Inmotion Hosting Review By Customer-Faster and More Reliable Service

Inmotion hosting have been one of the biggest name in web hosting industry for a long time. Like many opponents in the hosting market,shared hosting at this company also supports Free SSD,Unlimited Website and Unlimited Bandwidth. If you are looking for a fast and reliable web hosting,so that you need to consider Inmotion Hosting. In addition,there’s a lot of advanced features and great supports that will make you fall in love. However,nothing is perfect and so does Inmotion hosting. Now,check out my honest review to see exactly what you get inside as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Reliable
  • Price
  • Ease Of Use
  • Support
  • Features

Introduction of Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion hosting was founded and developed by Sunil Saxena together with Todd Robinson in 2001. Presently,this company has 2 locations in Los Angeles,CA and Virginia Beach,VA with more than +200 staffs. They are one of the biggest hosting companies so far.

Service Package of Inmotion Hosting

This company provides various hosting package such as Bussiness Cloud Hosting,VPS,Dedicated,Reseller and WordPress Hosting. There are 3 main shared hosting package : Launch,Power and Pro.

  • Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth
  • Free Domain Name For 1 Year
  • Free SSD so as to save better and faster (the first)
  • $250 credit for you to run ads (such as Bing Ads,..)
  •  Free Backup (while most others will have a fee)
  • 90 days money back guarantee
  • 1 Click Install WordPress and Application

Launch service doesn’t support ecommerce while the Power and Pro are ready for it. Pro plan has the uptime of 99,97% (faster than the industry) ,if Inmotion hosting can not guarantee,you can get one month credit from this company.

Account Management Panel

A plus of Inmotion Hosting is that you can easily upgrade the plan but you don’t lose data and your hosting expiration date will calculate in a new host package after upgrading. For instance,i upgrade the Launch 12 months package to Power 6 months with just $7. You can also upgrade the launch into dedicated server with just one click.

  Speed Rating

If you are still using Google SEO traffic,speed is one of the most important factors that affects your Search Engine.

Of course,fast or slow,it depends on your location,in my opinion,it’s still faster than most others providers. Inmotion hosting’s page loading times is up to 596 ms. In addition,thanks to the Free SSD,inmotion has a very good speed.



Normally,you will need a good security in order to avoid spam email,malware. According to the Cpanel of Inmotion Hosting,they provide McAfee Email Protection but if you want to use,you need $1,9/month . Additionally,it includes available Mod_security and you just need to switch it up in your website.

90 Days Money Back Guarantee

Normally,other Shared Hosting service in the industry just offer 30 days money back guarantee in maximum but Inmotion’s is up to 90 days. Therefore,if you are finding a risk free,this option is for you. Easy to understand,because they are confident with their services. Besides,the average time for internet marketer to make money is going around from 60-90 days.


Support is always important especially you are a complete beginner. You never need to wait too long just to chat with the staff. They are friendly,professional and dedicated so that don’t worry about your knowledge to website.

$250 Credit For Advertising

Bing Ads,PPC Adwords campaign normally cost you $40 – $200 for an advertising campagin. Take advantages of this benefit in order to drive traffic to your website


There are three main pricing plan at Inmotion hosting : Launch,Power and Pro.
 However,there is no three years plan at this company,2 years is maximum. The best shared hosting service is coming from Pro and it just has 1 year plan in maximum.

Pros of Inmotion Hosting

  • Free Data Backup (an easy-to-use tool to manually backup your site with up to 10GB)
  • Google App Integration
  • Very Fast
  • Free SSD
  • One Click WordPress Installation
  • Fast and Dedicated Support
  • Great Security (so as to avoid spam,malware)
  • $250 Credit Advertising for all package
  • Ecommerce Support
  • 90 Days Money Back Guarantee

Cons of Inmotion Hosting

1.Expensive Price
The launch package is up to $5,99/month but you can only access to 2 websites. In addition,the power package has the price of $7,99/month and normally,you have unlimited websites at this price. The only plan that has unlimited websites is Pro and it’s up to $13,99/month for yearly plan. However,the good point of this company is that you can upgrade anytime you want.
2.Verification Process
It’s too complex towards many people. Customers must verify their account by phone and sometimes you need a picture of your ID card.
3.High Level Support Is Only From Pro

Final Verdict

In summary,Inmotion hosting is a good hosting provider that anyone should consider. If you are focusing on SEO,your website’s speed is the key and this service performs very well. If you are still struggling to find which is the fastest and most reliable webhosting service,i will say it’s Inmotion Hosting. And if you are looking for a good shared hosting service,this company is a good choice.

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