IM Product Launching 2.0 Review From Customer-Can You Make 6 Figures Via Product Launching

Product : IM Product Launching 2.0
Creator : Kevin Hafey (also the creator of IM VIP Training,IM Traffic and IM Video Masters)
Price : $27/one time
Do I Recommend : Yes But Definitely Not For Everyone

  • Recommended But Not For Everyone

On internet marketing,besides promoting product as an affiliate,selling products is also profitable. Comparing with affiliate marketing,selling product will certainly generate more income for you. At present,there are 2 types of selling product: physical and digital product.
When selling digital product,it can be an ebook,can be a video course or can be a software. No matter what type of digital product you are selling,it’s definitely not easy. On the other hand,it may cost you a lot expenses and it requires huge action. Therefore,you can not launch product by yourself without knowing what to do.
Fortunately,there’s a training taught by an experienced and respected marketers Kevin Hafey called IM Product Launching 2.0. It’s a training that helps you launch a product in big marketplace such as Jvzoo,Warrior Plus. Inside IM Product Launching 2.0,Kevin teaches you step by step on how to create product and then sell it online. Now,let’s see my IM Product Launching 2.0 review in order to know what inside.

What Is IM Product Launching 2.0?

IM Product Launching 2.0
At first,IM Product Launching 2.0 is an up to date video training course covering everything you need to know about launching products online. This is not your standard course where a simple step by step guide will be provided. It contains over FOUR HOURS of high quality over the shoulder video training breaking apart EVERYTHING from building your early bird page, to launch their product, closing high ticket sales, all the way to following up with affiliates after launch. You’ll also have access to our cheat sheets, check lists, profit calculation formulas. In short,it includes 20 Step By Step Training Videos, 3 PDF´s & 2 Spreadsheet Formulas.

Who Is IM Product Launching 2.0 For?

  • Those who want to earn big
  • Intermediate and Professional Marketers who want to scale up their income
  • You are not living paycheck to paycheck (although it doesn’t cost you a lot)
  • People who are ready to take action (sorry,it’s not for those who have shiny object syndrome)

Main Training Inside IM Product Launching 2.0

Now,i will show you inside this training. But first of all,please notice that it’s a training about product launching so if you are not an action taker,don’t read my review.
This training includes 8 modules showing you how to launch and sell digital product online. So,let’s take a look inside the member’s area. Here’s the member’s dashboard once you login.
IM Product Launching 2.0
And here are 8 modules inside this course.
IM Product Launching 2.0
In fact,8 modules are exactly 8 things you have to do when launching products online. When you become a member of this training,you will also have a coaching session with Kevin. I strongly recommend you to take a survey with Kevin because it helps you avoid making mistakes.
IM Product Launching 2.0 IM Product Launching 2.0 IM Product Launching 2.0
Before you start watching video training,you can read the PDF training first.

1.PDF Training

IM Product Launching 2.0 IM Product Launching 2.0
What i really like about IM Product Launching 2.0 PDF is that he shows you the real life example of of product funnel. On the other hand,idea is highly important when you launch a product and he shows you inside. Each example he provides are 8 specific methods.
The 9 example methods are : Email Marketing Report,The Flippa Method,The Dynamic Drive Method,Done For You Method,WP Method,Info Products Method,The Failure and The Recurring Method. Then you will learn how to create a high converting salescopy,how to recruit an affiliate,create email sequences to help your affiliate.
At the end of this ebook,he offers you to apply for a done for you Product Launching Coaching Program.
IM Product Launching
Simply take his survey and then get the coaching from Kevin.

2.Video Training

There are 8 modules inside IM Product Launching 2.0,now let’s discover.

a.Module 1 : Setting Up A Sales Funnel

Sales funnel is the first thing you must have when launching product. The method he teaches work with various bussiness,even physical product but digital is the main. And he will mostly recommend Jvzoo as a marketplace to sell product.
One of the feature of Jvzoo is 1 click upsells,mean after people buy a product,instead of accessing the product instantly,they will see the upsells first. He shows you how to create OTO,Downsell to fit the product. In fact,most successful vendors in Jvzoo are using this method. Membership pages is also important inside this module.

b.Module 2 : Setting Up Your Jv Page

The best traffic sources when you launch product online is to recruit affiliate. And before you do that,a jv page is highly important. IM Product Launching 2.0 is created by Optimize Press and of course,he shows you how to set up a Jv Page using Optimize Press. Clickfunnels and WP Profit Builder can be an alternative if you don’t like OP. Of course,Clickfunnels is the best choice cause it offers membership generator and you can create a better looking landing page.
Inside the Jv Page,you will have something like banner,email Jv Tools,an optin form,etc.

c.Module 3 : First Product With No Jv Partner

The third module is actually the front-step of the module 2. Normally,vendors will build an email list whose subscribers are their Jv Partner. Inside this module,he teaches you how to drive people to the Jv Page and how to connect with them. Of course,it could be great if your partners are someone like Mark Thompson,Sam Bakker,Mario Brown,Dr Amit Pareek,Cindy Donovan,..

d.Module 4 : Maxing Out Your Promotion

It’s just a more advances tactics he is using to find affiliate to promote his product. Normally,i see him use Facebook Ads to find affiliate and personally,i know him through Facebook Ads. It’s like scaling and optimizing that affiliate marketers are using to maximize ROI.

e.Module 5 : Closing High Ticket Sales

High ticket products normally cost people a lot and it’s definitely not easy to create this type of product. But you will have a chance to earn 5-6 figures for a launch for this product. In order to work with this module,a webinar seems to be a great way to sell high ticket product because you mostly target the right audiences. High ticket product examples are Affilojetpack,Inbox Blueprint,Amazon FBA Ninja,Amazon Bootcamp,etc.

f.Module 6 : Leverage Profits

Relationship is one of the best way to profit for a long term and that’s exactly what Kevin wants you to do. In fact,most successful vendors build list and whenever they launch product,they message me through email.

g.Module 7 : Advanced Affiliate Attraction

IM Product Launching 2.0
This module is mostly for selling high ticket products and he spents 1 hour to teach you all in depth about that. Before you can recruit an affiliate,you will need to attract them first. So,you will need traffic,a high converting salescopy and more importantly,a great product. Moreover,if you want your product to be promoted by big vendors,some proofs are highly the key to do that.

h.Module 8 :Super Funnel Training

IM Product Launching 2.0
This is a 2 hour webinar training show you how to create a funnel that maximize profits. He also gives you mindmap when you create your own funnel. Normall,a good funnel will have 2 or 3 upsells and then it offers an exit pop with downsell. Anyway,it highly depends on a product you want to create.
On the other hand,he also teaches you how to write email to your affiliate and how to support them. And you will also learn about how to write a salescopy that convert and some copywriting skills.

3.Power Packs

This is a bundles of checklist,mind map and resources that helps you take action fast. Besides,he gives you his formula and an excel file to calculate expenses and profits when launching a product.
IM Product Launching 2.0
These checklists are highly actionable and they help you keep track of your bussiness. The training are already taught inside the video.
This pack includes Product Launch Guide,Product Cheat Sheet,Trello Training,FB Group,Affiliate Contest Formula, Product Launch Calculator.
In addition,traffic is also included inside this pack and the main traffic is Facebook Ads and Facebook Retargeting Ads.
And these are all inside the $27 one time purchase with IM Product Launching 2.0

Upsells of IM Product Launching 2.0

Inside IM Product Launching 2.0,he teaches you how to set up a funnel and upsells so that this training also has upsell. But fortunately for you,there is only one upsell inside IM Product Launching 2.0 and one downsell if you don’t buy that upsell. The only upsell he offers is IM VIP Training,which is a bundle All of his products since he starts creating product online.
First of all,you need to know that on the salespage of IM Product Launching,there’s a lot of exit pop advertise IM VIP Training. So in fact,he wants you to buy IM VIP Training instead of IM Product Launching 2.0
This bundle includes IM Newbie,IM Video Ads,IM Facebook Master,IM Affiliate Funnel,IM Email Marketing,IM WordPress Plugin,IM PLR Training Series,IM Video Masters,IM Outsourcing and Tracking,IM Coaching Guide and even IM Product Launching 2.0.
If you buy his other products,these funnel also have IM VIP Training as the only upsell.
The price of IM VIP Training is $247 for lifetime and if you don’t take that training,he gives you a trial of $4,95 and then $37 a month.
In my opinion,this funnel is OK because it’s not too many upsells like major Jvzoo,Warrior Plus and Jvshare products.

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