Instant Ecom Funnels Review From Real User-Make money with Ecom Funnels

Product : Instant Ecom Funnels
Creator : Glynn Kosky (also the creator of Traffic Takeover)
Price : $24,95 (but remember to enter coupon Funnel15 for $15 off)
Do i Recommend : Yes,it’s an OK product that you can buy.

Presently,many Shopify or Ecom sellers complain that their store don’t convert. They have spent too much for product research,ads and Ecom Apps but have zero or few sales.
Normally,a regular store is somewhat boring and when i have a first view on them,i don’t really want to buy. If you ask me what is the easiest way to fix that,my answer is ecommerce funnel.
In fact,building a sales funnel is easier to sell products than using regular store (i personally use Shopify or Amazon) for checkout cart mostly.
Clickfunnels or Builderall are the pioneer about ecom funnel but they are not affordable for everyone. Today,i will introduce you an affordable option,which you pay for one time,Instant Ecom Funnels.
Notes : i have a review access from Glynn Kosky so that i understand how it works.

What is Instant Ecom Funnels?

Instant Ecom Funnels Review

At first,Instant eCom Funnels is a cloud based web app that allows you to create eCommerce funnels. This is perfect for affiliates and eCommerce business owners running drop shipping businesses who wish to create very simple funnels where they can upsell customers once they have purchased the initial product.
This software is OK for what some might call ‘The No STORE Method’ and inside the software you’re going to get access to a simple page builder that you can use to sell eCom products. You will be able to chose from a variety of templates to start your funnel, or you can start from scratch.
In short, the user creates a simple 2-page funnel, enters their Paypal details into the software, and the funnel is created. User will be able to create two types of funnels, Free Plus Shipping and Free Shipping.

Who is Instant Ecom Funnels For?

  • Of course,ecommerce seller on Shopify,Amazon and other places
  • Those who lack budget to buy Clickfunnels,Convertri and Unbounces
  • If you are thinking about an idea of no store method
  • Especially for Facebook Advertisers who want to increase their ROI from Ecommerce
  • And many more,…

Main Features and Demo of Instant Ecom Funnels

Now,i will show you exactly how Instant Ecom Funnels work so that you understand the usage. This is the member’s area once you login.
Instant Ecom Funnels Review
At here,you can create and manage your own custom ecommerce funnel.
On the front end account,there’s no limitation about how many funnels you can create. Remember that Instant Ecom Funnels can host your pages so that you don’t need to worry. The best idea is to drive your FB Ads into your Ecom Funnels created by this app.
Instant Ecom Funnels Review
Here are 5 main customizable page types you can create with this app. With this highly affordable price,it’s hard to expect multiple templates. When having a look at these,they are all customizable and it’s a drag and drop editor.
Instant Ecom Funnels Review

1.Five Templates on FE Account

These are basic and customizable page templates.
Instant Ecom Funnels Review Instant Ecom Funnels Review Instant Ecom Funnels Review Instant Ecom Funnels Review Instant Ecom Funnels Review Instant Ecom Funnels Review Instant Ecom Funnels Review Instant Ecom Funnels Review Instant Ecom Funnels Review
About Paypal’s integration,you need to enter your Paypal’s checkout link to ensure people will pay through this way. If you have an available Shopify’s store,you can link your funnel to your Shopify’s checkout page.

2.Create your Own Funnel

a.Free Shipping Page

Instant Ecom Funnels Review
For example,i want to sell Amazon Echo Dots,i will enter like this.
Instant Ecom Funnels Review
About images,you can provide image links or upload from PC.
Instant Ecom Funnels Review Instant Ecom Funnels Review Instant Ecom Funnels Review
If you hit the button plus,you will duplicate elements. You can drag and drop elements to everywhere you like. That’s perfect if you want to write salescopy.
After you save page,you will see this.
Instant Ecom Funnels Review

b.Upgrade Offer

Instant Ecom Funnels Review Instant Ecom Funnels Review Instant Ecom Funnels Review Instant Ecom Funnels Review
As you can see from here,Instant Ecom Funnels can specify link on Funnels or external link.

c.Thank You Page

This is where you redirect people after they buy product. In their meantime,you will have an offer that redirect them to upgrade page.
This method will make your funnel not scammy,in fact,OTO is not always good as some people think. OTO helps you maximize revenue but you should only do if proper.
Instant Ecom Funnels Review Instant Ecom Funnels Review
I will not go details about Privacy Policy or Paid Shipping because they are mostly the same. That’s all you need to know about Instant Ecom Funnels before you buy. All details and example will be instructed in my screen recording video shortly.

My Instant Ecom Funnels Review Video (Please Watch)

In order to help you understand about Instant Ecom Funnels,i have recorded a full walkthrough demo video about it. If you are interested about Instant Ecom Funnels,make sure you watch my demo video first so as to avoid unsatisfaction.


Funnels of Instant Ecom Funnels

Every products have upgrade and so does this one. However,there are up to 5 upsells and 5 downsells in this funnel,it’s what i don’t like.

OTO 1 : Instant Ecom Funnels DFY Funnels ($37 or $47)

Instant Ecom Funnels OTO 1
However,i recommend you to cancel this upgrade,then buy it at $10 discount for $27 or $37.

OTO 2 : DFY Product Vault

Instant Ecom Funnels OTO 2
The price of this product is $37 or $47 for lifetime but i recommend you to cancel,then buy at a discount at $27 or $37.

OTO 3 : Instant Ecom Funnels Monthly Funnel Club ($37 or $47 per month)

Instant Ecom Funnels OTO 3
Again,i recommend you to cancel this upgrade,then choose a downgrade at $27 or $37 per month.

OTO 4 : Instant Ecom Funnels Reseller License ($197 or $297)

Instant Ecom Funnels OTO 4
It’s like affiliate with 100% commission,not recommended. There’s no downgrade for this product.

OTO 5 : Instant Ecom Funnels Agency License ($197 or $297)

Instant Ecom Funnels OTO 5
This allows you to create accounts for clients or sell this product,your ecom funnel as a service. Like the OTO 4,there’s no downgrade for this one.
And that’s the entire funnel of Instant Ecom Funnel,which is somewhat expensive.

Bonus From Me

In order to help your life much easier,i have added some extra bonuses if you purchase Instant Ecom Funnel through my link. This product is sold on Jvzoo so that after you buy,you will get immediate access to my bonuses. Of course,no cheap PLR bonuses as always.

1.Traffic TakeOver WP Plugin + Developer License

Surprise,right,but it’s real. Glynn Kosky allows his premium partners to deliver this plugin as a bonus for all Instant Ecom Funnel’s buyers. Please take time reading my Traffic Takeover review in order to understand about it.

2.Facebook Ads 2.0 Made Easy

3.Facebook Ads 3.0 Made Easy

4.Ecommerce Made Easy

Reevio Bonus

5.Video Ads Made Easy

6.Premium Product Creation + Launching Checklist

Pros of Instant Ecom Funnels

  • Highly affordable Front End Price
  • Include Page Hosting
  • GDPR Compliance Setup
  • Super Simple to Use and Manage
  • Can Work with Your Own Checkout Page If you Have (like Shopify,Paykickstart,Amazon,Big Commerce,etc)
  • Redirect Link for each Product in a Funnel
  • Drag and Drop Editor

Cons of Instant Ecom Funnels

  • Complex and Expensive Upsells,Downsell Funnels
  • Doesn’t Have Checkout Page (so,you need to enter your Paypal or Shopping Cart’s link instead)
  • Not 100% Drag and Drop (please watch my video review so as to understand)

Final Verdict

In summary,Instant Ecom Funnels is an OK product that you can buy and use. This product is legit and yes,it helps you make money selling ecom products. Ecommerce funnel is hot right now because if you don’t create a funnel,you are wasting a lot money and this can lead to store doesn’t convert. Of course,Instant Ecom Funnels is a yes from me and you can have a try because it’s high affordable and it has realistic ecom bussiness idea.

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