HQWebinar Review From Real User-Increase your ROI with Live Webinar

Product : HQwebinar
Creator : Victor Akpos (also the creator of Adsmartly and Uduala) and Jai Sharma
Price : $47 orr $97 (the current coupon is hq10off to get 10% off)
In order to buy HQWebinar with this price,you should buy through my link because the main salespage (jvzoo’s offers) is now $47 or $97/month.
Do I Recommend : Certainly Yes,great cost effective webinar app you can buy.

Presently,webinar marketing is one of the most effective way to increase your return on investment. It doesn’t just help you build a list with real audiences (because only real audiences watch) but also sell products easier.
Normal video is OK but they are not special and can access whenever people want. But for a live video using webinar,just real audiences go to the event and watch what you say.
However,paying for GotoWebinar,Webinar Jam,Ever Webinar and Demio is not OK for anyone. In fact,most small bussiness like something affordable than these best services. So,today,i will introduce you an affordable webinar app but have same usage to Demio,HQwebinar.
Hqwebinar is a nice webinar app that you can have a try not just because the price but also the usefulness of it. Let’s checkout my HQwebinar review so that you understand how it works.
Notes : i have a review access from Victor so that i know what i’m talking about.

What is HQWebinar?

HqWebinar Review
At first,HqWebinar is a lifetime webinar service. It allows you to create a live webinar event from a live video from you (face to face,etc) and a pre-recorded video. Hqwebinar has direct integration with autoresponder to help you build a list and shopping cart to run a paid webinar.
You can also say it’s like Demio but lifetime access instead of monthly recurring and in fact,they have similar usage. It can host your webinar registration page and even live the webinar event. You can manage all comments and questions people have during that live webinar. Besides,you can setup reminder email and tracking,third party script for your event and registrant page.

Who is HQWebinar For?

  • Of course,webinar marketer on the internet
  • You lack budget to buy Goto Webinar,WebinarJam,Ever Webinar and Demio
  • Especially for email list builder
  • Those who are selling high ticket products or creating a funnel
  • You want to take time talking with your audiences
  • And many more,..

Main Features and Demo of HQWebinar

Now,i will show you the member’s area of this product and full walkthrough guide from me. Basically,this is what you see at first once you login.
HQWebinar Review
You can setup signature when using this software.
HQWebinar Review HQWebinar Review

1.Integration Setup

The first thing to do when you use this app is to integrate some services.
HQWebinar Review
Here are services that have direct integration with this software. So,you can sell product from your live event using Paypal and 1 Shopping Cart.
HQWebinar Review
The only marketing CRM works with this software is Infusionsoft,also the biggest one. No custom HTML or Deveplopers setup here,just provide your API accesss.
HQWebinar Review HQWebinar Review
So,as a result,any contact you got from your webinar will automatically import to your autoresponder.

2.Create Webinar

Now,see how i easily create a live webinar using HQWebinar app. There are two types of webinar you can create : a live webinar (real live video) and a pre-recorded video.
HQWebinar Review
Here’s the exact webinar event and registration page as you can see from here. In fact,it is created almost immediately like Demio.
HQWebinar Review HQWebinar Review HQWebinar Review
The registration page will continue to countdown until the live event is live.
HQWebinar Review HQWebinar Review HQWebinar Review
If you have a team for this live webinar,you can add co ordinator.
HQWebinar Review HQWebinar Review
Reminder setup is a great features of HQWebinar. This will automatically send message to audiences before the event goes live.
HQWebinar Review
HQWebinar Review
HQWebinar Review
HQWebinar Review
HQWebinar Review
HQWebinar Review
HQWebinar Review
HQWebinar Review
HQWebinar Review
HQWebinar has custom generated message text but you can add your custom body text too. Most affordable Jvzoo’s webinar app don’t have this feature. Again,HQwebinar is like Demio.
HQWebinar Review HQWebinar Review HQWebinar Review HQWebinar Review
App integration here is your autoresponder software and your mailing list subscribers.
HQWebinar Review HQWebinar Review HQWebinar Review HQWebinar Review
You can also add materials such as Youtube URL and PDF/CSV file. If you have pixel/tracking code,you can insert into HQWebinar.
HQWebinar Review HQWebinar Review HQWebinar Review HQWebinar Review
After that,you can add your logo brand and view your registrants.
HQWebinar Review HQWebinar Review
Lastly,here’s your live control room.
HQWebinar Review HQWebinar Review
You can either create a screen recording video and a face-to-face camera video. More importantly,you can view and manage all message from people.

b.Pre-Recorded Webinar

This is for those who run a long term webinar on front page or you want to save time.
HQWebinar Review HQWebinar Review
Just upload your MP4 video and then select countdown timer.
Here’s the webinar registration page after setup.
HQWebinar Review
What’s to do next is the same with what i say above,i won’t remind again in this post.
HQWebinar Review HQWebinar Review
And that’s the features of HQWebinar you need to know before buying

3.What Your Viewers and Attendees See

I think you should know what people see about the event before they start watching.
HQWebinar Review HQWebinar Review HQWebinar Review HQWebinar Review HQWebinar Review HQWebinar Review HQWebinar Review
HQWebinar Review
People will receive message on their inbox and link to the live webinar room. Very simple,right 🙂
For a pre-recorded webinar,event will somewhat different. People can still join the live control room but don’t have to wait too long.
HQWebinar Review HQWebinar Review HQWebinar Review
He also receives message like this.
HQWebinar Review HQWebinar Review
And that’s all you need to know before buying HQWebinar. In fact,it’s a great webinar app.

My HQWebinar Review Video (Please Watch)

In order to help you understand about the software,i have recorded a full walkthrough demo video about it. Before you buy HQWebinar,make sure you watch my review video to understand the usage.

Funnels of HQWebinar

All products have upgrade and so does HQWebinar. However,it only has 2 upgrades and buying or not,that’s still up to you.

OTO 1 : HQ Webinar Pro with Unlimited Optin ($47)

There are some limitation on Front end purchase and with this upgrade,you can store unlimited optin.

OTO 2 : HQ Webinar Reseller 250 License ($247)

This upgrade allows you to create 250 accounts for client and you can sell it as a service. It’s not affiliate with 100% commissions,it allows you to create accounts.

Bonus From Me

In order to help your life much easier,i will add some extra bonuses if you buy HQWebinar through my link. This product is powered by PayDotCom so that after you buy,you will get immediate access to my bonuses. Of course,unlike most scammers,i won’t offer cheap PLR bonuses.
HQWebinar Bonus
HQWebinar Bonus HQWebinar Bonus  HQWebinar Bonus HQWebinar Bonus HQWebinar Bonus HQWebinar Bonus HQWebinar Bonus

9.Social Media Viral Content

HQWebinar Bonus
Get ready to rocket your content into the viral stratosphere. This automated plugin developed for WordPress can hide any content so that in order to read it the user must share it via social media channels. This has the potential to bring much more traffic to your content and turn it viral.

10. Sharelock: Unlock Content with Visitor Number

HQWebinar Bonus

11.Viral List

HQWebinar Bonus
Viralist is a Viral lists website script written in PHP that lets you build a viral content website with awesome curated lists like Buzzfeed. Viralist supports a lot of media types like Photos, videos(Youtube and Vimeo), SoundCloud audio, quotes, etc. Support for a lot of other media types will be added in future.
Lists get super viral and they are easy to make. With Viralist, your users could make awesome lists for you. They can signup with their email or via Facebook and create lists with our simple and easy interface. You can either enable auto approval or approve the user-created lists manually via the admin panel. In fact,it’s a great addon for your HQWebinar purchase
The powerful admin panel and the Super Viral features of Viralist makes it the best choice to build a great viral site with little effort.
Currently,work is still in progress,but i can guarantee with you that the bonuses i offer have relation with the product you are buying.

12.Traffic Search Engine

HQWebinar Bonus
With this traffic product any search engine see and recognize your selected keywords as organic, so your business will increase in top with results in just days.
This tool is completely and provides almost all types of traffic services. Combining webinar from HQwebinar and organic traffic will bring you a lot attendee.

13.Linkedin Viral Social App

HQWebinar Bonus
This viral social app can let you users connect with their LinkedIn account before being able to access a reserved content (video, article, download, …)

14.Quiz Master

HQWebinar Bonus
Quizmaster lets you create clean and beautiful viral quizzes to drive traffic to your WordPress website through sharing and social networks. The plugin provides comfortable and easy to use quiz creation tools in the admin panel.
Quizzes are very popular lately, they help to promote your website, raise your users’ engagement, and attract new visitors

Pros of HQWebinar

  • Affordable Front end and Even Funnel Price
  • Super simple to use and manage
  • Similar usage to Demio,one of the best webinar services so far
  • Can setup reminder and they will send message through their email,not you (like Demio)
  • Hosting Registration Page and Live Control Room with Premium SSL Certificate
  • Record both free and paid webinar
  • Allows Pre-Recorded Video and Live Video (screen capture or face-to-face)
  • Manage All Comments and Questions in One Place
  • Can provide document during live webinar
  • Integration with autoresponder,marketing CRM
  • Auto Replay for people
  • Can add your custom tracking script

Cons of HQWebinar

  • Doesn’t have limited seat as bigger services are doing (when running live a webinar,should have some limitation)

Final Verdict

In summary,HQWebinar is a good product that you definitely need to checkout. It’s similar to Demio but charge you lifetime access instead of paying expensive recurring fee. Presently,live webinar is huge and many 6-7 figures income were created thanks to live video. It allows you to enhance customer satisfaction (because they want to talk with you in reality) and build an email list with real subscribers. I have tested a lot cheap webinar product on Jvzoo but after trying HQWebinar,i would say it’s 100% different from the rest and better than them. Of course,it’s a yes from me if you want to increase your ROI.

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