget that you need a winning product first. And also set price properly,personally,when i set price,i care about Profit Magin. It’s mostly around $15-$20 for me and this works so well with other stores. When i first time running a dropshipping business,i choose Bikini and Watches niches. Most of product i sell successfully with Shopify are below $50.

6.Make Money Selling Print on Demand Product

This model is the true answer for the question how to make extra money online. Normally,most people will make money from selling products on TeeSpring,SunFrog and Shopify. Some people also use Woocommerce and Etsy to sell POD Products.
In order to make money with this,you can either having a store (Shopify,Woocommerce) or not (Teespring,SunFrog,Etsy) so it has less risk. Besides,the key to successful is a high quality design. A lot people will outsource a designer,so,the main key is idea.
For those who run Shopify,i strongly recommend you to use App like PrintFul and Pillow Profits. I know there’s a lot other app but we should only trust biggest suppliers. You can use PrintFul for multiple plattform such as Shopify,Woocommerce and Etsy.
Traffic you run can be various such as Facebook Ads,Google Product Listing Ads,Instagram Stores,Instagram Free Traffic and Banner Ads.

7.Make Money As a Local/Agency Business

This types of business is hard to start but once you have success,it can bring you the highest revenue. The idea is like a business owner just focus on their business,they don’t have time to create website,add blog post,get traffic so they hire you.
Normally,business owners here are Dentists,Real Estate Agents,Fitness Traininer and a lot more. You can run stuffs for them like SEO Agencies,Facebook Ads Agencies,Web Design or Website Agencies. If you do something good for you,they normally pay you $997 per month or above. The traffic you get is cold traffic,they are mostly by manually contact when you find prospecting.
To my personal opinion,this business is not easy and it requires skills. Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass shows you how to make money as a FB Ads Agencies,make sure you check out this.

8.Make Money as a FreeLancer

In order to make money as a freelance,you must have a skill. People who do this are business owner and they want to save time for their marketing process. Marketplaces you can think about areĀ  Upwork,Fiverr,FreeLance,GoLance,People Per Hour,Flex Job and more.
Some people will find a job and then you apply to them. I personally not a fan of this business because it’s too competitive and it requires too much technical stuffs. Besides,some people who outsource you are not stupid and they may not trust you if they don’t see testimonial

9.Make Money Selling Online Course

This is another business that requires you skill. Think again,to sell a course,you should be an expert in a specific niche. If not,people will report you as a scammers and it’s hard to profit for a long-term.
So,you will need an action plan before creating your online course. Do keyword research properly so as to make content for your online course. Besides,you will focus other things like Shopping Cart,Membership Site and Sales Funnel.
Normally,most people will do screen recording video and they also provide Powerpoint Presentation towards customers when creating a video lesson for their course.

10.Make Money as a Forex Trader or Crypto Investor

This types of MMO can make you huge money but it has very high risk. I don’t recommend you to make money from this way if you don’t have technical analysis skill.
Personally,i have time being a stock broker so that i very understand about Price Action Trading and Day Trading. I also have skills about Technical Analysis and they have produced some success for me. Of course,you need time to learn things like Trend,Support/Resistance,RSI,MACD,Bollinger Band,Frames and a lot more.
Crypto Currency is not simple to make money,just like Fx,you need Technical Analysis Skill and forget about Mining or Multi Level Marketing.

11.And a Lot More

MMO is a big world and it can provide you extra money online. A lot successful people even quit their job and fully focus on their online business. There are others answers for the question how to make extra money online such as Survey,As a Agent and a lot more.
However,make money online is never an easy task. It’s not like you play with a PC/Laptop 1-2 hours a day and then make money. No,it’s not correct,this requires you time,energy and even budget.

Final Verdict

In conclusion,after reading this post,i hope you have found your answer on how to make extra money online. These ways are top legit ways you can do to make money online and frankly,i make a lot real money from some of them. Personally,i don’t quit my job. But the truth is,i have made a lot extra money online and i feel good with them. None of them can guarantee your success,just 5% of people who do any of these have success. So,work hard,spend time learning and be in top 5% people. Good Luck!!!

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