IM Video Masters Review from Customer-Best Video Marketing Course?

Product : IM Video Masters
Creator : Kevin Hafey (also the creator of IM Product Lanching,IM VIP Training and IM Traffic)
Price : $47
Do I Recommend : Highly recommended but definitely not for everyone

Presently,video marketing is growing faster and faster. Gone are the days when converting visitors into customers was possible through long and time- consuming sales letters, or monotonous sales presentations. Today, consumers want complete information in few seconds, and there’s nothing better than videos to achieve your objectives.
Yes, video marketing is next BIG frontier in online marketing world. It helps in getting tremendous exposure, brand visibility, and better traffic conclusively getting you more sales & revenue.
Also, some stats reveal that video is 53x more likely to appear on the first page of a search engine results page than plain text*. So if you’re looking to get discovered amongst your competitors, then videos are your ultimate go-to option.
However,one of the biggest video marketing issue is to produce video. In fact,some people seems void video marketing because they don’t know how to product video. Besides,they can not outsource for a high quality video because they don’t have budget. Fortunately,we have an affordable video production training,IM Video Masters of Kevin Hafey. IM Video Masters is video marketing course that teaches you how to create,edit and publish video for every IM usage. Now,let’s check out my IM Video Masters review so that you know exactly what inside.

What is IM Video Masters?

IM Video Masters
IM Video Masters is a 32 + past video training course which will teach you everything they need to know about shooting, editing and publishing videos for every type of scenario in the IM space. Besides,you can also say it’s the only video production mastery you have ever needed.

Who Is IM Video Masters For?

IM Video Masters

  • Any marketer who want to get more traffic from video marketing
  • Especially for Facebook video advertiser and Youtube advertiser
  • Those who are still struggling to produce video
  • You are sick of fake promises or adversisement of some Jvzoo’s products
  • If you have some trouble with voiceover
  • You are an action taker

Main Features and Training of IM Video Masters

Now,i will show you exactly what inside IM Video Masters. Inside this training,there are 7 modules together with 32+ step by step video lessons.
Here’s the member area once you login.
IM Video Masters
The main purpose of IM Video Masters is to help you record video so that equipment is required.
IM Video Masters

1.Module 1 : Equipment

The first module of IM Video Masters has 4 parts training when he shows you the exact equipment he uses to produce video.
IM Video Masters IM Video Masters
Camera and Audio are the main equipment that you can use to record video. To help you take action faster,he includes the PDF file.
IM Video Masters IM Video Masters
He introduces multiple camera for you to choose to record video. Of course,it’s not required to use the exact equipment inside IM Video Masters. You can purchase and use any equipment you like,just make sure it’s high quality. Remember,the price of camera and audio are highly affordable at present.
IM Video Masters IM Video Masters

2. Module 2 : Recording Types

After preparing equipment,then you need to record it. The module 2 of IM Video Masters shows you exactly 3 types of video recording he uses himself.
IM Video Masters Review IM Video Masters Review
These types are webcam recordings, whiteboard recordings, and green screen video recordings. At present,these are the most powerful video producing types. This process is not complicated as some people are thinking,they are highly actionable.

3.Module 3 : Funnel Videos

The module 3 of IM Video Masters will discover about video usage for specific category. There are 4 parts training inside this module.
IM Video Masters Review IM Video Masters Review
An autoplay video on your optin page,salespage or presale pages is highly effective. In fact,many super affiliate are using this technique to scale up their ROI and boost conversion for their landing page.
Of course,he shows you exact video recording types for each recording usage. Besides,he also mentions about Powerpoint video,which is highly effective. So,you are set to create a high quality video to boost conversion and maximize ROI 🙂

4.Module 4 : Prep Before Take Off

The module 4 of IM Video Masters will go details some technique to make your video convert better. There are 3 parts training inside this module.
IM Video Masters Review IM Video Masters Review
The advantages of recording outdoors, the exact steps to follow to get the best video and audio results, and the equipment you should be using for top quality.
Besides,you will learn how to choose the right background when shooting video outside, the best place to stand, and how to use the sun’s position to advantage.
And lastly,he teaches about script for training videos and sales videos, and the exact steps to create videos scripts and a video outline in no time… (Example of the EXACT script I used to outline IM Video Masters included inside)
IM Video Masters IM Video Masters

5.Module 5 : Software Solutions

After recording video,you need to edit and customize it. The module 5 of IM Video Masters will discover about editing video with software.
The various types of software used to record, edit, and publish your videos including FREE software options for people on a budget (link to download the FREE software shown included inside)
On the other hand,he will recommend you a high quality paid editing software
On the other hand,you will also learn how to record high-quality Facebook live feeds in higher quality by using an expensive cable, a camera, and special free streaming software.
IM Video Masters Review IM Video Masters Review
Well,it’s like you are customizing video before publish it online.

6.Module 6 : Animation

Video animations convert like crazy on Facebook as well Video Sales Letter and lucky you,IM Video Masters teaches about that. Inside the training,he shows you exactly how to create a video animation. In order to create a video animation,you may need a software called Viddyoze,which he recommends. I will review Viddyoze later because i’m also a user of Viddyoze.
You will have an in-depth look at video backgrounds, text effects, logo intros, and how to tie it all together and make it simple to get results and create stunning videos. The main purpose is to help you create a professional video that converts.
IM Video Masters Review IM Video Masters Review
Don’t worry about voiceover because Kevin will teach you how to master your voice.

Module 7 : Bonus Training

The last module of IM Video Masters will discover about some advanced video usage.
IM Video Masters
Normally,your website can not host video except you are using expensive and advanced hosting services. He shows you the service for video hosting. Besides,he teaches some little bit about video ads creation you can display on Facebook or Youtube. And lastly,he provides you equipment and software checklist.
That’s all you get in a single time purchase of $47 with IM Video Masters. In fact,it’s well worth the price. Now,let’s take a look to a funnel of this product.

Upsells of IM Video Masters

Just like his other produt,IM Video Masters also has upsells and they are not complex and expensive. In fact,Kevin is one of the most ethical marketers and teachers on the internet. Unlike most product,i recommend all these upsells.

1.OTO 1 : IM Video Ads ($47)

This is another training of Kevin Hafey showing you how to get traffic from Facebook Video Ads and Youtube Video Ads. IM Video Ads is an oto of IM Video Masters and IM Video Masters is also an OTO of IM Video Ads.
I will not go details about IM Video Ads here because there’s a lot of thing to say. Full review of IM Video Ads here.

OTO 2 : IM VIP Training ($247/lifetime)

The second oto of IM Video Masters is IM VIP Training,which is his best selling products ever. This product especially includes IM Video Masters and IM Video Ads. So,you can skip oto1 and buy this offer instead.
Full review of IM VIP Training here.
If you cancel this upsell,then he will offer a trial with $4,95 and then $37/month.
And that’s the entire funnel of IM Video Masters,which is not too expensive

Bonus For IM Video Masters

To make your life much easier,i will add some extra bonuses if you buy IM Video Masters through my link. IM Video Masters is powered by Jvzoo so that after you buy,you will have direct access to my bonuses. These are not cheap PLR bonuses you are always seeing,these are high quality bonuses from me.
1.Video Marketing Made Easy 2.0

2.Video Marketing Made Easy 3.0

3.Live Video Marketing

Live videos are quickly becoming one of the most powerful methods of capturing audience and convert them into ultimate brand loyalists. Keeping this in mind, we are providing you this package that includes an amazing guide that includes the best ways to use live video to promote your own products and generate the kind of interest that big companies are using.
Combine these strategies along with the techniques depicted in IM Video Masters, and see results like never before.
4.Video Cheats

5.Video Marketing Blunders

6.Produce Video For Profits

7.Understanding Youtube Ads

8.Youtube Ads Made Easy 2.0

9.The Mechanics of Great Infographic

10.Photo and Graphics For Bussiness 101

And these are all bonus from me if you buy IM Video Masters through my link. Certainly,they will help you and your bussiness a lot.

Pros of IM Video Masters

  • Affordable price and lifetime access
  • No complex upsell funnel
  • Actionable Training
  • Remove Hassle Work When Recording Video
  • Multiple Video Production Type
  • Video Effect Training Lesson
  • Include Video Animation Course

Cons of IM Video Masters

Currently,i don’t see any cons of IM Video Masters,it’s super awersome. The only cons may be he doesn’t include traffic generation on the front-end,which can only be taught inside IM Video Ads,IM Traffic and IM VIP Training.

Final Verdict

In summary,IM Video Masters is a great video production course for any video marketer. Video is currently a new traffic that you should consider to benefit. Producing and recording is not really a complicated process but you need to implement and applying. Don’t buy this training if you are not an action taker or you don’t want to get more traffic from video.


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