IM VIP Training 2018 Review From Customer and Demo-Best Training Ever?

Product : IM VIP Training 2018
Creator : Kevin Hafey (also the creator of IM Product Launching,IM Traffic and IM Video Masters)
Price: $1.00 Trial for 5 days and then $29,95/month. You can also pay $197 when billing it yearly. But if you want to get it for lifetime access,it costs $247 as an upsell of his other’s products.
Do I Recommend : Certainly Yes

  • Highly Recommended (One of My Top Pick)

On internet marketing,there’s a lot of topics to say. It can be affiliate marketing,list building,traffic,Facebook Ads,Video marketing,CPA marketing,product creation,etc. No matter what type of topic you are in,it’s certainly not easy to perform all of them. On the other hand,it costs you a lot of time,money and budget to monetize from them.
And that’s not all,some people are wasting a lot of time and money just to do some useless stuff. It’s easy to understand,if you do everything wrong,your ROI will definitely zero. Therefore,you may need a teacher or a mentor to avoid making mistakes. Fortunately,a great membership training created by Kevin Hafey called IM VIP Training 2018 is available online. Unlike other training,this membership teaches you every topics about internet marketing i mention before. And it only costs you $1 to start now. Before you start with it,read my IM VIP Training  2018 review so you know what inside.

What is IM VIP Training?

IM VIP Training Review
At first,IM VIP Training is membership that covered every marketing topic from setting up wordpress, creating your first squeeze page, building your email list, becoming a top affiliate, launching products and closing high ticket sales. This site contains over 170 hours of video training broken down into 12 modules and includes over 26 complete products. In other words,this membership contains all of Kevin’s products since he start internet marketing. This package includes IM Newbie,IM Video Masters,IM Affiliate Funnel,IM Traffic,IM Video Ads,IM Email Marketing,IM Coaching Guide,IM Outsourcing and Tracking and his bi-weekly webinar.

Who Is IM VIP Training 2018 For?

  • Any marketer (from newbie to expert) who want to scale up their revenue online
  • If you are tired of scams,fake gurus,bad promising,etc
  • Those who are struggling to make sales as an affiliate
  • People who are losing,wasting and bleeding a lot of budget for advertising
  • You don’t know how to produce video or video ads
  • You want to increase ROI when you run an online bussiness
  • If you are thinking about product creation as well as product launching

The Membership Inside IM VIP Training 2018

Now,i will cover you all of the products and training inside IM VIP Training 2018. Firstly,the main membership is a 12 modules training. After that,you will access to all of his other products. Once again,it’s a membership that includes all of his products.

1.IM Newbie

IM Vip training im newbie
This is the first course you should learn after buying IM VIP Training 2018. IM Newbie is is a 6 module, 30 part video and PDF training program designed for new marketers who are just starting out with their online business.These five modules include all of the “Newbie” training needed to get started online.
This is the member’s area inside IM Newbie
IM Vip training im newbie
And these are the exact training modules and lessons inside IM Newbie. As you can see,it’s mostly for those who know nothing about internet marketing. Very clearly,no advanced or paid traffic in this course,just some basic steps.
IM VIP Training IM Newbie IM VIP Training IM Newbie IM VIP Training IM Newbie IM VIP Training IM Newbie IM VIP Training IM Newbie IM VIP Training IM Newbie

2.IM Affiliate Funnel

IM VIP Training IM Affiliate Funnel 2.0
This is the best product in my opinion of IM VIP Training 2018. IM Affiliate Funnel is a complete 16 part training course including 4 hours of video training, bonuses webinar, 35 page PDF report, templates bonuses and more. Here’s the member area inside IM Affiliate Funnel 2.0
IM Affiliate Funnel IM VIP Training
Here are six modules you learn inside this product.
IM Affiliate Funnel 2.0 IM Vip Training
Here’s the PDF as i mention above.
IM VIP Training IM Affiliate Funnel 2.0
On this training,you have done for you email swipes and Powerpoint presentation from him. Besides,he will give you his landing page templates of multipe topics. These templates are created by Optimize Press,one of the best service as present.
IM VIP Training IM Affiliate Funnel 2.0
IM VIP Training IM Affiliate Funnel 2.0
IM VIP Training IM Affiliate Funnel 2.0
IM VIP Training IM Affiliate Funnel 2.0 IM VIP Training IM Affiliate Funnel 2.0
Unlike IM Newbie,this package covers both free and paid traffic. Here are some screenshot for the 2.0 version. Personally,i bought it when the version 1.0 launched. With the version 2.0 package,version 1.0 is included.
IM VIP Training IM Affiliate Funnel 2.0
IM VIP Training IM Affiliate Funnel 2.0
IM VIP Training IM Affiliate Funnel 2.0
IM VIP Training IM Affiliate Funnel 2.0
IM VIP Training IM Affiliate Funnel 2.0

3.IM Traffic-Facebook Master

IM VIP Training IM Traffic Facebook Masters
The next course inside IM VIP Training 2018 is IM Traffic-Facebook Master. On internet marketing,without traffic,you will certainly fail. In fact,it’s hard to depend on free traffic because most scam review sites will rank on Google thanks to strong backlinking strategies. Thereofore,you need to start using paid traffic. Keep in mind,the main purpose when joining IM is to increase ROI,not to lower cost. Facebook is definitely a goldmine and most successful marketers create campaign with Facebook. IM Traffic-Facebook Master is a course that covers both Facebook free and paid traffic.
IM Traffic-Facebook Master is normally sold separately at $47 but you will get free inside IM VIP Training 2018. Here’s the member’s area inside this course.
IM Traffic Facebook Masters IM VIP Training
This training has some advanced lessons that beginners may feel overwhelmed but don’t worry,he will teach you step by step.
Here are the exact courses and lessons in full details.


IM VIP Training 2018 Review

What i really like about this course is that it has case studies and cheat sheet,mind map. To make this training work,you will need 3 tools such as a landing page creator,a click tracking service and the autoresponder. He recommends Optimize Press,Clickmagic and Aweber as a tool.
Read my full review of IM Traffic FB Masters Here.

4.IM Video Masters

This is a training that mostly cover about video marketing. Inside IM Video Masters,Kevin shows you how to create video in various bussiness type. It’s not like using a video creator like Reevio,Explaindio,EasyVSL,etc. IM Video Masters teaches you how to use camera,recording to product a video.
In my opinion,that type of video is definitely more personalized than a skectch video creator. Here’s the exact member’s area. Like IM Traffic-Facebook Masters,IM Video Masters also sold separately at $47.
IM Video Masters IM Vip Training
Inside this course,you need to have software and equipment to product a video. Once again,it’s not just about creating a sketch video online.

He shows you eveything when producing video online even about effect,animation,text and content. However,this training is only useful for those who take action.
Read my full IM Video Masters Here.

5.IM Video Ads

IM Video Ads IM VIP Training
Another video marketing course inside IM Vip Training 2018 but this course is much more about getting traffic than IM Video Masters. Inside this course,he will mainly discover about Facebook video ads and Youtube video ads.
There are up to 11 modules inside this course that combines easy and advanced lessons. His target is to help you increase ROI by using video ads. Besides,IM Video Ads’s price is also $47 if you buy it separately.

Module 1 :Why Facebook Video Ads?

Discover why Facebook video ads work in EVERY single niche whether you’re promoting affiliate offers, selling your own physical or digital products, or even for offline business owners.
The 4 different types of video ads you can run with Facebook are revealed and explained inside (with examples).

Module 2 : Setting Up Facebook Video Ads

An in-depth look at the video targeting, ad budget, and placement settings that will get you the least expensive traffic possible. How to create multiple ad sets to get the best results possible and some simple tricks to do it quickly, keep things organized, and how to get the best result.

 Module 3 : Custom Reporting

An overview of his actual Facebook custom ads reports along with an explanation of what everything means and what you’re looking for.

Module 4 : Breaking Down Reports

During this module, he shows you his real report and explain you what’s most important and what everything means to you.
He also mentions what you should be looking for if you’re getting traffic but it’s not converting well.
Why it’s not ALL about “cheap clicks”… What you should be looking at to get a good idea of which ads are worth keeping and which ads need to go.

Module 5 : Retargeting Audiences

The power of creating custom audience from people that have actually watched your videos so you can effectively retarget those audience and maximize your conversions.
And examples of what indicates a good response to a video ad, and what’s not so good…
How to actually access your custom audience to create retargeting campaign that will get you the lowest costs and the highest conversions (When you learn how to do this, you can see a massive improvement in your overall ROI of your ad campaigns)…

Module 6 : Video Lead Ads

Why video lead ads are the best way to build your list and capture leads, and how to properly setup a video lead campaign.
The one thing every single video lead ad MUST have to give you the best results.
Because most people on Facebook will not have their volume up, you’ll get real world examples of little ideas that work well to get people’s attention and engage your audience for the best results possible.

Module 7 : Retargeting With Website Click Ads

How to use a “website clicks” ad to retarget people that have viewed your video to get low cost clicks and conversions.
He also shows you the EXACT settings, targeting, and include/exclude settings with your retargeted audience
The types of ads and budgeting that work the best with this campaign. The more custom to the audience, the better, and I’ll give you examples of everything.

Module 8 and 9 : Youtube Ads Training

Real life examples of YouTube video ads that you can run.
An overview of his YouTube channel, tips on what a proper YouTube channel should include, and the best way to use YouTube ads for traffic. After that,you will learn how to set up an actual ad. Everything is covered from beginning to end, so that you can follow along and create your very own ad. The best ad and budget settings to select to ensure you get the lowest cost ads with the highest rate of conversions.

Module 10 : Google Adwords Tracking

In this module, you will learn how to track Google conversions for your YouTube ads. You will master Google AdWords as well as be able to setup tracking pixels on your websites. And also discover the best methods for re-targeting audiences with you videos.

Module 11 : Video Captions

The quickest and easiest ways to add subtitles to your videos using the best free and paid methods.
The benefits of adding subtitles and how it can make a massive difference to the way your audience interact with your video ads.
Full IM Video Ads review here.

6.IM VIP Training 2018 Overview

Personally,i have just learned 5 of these course,review is still in progress. Basically,here’s the exact member’s area of IM VIP Training 2018. Oh,bi-weekly he will give you his personal webinar training.

What i don’t like inside IM VIP Training 2018 is that he teaches about PLR products. Guys,PLR products are mostly cheap and they are not a good idea at least for SEO. Inside that training,he recommends a PLR service called (no affiliate link) that he owns. I have seen products inside that service,i can see that some of these PLR products are old. Everything from IM VIP Training 2018 is great except PLR course.
Other courses inside IM VIP Training  2018 not mentioned in this post are IM Outsourcing and Tracking,IM Product Launching,IM Coaching Guide,etc. I will update this post once i have completed them.
And these are all you get inside IM VIP Training 2018 and no upsell on this service.

Bonus From Me

To help your life much easier,i will add some extra bonuses if you buy IM VIP Training 2018 through my link. This product is powered by Jvzoo so that once you complete your purchase or trial,you will get instant access to my bonus. In fact,these bonuses are not cheap PLR products you are always seeing,they are high quality products created by 7 figures marketers that i get the full legal right to share.
1.The Commission Blueprint

2.List Building On Steroids

3.The Awakening


5.Write Compelling Headlines
IM VIP Training Bonus
6.Video Marketing Blunders
IM VIP Training Bonus
7.Make Money Online Made Easy
IM VIP Training Bonus
8.Webinar Marketing Made Easy
Webinar Marketing Made Easy
9.Affiliate Marketing Made Easy

10.Understanding Youtube Ads

11.Facebook Ads Authority
IM VIP Training Bonus
And these are all my bonuses if you buy Facebook Ads Authority through my link. They are all delivered inside the customer’s purchase.

Pros of IM VIP Training 2018

  • Affordable price and absolutely no upsell (because it’s the only upsells of his other products)
  • Step by step training and it’s super easy to understand
  • Multiple advanced training lessons (that’s what i like)
  • He teaches about scaling and optimizing

Cons of IM VIP Training 2018

1.PLR Course
What i really don’t like about IM VIP Training 2018 is that he teaches using PLR products. There are two types of PLR:PLR article and PLR ebook. No matter what it is,they are very cheap and they won’t help you get authority traffic. On the other hand,the PLR service he recommends has some old products.

 Final Verdict

In summary,IM VIP Training 2018  is a great membership that any marketers should join once in their life. Unlike almost all course,which covers too many theory and text lessons,the major training inside IM VIP Training 2018 are actionable. Besides,he provides you action checklists,case studies,resources,mindmap to help you take action fast. Of course,it’s even one of my top recommendation course that any marketer should buy.



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